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  • Cory Bernardi to split with Coalition to form own party (Australia - new Conservative Party)

    02/06/2017 12:58:46 PM PST · 9 of 10
    Brian Allen to Yo-Yo

    To: Ann Archy .... Is Turnbull a Republican or a Democrat??
    I believe the closest American comparison places Turnbull a McCain RINO ....

    I’d say that’s close but Turnbull’s pathological narcissism has such a hold on him as to make him more similar to the every-bit-as-criminally-arrogant silly sookie, Sayyid Soetoro.

    In Australia’s slightly less-recent past the as-eletist, as-imperialistic and absolutely-ideologically-identical (to Turnbull) Maoist traitor, Edward Gough Whitlam (who - effectively - was Australia’s “new-dealing” F D Roosevelt) comes closest.

    Effective Big Government fascists, all.

  • Alibaba’s Jack Ma says fakes are better than originals

    06/15/2016 4:09:00 AM PDT · 20 of 20
    Brian Allen to JimSEA; Vic S

    Hi, Guys - Sawatdee khrap. Old Thailand hand for 50+ years, now & have kept a home at Chiang Mai (Ban Nai Fan Song) for almost twenty years. I’m away at the mo’ so thanks for making me homesick! Khap khun khrap. B A.:

  • Cheney: Iran Deal Puts Us Closer to ‘Actual Use’ of Nukes Than Anything Else Since WWII

    07/15/2015 9:14:22 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    Brian Allen to BenLurkin

    .... Clinton’s failure ....

    Clinton’s (ONE!?) failure?

    Evil, recidivist, serially, fractions-of-Cents-on-the-Dollar treasonous, lying, looting, mass-murdering, co-serial-rapist barsteward suffers the Fascissocialist Psychosis and is, comprehensively, a total failure.

    Who was only ever incidentally, by the way, a “president.”

  • Ancient Celtic / Scottish Viking sites in New Zealand!(?)

    05/21/2015 9:43:14 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    Brian Allen to colorado tanker

    .... the longest voyage in the world for Europeans .....

    Please do not call we Gael/Celts — nor our ancestors — “europeons.”

    And nor are we “britons.”

    Afford us at least a little of the dignity we have earned — and continue to earn!

  • Ancient Celtic / Scottish Viking sites in New Zealand!(?)

    05/21/2015 9:37:49 PM PDT · 30 of 41
    Brian Allen to Androcles

    .... As a Kiwi, I’d love to believe in these theories ....

    And, why not.

    After all, if you’re as typically-Goebbels-propagandized as are most Kiwis, you likely already believe the Maoris didn’t (along with any and everyone else they could get their chops around) genocidally slaughter and eat almost every Moriori. And that they never had a Kupe, let alone a sense of “nation” — nor called their “nation” “aotearoa.”

    For William Pember Reeves and Stevenson Percy Smith hadn’t yet written that fairy tale and nor had the “education” department’s “School Journal” yet promulgated the propaganda nor yet repeatedly recycled it until it had, thus, made the lie “the truth.”

  • Street-Sign Statism ... Mark Steyn

    03/28/2015 3:53:01 PM PDT · 15 of 18
    Brian Allen to driftless2

    .... my wife (who grew up in England) prefers four-way stops to roundabouts ....

    I’ve never really grown up but - an immigrant and therefore a hyphenated (AMERICAN-) American - was born in New Zealand — have lived in twenty other rapidly-spiralling-into-the-third-world former nations and/or states, England included — and am firmly with your wife!

    Roundabouts are the bane of my life and I do a Mark Steyn every time I encounter one!

    And, like Mr Steyn, am also waiting to hear any traffic engineer or any other roads scholar, who considers himself to be qualified for and/or up to the task, ever rationalize and/or justify one of the wretched abominations!

    Brian Richard Allen

  • No Glory in the Hawkeye State

    03/18/2015 3:55:31 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    Brian Allen to iowamark

    .... Why, in the first place, did Walker hire Lefty Liz Mair ...?

    Because, on even his very best day, the (very) Good Governor Walker is still only a career politician.

    That’s why I’m With Ben!

    (President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-elect, Benjamin Solomon Ronald Wilson Reagan Carson)

    Who, in just one separation of co-joined twins, made — and instantly acted upon — more vital-to-life executive decisions than the very best 1000 career politicians - in their combined 1000 lifetimes - even imagined!

