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  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 7:40:04 PM PDT · 366 of 369
    DTA to Greysard
    >>>>>I flew on a private airplane some years ago from San Jose to San Diego. The captain told us that cell phones stop working pretty fast, but we are welcome to try if we want to. We did try - and indeed they lost signal as we climbed to a few thousand feet, if not earlier. Modern cellular infrastructure is highly optimized, and not much power is wasted.<<<<<<

    Remember the stories about UA-93 passengers using cell phones to call their families? In movie jargon it's called continuity error

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 7:15:51 PM PDT · 364 of 369
    DTA to amorphous; Talisker
    There are over 6000 of A-320s built and the majority still fly today. If there is something seriously wrong with its design (think of one that nearly crashed last year due to wrong altitude reading)it would mean an end to many companies and an end to French-German Airbus Industries.

    Solution - blame it on human error. Pay $300m to victim families. Been done in the past.

    I am not saying this is the case here, but it could be.

    But having a rich German kid who was living his dream of being a pilot end it in such bizarre way does not sound as probable in my book.

  • NYT: Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit Ahead of French Alps Crash

    03/26/2015 6:40:09 PM PDT · 93 of 96
    DTA to cynwoody
    The concept is much older. In 1978 ex-CIA hitman Nikola Kavaja hijacked a Boeing 707 airliner in NYC. Objective - to fly it to Europe and smash it into skyscraper that was symbol of Dictator Tito's Communist regime. His plan soured and he got 20 years in prison.

    There was also another older movie, cannot recall it's name, about Air force One being hijacked for the same purpose.

    There is only one problem with the concept of airliners being used as a missiles. Their engines compress air. Due to air density close to the ground, when they fly at very low altitude they can not fly faster than 250 knots. The only way to gain high speed at low altitude is to nosedive them from cruising speed at high altitude, but they would probably disintegrate mid-air. So airliners as missiles is is mostly Tom Clancy/F-X territory.

  • UK stuns Europe by sending troops to Ukraine

    02/24/2015 9:59:40 PM PST · 16 of 16
    DTA to WhiskeyX

    Boldly they rode and well,
    Into the jaws of Death,
    Into the mouth of Hell
    Rode the seventy five.

  • 60 Percent of Ukrainian Casualties Due to Friendly Fire and Incompetence

    02/24/2015 8:46:04 PM PST · 62 of 82
    DTA to leopardseal
    Two centuries earlier, in the Battle of Neva (1240) Swedes did similar folly. Heavily armored Swedish and Norwegian knights entered the mouth of River Neva and went upstream. Their boats could barely move due to weight. Ruskies closed their retreat route and destroyed them at Ladoga lake. Alexander, the prince who lead the charge got name Nevsky after this victory.

    Every Russian kid knows this story. I wonder how many West Point grads know it.

    From the Russian perspective, it is waves upon waves of Zombies coming from the West - be it Vatican-inspired Swedes, Napoleon, French-British or Hitler, it starts the same way (sustained heavy Russian losses), and ends the same way - by the total annihilation of the invaders. Ruskies' moves are predictable. They fight on their soil and they will not allow another 20 million Russians be murdered by the new Nazis. They will use nukes. First strike, retaliatory, does not matter, it will be equally bad for everyone.

    The question is - what is the end game? Mutual joint destruction of U.S.A. and Russia, like taken from James Bond movie? It looks more and more probable with every passing day.

  • MH17: Source of the Separatists' Buk; A Bellingcat Investigation

    12/25/2014 2:22:22 PM PST · 10 of 10
    DTA to WhiskeyX
    >>>>Your attempt to use the pathetically clumsy false propaganda contrived to blame the Ukrainians deserves its own severe sanctions as well.<<<<<<

    I know, truth hurts. But perhaps You'll have to sanction this guy first:

    His name: Vasily Vovk

    Rank: General, Head of the Central Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kyiv

    His statement from December 19 will not make you happy

    The lid is opened and the contents can not be contained any longer. I merely gave you the preview of what is inside.

    Whiskey Xray, it's not my fault you fell for Ukrainian/NATO Bravo Sierra.

    If you want to seek for the truth yourself, look for the autopsy report of the pilot.

