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  • How Some Cities Dodge the Unfunded Pension Liability Trap

    07/26/2016 8:50:31 AM PDT · 10 of 11
    fireman15 to blueunicorn6
    Republicans see pensions as a means of attracting the best workers.

    Democrats see pensions as a means of getting people to vote Democrat.

    Republicans get workers.

    Democrats get voters.

    We have an interesting situation in Washington State. The previous pension system for firefighters and police officers has been “over-funded” and has over a billion dollar surplus. Where have you heard that before? It wasn't necessarily that the participants, the state and cities acted responsibly; the participants just tended to die off at fairly youthful ages.

    The teacher's pension system is underfunded by over Billions of dollars. The unions negotiated huge increases in their participants benefits and also cut the amount of money participants were required to contribute. How can we expect the poor teachers to contribute their fair share to their pensions? Compounding this problem it turns out that teachers tend to live far long time in retirement as compared to firefighters and police. But state legislators have come up with a simple solution... share the wealth! The state is planning on raiding the firefighter and police pension system and giving the money to the teacher's pension system.

    Currently to help keep the current firefighter and police pension system solvent, participants have voted repeatedly to increase their contributions to make up for the state and cities who have repeatedly chosen to cut their contributions. The state and cities claim the current system is again “over-funded”. If the state successfully raids the previous system, my guess is that the sentiment will change on this. The incentive to act responsibly will be gone.

    In California the unions successfully negotiated their retirement benefits to the point where their members receive almost twice as much in retirement benefits as police officers and firefighters from Washington. This has created a huge “unfunded liability”. In 2003 their system was solvent, but now the city of Los Angeles alone has a $3 Billion dollar deficit in just current fire fighter and police pensions.

    The totals for underfunded pension systems for state and local government employees in California is several hundred Billion dollars. Yet, I have talked to some of these guys before and they seem to have no concern at all that not enough money was paid in by them, the cities and the state to cover their pension benefits. They seem to have no concerns... They think that if their benefits bankrupt the cities or the state that the Federal Government will step in, as they just have in Puerto Rico. The government is again providing a negative incentive to act responsibly.

  • Berniacs' long strange trip ends up in Philly...sort of

    07/25/2016 8:20:14 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    fireman15 to randita

    From the article, “A resident of tiny Sequim, Wash., near the Cascade Mountains,”

    Sequim is in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and is not near the Cascades. My wife and I live near the Cascades.

  • Bernie Sanders Memo Shows Demands: ‘A Plane–Or I Contest The Convention’

    07/25/2016 7:58:49 PM PDT · 72 of 90
    fireman15 to Diana in Wisconsin

    Bernie and Debbie make up on board a flight to Florida in an airplane provided by the Clinton campaign.

  • Professors, Stop Opining About Trump

    07/25/2016 9:41:51 AM PDT · 18 of 36
    fireman15 to Borges

    There are numerous causes, but the left won the battle over who gets to indoctrinate our children decades ago. When I went to “college” in the 1970s most the professors were liberals. It is even worse these days.

  • FEEL THE BOOS: Wasserman Schultz Gets Drowned Out With Jeers at Convention Opening Breakfast

    07/25/2016 8:46:29 AM PDT · 67 of 78
    fireman15 to lazlohollyfeld

    The thing that I find most amusing is how Assange through Wikileaks has had the discipline to use perfect timing for maximum impact. This is like watching Carson on the old Tonight show, Assange is waiting for the perfect second to release a little more to keep the audience in stitches.

    My fear is that the Clinton crime syndicate will be able to get to him even behind closed doors in the Ecuadorian embassy. You cannot tell me that they are not working out some way to silence him.

  • NATE SILVER: Donald Trump would most likely win the election if it were held today

    07/25/2016 8:25:26 AM PDT · 29 of 31
    fireman15 to proust
    His “polls PLUS” model has H leading. (polls plus sauce.)

    Nate likes to hedge his bets; that way he can claim he predicted correctly whatever happens. It is his “now cast” computer model that has Trump winning if the election were held right now. Regardless, these are substantial gains for Trump and show momentum. It will be interesting to see who holds the momentum next week after the DNC convention ends. If the DNC fawning over the Democrats for a week doesn't create some momentum for Hillary, we will see full scale panic.