    Brian Richard Allen

  • BOLD SOLUTION — how the Scourge of Obama can SAVE the USA! [FR idea]

    11/12/2014 2:40:49 AM PST · 48 of 76
    Brian Allen to B4Ranch

    Howdy, My Brother - Great poster!

  • Who is JONATHAN GRUBER...? (a.k.a. "Obamacare's Architect")

    11/12/2014 2:35:19 AM PST · 39 of 49
    Brian Allen to john mirse

    .... hundreds of federal bureaucrats studied every word, every comma over and over to make sure that the law said exactly what Grüber and Obama people wanted it to say ....

    Same hundreds that spent longer developing and reviewing Lenin um Hitler am I mean “Obama” care’s software that the 42 months from December 7 1941 America spent winning World War Two?

    Grüber alles is just the tip of the fascist Leftard iceberg.

  • Obama’s hero Lenin: “..socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state”

    03/02/2014 3:51:51 PM PST · 22 of 22
    Brian Allen to jmaroneps37

    .... Rank and file “Democrats” are the enemy of American freedoms ....

    Ans such is the banality of evil that most of them are oblivious to their individual evil. Let alone to its incremental effect.

    .... “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” — Doctor Martin Luther King

    Brian Richard Allen

  • Rand Paul Blasts Bill Clinton on Lewinsky

    01/27/2014 5:48:28 PM PST · 46 of 49
    Brian Allen to Kackikat

    .... (missus Cli’ton gave)Billy-Bubbah a pass on adultery ....

    And over many many years on such serious serial sexual predatory behavior as made her — demonstrably and unarguably incapable of standing on her own meat-locker-IQ-enabled “accomplishments” and already co-dependently and/or independently complicit in “her man’s” recidivism, systematic capital treasons, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering and various other of his crime-family activities — also a co-serial rapist.

    As in the end was/is the evil barsteward’s every cabinet member, appointee and supporter.

    Including, while I’m being picky, the person who inexplicably reinstated both Cli’tons to the oligarchy and whose extended family eventually also embraced them: Mr George Walker Bush.

  • Rand Paul Blasts Bill Clinton on Lewinsky

    01/27/2014 5:30:42 PM PST · 45 of 49
    Brian Allen to Lonesome in Massachussets

    .... I thought Rand Paul was a libertarian. There is absolutely nothing libertarian about sexual harassment law ....

    False argument. Mr Paul was very reasonably talking to the “Democrats” — and including that of his activist interviewer — cynical hypocrisy - not to any law.

  • Guess Which Developed Country Has Debt Of Nearly 1000% Of GDP...

    09/13/2013 1:33:21 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Brian Allen to ClearCase_guy

    .... Europe is a country ...?

    Some of the Europeon Neo-Soviet’s “commissioners” would have us so believe.

  • Rubio Down In Poll: Rassmussen Has Him Down 15 Since Feb., 10 From May. Next Stop PrimaryVille?

    09/04/2013 2:09:27 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Brian Allen to Jewbacca

    .... Allen West ....

    Please, Dear Lord?

    Thank You. Amen

  • Rubio Down In Poll: Rassmussen Has Him Down 15 Since Feb., 10 From May. Next Stop PrimaryVille?

    09/04/2013 2:07:55 PM PDT · 22 of 23
    Brian Allen to Laissez-faire capitalist

    .... Rubio is going down in the polls. Even among Republicans ....

    We The (Sovereign American) People wrote him off the instant he became but one of eight. He’s a traitor, pure and simple.


  • John Kerry: Face of Defeat

    09/04/2013 2:01:25 PM PDT · 33 of 43
    Brian Allen to SJackson

    .... this loathsome and fearsome, botox’d and dangerously-dullard second-generation traitor - by any other name - personifies the Zero Gang’s weakness, incompetence and un-trustworthiness ...

    God save us from them all.

    Roll around The Liberty Amendments.**

    ** Mark R Levin, Amazon:

  • BOMBSHELL: Was the downing of SEAL Team 6's CH-47 helicopter an inside job?

    05/11/2013 2:20:26 AM PDT · 72 of 80
    Brian Allen to B4Ranch

    When a bastahborl player says he’s queer, he rates a ‘phone call from the pretender, congratulating him for “courage” ....