  • Ukraine Needs Second Bailout, Currency Reserves Drop to Critical Level

    12/08/2014 6:36:03 PM PST · 9 of 15
    DTA to Kaslin
    >>>>>So, where's the European love? <<<<<<

    The better question is - where is Ukraine's gold ?

    National Bank of Ukraine has none left.

  • MH17: Source of the Separatists' Buk; A Bellingcat Investigation

    12/08/2014 1:52:27 PM PST · 8 of 10
    DTA to Krosan
    >>>>>>They gathered £50,891 ($80,866) from volunteer donations. Since they don’t need expensive equipment it seems enough to keep the lights on and fridge stocked.<<<<<<

    This is an opportunity not to be missed. At least for all Freepers who believe that Ukrainian air force DID NOT shot down MH17.

    Put your money where your mouth is and donate money to this kickstarter campaign. The more you donate, the more valuable the lesson will be.

    When the facts about shooting down of the airliner become finally known...

    So, Gentlemen, start your Pay Pal accounts and be generous.

  • MH17: Source of the Separatists' Buk; A Bellingcat Investigation

    12/08/2014 1:39:03 PM PST · 7 of 10
    DTA to WhiskeyX
    >>>>>>Why hasn't the rest of the world and the ICAO responded with a ban on Russian civil aviation on the international airways?<<<<

    The rest of the world and the ICAO did not respond with a ban on American civil aviation on the international airways after shooting down Iran Air 655, although it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that Iran Air 655 was shor down by USS Vincennes

    In the same vein, the rest of the world and the ICAO did not respond with a ban on Ukrainian civil aviation on the international airways after Ukraine shot down Air Siberia 1812 in 2001.

    I wonder, on what grounds you would ban Russian civil aviation after an Ukrainian military pilot (most likely LTC Dmitro Yakatsuts), flying Ukraine military jet shot down civilian airliner?

  • Web users debunk Russian TV's MH17 claim

    12/08/2014 1:25:11 PM PST · 16 of 17
    DTA to Celtic Conservative
    >>>>>>>The Soviet union had seventy odd years to perfect propaganda and this is the caliber of work they are capable of? Somebody in the secret state police needs to work on their photoshop skills.<<<<<

    Soviet propaganda, like Nazi propaganda was modeled upon the seminal work of Edward Bernays, chief U.S. propagandist during WW I. So, U.S. got some 10 years' worth of know-how advantage, and it shows.

    But let's talk about the actual shooting down of an airliner by the Ukrainian AF.

    Ukraine had 13 years to perfect shooting down of civilian airliner in cold blood. The first one they shot down in 2001 was Flight 1812 of Air Siberia and left too many traces, i.e. thermal signature of SAM missile. This time they resorted to 30 mm cannon fire. No fuss, no muss, especiall when the examiners are looking in the other direction.

    The name of perp is most likely known: LTC Dmitro Yakatsuts. He shot MH17 down in cold blood and murdered 298 people.

    German lawyers are already ready to get compensation to the families of murdered MH17 passengers Ukrainians murdered. There is also precedent for it - in 2003 Ukraine had to compensate the families of Israeli and Russian passengers.

    That's the reason why this story is off the msm radar.

  • Students slam Michelle O with photos of skimpy school lunches

    12/05/2014 10:58:50 AM PST · 18 of 35
    DTA to RightGeek

    Low fat milk (1% or 2%) is not milk, it is non-alcoholic beverage. KIds need 3.2% fat milk in order to absorb Calcium from milk. That’s the whole point of them drinking milk. If if it s not 3.2% fat, they should not drink low fat at all.

  • Criminal responsibility for rehabilitation of Nazism is introduced in Russia

    11/26/2014 2:25:09 PM PST · 26 of 26
    DTA to goldstategop; SJackson
    In the United Nations, U.S. Canada and Ukraine voted AGAINST U.N. resolution to ban promotion of Nazism.

    200 000 Americans who died in WWII are turning in their graves.

    Die Fahne Hoch flies high in Washington, DC.

  • Kiev Junta joining AQ?

