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  • Suddenly, Google Looks Shaky [Reports Lower than Expected Revenue Growth]

    10/20/2014 1:48:51 PM PDT · 3 of 5
    Cato in PA to RightGeek

    Adblock Edge, if you want to be a real stickler. It’s the same as Adblock Plus except it doesn’t include a whitelist for Google’s ads. Or you could just untick the “allow non-intrusive ads” checkbox in Adblock Plus. Whatever.

    Google probably banned ad blockers from the Play Store as a way to combat the trend toward mobile devices that this article mentions. Part of me wonders how long it will be before they vanish from the Chrome Web Store as well.

  • Apple pulls iOS update after widespread reports of disabled phones

    09/24/2014 1:37:30 PM PDT · 49 of 121
    Cato in PA to Enlightened1

    If you’re worried about coverage, look at a T-Mobile reseller instead of a T-Mobile MVNO: with a reseller, you get exactly the same coverage as you would from T-Mobile postpaid but at less of a cost.

    That’s what I have. I signed up with 35orLess, a T-Mobile reseller, and was grandfathered in when they limited their client base to businesses only.

    Over on Howardforums, there’s a lot of talk about Harbor Mobile, a new T-Mobile Reseller:

    According to that thread, Harbor Mobile is supposed to be for businesses only, but they’ll accept just about anyone if you claim to have a sole proprietorship or something.

    Not exactly the most straightforward alternative, but I’d look into it if I wasn’t already on 35orLess.

  • Apple pulls iOS update after widespread reports of disabled phones

    09/24/2014 1:22:29 PM PDT · 38 of 121
    Cato in PA to Enlightened1

    $140 per month? Absolutely ridiculous. I pay $58 per month for unlimited everything plus all the frills on T-Mobile. If they have good coverage in your area, I advise you to look at them or one of their MVNOs first.

    Sprint has some plans as well if you live in an area where their network isn’t congested. I was on Virgin Mobile when I first switched over to a smartphone.

    Verizon and AT&T are two sides of the same coin: like Republican and Democrat.

  • Apple pulls iOS update after widespread reports of disabled phones

    09/24/2014 1:17:31 PM PDT · 34 of 121
    Cato in PA to Chgogal

    It just works! Magical! Thin! Lightweight! What, marketing verbiage didn’t fix the problem?

    The reality distortion field continues to dissipate now that Steve Jobs is gone.

  • Obama: Islamic State 'is not Islamic'

    09/11/2014 4:19:18 AM PDT · 39 of 74
    Cato in PA to SkyPilot

    It’s nothing new. Leftists have been saying for decades that the German National Socialist Party - or Nazis for short - were far-right even though ‘socialist’ is part of their name.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Obama could walk in front of a crowd of leftists, say “I am not here,” and the people would start looking around and wondering where he went.

    They’ll believe anything.

  • House Republicans’ CR (Continuing Resolution) Funds Planned Parenthood and All Obamacare

    09/10/2014 2:07:16 PM PDT · 19 of 28
    Cato in PA to Zakeet

    Just remember: pull that Republican lever! We certainly wouldn’t want to give victory to a party that supports abortion providers and Obamacare!

    Oh, wait...

  • Top Linux Myths Dispelled

    09/10/2014 6:13:58 AM PDT · 15 of 43
    Cato in PA to GeronL

    “Really? Seriously? There is absolutely no doubt that software makers, especially game makers ignore the Linux market.”

    I guess it depends on which software makers you’re talking about.

    One of the reasons I switched to Linux was because I was tired of proprietary software companies dictating what I could and could not do. I certainly don’t miss that. Open source equivalents do sometimes lack certain features of their proprietary counterparts, but they often include additional features of their own to make up for that.

    For instance, while Linux may not have the variety of proprietary software that Windows does, every respectable distribution comes with comprehensive, easily extensible software repositories that don’t require you to sign up for a user account. You also get a package management system.

    Lack of proprietary software isn’t holding Linux back. In fact, there’s nothing to hold back: it has already won. Linux powers Android, the world’s most popular smartphone OS. It runs on most of the world’s top supercomputers and many servers. It’s used in embedded devices ranging from Wi-Fi routers to automated vacuums like the Neato XV-25.

    A better question might be what is holding Windows and OS X back from achieving such comprehensive market dominance. Aside from the desktop market, Linux has won.

  • President Obama Rejected From Top NY Golf Courses Over Labor Day Weekend: Sources

    09/10/2014 5:56:11 AM PDT · 30 of 41
    Cato in PA to ThunderSleeps

    LOL! That made my day.