    The really scary thing is wondering what diabolical actions that they will try if this happens. They never seem to just roll over and play dead. We could be looking at some really scary stuff if it looks like Hillary is really going to lose. I would put nothing past them, they literally would go full nuclear if that would help. That is why there are many in the military who are very concerned about ill conceived actions in the Middle East timed to affect the election, but it could be much worse than that.

  • I Think My Dog's a Democrat Bryan Lewis Official Video .

    07/24/2016 10:05:46 PM PDT · 4 of 15
    fireman15 to Utilizer

    Thanks, my wife and I loved the song and video.

  • Report: Trump to create super-PACs to attack Cruz, Kasich

    07/24/2016 1:19:48 PM PDT · 5 of 73
    fireman15 to monkapotamus

    Don’t get mad, get even.

  • Florida cop who shot unarmed therapist was aiming for his patient

    07/24/2016 12:26:17 PM PDT · 54 of 63
    fireman15 to Morgana

    I am just funning with you. I will say that I worked with police for many years and most were very competent. But there are a lot affirmative action hires as well. These are people who are hired to make sure that the percentage of minorities on the department are the same as the surrounding population. this is done all over the country.

    Sometimes they have to go a long ways down the list to get the people they want. This means that the most qualified candidates are not the ones hired, and that can be a little scary at times. I have seen some really stupid things done and most of the stupid things were done by affirmative action hires.

  • Florida cop who shot unarmed therapist was aiming for his patient

    07/24/2016 11:42:03 AM PDT · 44 of 63
    fireman15 to Morgana

    This cop could not hit the broad side of a barn.

    No. No. Considering the angle and distance seen in the video and considering the two targets were not holding still that is not an accurate statement. The guy he hit was on the ground and at least 25 yards away meaning that the cop had to shoot down at a very precise angle with a pistol under stressful conditions to even come close. If he had been using a rifle it probably would have been an easy shot. But no, it was definitely the officer’s judgment and not his marksmanship that is in question here. It is very likely that he could hit the “broad side of a barn” or even a normal target placed on said barn with no difficulty at all. ; )

  • Florida cop who shot unarmed therapist was aiming for his patient

    07/24/2016 11:11:43 AM PDT · 24 of 63
    fireman15 to AEMILIUS PAULUS
    The man who could not shoot straight? This officer has given credence to every black race hustler that has ever lived.

    Even if the police officer was a very accomplished pistol shooter, if you look at the angle and the distance he was shooting from that you can see in the video and even if there was a valid concern, the shot should never have been taken. The two officers were taking cover behind utility poles at least 25 yards away. The two suspects were on the ground and next to each other. There was no berm or anything behind them that would stop the bullets.

    The chance of missing your mark and hitting an innocent person especially with the ricochets that were no doubt binging off the pavement and ending up who knows how far down the road, were just too great. It does not surprise me at all that he hit the “wrong” guy. It is just dumb luck that he didn't also hit bystanders up to blocks away. But it was his judgment and not his marksmanship that was the real problem.

  • Three Simple Reasons Why Trump Will Win

    07/24/2016 10:25:37 AM PDT · 23 of 38
    fireman15 to Aria
    Trump has made me cringe a couple of times with what he’s said but there is no way I wouldn’t support him 1000%.

    My sentiments exactly. He has made me cringe many times, but that is the risk when you have someone who speaks his mind without getting it approved by his advisers first. When it is pointed out that what has been said would cause problems, he revises his position and moves on, like the rest of us do. I spent three weeks at the Western Washington Fair manning a display we set up honoring Vietnam Veterans. Our co-conspirator joined the army when he was 18 and didn't leave until he was forced to when he turned 60. Needless to say he was very opinionated and made frequent comments that offended visitors, but I love the guy and would vote for him over Hillary any day of the week.

  • USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Poll Trump 45.1 Clinton 41.7

    07/24/2016 9:11:16 AM PDT · 21 of 34
    fireman15 to fortes fortuna juvat
    And ironically, ISIS could be credited with having saved America by Trump’s victory in November!

    Isn't that the truth!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Those boys better suck it up and be good for the next several months or they will be ensuring their own destruction. God works in mysterious ways.

  • USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Poll Trump 45.1 Clinton 41.7

    07/24/2016 8:56:50 AM PDT · 16 of 34
    fireman15 to dangus

    Trump read the sentiment of the country correctly and crafted his message to match. He hit the target at the convention. The Democrat pandering to “Black Lives Matter” and refusing to utter the words “Islamic Terrorism” is going to sink their boat. I don’t care if they do have a huge amount of funds and the backing of the MSM; they are on the wrong side of just about everything.