    11/26/2014 2:19:05 PM PST · 21 of 21
    DTA to FreeReign
    >>>>>Most ethnic Ukrainians, 75% of Ukraine, are now so bitter about what Russia has done that they will almost certainly push harder than ever to join up with the West. Putin may be able to keep the Crimea, but he's effectively lost the bulk of the rest of the Ukraine for generations. Bingo. <<<<<

    Puttie's loss is EU gain - in case of Western Ukraine joining EU, it would take at least 25 B Euro a year (probably much more) to keep her afloat. Hungarian Prez Urban asked who is supposed to pay for it. Not him, not Germans, not anyone.

    Putin simply has written off toxic asset and took what is still viable (Don basin and Crimea).

    By staging the coup, U.S. effectively put Banderastan around EU's neck.

    F'EU, as Nuland said.

  • Topless Activist Jumps on Main Altar at Strasbourg Cathedral to Protest Pope Francis

    11/26/2014 2:06:29 PM PST · 17 of 39
    DTA to marshmallow
    Many RC where jubilant when Pussy Riot desecrated main Orthodox Christian cathedral in Moscow. What goes around, comes around.

    Since Department of State and U.S. Ambassador to U.N. support Pussy Riot, I have no reason not to believe they will support Mammary Gland Riot as well.

  • Inside the FBI's Shameful Battle To Shield Nazis

    11/19/2014 9:29:10 PM PST · 2 of 8
    DTA to SJackson


  • Inside the FBI's Shameful Battle To Shield Nazis

    11/19/2014 9:27:45 PM PST · 1 of 8
  • Whistleblower urges external probe into EU mission in Kosovo

    10/31/2014 9:00:52 PM PDT · 5 of 5
    DTA to Olog-hai
    As John Mc Cain explained"Fighting for KLA (Albanian terrorist group) is fighting for American values".

    After 78 days of savage bombing of Serbia on behalf of Islamonazis, U.S.-led NATO occupied Serbian province of Kosovo. As the result, over 100,000 Serbs, Roma, Croats were ethically cleansed and KLA was allowed to commit horrendous crimes. KLA murdered in impunity more than 1000 Serbs and 1000 Albanians they considered traitors, set up chop shops to murder young people and harvest their organs. More than 10 000 homes were torched and over 100 000 were looted. NATO troops stood idle and looked the other way.

    Then EULEX was brought in to provide the fig leaf of legality. In reality, system of apartheid was enforced - Serbs and Roma were forced to live in compounds behind barbed wire fences. The only NATO troops protecting them were Italians. Germans, French and Americans looked the other way when the crimes were taking place.

    Medieval Christian churches and monasteries were razed to the ground and looted. European antiquities markets were flooded with looted gooos. Again, the police of numerous countries looked the other way. Albanians set up labs for high volume narcotics production, and DEA looks the the other way.

    Then, with American help, Kosovo Albanians declared independence in 2008, in violation of UNSEC 1244 resolution.

    Today, Kosovo under Albanian misrule is a recruiting ground for AQ and ISIS.

    The biggest irony is that in order to help Islamonazis United States lost New American Century in Kosovo,even before it began.

    There are thousands of eyewitnesses of what I wrote - National Guardsmen and U.S. Army members who were on rotation in Kosovo since 1999.

    Yet, the majority remain silent of what they saw. I wonder how they can sleep at night. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Quadcopter drone 'deliberately flown at passenger airliner' over Essex

    10/26/2014 2:23:58 PM PDT · 7 of 22
    DTA to BenLurkin

    This month Albanian agents disrupted UEFA match by flying drone into soccer stadium. Drone was carrying Albanian banner, but could also have carried biological weapon.

    Looks like same MO to me.

  • Kerry Blames Israel for ISIS Recruitment--The secretary of state’s anti-Semitic lies

    10/23/2014 8:04:43 AM PDT · 22 of 27
    DTA to SJackson
    There are several thousands dogs of war from EU and the U.S. already in ISIL, many of them are not muslims. They operate sophisticated U.S. weapons ISIL got from Iraqi Army stockpiles.

    I have a question. Beside public sector (Company and Firm) what British and American commercial sector is doing? Namely, what mercenary recruitment companies handle ISIL account?