    Sure. From the perspective of a moral relativist who’s never mustered the balls if you’ll pardon the pun to um ‘front up’ if you’ll pardon another and/or to come clean about his own um odd-ness? The ball player’s brave!

    (And He is still risen!)

  • Jayna Davis: The Tea Party, Timothy McVeigh, and Tainted History

    05/11/2013 2:06:53 AM PDT · 97 of 99
    Brian Allen to neverdem


  • FREEPER PROJECT: Eileen Wellstone and Clinton's Removal from Oxford

    01/03/2013 6:37:34 PM PST · 52 of 59
    Brian Allen to Ciexyz

    Another Billy-Bubbah Blythe (”Cli’ton”) Bump

  • On Night Conv Booed God, Out-of-Touch Dems Think They Won Election Because of Clinton's Speech!

    09/10/2012 2:33:21 AM PDT · 27 of 27
    Brian Allen to RoseofTexas

    Too bad for them all they’ve managed thus far is all their obscene manifestation-of-evil ideology-posing-as a “religion” has ever achieved in the 1,400 years since its criminally-insane pig-porking pedophile “prophet” kicked it off.

    Death and Destruction.

    And the death (in full view of the nation, on national TV — and - deliciously - aided and abetted by the fellow-travelling career racist Antonio Ramón Villar Jr alias Antonio Ramón Villaraigosa) they’ve caused this time around is that of the horse to which they thought they insidiously hitched their American wagon: The “Democratic” potty.

    Which, in any case, was only ever a bloody donkey!

  • On Night Conv Booed God, Out-of-Touch Dems Think They Won Election Because of Clinton's Speech!

    09/10/2012 2:08:22 AM PDT · 26 of 27
    Brian Allen to NYer

    Not even I, William Jefferson Billy-Bubbah Blythe (”Cli’ton”) the recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, perjurious, perjury-suborning, civil-rights-denying, convicted, fined, penalized, disbarred, impeached, predatory, serial-sexual-harassing, co-serial-raping only-ever-incidental boy “president” — not even if, like last time, I had Newt Gingrich’s direction and management and his Republican Congress on my puny arse — not even I could clear away the wreckage of the past three and a half, 100%-OZero, years!

  • The Romance Of The Empty Rhetoric

    03/06/2012 12:40:39 AM PST · 1 of 5
    Brian Allen
    .... The president may even believe most of the stuff he hears himself say ....

    Should perhaps (?) read: The president may even believe that part he comprehends, even partially, of the stuff other pathological narcissists write and that cause him to visibly puff-up at the sound of the big words he hears dribbling down his ever-more-Mussolini-angled chin, as he, like us, hears them for the first time.

  • Chelsea Clinton fails Journalism 101 again on NBC's Rock Center'

    02/18/2012 11:06:03 AM PST · 25 of 26
    Brian Allen to Huskrrrr

    .... I guess a degree from Stanford ain’t what it used to be ....

    Did she ever actually get a degree?

    Or am I accurately informed that she has just hung out at the universities she has so far visited — but has not “attended?”

    With a trust fund rumored to be approaching a net Five Billion Dollars, though, must be a bit hard to find any motivation down there on Earth?

  • Guess Which Developed Country Has Debt Of Nearly 1000% Of GDP...

    02/18/2012 10:48:29 AM PST · 17 of 18
    Brian Allen to SeekAndFind

    Essential to having any idea whatsoever of just how precarious is once great Britain’s situation - courtesy of its much vaunted “The City,” is a modicum of understanding of the machination that makes the UK’s coming total collapse as unavoidable as is tomorrow’s sunrise:


    Re-hypothecation occurs when banks or broker-dealers, to back the broker’s own trades and borrowings, re-use the collateral, such as hedge funds, posted by clients.

    In the UK, there is no limit on the amount of a client’s assets that can be rehypothecated. In America, by way of comparison, re-hypothecation is capped at 140% of a client’s debit balance.

    The recent loss of Jon Corzine’s MF Global’s One Point Two Billion Dollars of fraudulently converted clients’ money happened because the “collateral” that backed it on its transfer into The City’s Black Hole had been so many times re-hypothecated as to have completely disappeared.

    The Corzine disaster is but a glimpse of what’s to come and what’s to come will totally destroy what little is left of the British culture and way of life. Of the British nation.