  • Former assistant FBI director slams Comey's recommendation

    07/24/2016 8:47:58 AM PDT · 25 of 41
    fireman15 to GrandJediMasterYoda

    The problem with sullying the reputation of any organization for political expediency is that often it does come back to haunt them. Hillary is guilty of so many other crimes as well; revelations will continue to surface all during this election cycle. If the defense is overwhelmed and she fails, Comey will be in hot water for naught. This literally is like getting a rapist released and then discovering that they are a serial killer.

  • It’s Easy to Become a “Scientist”—there’s an App for that!

    07/24/2016 8:35:47 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    fireman15 to PROCON

    I had to bookmark the link you provided... too funny!

    The reification of the natural is strictly congruent with the fantasy of linguistic transparency.

  • It’s Easy to Become a “Scientist”—there’s an App for that!

    07/24/2016 8:32:55 AM PDT · 7 of 9
    fireman15 to Sean_Anthony

    Thanks for sharing the article. This reminds me of a funny thing that happened years ago. While waiting to be relieved by the oncoming shift, I was arguing with a fellow member of the Hazmat Team in front of our coworkers about some of the finer points of global warming. He was losing the argument so he blurted out that he was a scientist and that I was not.

    It was true that he had a degree in a science related field and once had a job cleaning lab equipment. But we were all on the Hazmat Team together and everyone in the room had at least some college level training. This guy had a history of not doing what he was told to do on scene, panicking under pressure, and causing confusion by making up a revised sequence of events at reviews. Everyone in the room just started laughing and he was mocked over the comment for months.

    Unfortunately, when you read comments and articles from people on the internet it is much more difficult to gauge their actual level of competency. So people who deserve to be mocked for trying to win an argument with an appeal to authority often get away with it.

  • Trump Must Pledge to Implement GOP Platform

    07/24/2016 7:57:45 AM PDT · 15 of 60
    fireman15 to Kaslin

    The platform is good, but tying one of Trump’s hands behind his back by making him take another pledge is just another Never-Trumper trick to funnel votes to Hillary. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the next release of hacked DNC or Hillary emails doesn’t show some type of collusion between the Never-Trumpers and the DNC.

  • It’s Not My Party

    07/23/2016 8:51:03 PM PDT · 43 of 84
    fireman15 to Hojczyk

    Is Trump the perfect candidate for the GOP? At a time when over half the population is receiving some form of government assistance I see him as the only one who was in the field this time around who has a realistic chance of winning. Every election cycle winning against the party of handout recipients and new immigrants gets a little more difficult to defeat.

    It does not matter how wonderful some of the other candidates might have been. None of them generated the excitement Trump has. All would have been easily defeated by the MSM, the Clinton Crime Syndicate and their massive war chest. Seriously what is the NRO thinking? Are Mitt Romney, John McCain or any of the Bushes “more conservative” than Donald Trump? If you answer yes, by what measures? We really had to hold our noses the last two presidential election cycles. With the exception of Sarah Palin there were nothing but losers on the last two tickets. And the NRO was all in for them. Why?

  • Kasich leaves door open to Trump endorsement

    07/23/2016 7:01:34 PM PDT · 96 of 192
    fireman15 to dragnet2

    I was shocked when I saw a woman purported to be his wife the other day. I never saw her during the campaign; I thought that she divorced him because he was gay.

  • Kerry: Refrigerator chemicals are just as bad as ISIS

    07/23/2016 4:22:19 PM PDT · 48 of 53
    fireman15 to Thumper1960
    It is my understanding that the “ozone hole” fluctuates seasonally and has only been “measured” since the from the ground since the ‘50’s and orbitally since the late ‘70’s.

    You are correct. Holes in the ozone layer have existed at the poles periodically for thousands or millions of years. But we do not know the extent because measurements have only been taken in relatively recent times. In theory pollutants such as CFCs might make the holes larger than they might be otherwise, but this is strictly in theory. No one knows how much actual effect "pollutants" have on the ozone layer. The holes exist naturally and they fluctuate daily as the earth spins and seasonally and annually by natural processes and variations in the output of the sun and the distance of the earth from the sun. The ozone holes can expand quickly and recover quickly as well. It is just another natural phenomena that the left has found advantageous to create anxiety over to increase regulation and taxes.