  • Letter: Holder Aide Accidentally Calls Issa Staff for Help Spinning IRS Scandal

    09/10/2014 5:54:20 AM PDT · 155 of 183
    Cato in PA to Ann Archy

    Pretty much. GOP standard operating procedure dictates that anyone in a position to make a difference should:

    1) Wring their hands
    2) Write a “strongly-worded” letter
    3) Forget about it

    Yet when push comes to shove at Election Day, we’ll be reminded over and over that those brave souls in the Republican Party are our only hope of rescuing America from the Demoncrats.

  • President Obama Rejected From Top NY Golf Courses Over Labor Day Weekend: Sources

    09/10/2014 5:25:57 AM PDT · 26 of 41
    Cato in PA to ThunderSleeps

    “Personally, I wouldn’t let bammy mow my lawn.”

    I don’t think he’d want to, anyway - he might get grass stains on his mom jeans.

  • What you need to know about the new Apple Watch

    09/09/2014 1:51:47 PM PDT · 25 of 99
    Cato in PA to Red Badger

    It’s ugly, expensive, and proprietary. No thanks.

    It will be fun watching the iCrowd slobber all over it, though.

  • Millions of job openings, so why aren’t companies hiring?

    09/06/2014 10:51:42 AM PDT · 28 of 45
    Cato in PA to Bryanw92

    “True. Virtually all employers these days are looking for 100% qualified candidate with years of experience, who can do two distinct jobs previously held by three or more people, and they want to pay that person less than they used to pay any of the three they let go in 2009. Oh, that and a degree.”

    And that’s for an entry-level job, of course. At least, that’s the impression I got when I was looking for work last year.

    Thankfully, I found a position with a local organization that actually *gasp* gave me some room to grow into my responsibilities. Imagine that!

  • Cruz to Introduce Bill to Stop Americans Who Join ISIS From Returning to United States

    09/06/2014 10:35:59 AM PDT · 19 of 34
    Cato in PA to mrsmel

    “They’ll just come over our southern border like the rest of the terrorists and other criminals.”

    And Ted Cruz will be there with Glenn Beck to welcome them with soccer balls and teddy bears.

    Yeah, I don’t see this bill doing too much.


    09/03/2014 9:29:23 AM PDT · 25 of 79
    Cato in PA to gorush

    “America can only be rebuilt from the ashes. We will never revive it at the ballot box.”

    This. To pretend that Willard Romney the open socialist or any other next-in-line would somehow put America on the path to recovery is beyond disingenuous.

  • Burger King in Talks to Buy Tim Hortons (tax inversion cited as reason)

    08/26/2014 8:06:57 AM PDT · 52 of 56
    Cato in PA to clintonh8r

    Nah, if it gets bad enough, King Obama will skip Holder and go straight for the magic pen.

  • Obama Stands Alone: Even The Media Are Baffled By His Deepening Isolation

    08/22/2014 4:57:54 AM PDT · 19 of 117
    Cato in PA to blam

    Part of me wonders if Obozo’s antics are part of the plan to pitch Hillary in 2016.

    The left can’t push its full agenda through a candidate who’s up for election or when a major election is around the corner. After the mid-terms pass, Barry will be free to go town and decree everything that the liberals have wanted to do. He can be their lightning rod so that the liberals in Congress can save face.

    In 2016, the left disposes of him like a dirty diaper and Hillary emerges as an “alternative” - who will coincidentally be against repealing anything that Barry has done, but that’s how the media will spin her candidacy. You can already see this playing out in spats over foreign policy.

    The ignorant American public, too stupefied to tell that Hillary is simply a continuation of Obozo, vote her in for office, and we get another 4 years of socialism.

    Let’s be realistic: you can’t even count on the Republicans to provide token opposition these days. Glenn Beck is showering the illegal invaders with gifts; Willard Romney the open socialist and Paul Ryan are off promoting an amnesty book. Boner and the gobbler (McConnell) are wringing their hands.

    I could almost understand the Democrats having to manufacture their own opposition.

  • Mitt Romney Helping Paul Ryan Promote Pro-Amnesty Book

    08/22/2014 4:45:55 AM PDT · 44 of 67
    Cato in PA to Jim Robinson

    So Willard Romney the open socialist and his trusty sidekick Milquetoast Man have come out for the illegal invaders. How nice.

    Don’t worry - they’ll go back to being rock-ribbed conservatives by the time primaries roll around.