    That is, the ten times GDP debt will all come due at once.

    Any day now.

  • Marc Lamont Hill is a Racist FOOL

    01/19/2012 9:09:13 PM PST · 46 of 46
    Brian Allen to NoobRep

    Gee-Whiz! I liked this Marc Lamont Hill sizing-up so much I figured it deserved to see the light of day. Again. So here goes:

    “This guy just made a complete ass of himself on O’Reilly throwing out wild accusations that people opposing Obama’s policies are racist. I can’t even count the number of times this racist moron just threw out the race card hoping some of his crap would stick to the wall. One of the dumbest, most absolutely idiotic race hustling buffoons I’ve ever seen. How this clown got on TV is beyond me.”

    How either of those clowns gets on (as both did again today) beats me.

    Although that the insufferable O’Reilly did bring with him from Early Edition — and seems to have retained some of that awful show’s Yellow-Press-TV-Watcher demographic, apparently attractive to advertisers — speaks to Messrs Murdoch’s and Ailes’ commercial genius! And to the fact that in Mr Murdoch’s empire, that already empolys more insufferable-O’Reilly-like Leftards than do Putin and Hu, combined, one more or less insufferable-O’Reilly-like Leftard won’t make or break the outfit!

  • Mark Levin Calls Out Ann Coulter For Unfairly Trashing Newt Gingrich

    01/04/2012 8:33:16 AM PST · 57 of 57
    Brian Allen to Roklok; onyx

    .... Interesting. I guess she intends to remain single

    .... Most men could not tolerate the mouth. ....


    Most men couldn’t keep up with her mind.

    That and the fact Miss Coulter is as generous, as gracious and as humble a good lady (advisedly) as one might ever wish to know.

  • No Toaster For Herman Cain

    11/11/2011 2:55:23 AM PST · 1 of 32
    Brian Allen
    .... The emergence of Mr. Cain as the conservative candidate-of-choice (little Libbrool Lingo for yah, there) undercuts the liberal-Denial and Projection-driven canard that Republicans are racialists. That was the sub-text of the "Democratic" potty's 2008 electoral frauds and thefts.

    Reprising that for 2012 is 100% of Barack Obama's remaining "hope."

    President-Elect Cain’s escape from the toaster has "changed" that.

    And has about cooked Obambi's goose!

  • Confessions of an Ex-Democrat

    11/09/2011 8:34:23 AM PST · 7 of 7
    Brian Allen to QT3.14

    .... The truth is I have removed a fair number of people from my social circle over the past few years simply because they support Barack Obama’s policies and respond favorably to his race and class warfare rhetoric.

    .... That may strike some people as petty and intolerant, but what would it say about me if I associate with people whose beliefs, values and behavior, I abhor? Why on Earth would I want to spend time with those whom I am convinced are doing their utmost to destroy the nation I love ...?

    The truth is, so have I - included among them, my best friend.

    The other Truth is that I love Burt Prelutsky!

  • What happened to Michelle Obama's law license ?

    07/03/2011 8:17:07 PM PDT · 60 of 61
    Brian Allen to Prokopton

    .... Harvard Law School and couldn’t pass the bar the first time? Amusing ....

    Not funny at all: Affirmative Action.

    AKA perfect preparation for the pridefilled Peter Principle poster person.

  • The Irresponsible Stephen Fry

    03/14/2011 6:40:51 AM PDT · 1 of 14
    Brian Allen
    .... someone is increasingly characterized by monstrous narcissism and self-indulgence and a horrifying degree of indifference, cruelty and even sadism.

    The ability to empathize (with Iranian youth, with Libyans and/or with Wisconsin's Tax Payers?) has been dulled. Responsibility has been eroded and he can no longer think logically or process facts.

    There may be many reasons for such decline but since these also happen to be the characteristic effects of, say, cocaine, with which he says his life has been awash, might there not be a connection — the most important consequence of which will most certainly be to produce the .....

    .... pretender to what passes for the "presidency" of the United States of America?

    Stephen Fry for "pres?"

  • Judges playing politics with core moral values

    03/07/2011 10:21:22 PM PST · 1 of 12
    Brian Allen
    .... the (British) government took Britain into the EU, thus placing it under the oppressive and anti- democratic meddling of the European "court" (of the form of bureaucratic basta*dry it calls "justice").