  • Kerry: Refrigerator chemicals are just as bad as ISIS

    07/23/2016 9:39:23 AM PDT · 35 of 53
    fireman15 to FrankR
    The dems obviously have a “circular list” for the causes of “global warming”. They try each one, in order, until each one is debunked, and then start over again.

    You are absolutely correct. Freon AKA CFCs were once used as a hairspray propellant and to my knowledge no one was complaining about health issues from it that I am aware of. CFCs were of course replaced with HFCs which break down more quickly in the atmosphere before they can reach the ozone layer. The left has a schizophrenic view of Ozone. It is considered a dangerous pollutant at lower levels in the atmosphere. However ozone in the upper levels of the atmosphere must be protected because it filters out UV radiation.

    The Ozone “hole” over Antarctica was first discovered in 1985 but it is now known that it is a cyclic phenomena that most likely started long before people began using CFCs. It's size seems to have little if any correlation with the release of Freon into the atmosphere. None of the extreme claims that were made to scare politicians into agreeing to the “Montreal Protocol” in 1987 came to pass. By the early 1990s long before the “Protocol” had any effect on the amount of Freon being produced or released into the atmosphere the “hole” had shrank significantly. The thickness of the “Ozone layer” has varied little. The measured level of UVB reaching the earth's surface has not had any statistically significant trend at all.

    Al Gore in his 1992 book “Earth in the Balance” claimed that because of the Antarctic ozone hole, “hunters now report finding blind rabbits” and “fisherman catch blind salmon.” This was all shown to be nonsense, so he doubled down on a new hysteria in his book and movie an inconvenient truth.

    Strangely enough one of the biggest proponents of replacing CFCs with HFCs was Dupont whose patents just happened to be expiring.

  • Hillary Clinton Has Seizure / Convulsions - Tries To Play It Off Making Fun Of Seizures CLOSER LOOK

    07/23/2016 12:47:27 AM PDT · 79 of 181
    fireman15 to Yaelle
    If a Potential president has myoclonic epilepsy, they need to clarify it and have many medical professionals discuss it with the American people and come to terms with any kinds of situations where it might impede her important duties. We can’t choose well if we don’t know the truth.

    Thank you, I knew there was a medical term for this. There could be a number of explanations for the problem many of them which most people would consider disqualifying for a person running to be president.

    We had an alcoholic living in our community who was constantly having seizure like activity. He ran up ambulance transportation and emergency room bills that came up to well over a million dollars. He often had seizure activity that looked like the one Hillary had in the video. One of the ambulance crews who responded to him said that they could tell he was faking it because he didn't wet his pants. After that every time we showed up to check him out he had wet his pants and he smelled even worse than he had previously. ; )

  • Hillary Clinton Has Seizure / Convulsions - Tries To Play It Off Making Fun Of Seizures CLOSER LOOK

    07/22/2016 11:43:41 PM PDT · 70 of 181
    fireman15 to fireman15

    Oh and I forgot to mention Parkinson disease, which might also cause a similar tremor.

  • Hillary Clinton Has Seizure / Convulsions - Tries To Play It Off Making Fun Of Seizures CLOSER LOOK

    07/22/2016 11:38:34 PM PDT · 68 of 181
    fireman15 to cherry
    not convinced....she embellished a surprised look and turn of her head...nobody with a seizure has the ability to quickly turn it into a smile and a laugh...

    During my 25 years as a fire fighter responding to medical calls I have seen people having involuntary muscle spasms that looked similar to this and a few actually made light of their problem in almost the exact way that Hillary did. As you say, a person having a true grand mal seizure would go through a period of time when they would not be able to act rationally. The people I saw were typically people with a history of either a head injury, a history of strokes, CVA (cardiovascular accidents), multiple sclerosis, or this was part of their delirium tremens from coming off of alcohol or drugs. They were almost all being treated with psychotropic drugs, seizure medications, MS medications or other meds. If this was the first time it had happened and they were not already being treated we would insist that they be transported, because it definitely indicates some type of cerebral problem. She is suffering from a problem that she has not disclosed. Only she and her doctors know how serious probably is, but it could be very serious.

    No one is more sickened by the Clintons than I am. Hillary has a serious problem; she is no doubt being treated for it. Her doctors have most likely had to adjust her medications multiple times during the campaign because of other side effects that people were starting to notice. If it were anyone else I would feel very sorry for them. Hillary is getting what she deserves.