  • President Obama blasted for golfing after tough speech on ISIS following James Foley killing

    08/21/2014 5:10:11 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    Cato in PA to jimbo123

    Let Baraq golf and keep the teleprompter around for speeches.

    The teleprompter is more dedicated than he is.

  • Obama: Islamic State “Speaks For No Religion”

    08/21/2014 5:05:07 AM PDT · 22 of 34
    Cato in PA to Biggirl

    Right: there’s no Islam in the Islamic State just as there was no socialism in the National Socialist (Nazi) party.

    Ubama could step in front of a camera, say “I am not here,” and liberals would wonder where he went. It takes that level of brainwashing to believe statements like this.

  • Google's ANDROID CRUSHING smartphone rivals underfoot

    08/19/2014 4:58:46 AM PDT · 34 of 36
    Cato in PA to driftdiver

    “Every company is going to use your data against you. Its simply too enticing and valuable not too.”

    Not if you protect yourself.

    It is essentially impossible to guard your privacy if you use a smartphone with a proprietary operating system like iOS or Windows Phone. Because Apple and Microsoft don’t allow you to examine the inner workings of their respective mobile OSs, you’re limited in what changes you can make, and you can never be sure that they haven’t left a backdoor for themselves, the government, or whoever else.

    Android is different, though. Anyone can examine its inner workings and make their own customized version of Android with the “bad stuff” taken out. If you install a custom version of Android from a reliable developer that includes either App Ops, Privacy Guard, or my all-time favorite, XPrivacy, you will be able to ensure that most of your data is protected. (XPrivacy can completely stop data leaks, but its learning curve is quite steep.)

    As another FRiend has already pointed out, XDA Developers is the #1 site when it comes to stuff like this.

    I realize that none of it is very well-documented, though, so if anyone reading this would like a hands-on walkthrough of how to take control of your Android device, send me a message. I’d be glad to help. I’ve been mucking with Android devices for years now and I’m a former technical writer, so I know a thing or two about how to explain complicated concepts to the average audience.

  • PROTESTERS STORM GOVERNOR’S ST. LOUIS OFFICE – Demand Removal of National Guard in #Ferguson

    08/18/2014 5:09:38 PM PDT · 99 of 253
    Cato in PA to Protect the Bill of Rights

    “No soccer balls?”

    Not unless they’ve got a picture of whitey stitched on the cover. What hoodlum can resist kicking it to the man?

    Maybe we can throw in some teddy bears with baggies of crack cocaine stuffed inside.

  • PROTESTERS STORM GOVERNOR’S ST. LOUIS OFFICE – Demand Removal of National Guard in #Ferguson

    08/18/2014 4:51:04 PM PDT · 86 of 253
    Cato in PA to Old Yeller

    “His problem is that it gets cold later in the year. These tribes do their looting in hot weather.”

    Maybe Glenn Beck can drop off some blankets and hot meals - you know, to be compassionate.

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/18/2014 5:01:04 AM PDT · 855 of 901
    Cato in PA to GeronL

    Wow. That’s one powerful article. It’s right - the way to stick it to leftists is to mock them relentlessly.

    That’s part of the reason I like listening to Savage and Levin, actually. They give the leftists what they deserve.

  • National Guard Ordered Onto Streets of Ferguson, Missouri

    08/18/2014 4:37:42 AM PDT · 108 of 230
    Cato in PA to TigerClaws

    “Sunday morning talk shows he’s doing the rounds complaining about the militarized police. That night he calls in the real troops.”

    Like Rush always says, it’s different when you’re a Democrat.

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/17/2014 9:06:13 PM PDT · 431 of 901
    Cato in PA to MikeinMotley

    Sickening. Just sickening.

    The officers should be putting these thugs in the hospital.

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/17/2014 8:53:08 PM PDT · 386 of 901
    Cato in PA to FreeReign

    Barry would be on the scene in no time if Ferguson had a bath house.

    Too bad he’ll have to settle for golfing and dancing the night away.

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/17/2014 8:47:15 PM PDT · 358 of 901
    Cato in PA to harwood

    Information about protesters trying to light “something” in Walgreens.

    Too bad they weren’t trying to light themselves on fire.

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/17/2014 8:43:05 PM PDT · 332 of 901
    Cato in PA to harwood

    Wow. Now the “protesters” are shooting fireworks into people’s homes?

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/17/2014 8:42:01 PM PDT · 318 of 901
    Cato in PA to maggief

    “CNN producer witnessed shots fired at police.”

