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  • 'This decision will not stand': Republicans seek common cause against same-sex marriage

    07/04/2015 10:38:11 AM PDT · 9 of 58
    fireman15 to Engraved-on-His-hands

    The real question is whether we will continue our downward spiral. Or was this an overreach which will cause the pendulum to swing back at least for a little while.

  • 3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake

    07/04/2015 9:12:33 AM PDT · 41 of 63
    fireman15 to ronnietherocket3

    It is sad that we are now witnessing the same decline of Western Civilization in the USA as they have been experiencing in Europe. I suppose that historically this is more or less a typical cycle. It seems that most if not all societies have suicidal tendencies.

    The USA being isolated from Europe by a great ocean allowed us to develop at a different pace and go down a different path. Unfortunately shared cultures, two world wars, the cold war, the effect of new communication technologies along with pervasive lefty concepts and we find that all of Western Civilization is now basically on the brink of melt-down on both sides of the Atlantic.

    As far as the arguments made by the smarmy little idiot. Everyone who has ancestors who made it to North America by whatever means should be counting their lucky stars. Does anyone actually believe that they would personally be better off if their families had stayed in Africa?

    Too bad for the bands of Native Americans that were able to roam around North America killing each other and living off the land for a few thousand years after the last ice-age. That is the way it goes everywhere however. Nothing lasts forever. Their gene pool mostly made it however... even I am 1/8 Sioux Indian. I would rather be pecking at this keyboard than trying to survive another year in a primitive shelter with no modern conveniences.

    As far as our system of government... Yes, our federal government especially has definitely gone off the rails, but the parliamentary form beat us to it. Most of Europe has a had a full-on nanny state for longer than we have. Parliamentary governments seem to be even more vulnerable than ours when it comes to giving socialists / communists a means to rise to the top. Although we all seem to be converging at this point... we mostly kept them in check longer.

  • Windows 7 Reaches 60 Percent Market Share for the First Time in History

    07/04/2015 8:36:27 AM PDT · 13 of 28
    fireman15 to dayglored

    There are work-arounds you can use with Windows 8 that allow one to get it to function almost the same as Windows 7. Which is how I was able to get my dad set up to where he could use it.

    I know this isn’t really accurate in many ways, but to me Windows 8 makes a $600 laptop feel like you are using a $200 Android Tablet. I have been using Android tablets and phones for a long time now and still do not like the OS very much. I refuse to use Apple products because I am still disgusted with their predatory legal department tactics and their ultra-liberal leadership.

    Not that Microsoft is a whole lot better, but at least Bill Gate’s has admitted that solar and wind power could not do the job. At least Microsoft has some adults still at the helm, so I don’t feel bad supporting their products.

  • No Governor, A Willingness To Compromise Is Not What We Need

    07/04/2015 8:19:01 AM PDT · 6 of 36
    fireman15 to Kaslin

    Does anything more really need to be said?

  • Cops: Males In Possession Of Stolen Phone Unknowingly Upload Pics To Victim’s Cloud (Dumb Crooks!!)

    07/03/2015 9:55:20 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    fireman15 to Salvey

    The story definitely is racist... it would have mentioned if the perpetrators were white males. Even far lefties understand very well what it means when the news media doesn’t report on the race of criminals when it is obviously known. Any reasonable person knows.

  • Electric Cars: Not So Environmentally Friendly After All?

    06/27/2015 9:20:25 AM PDT · 32 of 45
    fireman15 to American in Israel
    10% loss going in the battery, and 10% loss coming back out. Large power plant is more efficient creating power per therm of fossil fuel, but the battery chemical energy conversion losses and transmission losses make it a wash I suspect.

    You are exactly right. I have always been fascinated by electric powered vehicles. As an experiment I built up two bicycles, one with an electric hub motor and the other with a 2 stroke Chinese gasoline engine. Both the gas engine and the electric hub motor came as kits from eBay.

    The gas engine came with everything for $80 including shipping. I put it on an old mountain bike and it was quite impressive. The bike with the engine and full fuel weighed about 70 pounds. The tank held about a gallon but it would take you a long ways. It would do 35mph and had a completely different feel than a motorcycle or mini-bike. Despite having only a clutch and no transmission it had impressive power in its “power band”. It was of course noisy, smoky, and not street legal.