  • Shooting on Canada's Parliament Hill

    10/22/2014 9:30:29 PM PDT · 604 of 605
    DTA to free_life
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You are truly a moron, your whole post is bull. Canada has just lost one of it’s soldiers to a terrorist and is still securing the situation and you are on here bad mouthing them with bull crap. Go the frig back to your motherland Russkie! Oh and piss off, eh!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    If only I were a moron, I would hold a high position in Canadian government (oops, it is called "Harper Government") or DND.

    It seems that you were blind for years how Canada supports Islamonazis at home and abroad. And you suddenly woke up today. What kept you? Cheap AIP?

    In 2002, PM Jean Creten mingled with Hamas and declared that Hamas is not a terrorist group. Creten was in Lebanon, on Frankophonie summit, spending my and your tax dollars aiding and abetting terrorists.

    On several occasions, Sharia law was almost introduced in Canada. Thanks to the morons you approve of, financed with my and your tax dollara to spread Dar Ul Islam to Canada.

    Insane levels of immigration from Dar Ul Islam are sponsored by the highest echelons of power. It is breeding ground for what we have seen today.

    And today, DND ordered that Canadian soldiers in Canada must not wear uniform in public !!! It is appeasement of the worst kind, surrender to Islamonazi terrorists. Instead, DND should have ordered Canadian soldiers to have FMJ in their weapons and "pull out, make my day" pins on their lapels. The only problem is that DND does not want to upset ISIS, Canadian ally in Syria. DND is busy trying to topple Assad, the last regime in ME standing against Islamonazis and protecting Christians.

    Want to see a moron? Look at the nearest mirror.

  • Ottawa shooting: Kevin Vickers hailed as hero who took down attacker

    10/22/2014 1:48:21 PM PDT · 10 of 35
    DTA to naturalman1975

    The right person at the right place at the right time.

    Sadly, he will probably be moved to another post for harming poor innocent Islamonazi.

  • Shooting on Canada's Parliament Hill

    10/22/2014 1:10:40 PM PDT · 555 of 605
    DTA to Half Vast Conspiracy
    >>>>>>Video of shooting, you can clearly hear shooter(s) shouting “allahu akbar”.<<<<<<<

    Nothing to see there, only distressed Hawaiian speaker saying "Aloha at bar" :-(

    That's how Canadian multiculti media will describe it.

    The fact is, Canada supports Islamofascist terrorism abroad and those perps are brothers in arms. Chicken came home to roost.

    In 1999 Canada terrorized Serbian population for 78 days in support of Islamofascist terrorists and helped murder and maim thousands. RCAF was acting as Islamofascist airforce. Afte the conflict was over, Canada assisted Islamofascist to purge Christians from their land. And Canada is PROUD of this crime to the present day.

    In 2011, Canada took an active role to terrorize Libyan population on behalf of Islamofascist terrorists and acted as their airforce.

    When it comes to support to Islamonazis abroad, Canadian Conservatives are no different than Canadian lieberals.

    Until the creators and instigators of this insane policy are rooted out, it will only get worse.

  • Ukraine far right battles police at parliament in Kiev

    10/14/2014 1:14:18 PM PDT · 6 of 9
    DTA to DTA
    Please note how BBC call UPA Nazi war criminals "a World War Two nationalist group which opposed Soviet forces.".

    In short period of time UPA murdered up to 100 000 Poles and 30,000 Ukrainians.

  • Ukraine far right battles police at parliament in Kiev

    10/14/2014 1:07:40 PM PDT · 1 of 9
  • Australian MH17 crash victim 'had time to put oxygen mask on', says Dutch foreign minister

    10/10/2014 1:49:14 PM PDT · 28 of 31
    DTA to 1rudeboy

    There is a difference between the recordings made by CVR in the cockpit and recordings made at ATC ON THE GROUND.

    ICAO stipulates what conditions must be met for ATC recordings (voce, data, radar) and how long recordings must be kept

    ICAO Document describing it and giving recommendations.

    CVR records sound of what is happening in the cockpit as well as voice communication with ATC. It can not record ATC communication with other aircraft on other frequency, nor radar feed in ATC.

    ICAO requeres that ATC recordings are kept for at least two weeks if there is no crash and as long as needed if there is a crash. KIEV ATC recordings were not given to the international investigative team. It has nothing do do with intact Black boxes (orange box on the picture) given to Investigators in U.K.