    Nothing more than a racist conspiracy by the white majority, I’m sure.

  • All Hell Breaking Loose in Ferguson

    08/17/2014 8:31:55 PM PDT · 274 of 901
    Cato in PA to CorporateStepsister

    More reports of shots fired...

    There’s nothing these thugs won’t do.

  • 'It's a huge human rights event. The Gay Games are changing the world'

    08/16/2014 7:12:21 PM PDT · 23 of 63
    Cato in PA to 2ndDivisionVet

    I’m sure Bathhouse Barry participated in plenty of gay games himself when he was frequenting Man’s Country.

  • NY Farm Fined $13,000 for Declining Lesbian ‘Wedding,’ Ordered to Prove Staff Training

    08/16/2014 7:07:07 PM PDT · 20 of 61
    Cato in PA to ssschev

    “The Constitution is only dead when free men and women will not stand up and defend it.”

    They won’t. They’re too busy getting drunk, watching sports, and having sex with anyone and anything that strikes their fancy.

    First the deviants ask for tolerance, then they demand acceptance, and finally they enforce compliance. Remember that the next time they start talking about “human rights” for the next group of perverts.

    Me, I don’t give a damn what a judge with her head up her robes thinks. I’d sooner closer down shop than give any recognition to a “union” between two sodomites.

  • Microsoft Scraps Windows 8 Major Updates. Bets The Farm On Windows 9

    08/12/2014 6:57:26 PM PDT · 73 of 73
    Cato in PA to SeekAndFind

    People who think that the Windows 8 debacle is the result of Microsoft’s greed and hubris are only partially correct. The elephant in the room is that this is a direct consequence of proprietary software.

    If a very unpopular decision is made in the Linux world, not everyone has to go along with it because Linux isn’t proprietary. There are a -lot- of very poor whiz-bang user interfaces in Linux, but instead of being forced to use them, I’m free to use something that’s geared toward people who know what they’re doing.

    People who use Windows and OS X will never have that ability. I envy you guys for some of the convenience features that Linux doesn’t have, but I definitely don’t miss being bossed around by ultra-liberal corporations like Microsoft.

    Oh, and to those of you who wonder how Millennials will do, read this:

    TL;DR - Younger folk aren’t computer geniuses because they can use Facebook. In fact, they’re generally clueless. I say that as one of them.

  • Kim Komando: 3 surprising things that spy on you that you can't stop

    08/12/2014 6:37:22 PM PDT · 68 of 70
    Cato in PA to rarestia

    “They’re not FORCING us to a cashless society... yet.”

    If they try, there’s always cryptocurrency.

    It isn’t a joke just because it isn’t accepted for absolutely everything just yet. Buy a little and keep it around just in case.

  • The Importance Of Maintaining A Tax-Free Internet

    08/12/2014 6:30:15 PM PDT · 7 of 9
    Cato in PA to who_would_fardels_bear

    “Sears has been selling stuff through catalogs for decades. What did Amazon do that was so overwhelmingly better except able to offer lower prices because of the tax discount?”

    Service. Have you never used Amazon before? I can’t tell you how many times people I know have been through hell trying to get anything out of Sears.

    Besides, an organization without retail stores is inevitably going to have an edge over an organization that has warehouses -and- a large network of retail stores.

    And I’m saying all of this as an avowed opponent of Amazon (for technological reasons). I just can’t stand it when people - especially people who claim to be conservative - start trying to make the case for raising taxes in the interest of “fairness,” which is the gist of what you’re saying.

    It’s a good thing we have cryptocurrency as a hedge against government intrusion into the Internet. No, Bitcoin isn’t completely anonymous, but there are up-and-coming developments which promise to be closer to it.

  • Live feed from KTVI St. Louis (FOX)

    08/12/2014 4:13:49 PM PDT · 12 of 26
    Cato in PA to MeganC

    I could use some ‘happy news’ around here. Every local newscast here is the same day after day: someone got shot, someone got stabbed, someone got raped. Here’s the weather! The Somethings had a smashing game! Good night!

    I honestly have no idea who can stomach watching the empty suits do it day after day. It’s like watching the obituaries.

  • Hidden Linux Benefits, Clear Linux Challenges

    08/12/2014 4:09:59 PM PDT · 34 of 51
    Cato in PA to TexasRepublic

    “The biggest shortcoming of Linux as far as I am concerned is the lack of iTunes or an iTunes clone as a software interface to synchronize an iPhone connected to a Linux computer.”

