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  • Healthcare Economics in 8 Minutes (How To Really Make It Cheaper)

    03/27/2017 11:50:14 AM PDT · 41 of 42
    fireman15 to M. Dodge Thomas

    M. Dodge Thomas thanks for you comments and research. As far as age drift of participants, I personally do not know anyone who is Medicare A & B eligible who carries normal health insurance.

    We have the “Gold Plan” plus “Brother’s Keeper” which has a $500 yearly deductible and unlimited financial assistance for all eligible medical bills. None of the “ineligible” conditions have any effect on us. It costs us $150 a piece per month and the Brother’s Keeper catastrophic expense coverage is $40 a piece per year has a quarterly expense that varies a bit but is usually around $25 a piece.

    I would point out that young people paying for huge amounts of coverage for congenital conditions and birth defects has never made much sense. No babies are denied necessary medical treatment in this country regardless of their parents ability to pay. In general most young people do not have a large amount of assets that would be at risk if they gave birth to a baby needing very expensive medical treatment. In the past charities such as St. Judes, the Shriners and others have been of great assistance to young families in this situation. It is not a valid reason for government regulated health care insurance.

  • Healthcare Economics in 8 Minutes (How To Really Make It Cheaper)

    03/26/2017 12:42:39 PM PDT · 36 of 42
    fireman15 to M. Dodge Thomas
    So a system that can work well if the majority of its membership is under 50 will be headed for financial difficulty as the age distribution shifts upwards, and the “responsibility to control the expenses and look out for the group” becomes increasingly pressing problem.

    Christian Healthcare Ministries the group my wife and I are members of was founded in 1981... and allowed people to share over a billion dollars in healthcare expenses. I would assume that in the 36 years that the organization has been in existence that the average age of the members stabilized long ago. I do not think that this is the explanation as to why the "premiums" are so much lower for the "coverage" received.

    for example the individuals might be more willing to forgo the last few months of heroic treatment for cancer as an altruistic strategy for the greater good.

    No one is being asked to forgo heroic treatments for any conditions that I am aware of. I am not sure that you have a great understanding of where the true waste is in our healthcare system. For whatever reason... health cost sharing ministries are able to offer far greater benefit for far less expense than traditional insurance. Maybe just maybe this should be explored further by our brilliant leadership?

  • Healthcare Economics in 8 Minutes (How To Really Make It Cheaper)

    03/25/2017 9:38:57 AM PDT · 12 of 42
    fireman15 to M. Dodge Thomas
    healthcare customers mostly don’t ask, “Can we afford it?” Or even, “What’s the best value for the money?” They ask, “Is it covered? Can we get reimbursed for this?

    There is a solution where customers do ask what things are going to cost and how good of a value they are getting. It is because they are on the honor system and do not want to burden others in the organization. They are called Healthcare Ministries. My wife and I use Christian Healthcare Ministries in place of traditional healthcare insurance. Our group has shared over a billion dollars in healthcare expenses. It costs far less than traditional insurance and we have basically unlimited coverage. But we also have the responsibility to control the expenses and look out for the group. The people in charge including the author of this piece should be investigating how these health cost sharing ministries work and use them as a model. I am not completely sure that it would work for everyone, but it sure works well for us.

  • Paul Ryan: Failure of Obamacare Replacement Makes Tax Reform Harder

    03/25/2017 9:28:42 AM PDT · 42 of 77
    fireman15 to davikkm

    Ryancare failed because it was a bad piece of legislation that did nothing but pander to insurance companies at the expense of the voters. Thank goodness it failed. The person most responsible for this debacle deserves to be sacked and that person is Paul Ryan. If he was honorable he would just resign. But I am not holding my breath.

  • Hey, Freedom Caucus blow your no vote out your hypocritical @#%es

    03/25/2017 9:11:21 AM PDT · 135 of 160
    fireman15 to Freedom56v2
    The whole idea is to repeal and get government would that affect your healthshare program? If the mandate is repealed could you not simply get what you want?