  • CNN probably regrets polling viewers after Trump’s RNC speech because, well… WOW

    07/22/2016 6:07:22 PM PDT · 8 of 52
    fireman15 to BlueStateRightist

    We reviewed what the CNN team said on our DVR after watching Trump’s speech and they were going more crazy than we had ever seen before. When they revealed the results of their poll they had about half a dozen disclaimers both before and after explaining why their poll was worthless. It was more than strange.

  • Trump probably can't win Ohio, says state's governor, John Kasich

    07/22/2016 4:54:35 PM PDT · 53 of 250
    fireman15 to dirtboy

    It is long past time for Kasich to suck it up, get his act together and start campaigning. He needs to use whatever influence he still has left in Ohio to keep Hillary from winning. If he doesn’t his political career like Cruz’s is over.

  • Merkel chief of staff: refugees don’t pose higher terror risk

    07/22/2016 1:31:26 PM PDT · 9 of 43
    fireman15 to 11th_VA

    Oh, heck no, everyone knows that kids brought up in normal families with a mom and dad who love them are the most likely to become terrorists, especially if they are white males. /s

  • Munich shopping centre shooting: 'Three gunmen on the run' say police as multiple deaths(T)

    07/22/2016 1:28:33 PM PDT · 118 of 132
    fireman15 to TheTimeOfMan
    Also - sunni believe that if they can bring the world into complete chaos the Mahdi will return.

    Does anyone doubt that when Iran gets nuclear bombs that they will use them as soon as possible? Who should we blame when that happens and millions of people are killed? Should we blame the Iranians who are completely predictable? Or should we blame Obama, Clinton, Kerry and all those who were complicit? Yes, Obama and Clinton and the Democrat Party when the world is plunged into chaos because of you, some of us will remember who made it possible.

  • Many feared dead after shooting spree at Munich shopping center, German news agency reports

    07/22/2016 11:32:58 AM PDT · 60 of 89
    fireman15 to 867V309

    Hillary wants to import 5 times as many “Syrian refugees” as Obama. What could go wrong?

  • Munich shopping centre shooting: 'Three gunmen on the run' say police as multiple deaths(T)

    07/22/2016 11:28:39 AM PDT · 5 of 132
    fireman15 to rktman

    Do these psycho idiots have any actual objective other than to kill as many infidels as possible?

  • Ted Cruz Live On CNN Right Now Addressing Texas Delegates

    07/21/2016 9:17:52 AM PDT · 432 of 508
    fireman15 to Jane Long
    He looks like he’s on some kind of bender, on the way to a serious meltdown. Sad.

    If he looks like he is on a bender; he probably is. It has been said here many times before. Both of his parents are alcoholics. His sister basically drank herself to death. And Ted has a documented history of problems with alcohol along with the broken corpuscles in his nose and the glassy eyes of an alcoholic. The lying, the crying, the whining, the self delusions, the apologists, the enablers, the awkward mannerisms and the girlfriends go hand and hand with alcoholism as well.

  • Cruz gets booed after he declines to endorse Trump

    07/20/2016 10:21:17 PM PDT · 60 of 91
    fireman15 to Sarah Barracuda
    Trump’s a genius, he already tweeted that he saw the speech and told Ted Cruz he was fine with it..he knew that Cruz would hang himself LIVE on national TV and he did..actually.

    Trump is a genius. By letting Cruz speak he showed that he is confident enough to not feel threatened by someone who is not a supporter. My guess is that the written words did not seem as bad without Ted's snarky delivery. But Ted has unintentionally helped a lot of his supporters move on. Almost all the posts I have seen, even on forums other than this one from people who said that they are strong Cruz supporters have said that they were very disappointed.

    Cruz misread the situation. He thought his campaign had packed the convention with Cruz sleepers from states that Trump won. Cruz thought that the people in the audience still loved him more than Trump. What he did not realize is that since Trump won the primary people have

    During the contest between Trump and Cruz I wrote here many times that Cruz shared many of the characteristics of the alcoholics that I grew up with. His speech tonight was more evidence to me that he is an alcoholic. Alcoholics tend to maintain delusional images of themselves regardless of evidence to the contrary.

  • Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 New Monthly Charge

    07/20/2016 9:12:21 PM PDT · 131 of 133
    fireman15 to Bob434

    Thanks for the input. I tried Photoshop in a virtual environment previously and did not have great results, but I may not have set up the environment as well as I should have. I will give it another try. I do hope someone comes up with a good Linux solution for my little Nextbook Flex10. There is suppose to be some progress being made according to the forums.