    The “brushless” electric motor kit cost more than $200 and I had to buy the batteries locally for $130 along with a case and rack to hold them for another $50. I put them on a “hybrid” bicycle I got from Walmart. The complete package with the bicycle weighed over 100 pounds, but compared to electric bikes available commercially I had twice the power and twice the range. It would go 25mph on the flat and had a range of 25 miles. Technically it was not street legal, because it went faster on its own than what is allowed, but from a practical standpoint I doubt whether you would ever get a ticket.

    Compared to the gas engine powered bike it had 1/4 the range, 1/4 the power and weighed approximately 50% more. It didn't climb steep hills well. Once you ran the batteries down the electric scooter charger I had took basically all night to charge them back up. The advantages were that it was basically silent, you could ride past the police without getting in trouble, you didn't have to start the engine, and it didn't make any smoke.

    I feel that fooling around with the two bicycles did give me a better understanding of how electric vehicles compare to gasoline powered vehicles. I think that it would be a good “science fair” project for kids, although I am not sure that it would result in politically correct conclusions.

  • But Did Obamacare REALLY Save A Kid With A Tumor

    06/27/2015 8:22:22 AM PDT · 17 of 17
    fireman15 to Jim Noble
    Yes, if you give some people money to buy health insurance, before your ill-considered plan destroys the system, at least a few of those people will benefit.

    I agree with your post completely, except that this quote from Obama is doubtful on many levels. I will list just a few but could go on for pages.

    1. Almost everything Obama says is a lie which has been made up for maximum impact especially stuff about moms, kids, puppies, and apple pie. Things Obama says that are not outright lies are usually extreme exaggerations that bear little resemblance to what actually happened.

    2. If a kid had a big lump somewhere... his mom would most likely have taken him in to get it checked out regardless of whether they had subsidized health insurance or not.

    3. Most tumors are not cancerous, not dangerous to your health and will dissipate on their own.

    4. If the kid had an unnoticed tumor that was causing no symptoms it would not likely have been found in a routine check-up anyway.

    5. If this was a true story, someone in the Obama administration would have gotten the details and released them because they are always looking any justification to further their agenda.

    6. Obama keeps himself completely isolated from the public. There simply is no way that he just happened to have a conversation with someone who wasn't thoroughly scrutinized ahead of time.

  • Here's the poop on your pool water

    06/27/2015 12:03:08 AM PDT · 13 of 13
    fireman15 to BenLurkin

    My guess is that 1800 people also get transported to the hospital for fingers with hangnails. A little diarrhea in the water isn’t going to keep me from going to my favorite water park.

  • Freddy Gray Autopsy Report Deals Blow to Murder Charges(so let's talk about removing flags instead)

    06/25/2015 7:46:38 AM PDT · 15 of 19
    fireman15 to Sacajaweau

    After spending 25 years working with the police in what was commonly known as the most crime ridden area in the Northwest I can tell you from personal experience that trying to handle an individual like Freddie can be much more challenging and dangerous than most people can imagine. One time we went to a 100 pound girl described as normally a “church mouse” who someone at the Bingo Hall slipped some type of drug that caused her to have a psychotic episode. It took six LARGE cops and firefighters to restrain. And most of us managed to get scratched and bitten along with being spit on.

  • BREAKING: Healthcare subsidies upheld by SCOTUS

    06/25/2015 7:16:09 AM PDT · 50 of 614
    fireman15 to GIdget2004

    Our judicial system has evolved into a farce of what it was designed to be. This was about as clear cut as could be. At least we now know what to expect from other soon to be released “decisions” regarding the progressive agenda.

  • Here’s Why My Dad Will Never Buy Anything But a Lexus Ever Again

    06/24/2015 10:46:11 PM PDT · 19 of 77
    fireman15 to nickcarraway

    This sounds like good service but I do not trust any car dealership no matter what brand they sell. Other than a couple alignments and some warranty work on a Mustang that kept blowing head gaskets, I have always done all my own work on every car that I have owned. After having custom wheels messed up I even started mounting and balancing my own tires.

    For less than $20 you can now get a Bluetooth OBD II reader that not only allows you to wirelessly read your codes but more importantly monitor any sensor in the vehicle on your Android phone or tablet while you are driving down the road. I guess this creates a whole new category of distracted driver.

    I like to work on older cars also; we are currently restoring a 1942 Cadillac. The funny thing is that many mechanics accustomed to working on modern cars have lost much of their troubleshooting abilities. Newer cars often indicate exactly what the problem is and if you drive them around while watching suspect sensors the problem can often be confirmed without any real reasoning involved.

  • Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web

    06/21/2015 10:57:28 PM PDT · 36 of 36
    fireman15 to Swordmaker

    Thanks for telling us of your experience. I have never made a homeowners claim in my life and have been procrastinating. The adjuster was so nasty that it has probably made me overly pessimistic.

  • Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web

    06/21/2015 9:56:45 AM PDT · 33 of 36
    fireman15 to Swordmaker
    Damn. . . do you have a replacement value insurance policy? You might be surprised what you can get for what they stole.

    We have replacement value coverage, but almost no documentation so the insurance company is probably not going to pay much if anything. I have been procrastinating on the claim because my recollections are a little foggy and that is about all that I have for them. I wish now that I had photographed and documented everything. Even if I had I am not sure how one establishes value on such items.

  • Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web

    06/20/2015 11:56:04 AM PDT · 9 of 36
    fireman15 to Swordmaker

    I love this type of project. Unfortunately, our house was burglarized a couple of months ago and the thieves took a bunch of my vintage computer gear. I am sure that it got chucked in the garbage when they figured out it wasn’t modern equipment. They took an old Timex Sinclair 1000 and supporting peripherals, an old Atari 800 Computer with floppy disk drives and dozens and dozens of old discs and programs.

    My TI99/4a computer along with its external expansion box will be missed. Also taken was a TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack along with peripherals. The largest volume of stuff missing was my collection of Commodore 64 items and software. Some of this gear actually goes for good money on eBay these days. I was hoping to play with some of this stuff again one day. Unfortunately, I do not have good documentation for my insurance company and they have not been very supportive.

  • Mom backs 'brave' transgender 9 y.o. son - Back to school dressed as a girl and wearing a blonde wig

    06/20/2015 11:55:19 AM PDT · 17 of 43
    fireman15 to fireman15

    OOPs had two threads open at the same time... Sorry!

  • Mom backs 'brave' transgender 9 y.o. son - Back to school dressed as a girl and wearing a blonde wig

    06/20/2015 11:54:29 AM PDT · 16 of 43
    fireman15 to rickmichaels

    I love this type of project. Unfortunately, our house was burglarized a couple of months ago and the thieves took some of my vintage computer gear. I am sure that it got chucked in the garbage when they figured out it wasn’t modern equipment. They took an old Timex Sinclair 1000 and supporting peripherals, an old Atari 800 Computer with floppy disk drives and dozens and dozens of old discs and programs.

    My TI99/4a computer along with its external expansion box will be missed. Also taken was a TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack along with peripherals. The largest volume of stuff missing was my collection of Commodore 64 items and software. Some of this gear actually goes for good money on eBay these days. I was hoping to play with some of this stuff again one day. Unfortunately, I do not have good documentation for my insurance company and they have not been very supportive.

  • Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

    06/19/2015 9:44:38 AM PDT · 62 of 113
    fireman15 to BlackAdderess
    My current kitty is the son of a huge orange tom who impregnated many generations of local female kitties.

    The neighbors old black tom cat was not one of those taken to the pound by his relatives after he died. When the neighbor stopped putting food out for him I think he just wandered off and found someone new.

  • Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

    06/19/2015 9:03:13 AM PDT · 38 of 113
    fireman15 to Altariel

    Our geriatric retired lawyer neighbor had a half dozen cats. One of them was a big black tom who roamed the neighborhood impregnating countless female kitties until we had a huge glut of black cats. You could not leave or enter our neighborhood without one of them running in front of your vehicle.

    At that time we had a beautiful 1941 Cadillac which was fully restored and our pride and joy. The big black tom cat liked it too and would sneak into our garage when the door was opened even briefly and piss all over the car. If we left the windows open it would get inside the car and do its dirty business on the genuine mohair interior. If the windows were cracked it would somehow pee through the cracks and also on the windshield. It would sneak out of the garage when the door was opened and often we would not even realize it had been in there until we found or smelled the damage. It was extremely stealthy.

    I confronted our old neighbor about the problem and he refused to do anything about it. He said the cat had very good taste and that he would always be free to roam and that keeping him away from our car was our own responsibility.