    .... And it was successive (gutless British) governments that signed up (once great Britain) to the European convention on Human "rights" and then saddled Britons with the ruinous "Human Rights" Act.

    .... That judges are now playing politics may be undone only by British politicians. So, Mr Cameron: Stop equivocating!

    .... Take this (willful and deliberate destruction of (Britain's) core moral values: This 'Human "rights"' Inquisition and (its attack upon the tattered remnants of the British Sovereignty you and your ilk so willingly, insidiously, surrendered to protect yourselves from the electoral consequences of your action!) to both the Euro-peons' Neo-Soviet and to the compromised British judiciary ....

    Bit of a fat hope, I reckon.

    More likely Mithtah Camerwon will be to once geat Britain's pretty-much abandoned Sovereignty what that other well known Pommy poofter, Mountbatten, was to British-created "India" and to British created West and East "Pakistan."

    And that Snatcher Thatcher was to the Once-FRee British Subjects of Once-FRee British Hong Kong!

  • Cameron doesn’t get it

    02/27/2011 7:00:55 AM PST · 1 of 13
    Brian Allen
    .... David Cameron’s claim that failure to arrive at a ‘two-state solution’ to the Arab-Israel impasse has caused terrorism and instability and helped excuse authoritarianism is surely a first for a British Prime Minister in its perversity and ignorance ....

    Oh, I dunno .... After all perversity and ignorance -- and gutlessness -- have been pretty much the defining characteristic of those British politicians that have best represented the British electorate since he who championed them all, Neville Chamberlain, so exactly represented it.

    The well known anglo-American, Winston Leonard Spencer Jerome Churchill stands out -- but his doing so highlights that he was essentially American -- and makes my point.

    Perversity and ignorance and gutlessness and appeasement -- and (as with the Soviet agent, Harold Wilson, say -- and most of Hong-Kong Snatcher's Gang ... um ... "cabinet?" Treason.

    Cameron's just another Pommy poofter indistinguishable from pretty much every other in a long long long line of Pommy poofter pretenders to the prime-minister-ship.

    Post war, only Paul Eddington got it Right.

  • The Beckhams, the nightclub and the House of Windsor

    02/21/2011 9:05:44 PM PST · 1 of 8
    Brian Allen
    .... Harry is reportedly impressed by the sex acts and/or the drugs and represents a desperately dismal commentary on the state of the royal family ....

    It gets worse than that the queens sister died of alcoholism and that the ten-year-anniversary of the brothers' mother's death was recently celebrated by photo-op (of a gang-bang in a minefield) -- or by Ms Spencer's best mate, Fergy's corruptly flogging access to her ex?

    That's a "royal family?"

    Then so is Kim Jung Il's!

    (While, meanwhile, Michael Edward Abney-Hastings, 14th Earl of Loudoun and legitimate heir to the throne of once great Britain, lives in Jerilderie, New South Wales, Australia!)

  • On Egypt, the Left are all neo-cons now

    02/15/2011 5:02:38 PM PST · 1 of 8
    Brian Allen
    .... Whether during the French Revolution or the Stalinist purges, the Left has repeatedly sided with the extinction of human freedom and refused to accept the monstrous evidence of its own credulousness ....

    Leaving no doubt in the minds of wholesome Men that those on the Left are insane or are evil.

    Or are insane and evil.

  • Fearing Tea Party Ax, Orrin Hatch Ups Tax-Cut Ante

    02/08/2011 8:30:52 PM PST · 40 of 40
    Brian Allen to Slyscribe

    Like far too many career politicians, Mr Hatch has gotten to believe the only people he needs to accommodate are those already within the Beltway. And that most of those hover around one end or the other of Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Here’s some news for you, Mt Hatch:

    Good bye!

  • Glenn Beck TV thread February 4th 2011

    02/05/2011 2:26:35 AM PST · 67 of 77
    Brian Allen to Eva; cripplecreek

    .... What Beck is calling Islamic socialism is what we have (for decades already) been calling Islamofascism and more precisely, Islamanazism. Our terms (are) more accurate ....

    And have been in use for years. Mr Beck is a Second-Hander and travels way way way behind the cutting edge.

