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  • How to Make Congress Bipartisan

    07/08/2017 1:18:00 PM PDT · 4 of 15
    Be Free to TBP

    The NY Slimes doesn’t seem to care about a bi-partisan Congress when the Republicans are in the minority. Screw-em.

  • NYT Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia

    06/30/2017 8:48:37 AM PDT · 10 of 24
    Be Free to mandaladon

    Blatantly missing is an explanation of WHY the other 13 agencies did NOT agree, and what their assessment was.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Seth Meyers Skewers Democratic Spin on Ossoff Race

    06/20/2017 7:19:20 PM PDT · 15 of 33
    Be Free to 2ndDivisionVet

    This whole politics thing is just so damn confusing! Just when the MSM had convinced me that Hilary lost because of misogyny, those Trump supports went out and voted for a woman! ARGHH!


  • If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Republicans are Still Bashing Trump, Here’s the Answer

    06/13/2017 5:25:59 AM PDT · 18 of 39
    Be Free to davikkm

    Why Republicans are still bashing Trump? The answer is quite simple, particularly if you talk a look through the past couple of decades of history.

    Congress LIKES having a hobbled or emasculated President. They then get to be in charge. Congress continually tries to weaken the Executive branch of government.

    They tried to weaken Reagan, but his strength of character and persistence made him consistently relevant. People liked him, he knew it, and he was able to go over the heads of Congress because of it.

    They impeached, but didn’t convict Clinton, making him a lame-duck. Prior to that, Clinton also was popular with a wide swath of the population. Through his own actions, he destroyed this goodwill, and the ability to truly lead.

    They began the destruction of GWB early, but the 9/11 attacks made him nearly invincible at home and abroad - until the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He, too, was attacked - concerted efforts by the press, the global elitists, and the Dems. He spent 3/4ths of his last term weak, and on defense.

    Obama was a more difficult challenge - they couldn’t go after him directly, or be banded racists. And he was popular with the Dem base, and solidified and energized the African-American voters. So they didn’t actively attack him, but they ignored him. He was useful when they needed to put a face on key socialist (oops - Democrat) policies, like “Obamacare” that the left had been lusting for since LBJ. But otherwise, he was ignored by congressional leaders.

    So whether it was Boehner or Pelosi (and now Ryan) in the house, or Reid or McConnell in the Senate, the Congress wants to run things, and barely permit the President to be a figurehead. Trump is trying to break through this stranglehold like Reagan, and what you’re witnessing is Congressional push back.

  • Need Area Info from Charlotte Freepers

    05/23/2017 3:14:01 PM PDT · 52 of 52
    Be Free to Wilhelm Tell

    Since I’m originally from PA, and my folks are in Florida, I feel qualified to answer that!

    Yes it gets hot and humid in NC in the summer. But growing up outside of Philly, I don’t the the humidity is as bad here in the afternoons as it was there growing up. Humidity seems to have an inverse relationship with the temperature so, when it’s getting hot in the afternoon, the air is drying out. Of course, when evening settles in, it goes the other way.

    That said, it is NO WHERE near as bad as summers in Florida, where you just can’t escape the heat AND humidity from mid-May through September.

    In Charlotte, we’re 2 hours from the mountains (about the same as Philly ‘burbs to the Poconos), and about 3.5 hours to the beach (about the same as to the Jersey shore - if you count the traffic!).

    We get all 4 seasons, but winters are generally tolerable. When we DO get snow or ice, it rarely hangs around more than a couple days.

  • Need Area Info from Charlotte Freepers

    05/23/2017 3:07:29 PM PDT · 51 of 52
    Be Free to Cobra64

    No, not Polly. Gary Boarman, owner of Lake James Custom Homes. Super good guy!

  • Need Area Info from Charlotte Freepers

    05/23/2017 3:05:27 PM PDT · 50 of 52
    Be Free to shatcher

    If west of the airport, but on the airport side of the Catawba river, he’s going to have limited options (bridges) to cross the river to get to work, which could add to commuting times in the future (if not now), and depending on his hours. If he’s already west of the river, then look at Belmont, Gastonia, and north of I-85 in Lincoln county.

    You COULD look down I-77 into South Carolina (Ft. Mill, Rock Hill), but that’s not going to be as convenient for trips to the mountains.

    So, if you ARE trying to get to the mountains for weekends, then proximity to US-321 will help you get up towards Boone (NC), or being near I-85, then head south on it to US-74 west to get to Asheville and surrounds.

    If the hubby doesn’t mind a longer commute (maybe if his job is in Gastonia), Shelby is a nice sized town, with a downtown area that’s pretty quaint and is coming back.

  • Need Area Info from Charlotte Freepers

    05/23/2017 8:33:45 AM PDT · 24 of 52
    Be Free to Cobra64
    "Lake James, NC ..."

    I take it you're in SouthPointe then? I have a property over by the State Park, near where the NC-126 bridge bi-sects the lake. Beautiful spot it is! Our builder lives in SouthPointe too ...