    I finally caught the cat. After quite a struggle I got him into a pet carrier and relocated him ten miles away in a nice neighborhood on the opposite side of a freeway from us. I wished him luck finding a new hopefully more responsible family. BUT HE WAS BACK THE VERY NEXT DAY. He was sitting in front of our garage growling at me and flicking his tail back and forth before running off. After experiencing nearly homicidal rage, I finally gave up; cleaned the car up and sold it on eBay.

    Not long after that our recalcitrant old neighbor had a massive heart attack and died. His family took the cats they could catch to the pound. The house was sold and the new owners had to completely gut it to undo all of the damage the cats had done. Coyotes moved into the neighborhood and ate all the remaining black strays that were still running around. We are currently working on a 1942 Cadillac.

  • Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof in custody – latest updates

    06/18/2015 9:24:33 AM PDT · 54 of 76
    fireman15 to grobdriver

    Barry is on television... It took about a minute for him to get to the gun grabbing section of his message.

  • Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof in custody – latest updates

    06/18/2015 9:11:18 AM PDT · 46 of 76
    fireman15 to Perseverando

    Still watching FOX. There is much talk about “gun control” ahead of Obama coming on.

  • Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof in custody – latest updates

    06/18/2015 9:06:12 AM PDT · 37 of 76
    fireman15 to Perseverando

    Watching this on FOX right now. Apparently Obama will be making an announcement soon. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Convenient how these psychos come out of the woodwork when distractions are needed to take focus away from other events that are taking place.

  • How climate change deniers got it right — but very wrong (Now at 99.9% "consensus")

    06/17/2015 7:30:43 AM PDT · 24 of 33
    fireman15 to PROCON

    “There isn’t any evidence against global warming and there isn’t any alternative theory,” he said. “We’ve been looking for negative feedbacks and we’ve never found one that amounts to anything.”

    I guess that all three major data sets based on satellite data which all show no rising worldwide temperatures for nearly 20 years do not count as “evidence against global warming”. And of course there is the U.S. Climate Reference Network, (USCRN) which was designed to be the most accurate network of ground based weather recording stations in the United States which shows we are now ten years into a slight cooling trend... that must not be “evidence” either.

    MSNBC has reached new heights of journalistic malfeasance. Of course they have James L. Powell, director of the National Physical Sciences Consortium to blame. And just what is the National Physical Sciences Consortium? It is a “nonprofit” whose stated purpose is to “emphasizes the recruitment of women and underrepresented minorities.” So despite having a name that sounds like it is a scientific organization it is just another leftist group dedicated to funneling mostly government funds to minorities. That is a huge surprise isn’t it.

  • Are UN Helicopters Operating in the Skies Over Washington State as Part of Jade Helm?

    06/16/2015 11:23:33 PM PDT · 53 of 53
    fireman15 to shotgun
    I’m curious as to the privately owned, public use airport. How’s that work?

    The airpark we live on is larger and busier than most residential airparks with an average of over 100,000 general aviation operations per year. This is almost as busy as the nearest municipal airport which is a larger facility.

    There are 116 homes with hangars built around the airport and there is a full service FBO (Fixed Base Operator) with hangars, tie downs, rental planes, fuel, a flight school, and a full time mechanic.

    The airport is currently owned by Norm who is in his 90s and owns the FBO. Arrangements have been negotiated for the homeowners association to purchase the airport at a future date. Currently the homeowners association pays for half the maintenance and taxes. If for some reason the FBO facilities are not leased to another business when ownership is transferred I would guess that there is a fairly good chance that the airport could revert to private use.

    Currently the only operators who cause problems are the helicopter schools. They not only are disturbing to homeowners... they also tend to disrupt other flight operations because they often hover over the runway and taxiways when other aircraft are trying to use the facilities. This has been an ongoing issue but unfortunately it is not something the 90 year old airport owner seems to get too excited about.

  • Are UN Helicopters Operating in the Skies Over Washington State as Part of Jade Helm?

    06/16/2015 9:44:14 AM PDT · 19 of 53
    fireman15 to stormer
    JBLM just got the 16th CAB and its 24 helos. Lots more traffic down there. Put away the tin foil.

    We live on a small privately owned public use airport 30 miles northeast of JBLM. We have noticed more military helicopter activity in the last couple of months, but none of them have been painted white. They have come in after dark on a few occasions and are quite awesome at that time because other than their running lights and strobes they are nearly invisible after dark.

    Sometimes several will make low passes down the runway and just a couple weeks ago two of them landed on the taxiway just down from our house and some guys got out and ran around for a couple of minutes while other helicopters made passes overhead. My wife was a little worried that I might have posted something inflammatory about Obama and they were coming to get us. It was quite a show for the neighbors and us.