    It isn’t a shortcoming of Linux so much as a shortcoming of proprietary software companies that won’t even consider adding support for a platform that may not allow them to lock down their bloatware with DRM and other restrictions.

    The farther you go along in Linux, the more you find that there are alternatives to popular proprietary software services. For example, instead of using iTunes, I ripped all of my CDs to .FLAC files, installed Madsonic on a Linux mini-server that I built, and now I can stream my whole music collection from anywhere via Madsonic mini-server.

    It’s all a matter of taking that feeling of frustration that brought you to Linux and applying it to other areas. Do you want to be dealing with expensive products made by companies unresponsive to users? Seek out alternatives.

    “I would also like to see a professional video editor for Linux.”

    Did you know that Lightworks is now available for Linux? You might also try Flowblade or Kdenlive.

    I don’t know much about video editing, myself, but the person I replaced at work was all over it. Today, he works for a major film studio that uses Linux exclusively. Those were the editors he recommended to me.

  • Hidden Linux Benefits, Clear Linux Challenges

    08/12/2014 8:42:11 AM PDT · 5 of 51
    Cato in PA to ShadowAce

    Yes, it’s the best: you’ve got all the software you need through the official repositories and, since you don’t have to sign up for an account or give credit card information, you get to keep your privacy.

    Depending on which distribution you use, there are often plenty of community repositories to supplement what doesn’t make it in the official ones. In OpenSUSE, you can go to and it’ll search through the offical repos and all the community repositories in the Open Build Service.

    Matt is right that we have to teach and empower users. There are two schools of thought on how to reach the general public: dumb everything down for them or bring them up to our level.

    If you try to dumb down Linux, you could lose your base in the process, just as the GOP has lost conservatives by dumbing down its values. I think it’s better to find users who are eager to improve themselves and reach out to them.

    Will you reach fewer everyday users this way? Yes, but essentially nobody has the resources to compete with Google, Apple, and Microsoft in the dumbing down, heavily advertised department.

  • Looking for thoughts on the Ebola virus 'cure'

    08/12/2014 8:31:40 AM PDT · 4 of 63
    Cato in PA to DManA

    That’s the cure to every problem, comrade!

  • Mitt Romney for President?

    08/10/2014 9:22:53 AM PDT · 49 of 528
    Cato in PA to ScamFix

    “Only one reason comes to mind. Sabotage, the RNC higher ups purposely try to lose an election, because that is their objective. They may be moles or being blackmailed. Their performance since 2005 is dismal. In 2010 the tea party won the election, not the RNC.”

    I think the GOP is willingly going along with its role to act as a decoy so that people have the illusion of choice. Remember when Bush had majorities in the House and Senate and nothing happened? When the decoys have the stage, they dance and around do nothing.

    Its party platform is to do nothing. Its goal is to do nothing. As long as no real progress against Marxism is happening, the GOP is doing its job. After all, if you’ve got to have an “alternative,” it might as well be one that doesn’t take the country in the opposite direction.

  • Mitt Romney for President?

    08/10/2014 9:14:12 AM PDT · 47 of 528
    Cato in PA to IChing

    “Mitt Romney, by comparison, can realistically be seen by the larger body politic as not only a relative breath of fresh air”

    If Willard Romney the open socialist is a breath of fresh air, then the empty suits in the media have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in hoodwinking the public.

    Take one Kenyan Marxist, make him white, wealthier, and born in the USA, and voila! Willard Romney.

  • Pollsters: 'Everything is terrible'

    08/10/2014 9:06:00 AM PDT · 31 of 62
    Cato in PA to mandaladon

    The world is on fire. What do you expect?

    When Ted Cruz, quite possible the last federal politician I had any trust in, joined Glenn Schmeck at the border to shower the illegal invaders with gifts, that was the last straw for me.

    I officially don’t care which side of the same coin comes out on top. The Demoncrats wants to jump off the Marxist cliff and the do-nothing Republican pantywaists are the party of “don’t rock the boat.”

    The American sheeple bitch to no end about Republicans and Democrats, nominate the same establishment hacks in the primaries year after year, and then completely disregard anyone who doesn’t run with the duopoly in the general elections.

    We are a nation of paper tigers. Nobody has the courage to take the first step away from the establishment.

  • How the Tea Party became as corrupt as the Beltway it loathes

    08/08/2014 4:49:41 AM PDT · 50 of 178
    Cato in PA to afraidfortherepublic

    You wouldn’t say the entire Christian church is corrupt just because there are a number of fallen denominations, right? Neither do I believe that the Tea Party is dead just because of Tea Party Express, which is just one group within the Tea Party movement.