  • Kasich takes thinly-veiled swipe at Trump amid growing tensions

    07/19/2016 2:00:09 PM PDT · 14 of 70
    fireman15 to 1Old Pro
    Kasich has mental illness, it’s sad.

    Most of the time in politics when a former candidate is said to be mentally ill, it is just some kind of fluff. In this case your statement is completely accurate. I have assumed by his behavior and mannerisms that he is already on psychotropic medications This is 25 years of handling people with psych problems talking. Kasich has got a problem.

  • Erdogan targets more than 50,000 in purge after failed Turkish coup

    07/19/2016 1:44:09 PM PDT · 28 of 43
    fireman15 to RoosterRedux

    When Obama immediately went all in for Erdogan I knew that he was a very bad character. Obama is always on the wrong side of everything.

  • Melania Speech, Wait a Minute!!!!

    07/19/2016 1:35:31 PM PDT · 55 of 97
    fireman15 to Yaelle
    I hope the Trump campaign guillotines the guilty, purges some of their staff, and we can all keep focused on winning and beating Hillary.

    Oh BS! My parents gave the same speech to me and I said the same thing to our children. In my generation it is almost cliché... it is just that all you young pups mostly do not pay attention to those of us approaching senior citizenship. Moochie is not the first one to have said something similar. I have never listened to anything Moochie has ever said and this all sounded very familiar to me.

  • #SpeechGate: Who Set Up Melania Trump?

    07/19/2016 11:13:44 AM PDT · 106 of 281
    fireman15 to CapitalistCrusader
    Melanea made a cookie cutter First Lady speech. I haven’t done this but I’m willing to bet that if you compare Moochelle’s speech to Laura Bush or Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan you’ll hear similar themes similarly uttered.

    Just like Melanea’s parents, my parents actually did tell me the way to get ahead was to work hard, be dependable and keep my word. Unlike Mooches parents who told her to take whatever she could from the government and white people and most likely to just let a white guy write her first lady speech. She probably came up with the one statement that seemed genuine in her speech. She said it was the first time she had ever felt proud to be an American. I think that was hers. This is one of the most ridiculous kerfuffles I have ever heard. These idiots think you need a never-Trumper to write something like that? These people are a full of themselves. As you say this is just common American wisdom.

  • Ted Cruz Rewrites Primary History

    07/19/2016 8:11:06 AM PDT · 156 of 163
    fireman15 to mbrfl

    We know a couple of families one in Wisconsin and one in Illinois who still are big Cruz supporters. Even at this point they still believe that Cruz has the best chance of beating Hillary. There are a lot of people still out there just like them. They are often like our friends who fit just about every Cruz supporter stereotype you could think of. They are nice people, but they drank the Kool-Aid and they now choose to live in their own reality and there is nothing that you can say to bring them back. At this point they tacitly want Hillary to win so that they can say “I told you so” and their Messiah can ascend to his rightful throne.

  • Ted Cruz Rewrites Primary History

    07/18/2016 9:37:12 PM PDT · 99 of 163
    fireman15 to Nifster
    And what’s your point.....?

    All you did was manage to repost the delusional griping of a petulant child

    Thank you! You got it! My point is that Cruz is a petulant child.

    I am loving the RNC Convention speakers tonight. If Cruz gets up and spouts this same crap... everyone else will realize that Cruz is a petulant crowd.

  • Ted Cruz Rewrites Primary History

    07/18/2016 8:37:37 PM PDT · 44 of 163
    fireman15 to SatinDoll
    Scarey, isn’t it, how much Cruz and Obama are alike. No matter what the situation or circumstance, it is always about themselves. They are both malignant narcissists. Pure evil.

    At this point it is starting to look more and more like that.

  • Ted Cruz Rewrites Primary History

    07/18/2016 8:29:21 PM PDT · 30 of 163
    fireman15 to monkapotamus

    It is the same old thing from Cruz. I am not sure why they are letting Cruz speak at the convention.

    “Sen. Ted Cruz praises Pence, but isn’t yet sold on Trump endorsement.” “Cruz insisted that in a fair race, he would have beaten Trump.”

    “[Trump would] lose state after state after state and the media would say that he can’t be beaten ... and the media liked to paint me as some whacked-out theocrat”, Cruz explained.