    At least half the people that live on the airport are veterans and pretty much all of us all love military aircraft so I don't think anyone minds them. We all do get annoyed by the flight school helicopters from Boeing Field that come up during the day and hover in front of our houses for what seems like hours on end. They disrupt everything from walking the dog to just trying to watch TV or have a conversation on the phone. The taxiways are on a slight slope so the tips of the blades on the R22s are sometimes just about the right height to whack someones head off when they land in front of our house. It is especially disturbing to me when we have grand-kids visiting.

  • Parents Charged with 'Neglect' After 11-Year-Old Plays in Yard for 90 Minutes

    06/15/2015 8:55:02 AM PDT · 24 of 53
    fireman15 to bgill
    The nosey neighbor should be put in the public stocks with about 6 bushels of rotten tomatoes nearby</p>

    We have some nosey neighbors as well. One moved away... if I don't put my car in the garage she would call me up to ask if something was “wrong”. One time she smeared a giant mushy poop that looked like it came from a Great Dane on our porch because she thought that it came from our miniature wienerdog that only left the house when we were walking it on a leash. She is the one who had big dogs that she let roam free.

    The other neighbors are just plain evil and killed our little wiener dog with a rock. Every tree he has ever asked me to take down for some nonsensical reason has died within a couple months. We live in an upscale neighborhood, but had much better neighbors in the working class area we lived in before.

    The neighbors we had growing up would never have called the police if they saw any of us kids playing outside alone. They would have offered us some type of treat or refreshments if they were worried about us. Neighbors calling the police over nothing is a definite sign that our society is going down hill quickly.

  • Political Correctness Has Destroyed the Army’s Readiness and Morale

    06/14/2015 11:35:40 PM PDT · 27 of 41
    fireman15 to Randall_S

    The article makes many good points. Not mentioned is another troubling fact... only a third of young people in this country are currently able to qualify to join any branch of the military. With falling morale from political correctness and nonsensical rules of engagement if the economy actually does begin to improve it is hard to see how recruiting goals are going to be met.

  • When I Was a Kid, We Were All 'Free Range'

    06/14/2015 8:44:09 AM PDT · 49 of 98
    fireman15 to central_va
    My friends and i would see how far from home we could ride our bikes and still make it back before dark.

    I was 12 when I got my first 10 speed bicycle and it increased my “free range” considerably. I grew up on acreage and my previous means of transportation had been horses.

    We didn't have much in the way of fancy riding gear so they were ridden mostly bareback. I was always falling off and going to school all battered up. If the teachers even asked... I would just tell them I fell off my horse again. The horses were easy to control when you were heading away from home, but when you turned back the horse would take off in a full gallop and sometimes it wasn't possible to hang on tight enough. Most of them would then stop and let you get back on them. A couple would just keep on going.

    When I was 13, I told my dad I was going to ride up to Mount Rainier which was over 50 miles away. He just said “OK”. I got lost on the way to the mountain, and got bit by a junk yard dog on the way back. So I didn't make it home till long after dark. The next day my dad asked me how my ride had gone. I told him “great”.

  • NAACP leader outed as white by parents

    06/13/2015 12:35:43 AM PDT · 72 of 72
    fireman15 to The Unknown Republican
    By all standards (culture and appearance) I am white. Recently I found out that my great great grandmother on my paternal side was a black slave (now verified by DNA testing).

    One of the skeletons in my family history is that my genetic great-grandfather was an American Indian. The man who was married to my great-grandmother was partially paralyzed in a farming accident. The two children born in the years after that event, my grandmother and my Uncle Gilbert bore a striking resemblance to the handyman that had been living with the family in rural North Dakota.

    My Uncle Gilbert embraced his heritage and spent his life living with American Indians. In his wedding picture he is sitting on a white horse with a full headdress with his squaw bride in traditional native American garb standing next to him. My grandmother was strikingly beautiful; unlike her older siblings who were fair skinned, blond and blue eyed like their Norwegian immigrant parents, she had an olive complexion, hazel eyes and thick black hair.

  • NAACP leader outed as white by parents

    06/12/2015 8:40:12 AM PDT · 49 of 72
    fireman15 to rktman

    One of the guys I was hired with many years ago was suppose to be black. He had facial features that made him look like he was part black and he was very athletic, but he had red hair and freckles. When the black guys from the union came down to meet him, they were asking, “Where is the brother?” When he was pointed out... one of them said, “That ain’t no Brother!”