    I distinctly remember being unimpressed with Tea Party Express back when it and Tea Party Patriots were jostling for mindshare. Tea Party Express seemed more like a whitewashing organization to paint dilapidated establishment candidates with a fresh coat of conservatism.

    We certainly shouldn’t stick our heads in the hand and pretend that this isn’t a problem, though. Corruption has become so rampant in society that I literally will not donate to an organization unless I can see for myself exactly how it’s spending its money and what its costs go toward. We should view “conservative” candidates and organizations with a healthy dose of skepticism. Follow the money.

    This site is as good a conservative cause as any. I’m proud to be a monthly donor, and I hope that those of you who can’t commit to that will at least chip in a small amount so we can keep going.

  • Russian FSB Has ALL the Dirt on Obama, Kremlin to Out Him as 'Pervert' and 'Sodomite'...

    08/07/2014 5:00:23 AM PDT · 35 of 65
    Cato in PA to Las Vegas Dave

    “Gee? Maybe he can throw out the first pitch on this weekend’s GAY games!”

    I don’t know - he always struck me as more of a catcher.

    Since black is white and up is down in the new Amerika, it seems that the only way to out someone as a deviant is to reveal that they support abstinence or oppose birth control & sex on demand.

    I’m sure the adoring media would only be too proud to rally around Dear Leader as the first gay president.

  • Is There a War on White People?

    08/07/2014 4:52:37 AM PDT · 14 of 30
    Cato in PA to Altura Ct.

    More specifically, it’s a war on straight, white, Christian, conservative men. If you meet any of those qualifications, you’re in the crosshairs.

    And if you meet all of them, well, your kind simply isn’t welcome in Ubama’s Potemkin village.

  • Putin Will Out Obama As Gay Within 100 Days

    08/07/2014 3:58:38 AM PDT · 24 of 47
    Cato in PA to Joe Boucher

    “only question is how obammy reconciles his homosexuality with his gutter religion, islam?”

    An executive order? It seems that Caliph Ubama has the authority to rewrite everything else, so why not move on to religious doctrine?

  • 'SPEAKER CRUZ IS IN THE HOUSE' — Republican Border Plan Is In Total Chaos After Conservative Revolt

    07/31/2014 10:08:07 AM PDT · 56 of 73
    Cato in PA to Mariner

    What’s with all the Ted Cruz cheerleading? This is the same guy who went down to the border with Glenn Beck to shower the illegal invaders with soccer balls, teddy bears, and hot meals.

    Do you really think he is someone you can trust with border security? Yes, this is good news, but keep everything in perspective.

  • Glenn Beck’s audacious defense against Boston Marathon bombings defamation suit

    07/24/2014 8:33:34 AM PDT · 6 of 30
    Cato in PA to rightwingintelligentsia

    ‘So three weeks later, Beck urged the government to release its information on Alharbi or else Beck would “expose” him.’

    I remember when I actually used to believe Beck’s hype: how he would ‘expose’ people, how he had confidential information from ‘unnamed sources,’ and all that jazz.

    What a fool I was.

  • ‘There’s a Chance I Could Run’ for President Again by Eddie Scarry | 8:28 am, July 23rd, 2014

    07/23/2014 6:27:18 PM PDT · 29 of 29
    Cato in PA to Alas Babylon!

    You can make put the MSM in its place if you know what to say. All it takes is charisma.

    Look at the clips of what Newt said during the primaries on YouTube. Remember when the “open marriage” allegations against Newt came up? John King asked him if he’d “like to comment on it, “and Newt responded “no, but I will” and tore into the news media and King personally for opening a debate with a question like that.

  • ‘There’s a Chance I Could Run’ for President Again by Eddie Scarry | 8:28 am, July 23rd, 2014

    07/23/2014 7:18:47 AM PDT · 22 of 29
    Cato in PA to TexasFreeper2009

    You might be right. Part of the reason I threw my support behind Newt - which I later apologized for - was because he was such a good debater. Really, what we needed was someone with good credentials (Rick Perry), good ideas (Herman Cain), or at least good debate skills (Newt).

    What the Republicans got was a candidate with socialist credentials (Massachusetts gov), no good ideas (Romneycare), and no debate skills. Well, Willard got under Bathhouse Barry’s skin in the first debate, but he absolutely tanked from that point on.