    I am sorry since most people are not aware of how Ryancare penalizes people using Healthcare Ministry Plans I should probably have explained.

    Obamacare charges a penalty through the IRS if you do not purchase an Obamacare plan or have some type of exemption. One of the exemptions is for people who are using Healthcare Ministry Plans instead of traditional insurance. Ryancare allows the insurance companies to charge a big penalty to individuals who have not been paying for a traditional insurance plan. They dropped the exemption for Healthcare Ministry Plans. So if a person has been using an exempted Healthcare Ministry Plan they will not be able to switch back to traditional insurance without paying a huge penalty.

    This was not an inadvertent omission. Administrators for the several exempted Healthcare Ministries were in constant contact with congressmen and women including those responsible for drafting Ryancare. Christian Healthcare Ministries, the organization we are members of has allowed people to share over a Billlion dollars in healthcare expenses. It is far more efficient than insurance. The insurance industry views them as a threat.

    I am aware of no health cost sharing ministry that takes any money from the government. Those who choose this alternative should not be penalized if they find that healthcare insurance in the future becomes more affordable and want to switch back. This was an intentional omission that illustrates the type of nonsense written into Ryancare on behalf of the insurance companies.

  • Hey, Freedom Caucus blow your no vote out your hypocritical @#%es

    03/25/2017 12:18:21 AM PDT · 59 of 160
    fireman15 to Freedom56v2
    Are you saying you prefer to keep Obamacare to get some sort of special exemption?

    Absolutely Not! What I am saying is that Ryancare was written by and for insurance companies. It was not well thought out. It ignored things like healthcare sharing ministries and in fact would have made people using them non-compliant which despite being more efficient than insurance companies while performing the exact same function with no government subsidy at all. My family has basically unlimited coverage for far less money than subsidized insurance. Ryancare was a disaster that did not deserve the light of day. Trump himself said that ditching it would make it possible for something “better”. Obamacare needs to be repealed not replaced with a train wreck waiting to happen.

  • Hey, Freedom Caucus blow your no vote out your hypocritical @#%es

    03/24/2017 10:19:38 PM PDT · 21 of 160
    fireman15 to SecAmndmt
    No, it was a crooked, crony crap sandwich of a bill written behind closed doors for the benefit of the insurance companies

    You nailed it! We use Christian Healthcare Ministries for our health care coverage. It complies by exemption for Obamacare. The insurance companies despise health care ministries, and big surprise... health care ministries were screwed over big time by Ryancare. The OP of this thread has no clue what he is talking about.


    03/24/2017 8:34:59 PM PDT · 40 of 47
    fireman15 to SkyPilot

    You have inspired me to rant about some of the other posters in this thread. I am assuming that many are from people who either don’t fly at all or have a bunch of hours on a laptop or model airplane.

    We have lived on a small airport for over twenty years. We have two airplanes and four hang-gliders. We love getting our feet off the ground. Unfortunately, we have neighbors who work for the FAA on both sides of us. They will hang you for a paperwork offense just as quickly as they will hang you for actually putting others at risk... maybe quicker.

    Some of the comments I have read here remind me of the way my FAA neighbors view the world. I couldn’t care less if someone has their pilot’s license or their temporary pilots license with them in their airplane. What a joke. Do we really have regulars here who give a rat’s butt about such things?

    The FAA’s involvement in aviation has held development back by generations. Regulations they claim are for safety are usually for control. Unelected bureaucrats control everything with an iron hand that does very little for safety and a whole lot of restricting advancements. Without the FAA we would be so far ahead of where we are now that general aviation flying would be more similar to the Jetsons than its current state where we are flying airplanes that haven’t actually advanced since the late 1940s only with modern electronic navigation aids and radios.