  • Australian MH17 crash victim 'had time to put oxygen mask on', says Dutch foreign minister

    10/10/2014 12:45:48 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    DTA to 1rudeboy
    >>>>>Yes, a conservative site. How about a source for your claim? And please try to learn what a strawman argument is.>>>>

    Person 1 (DTA) asserts proposition X - recording media FROM ATC was confiscated by the agents of Ukraine security service and hidden from the international investigators.

    Person 2 (1rudeboy) argues against a false but superficially similar proposition Y, as if that were an argument against Person 1's position - as if DTA claimed Black boxes were confiscated. Black boxes (flight recorders) and ATC recordings are totally diffferent objects in different locations.

    it seems to me that Your Nazi kameraden should find someone more proficient to defend their hapless position.

  • Islamophobia: Fact & Fiction

    10/10/2014 7:38:04 AM PDT · 7 of 24
    DTA to Kaslin
    I am sick of people using the term Islamophobia. It tars anyone who is against Islamic agenda as being psychiatric patient. Phobias are mental disorders under DSM IV.

    People fighting against Racism are called Anti-Racists, not Racismophobes.

    People fighting against Nazism were called Anti-Nazis, not "Naziphobes"

    People fighting against Communism were called Anti-Communists, not "Communophobes".

    Fighting against Islamic political agenda is Anti-Islamism.

    Show me a person who use the term "Islamophobia" and I will show you someone working for Islamist agenda. Useful idiot, or paid goon, does not matter.

  • Fort Hood jihad mass murderer writes “A Warning To Pope Francis, Members Of The Vatican (Shorten)

    10/10/2014 6:58:03 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    DTA to Biggirl
    Islamonazi terrorists are copycats inspired by the acts of other terrorists and once captured hope to inspire others That's why they seek Denying them any publicity is the right thing to do.

    I believe that Islamonazis once incarcerated should get no mention in the media except if found dead in prison.

  • Australian MH17 crash victim 'had time to put oxygen mask on', says Dutch foreign minister

    10/10/2014 4:45:25 AM PDT · 16 of 31
    DTA to 1rudeboy
    Don't pull the straw man here, because as you say, this is Conservative site, not DU.

    Recordings made IN KIEV Air Traffic Control are confiscated by Ukraine internal security service and never submitted to investigation.

    What you wrote relates to FLIGHT RECORDER from MH17 and it is not the same thing.

  • Australian MH17 crash victim 'had time to put oxygen mask on', says Dutch foreign minister

    10/09/2014 9:36:39 PM PDT · 6 of 31
    DTA to BlackVeil
    Still waiting to see the recording media from Kiev ATC with conversation between the pilots and ATC controllers surfacing. Recording was confiscated by Kiev authorities several minutes after the crash and hidden from crash investigation ever since.

    Not likely it will ever happen, unless someone decide to cash on $30M offer.

  • Australian MH17 crash victim 'had time to put oxygen mask on', says Dutch foreign minister

    10/09/2014 9:20:20 PM PDT · 1 of 31
  • Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed

    10/07/2014 8:16:36 AM PDT · 12 of 35
    DTA to sunmars
    Not through the air, for now at least.

    Please read the interview with Peter Piet who discovered Ebola in 1976.

    His doomsday scenario is Ebola reaching Lagos, Nigeria and India (lot of migrant workers in West Africa).

  • To Defeat Islamic State, Remove Assad

    10/06/2014 9:44:29 PM PDT · 19 of 63
    DTA to Bettyprob
    Bombing Assad to topple ISIS makes as much sense as allowing people from West Africa to roam freely in the U.S. to fight Ebola.

    So, what's the plan?

    Neocons arm islamofascists wherever they find them.

    If there are none, they import them and then prop them up.

    ISIS = IISS = $

    They offed Gaddafi because he interfered with their maniacal plan to turn entire ME into Islamofascist caliphate. Under their control, the arms from Libya stockpiles went to arm Hamas and newly created ISIS. Nothing new - British Empire invented Wahhabism and Gamma Islamiya (Muslim Brotherhood).

    When neocons failed miserably to attack Syria openly and their "opposition forces" made of AQ and other assorted scum failed to topple Assad, they stepped up efforts to create ISIS/ISIL/ and attack Syria under the smokescreen of bombing ISIS/ISIL.