    The guy had been a state swimming champion and football star at the high school that I graduated from. He had gone all through an expensive private university getting grants and scholarships intended for a black person. He came to the fire department from the police department. He was doing great getting through his probationary training. He had a terrific sense of humor and was very popular.

    One day he vanished from the department and for quite a while no one seemed to know what had happened. One of our chiefs told me later that his real goal had been to join the FBI. When the FBI did his background check they found that he had been telling everyone that his great-grandmother was black, but that she was not. None of his ancestors were black. No organization he had defrauded wanted to file charges and publicize their lack of scrutiny.

    This information was passed on to the fire department and they quietly got rid of him. He then went back to work for the police department but when they found out they let him go also. He then went to work for an outlying small town police department.

    At some point he had started lying about being black and taking advantage of affirmative action programs. At least at that time basically no one verified that people were telling the truth about their heritage for these types of programs. I am not sure that they do to this day.

  • Son-in-Law’s Stroke Causes George Pataki to Cancel Events

    06/12/2015 8:12:02 AM PDT · 8 of 8
    fireman15 to pioneerstakethearrows
    Hopefully he gets a a CAT scan right away to rule out a SAH...often misdiagnosed, with dire results.

    I haven't been able to find any more in depth coverage about David Levi's condition. But you are definitely right... approximately fifteen years ago the receptionist where my wife worked, a young mother began having a severe headache and then collapsed. She was taken to the hospital where her condition wasn't correctly diagnosed so appropriate treatment was delayed for many hours. She went into a coma and her husband was told she was not likely to survive. Fortunately, she did pull through, but she experienced brain damage which caused her a lot of ongoing difficulties.

  • Son-in-Law’s Stroke Causes George Pataki to Cancel Events

    06/11/2015 10:14:54 AM PDT · 2 of 8
    fireman15 to GIdget2004

    It is by the grace of God that each of us enjoys the gift of another day. We will be praying for the recovery of this young man.

  • Racism, a pool party in Texas and the Supreme Court [how dare you have a community pool]

    06/10/2015 8:24:38 AM PDT · 41 of 43
    fireman15 to Cincinatus' Wife

    The thing that amazes me is the complete disconnect between the author’s agenda and the events at the “pool party” gone bad. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

    I can remember respond to similar situations over the years where the police were trying to break up some sort of event that had gotten out of hand. A lot of the time we (firefighters) were there first and were actually the ones who had to request police assistance because the crowd was making it difficult or impossible to do our job of rendering aid to injured or sick people.

    If the people in the crowd have an “attitude” especially if they are members of the young entitled class... it can be almost impossible for the police to get control of the situation. It is along the lines of herding cats. This actually looked quite tame compared to some situations that I have been at.

  • Jerry Seinfeld: Politically correct college students 'don't know what the **** they're talking about

    06/10/2015 7:48:46 AM PDT · 14 of 16
    fireman15 to RayChuang88

    I enjoyed the show mostly because it poked fun at its own characters and illustrated how shallow they were. Living near Seattle we know many self-absorbed liberals who resemble the characters.

    At this point... it is hard to believe that Seinfeld is making a million dollars a week in Nevada casinos. I think of him more as like the geriatric entertainers that perform at our local Indian Casinos. Some of them actually are pretty good, but it seems doubtful that they make much money living off their past glory.

  • A Q&A on pancreatic cancer (type of cancer ex-congressman has is very hard to diagnose early)

    06/08/2015 9:29:07 AM PDT · 67 of 69
    fireman15 to Ditter
    All of those packaged foods contain flavor enhancing chemicals (MSG etc.) to make you think that it is really food and to get you to eat it.

    I would have died young if that is what I ate.

    Oh I know. We personally have known many people whose poor dietary choices and sedentary life styles were almost certainly primary contributors to their early demise. Working as a firefighter for 25 years; I have often wondered if our expected life spans in this country are not going to start decreasing dramatically at some point. People under 40 are dramatically fatter than they were just 20 years ago. When they want to shed pounds they almost always choose some type of ill-advised fad diet. This is contributing to much higher diabetes and heart disease rates along with other problems that are weight related.