    “In the 30 days before In primary, Trump got $500 million In free media, 90 percent was positive”, he continued.

    While Cruz indicated that he felt Fox News was unfairly behind Trump, he saved most of his ire for other media outlets, saying they are in the bag for Clinton and that her rival, Vermont Sen. “I think numerous mainstream media players are liberal Democrats...they intend to vote for Hillary”. Cruz discussed his appearance at the upcoming Republican National Convention with Politico, stating, “I don’t know that I’m in a position to give campaign advice to Donald Trump”, said Cruz. They believed Donald was the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat. “We saw the media as decision-makers in primaries in a way that we have never seen before”.

    “I think very highly of Pence - he’s a good man”, Cruz told Politico, according to an excerpt of an interview that will be posted Monday morning”.

    “I think the media’s going to have to assess the role they played”.

  • Newt: It's a 'Betrayal' If Cruz Doesn't Endorse Trump During Convention Speech

    07/18/2016 7:35:13 PM PDT · 95 of 160
    fireman15 to odawg
    If Hillary gets elected, the country is over FOREVER.

    People do not seem to understand that we are on the precipice. And Donald Trump cannot save this country alone. We need major reversals in policy. We need major reversals in government programs and spending. We need major reversals in public attitudes. And we need major reversals in our support for the military. Even then we are going to need Gods help if our nation is to survive.

    But you are absolutely correct that “If Hillary gets elected, the country is over FOREVER.” She will absolutely destroy whatever chance that we have to survive.

  • DIVIDED AMERICA: To some, Trump is a desperate survival bid

    07/18/2016 6:46:54 PM PDT · 5 of 11
    fireman15 to Mariner

    It is time for political correctness and pandering to all these leftist special interest groups to come to an end. Muslims, Illegal Immigrants, black lives mater and especially all these “LGBTQ” crap(Q added recently) need to go back to where they belong or just shut up.

  • Poll: US-Mexico border residents feel ignored, oppose wall

    07/18/2016 6:22:37 PM PDT · 46 of 48
    fireman15 to AmericanVictory

    I believe that enforcing current law that makes it illegal to hire people who are here illegally has already been proposed by Trump and others. I am fairly certain that it is already possible for people to sue employers who have replaced them with illegal aliens. In general I do not see the point in giving lawyers one more way to enrich themselves. If people who are caught hiring illegal aliens were fined and punished as current law prescribes... we would probably not have an illegal immigrant problem.

  • Anti-Trump Dissidents Disrupt Convention, Fail To Stop Nomination

    07/18/2016 3:15:50 PM PDT · 6 of 91
    fireman15 to SkyPilot

    I guess no one told them that there is a new sheriff in town. These people should be rooted out of the party.

  • Poll: US-Mexico border residents feel ignored, oppose wall

    07/18/2016 12:10:30 PM PDT · 15 of 48
    fireman15 to headstamp 2

    From the article, “The majority of interviews were done in Spanish on both sides of the border, and the margin of error was 2.6 percent.”

    This is BS at the highest degree. It is also interesting that they conducted their interviews in “urban” areas and not in rural areas.

  • Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Hillary’s America’ Off to Strong Start at Box Office

    07/18/2016 9:25:39 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    fireman15 to spankalib
    He continues to say “Democratic” party, over and over, thus erroneously conferring subliminal legitimacy to the DEMOCRAT party. One of my irks.

    As irritating as it is... that is the official name that Democrats call their party. My wife and I have enjoyed D’Souza’s other films and plan to support his ongoing efforts by going to see this one as well. This is likely his most important effort given the timing of its release. D’Souza actually was singled out by Democrat operatives and spent time behind bars in an attempt to silence him.

  • Paris Train Hero Attacked as 'Small-minded Bigot' for Wearing Trump T-shirt

    07/18/2016 8:57:53 AM PDT · 25 of 36
    fireman15 to Lurker
    We have gotten nothing but positive comments on our Trump shirts.

    The obnoxious idiots seen on TV are largely paid astroturfers or just plain idiots. The people making awful comments about this heroic young man are only courageous when they are hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet.

  • Can Iran Become a True US Ally Again?

    07/16/2016 6:32:46 PM PDT · 24 of 41
    fireman15 to Redwood71

    We met some Iranians who were educated Christians and barely escaped with their lives. They had to leave virtually everything behind.