    Average voter has Florida temperature IQ and can not show Syria on the map, let alone understand what is going on.

  • The terrible truth about cannabis:...20-year study...demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

    10/06/2014 7:22:03 PM PDT · 97 of 192
    DTA to SoFloFreeper
    It's narcotics, not tea, porcelain and wool that built the British Empire.

    Look no further than Richard Branson and the likes of today, raking unexplainable profits under the guise of flashy business ventures serving as a cover.

    Narco moguls and their offspring still rule on both sides of the Pond.

    The worst part is that Chicoms use narco trade to prop up China. If one visits godforsaken places in China, there are lot of evidence crazy money flowed there even 30 years ago when there was no foreign investment of any kind.

  • Ukraine Army Shelling Kills 10

    10/03/2014 7:31:30 AM PDT · 7 of 13
    DTA to ncalburt
    Ncalburt : Member Since Jan 27, 2008

    Wow, you joined FR in the heat of Odumbo's fighting for nomination :-)

    Does it make you an Odumbo's troll?

    Of course not.

    But your support to the hiding of the crimes committed by the Kiev Nazis put you in the class of your own.

  • Ukraine Army Shelling Kills 10

    10/03/2014 7:20:28 AM PDT · 6 of 13
    DTA to Bettyprob
    >>>>>>indiscriminate shelling of residential areas". <<<<<

    Or, in other words, a war crime, as defined by 1907 Hague Convention respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land.

    But hey, this war crime is done by Kiev Nazi forces. And they can do no crimes because they have carte blanche to shoot down commercial airliner, they have carte blanche to murder civilians in Odessa, they have carte blanche to use WMD against civilians, they have carte blache to mass murder 400 civilians, (tied arms,shot point blank, dumped in 3 mass graves).

    The deafening silence of the MSM regarding these crimes is telling.

    Even more telling is U.S. "financial support" (paltry $50M) to Kiev criminal regime needing tens of billions to survive.

  • Canada Warns Its Citizens Not To Take Cash To The USA

    09/25/2014 8:11:15 PM PDT · 71 of 71
    DTA to Rusty0604
    There is something else to watch out when leaving Canada. Up to $10,000 Canadian can be taken out from Canada without declaring it to the Customs. However, with Canadian dollar exchange rate fluctuating daily, you may end up having more than $10K Canadian although it was worth less than $10K when you took it out from the bank/forex office.

    And guess what, Customs will confiscate ALL of it, not only peanut change over $10K. As a rule of a thumb, never carry cash worth more than $9K Canadian.

  • $30 Million Bounty Offered for MH17 Attackers as Ukraine Turmoil Continues

    09/19/2014 8:56:41 AM PDT · 29 of 29
    DTA to 1rudeboy
    >>>>>>How about you link to the source of your allegation that there is 14 minutes of “radio silence?” I’d like to see it before it gets pulled.<<<<<<<

    I wrote : ...Not the recorder from MH17 showing alleged 14 minutes radio silence FROM OTHER AIRLINERS IN THE VICINITY.

    Why this is important: there is chatter in the air between commercial airliners on the same or similar flight paths. There were several in the air nearby during the last 14 minutes before MH17 went down.

    Preliminary report (I gave the link) does not mention ANY chatter going on for the last 14 minutes being heard in MH17 cockpit. According to commercial pilots, no chatter for such a long time is near impossible to happen.

    Received transmissions from other aircraft are recorded by the black box. The report is not mentioning it.

    The published conclusion states “Crew communication gave no indication that there was anything abnormal with the flight.”

    This sentence can be read in several ways, like horoscope. It is interpretation of the actual event, not the fact.

    The actual crew conversation in the cockpit, the actual conversation with ATC is not mentioned at all.

    It cast a shadow on the report - if this known known element is left out (transmits from other aicraft) , how reliably we can trust that unknown is not also edited?

    There are no lies in the report, however, ambiguous meanings are unusual for the high profile crash report. Evel lesser Crash reports arewritten in precise way to eliminate any arbitrary or double meaning.

    The deal struck between Ukraine and other parties (The Netherlands, Malaysia, ICAO) all parties must agree on all inforomation being released. It is "truth by consent", not "truth and nothing but the truth." Hence weasel wording.