  • Beck’s Matthews Mocked Conspiracy Confirmed: Video US Communists, Socialists & Muslim Brotherhood

    02/05/2011 2:19:08 AM PST · 35 of 36
    Brian Allen to mickie

    Using the names of BooHoo Beck and Doctor Savage in the same sentence is a bit like putting “president” in the same phrase as the the name of the pretender to what presently passes for a “presidency.”

    Or confusing Bozo, the clown, with the Ringmaster.

  • Goodbye to KVI in Seattle.....

    11/20/2010 11:30:51 PM PST · 23 of 23
    Brian Allen to dfwgator; AngelesCrestHighway

    “Wish I was in Tijuana...eating barbecued Iguana...”

    Wow! What a great line - evocative of Ray Stevens and Ahab, the A-rab, the sheik of the burning sand!

  • MAUREEN DOWD: Nuking the White House

    11/20/2010 11:23:28 PM PST · 76 of 87
    Brian Allen to PGalt; 2ndDivisionVet

    The headline caused my heart to miss a beat, it’s true — but now I’m with, “No pic of CZJ yet? I’ll come back.”

  • Prince William Gives Kate Middleton His Mother's Engagement Ring

    11/20/2010 11:02:42 PM PST · 32 of 32
    Brian Allen to workerbee

    Who in her Right mind would waste her time on this effeminate fop were he not representative of the obscenity of “royal” birth? Only a woman patterned — as she has stated herself to be — on the effeminate fop’s similarly cynically opportunistic and subsequently serially promiscuous trollop female parent, Mz Dianna Spencer.

  • Neil Young warehouse blaze started in hybrid 'LincVolt' car (electric w/biodiesel generator)

    11/18/2010 7:21:41 AM PST · 78 of 79
    Brian Allen to STONEWALLS; ConservativeStatement

    .... I miss the days when music had a wild streak ....

    I miss the days when we wild streaks had music.

  • Arizona sheriff Arpaio forms armed 'immigration posse' with Hollywood actors

    11/18/2010 7:13:16 AM PST · 58 of 60
    Brian Allen to Cheapskate; kbennkc

    .... Wow! VD toejam! Whatta concept!Dick Morris should beware ...!

    Thank God at least one more among us sees the toad-like toe-sucker for what he is.

  • Arizona sheriff Arpaio forms armed 'immigration posse' with Hollywood actors

    11/18/2010 7:05:10 AM PST · 57 of 60
    Brian Allen to kbennkc

    .... If a Mexican asks him if he could have taken Bruce Lee, he better say so ....

    Sure he could:

  • Fresno State student body president acknowledges he is an illegal immigrant, refuses to step down

    11/18/2010 6:39:56 AM PST · 32 of 35
    Brian Allen to kingattax

    .... Pedro Ramirez ... is an undocumented immigrant ....

    No he is not.

    Pedro Ramirez is not any kind of “immigrant,” he is a criminal alien migrant.

    And must be arrested, charged, convicted fined and/or incarcerated — and deported!

  • A Vanity to Hannity on Reagan, Rove and the GOP Establishment

    11/18/2010 6:34:38 AM PST · 65 of 70
    Brian Allen to murron

    The person doing the talking over was one of FoxNews’ creepy little in-house Lanny-Davis-like liberal lightweights: Peter Johnson.

    Hannity, who is, as the consequence, over, for me, was encouraging the pathetic little basta*d’s incessant yapping.

    FoxNews has jumped the shark.

    Not a big one as online news-gathering is an involved, interactive exercise and allows one to do ones own fact-checking.

  • MUST SEE video: Ted Poe (R-TX) ties Michael Chertoff to TSA abuse

    11/17/2010 7:31:56 PM PST · 15 of 21
    Brian Allen to 43north

    Well said. Hear! Hear!

  • MUST SEE video: Ted Poe (R-TX) ties Michael Chertoff to TSA abuse

    11/17/2010 7:30:02 PM PST · 14 of 21
    Brian Allen to Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears


  • A Vanity to Hannity on Reagan, Rove and the GOP Establishment

    11/17/2010 7:26:51 PM PST · 63 of 70
    Brian Allen to murron

    .... I watch his show only if he has a real conservative, like Ann Coulter, on ....


  • A Vanity to Hannity on Reagan, Rove and the GOP Establishment

    11/17/2010 7:20:54 PM PST · 62 of 70
    Brian Allen to Brices Crossroads

    Well said. Hear! Hear!