  • I bought a bike! (bicycle)

    06/07/2015 11:20:01 PM PDT · 32 of 71
    fireman15 to Heart-Rest
    I'd like to find a cheap used one of these somewhere:

    We had a Rhodes Car for several years. It actually was quite fun though not as fast as a bicycle. I sold it with an 800 watt electric motor and controller. It was a very good platform for this type of conversion.

  • "A Huge Sigh of Relief:" 20-Year-Old Pilot Makes Emergency Landing of Small Plane on Highway 101

    06/07/2015 10:23:50 PM PDT · 7 of 22
    fireman15 to Michael.SF.

    Considering that it was dark... I am sure this was most likely the best option available. It is great that the kid didn’t panic and kept flying the plane.

    There can be a number of reasons that for engine failure. Unfortunately, it is most likely that the pilot had a fuel management issue. Cessna’s have a fuel selector position that drains from both tanks. On a Warrior you go from one tank, then to the other and then back again. This often gets people used to driving Cessnas into difficulty when they rent a Piper. They forget and run a tank dry.

    A Piper Warrior has two fuel pumps, an engine driven pump and an auxiliary electric pump. When you run a tank dry in the summer, sometimes even in the evening, and then switch to the tank that still has fuel... the two fuel pumps together add enough turbulence to the fuel flow that a vapor lock issue can develop. There is also the possibility that the tank that was switched to may have had moisture from condensation built up that prevented a quick restart.

  • EPA: Fracking's no big threat to water

    06/05/2015 8:30:19 AM PDT · 11 of 14
    fireman15 to BuckeyeTexan

    The EPA is not an unbiased source. I don’t give credibility to any of their studies, regardless of who benefits. Their studies find whatever the lobbyists what them to find.

    Exactly right. The EPA has become just another highly politicized arm of the Obama administration. Laying off “fracking” is just another volley in their battle against the coal industry. Why? Because the United States is sitting on top of the largest coal reserves in the world. There are currently over 260 billion tons of known economically recoverable reserves within our boarders. At current rates of consumption that is enough to last nearly 300 years. That is the equivalent of nearly a trillion barrels of oil. Even with the massive amount of regulations... coal is still the most economical means of producing electricity in most parts of this country.

    Not only that... when have you ever heard of a coal spill causing massive environmental problems? What happens to sea birds when a coal tanker sinks? What type of cleanup has to be done when a coal train derails? The primary club that environmentalists use on coal is the imaginary global warming issue. It has now been 18 years 6 months and counting since any global warming has occurred. Not to mention the quietest ten years on record for hurricane and major storm activity. Now “global warming” is being blamed for droughts in some areas and flooding in others but it is all hyped up nonsense with no substance.

    Anyone who hates America wants to devalue our most abundant energy supply and destabilize our electric power grid which despite being largely constructed many decades ago is still the envy of the world. One of the best ways to bring this country down is to destroy our coal industry which is why Obama has been on the attack even before he became president. He promised to bankrupt anyone who tried to open a new coal fired power plant. (unless it was in China of course) The Chinese have completed an average of one new 1000MW coal fired power plant a week in the last fifteen years all while selling us expensive US government subsidized solar cells and windmill blades.

  • Senator Whitehouse: Use the RICO law against climate “Deniers”

    06/04/2015 10:22:11 AM PDT · 12 of 16
    fireman15 to Signalman

    This is so silly... governments worldwide have squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on farcical studies from faux “scientists”. They have spent even more on ridiculous “green energy” projects that are nothing but a drain on the economy. In contrast Anthony Watts who runs the most viewed skeptic website in the world I think still does it on a shoestring budget with little if any outside support.

    The reason the skeptics are winning is because they have the truth on their side. The entity that is the head of this “vast conspiracy” is the sun. I am not sure how we are going to punish the sun for not going along with lefty fantasies.

  • 7 Million Apple Watch Orders Received, According To Analyst (Lies)

    06/04/2015 10:10:42 AM PDT · 33 of 33
    fireman15 to tacticalogic

    Oh, I know I was just trying to be funny. The largest corporation in the world is doing everything it can to avoid paying its taxes.

  • 7 Million Apple Watch Orders Received, According To Analyst (Lies)

    06/04/2015 9:22:40 AM PDT · 31 of 33
    fireman15 to tacticalogic
    Apple is keeping it's cash parked in overseas accounts to avoid paying taxes on it here. It's not doing anything for our economy.