  • Australia anti-terrorism raid underway with more than 800 police

    09/18/2014 6:37:14 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    DTA to Red in Blue PA

    they wish not to have 220 Million Muslims next door. that’s why they are pussy-footing around the issue.

  • Australia anti-terrorism raid underway with more than 800 police

    09/18/2014 6:36:21 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    DTA to Red in Blue PA

    they wish not to have 220 Muslims next door. that’s why they are pussy-footing around the issue.

  • $30 Million Bounty Offered for MH17 Attackers as Ukraine Turmoil Continues

    09/18/2014 6:28:50 PM PDT · 25 of 29
    DTA to 1rudeboy
    >>>>>>>Uh, they did. And the (so far, preliminary) investigation found no military aircraft in the vicinity. But the Russians continue to vomit their "theory" on this forum.<<<<<<<

    Can you point me to the source where it can be seen that the recording of the conversation between Kiev ATC and MH17 recorded IN ATC was given to the commission?

    Not the recorder from MH17 showing alleged 14 minutes radio silence from other airliners in vicinity. Preliminary report uses non-specific and rather unusual language full of weasel wording and unheard of terminology (e.g. high-energy objects). Preliminary report does not say anything. Question is why?

  • $30 Million Bounty Offered for MH17 Attackers as Ukraine Turmoil Continues

    09/18/2014 2:24:59 PM PDT · 21 of 29
    DTA to Dagnabitt

    With $30M reward on the table, some of your Kiev junta pals will speak up. Then you can keep your gallows humor to cheer the perps up.

  • $30 Million Bounty Offered for MH17 Attackers as Ukraine Turmoil Continues

    09/18/2014 2:01:10 PM PDT · 15 of 29
    DTA to free_life
    Let them check the recordings between Kiev ATC and MH17.

    Should we call them "30 million dollar tapes".

    Some from the Kiev junta may be tempted.

  • Rob Ford diagnosed with rare type of cancer, will be treated with chemotherapy

    09/17/2014 6:21:31 PM PDT · 31 of 33
    DTA to Squawk 8888
    I guess that he somehow either prevented or not delivered on promise to give downtown location to mobsters to open gambling venue.

    After this multibillion gambling deal sizzled, the attacks on his personal life suddenly started. I believe it is connection worth investigating.

    There is even fiction book based on Ford as a mayor.

  • ISIS bans math, social studies for children

    09/17/2014 11:04:05 AM PDT · 60 of 80
    DTA to Ghost of SVR4
    >>>>>>Instead, they'll be subjected to the teachings of the radical Islamist group.>>>>>

    English translation for Dhimmis: they will study Qur'an and Hadith.

    "Radical Islamist group" does what Qur'an and Hadith say. No more, no less.

  • 'Climate summit' turning into an embarrassment for Obama and UN

    09/17/2014 10:22:41 AM PDT · 17 of 20
    DTA to Bubba_Leroy


  • Gas chambers at Sobibor death camp uncovered in archaeological dig

    09/17/2014 8:41:18 AM PDT · 4 of 9
    DTA to BenLurkin

    He is not the only Democrat in power to hold such view. Piano Legs is notorious for her “you f&&# Jew bastard”.

  • Gas chambers at Sobibor death camp uncovered in archaeological dig

    09/17/2014 8:29:01 AM PDT · 2 of 9
    DTA to SJackson


  • Gas chambers at Sobibor death camp uncovered in archaeological dig

    09/17/2014 8:28:39 AM PDT · 1 of 9
    Dr. David Silberklang, a senior researcher at the Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust research said, "The discovery of the exact location of the gas chambers at the Sobibior Camp is a discovery of the utmost importance in Holocaust research."
  • Ottoman Caliphate of 1915-19 Exponentially Worse Than ISIS

    09/16/2014 1:51:19 PM PDT · 15 of 21
    DTA to BwanaNdege

    On 25 April 1915, British/ANZAC offensive failed. The Turkish commander charging counteroffensive was certain Mustafa Kemal, who got promoted to colonel because of this. It was the beginning of his stellar career.

    For those who did not recognize the character, he was later known as Mustafa Kemal Pasha a.k.a. Ataturk .