    I also loathe and despise the toad-like toe sucker - even more than I am repulsed by Rove — and I knew Tony Snow and Dana Perino is no Tony Snow — let alone is a conservative.

    And this evening, November 17, 2010, Hannity, had one of FoxNews’ repulsive little inhouse liberal creeps on with Miss Coulter, who was not permitted to utter three consecutive words without being talked over.

    The suggestion is ludicrous and insults ones intelligence that FoxNews — or come to that any of the Murdoch empire’s world-wide scores of totalitarian-top-heavy Left-Wing media outlets — is “conservative” or “leans Republican.”

    To again flog a dead analogy, I know conservatives and Republicans — and FoxNews is yellow-press-TV-Watcher fodder. And so is its every headliner and its every loss-leader weekend creep.

  • Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry

    10/29/2010 7:25:40 AM PDT · 50 of 54
    Brian Allen to JewishRighter; the scotsman

    .... Well, if you mean that there might be an attitude that America won those wars on its own and without critical help of allies, I wholeheartedly agree. But without America, those wars would not have been won ....

    Every Europeon ingrate also forgets the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS worth of equipment sent - at the cost of thousands of American lives - via the treasonous criminal machination Roosevelt called “Lend-Lease” (IE as welfare!) to them all — and especially to arm and to save the effectively unarmed and defenseless Limeys and to the Soviets.

    .... In case I’m not clear, let me acknowledge how “ important” the British contribution was:’

    .... 1. Churchill. Without him there would be no Britain by 1941 ....

    True — BUT — Unless it was by such odious and/or treasonous Socialist Internationals as the execrable Clement Atlee (with whose election, in 1945, the bloody British “thanked” Mr Churchill) and the traitor, Harold Wilson, the once-great British electorate was never more accurately mirrored nor better represented than by the craven appeaser, Neville Chamberlain.

    Winston Leonard Spencer Jerome Churchill was, thank God, an anglo-American.

    .... 2. The Spitfire. Together with the Hurricane, won the Battle of Britain ....

    The Battle of Britain was won by the tactical genius of the New Zealander, Keith Park. Who for his genius and his valor was immediately posted to obscure places and, as are America’s more than two hundred years of massive and vital contributions of blood and treasure, dismissed from British consciousness. Also vital to winning the Battle of Britain were the very many “colonial” (Empire and Commonwealth) pilots and airmen. (And large numbers of pseudo-British Celts!)

    .... 3. Brit Intelligence. Cracking the German code alone made incalculable contribution to allied victory. Not to mention running resistance organizations in occupied lands, counterintelligence ops, and many wonderful, ingenious ruses ....

    Yep, Limeys are sneaky and duplicitous to a “T.” And had the Australian, Nancy Wake. And lots more Celts.

    4. The ... Empire and Commonwealth soldier. Fine all around soldiers. Tough, reliable, loyal ....

    Thank God, considering how many times the bloody Brits fade away from their sixes and left them exposed and vulnerable. Malaya and Singapore spring immediately to mind and they’re still doing it. Most recently in Basra where they entered a relatively peaceful city, bivouacked there a couple of years, turned the city into a seething Shiite Militia-controlled shi’t’ hole, ran away to the airport from which, when America gave them a lift, they fled back to once-great Britain. (Much more American blood and treasure then needing to be invested in the restoration of Basra to its pre-British state. (Kinda like the story of the once-great Britons’ Empire)

    .... 5. The Empire and Commonwealth countries and, as usual, the Celts, answered the anglo-American, Churchill’s, call in the fight, suffered under the blundering bloody British officer corps — and had the fortitude to fight through to victory. Gave their precious sons to the cause ....

    And, like America, for their massive sacrifices earned only pathologically-ingrate once-great Britain’s scorn and derision as thanks for having so many times these past two-hundred-odd years — right back to the days of ‘the Halls of Montezuma and to the Barbary Shores of Tripoli, saved its sorry arse.

    Although, to give credit where its due, almost seventy years after being the one to whom so many owed so much, Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park GCB, KBE, MC* DFC, DCL, MA, RAF, Defender of London, 1940, was recognized by his statue being placed in Trafalgar Square, on the fourth plinth, near the Nelson memorial. (Where it belongs) Before, after a year near then-great Britain’s earlier savior, being moved to a permanent site, in Waterloo Place.