    How far have affordable piston engine airplanes really advanced since the Beach Bonanza was first sold to the public in 1947? How much have general aviation airplanes advanced since the Cessna 170 in 1948, which evolved into the Cessna 172, or the Piper Comanche in 1957. The FAA has been the primary impediment to improvements in general aviation aircraft over the last 70 years. All one has to do to understand why is to read some of the comments from people on this forum. People worry about nonsense and so do many in the FAA.


    03/24/2017 5:04:04 PM PDT · 26 of 47
    fireman15 to SkyPilot

    My personal preference is to avoid big busy airports. We fly our planes for fun and do not need the aggravation. When my wife and I fly into the Los Angeles area we like to land at Santa Paula which is basically the last uncontrolled airport as you are approaching from the North. We also don’t mind flying into Camarillo which is has a tower but is not very busy.

    As far as what happened to Ford... this is much ado about nothing. He didn’t hit anything: he wasn’t close to hitting anything; no one got hurt or killed; nothing got damaged... who in the heck cares? I have had closer calls out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Trump delivers ultimatum to House GOP: Pass health-care measure on Friday or he’ll move on

    03/24/2017 9:00:32 AM PDT · 268 of 332
    fireman15 to Paine in the Neck

    Ryan has a burning ambition to run in 2020. He’s going to do everything in his power to hobble Trump in anticipation of that.

    Under normal circumstances it is difficult to predict the outcome of elections that are four years out. But I will predict that Ryan’s chances of winning anything outside of Wisconsin are nonexistent. Ryan owns this Obamacare replacement debacle; it should be tied around his neck and he should be thrown overboard.

    My wife and I have Christian Healthcare Ministries for our Healthcare coverage needs. It is allowed under Obamacare and is by far the best solution for us. NO allowances were made under the Ryancare plan to help preserve Healthcare Ministries. It is just one more good example of how tone deaf these deep state GOP idiots were when writing this thing up.

    They have already blinked today on the vote because this albatross was going down. And good riddance, let it rest in peace. The whole darned Obamacare mess needs to be repealed with the same exact wording that they sent to President Obama previously. That is what the voters demanded of these jokers and instead they made up Obamacare 2 which was every bit as bad and worse when you look into some of the details.

  • DOW will Tank, all Momentum lost, if No Vote, Dems win

    03/23/2017 9:07:22 AM PDT · 56 of 107
    fireman15 to Hugh the Scot

    I agree. No insurance can make you healthy. No one in this country is denied medical aid regardless of their ability to pay. We had one old derelict in our town that ran up $2.5 million in ambulance, hospital, and doctor fees. He never paid a dime. He never had insurance. Yet he was transported to the hospital by ambulance often more than once a day.

    Insurance is meant for one thing only... protecting your assets in case of financial disaster. That is all that it can do. If you have no assets, in this country it makes no sense to have insurance. The government has no business in it.

  • DOW will Tank, all Momentum lost, if No Vote, Dems win

    03/23/2017 9:01:02 AM PDT · 46 of 107
    fireman15 to ShivaFan
  • How to get "frozen" caliper bolts out??

    03/20/2017 12:17:58 PM PDT · 94 of 146
    fireman15 to ebshumidors
    Keyboard cleaner (duster) held upside down works as well.

    That sounds like a great idea! It is no doubt more “friendly” to the environment. Anything that comes out a liquid and vaporizes quickly causes rapid cooling and is helpful for shock cooling hot objects.

  • Confessions of a Climate Change ‘Denier’

    03/20/2017 9:53:57 AM PDT · 7 of 30
    fireman15 to Teotwawki
    Anyone who understands science should reject consensus as a valid method of proof for any hypothesis.

    The arguments used by “educated” global warming believers has completely destroyed my confidence in our institutions of higher learning, and lower learning for that matter.

  • How to get "frozen" caliper bolts out??

    03/20/2017 9:45:49 AM PDT · 36 of 146
    fireman15 to fireman15