    I believe that you are mistaken. Apple employs a whole heard of attorneys that would normally be chasing ambulances, suing drug companies or helping illegal aliens stay on our streets. Instead these lawyers are spending their time gooping up our patent system and suing Apple's competitors for billions of dollars for making rectangular devices with rounded corners. Some of those lawyers probably are paying taxes although being lawyers... probably not much.

  • CNN hosts actually asks Pamela Geller if she RELISHES being the target

    06/03/2015 9:03:02 PM PDT · 6 of 20
    fireman15 to Mozilla

    She is a very brave patriot.

  • Help Me find an old movie

    06/01/2015 8:14:12 AM PDT · 88 of 94
    fireman15 to Aloysius88

    Thank you very much!

  • Help Me find an old movie

    06/01/2015 7:50:19 AM PDT · 84 of 94
    fireman15 to greene66
    “What’s So Bad About Feeling Good?” (1968). starred George Peppard and Mary Tyler Moore.

    Thank you so much! That is the movie! You would not believe the number of movie experts that I have asked over the years and books I have gone through trying to find it.

  • Help Me find an old movie

    05/31/2015 11:42:04 PM PDT · 68 of 94
    fireman15 to SamAdams76
    I was haunted by the end of a movie I saw as a child but for years, I never that that movie was.

    I was watching a TV movie in the 1970s when my parents made me go to bed. I have tried to figure out the name for years.

    It was based in a big city like New York. Some type of contagious condition started going around that caused people to give up smoking, drinking and other bad habits. The politicians had to find a cure because the reduction in tax revenues from sin taxes was making the government go bankrupt.

    It was a comedy; no one I have spoken with has ever recognized the description.

  • Thanks for All Who Pray(ed) for my Buster

    05/31/2015 10:16:55 PM PDT · 6 of 10
    fireman15 to Secret Agent Man

    That is what we are concerned about. The dog we had that was killed previously was hit in the head with a rock. Neither our dog or the neighbor’s dog have been particularly loud. The neighbor is afraid of small animals. We have found many dead squirrels and bunnies. It is possible that the dogs found something meant for small wild animals; although both of them have been very carefully supervised so it is a little hard to figure out how it could have happened.

  • Thanks for All Who Pray(ed) for my Buster

    05/31/2015 9:35:41 PM PDT · 4 of 10
    fireman15 to Secret Agent Man

    We are glad that Buster is on the road to recovery. Our wienerdog, Princess Pocahontas got really sick a little over a month ago and gave us quite a scare. After multiple vet visits, x-rays, diagnostic tests, medication, surgery and more medication she seems to be almost fully recovered now.

    Unfortunately, her little friend Dexter the wienerdog who lived next door got sick and didn’t make it. They both got sick at the same time; we are worried that our neighbor who killed one of our other dogs years ago might be responsible.

  • Court: Lottery Misprint means Woman Out of Luck

    05/31/2015 5:06:56 PM PDT · 13 of 19
    fireman15 to Fungi
    In California, as probably in all states, it was instituted deceptively to “help the schools.” Well what happened? The schools are still short of money—and always will be.

    It is the same in Washington State. In inflation adjusted dollars it now costs taxpayers 3 times what it did in 1970 for a K through 12th grade education. Standardized achievement tests show that the average student performs exactly 0% better than they did in 1970. That however is because standardized achievement tests have been dumbed down.

  • A Q&A on pancreatic cancer (type of cancer ex-congressman has is very hard to diagnose early)

    05/31/2015 3:48:35 PM PDT · 54 of 69
    fireman15 to Yaelle

    I am always surprised when I mention healthcare ministries to people and they start picking them apart for nonsensical reasons. We are so happy that this option is available to us.

  • A Q&A on pancreatic cancer (type of cancer ex-congressman has is very hard to diagnose early)

    05/31/2015 9:45:33 AM PDT · 35 of 69
    fireman15 to Yaelle

    My wife and I have been using Christian Healthcare Ministries since I retired and are equally happy.

  • A Q&A on pancreatic cancer (type of cancer ex-congressman has is very hard to diagnose early)

    05/31/2015 9:42:07 AM PDT · 34 of 69
    fireman15 to justiceseeker93
    Health insurance does NOT equate to health care; in this case the then-congressman had what most would consider to be a “Cadillac” health insurance plan, yet the medical care he received through it was substandard.

    Amen to that! Health insurance does not guarantee good health. Even going to the doctor frequently has little or no statistical advantage to longevity.