  • Need Area Info from Charlotte Freepers

    05/23/2017 8:20:54 AM PDT · 21 of 52
    Be Free to shatcher

    Hi - and welcome to the Charlotte area. You don’t say how far west of Charlotte the job will be, so that will be a factor. Plus, it might help to know what you like to do outside of work. If you like the conveniences of an urban area (restaurants, shopping, entertainment), then there are some great areas in and around Charlotte that you might like. But if your preferences are for the more quiet, rural areas, then west of west give you a lot of choices.

    Are you looking for acreage? How long a commute can you tolerate (time / distance)?

  • What Effect will Manchester Bombing have on Federal Judges Rulings Immigration Ban (self)

    05/23/2017 4:46:32 AM PDT · 40 of 47
    Be Free to DOC44

    To answer the title question directly: no act, no matter how inhumane or evil, will alter the thinking and rulings of liberal judges. The liberals of today have no conscience. They don’t rule as laws are worded, intended, and as they require. Rather, they rule based on a world as they envision it might be, rather than as it is. They rule on their own sense of social justice, rather than the plain text of the laws and regulations they are required to adhere to. They are tyrants with the false patina of black robes.

    The American people are waking up to the reality that liberalism is a failed ideology (hence Trump). However, these judges - often with lifetime appointments - will take generations to move off the bench.

  • White House Press Briefing: General Kelly and Director Mulvaney Debunk The Fake News

    05/03/2017 7:17:25 AM PDT · 32 of 34
    Be Free to Jarhead9297
    "we don’t sell our principles and blindly cheerlead like Pom Pom dancers."

    ^^^^^ THIS !!!! ^^^

    Now, with that being said and agreed, that doesn't mean we need to lay full blame on Trump - he can only sign (or veto) what Bill(s) land on his desk. We have spineless Congress-critters that won't use the power they have, and the mandate they were given, to execute on the campaign commitments that were made - both by Trump, and by them.

    Where you certainly CAN blame Trump is that he has yet to take the GOP leadership to the woodshed - publicly - for not giving him a better bill to sign. I think some of this is just his personal style of negotiating (put forth a plan that you know you can't get all of, and then settle for something that is "directionally correct"). As success and wins build, he then has momentum to get more of his agenda passed, as it becomes harder and harder for Congress to resist him politically. The real tell will be when mid-term campaigning begins - will Trump push for leadership change? Will he appeal to the American people to ("give me people I can work with")?

    Trump is clearly out to the right of the core of the GOP elite. If we Conservatives DON'T keep up the pressure, he'll drift to the left. If we keep pushing him AND the Congress on the Trump agenda and promises, he'll stay where he is, and necessarily begin marginalizing the GOP "moderates". Trump knows it was the active, vocal Conservatives that turned out and put him over the top in November, can are vital to a successful 2020 campaign as well.

    McConnell and Ryan are acting pretty smug, assuming they can control Trump and the agenda from the Senate and House. We'll see if that stands the test of time ...


    05/01/2017 6:29:48 AM PDT · 16 of 26
    Be Free to Road Warrior ‘04
    "Why exclude food and energy? Are people not paying for those items?

    They're not viewed as reliable indicators of economic growth (or decline) as the demand for those is inelastic.

  • Where can I purchase inexpensive but quality, black laser printer refill toner ?

    04/14/2017 7:01:37 PM PDT · 39 of 55
    Be Free to fred42

    I have 2 Brother printers for our office, and they take the TN660 cartridges (2600 monochrome prints). I’ve been able to find actual Brother replacements on sale for around $45-46.

    I’m currently trying out an “equivalent” cartridge from Rosewill (purchased at on a 2-for-$20 special). So far so good, and the only complaint is that the printers don’t recognize that it’s a new cartridge and keep trying to tell me I’m low on toner.

  • No bigger racists than progressive's video proof (Vanity)

    04/14/2017 4:58:18 AM PDT · 13 of 23
    Be Free to angelrod

    SOME liberals believe that crap - mostly because they take the party-line as gospel truth, don’t really have any friends or acquaintances that are minorities, and still have a lot of white-guilt over economic disparities by race. But the liberal politicians - up and down the ballot, from national leadership to local councilmen, know that ID’s are readily available, easy to obtain, and not any real hindrance to voting. They flog the issue as being racially motivated, because it works to prevent reasonable, sensible voter-ID laws from being implemented which, in turn, provides them with the environment to commit voter-fraud on a massive basis.


    04/12/2017 1:56:39 PM PDT · 58 of 67
    Be Free to NativeSon
    The Trump - Russians link was contrieved AFTER, the election"

    No - if 'catnipman', above, has it right - they manufactured the Russian link to Page so they could have a justification for the FISA warrant. This was to give the the requisite "cover" to then spy on the campaign.

    Think of it this way: they wanted to spy on the campaign, using all of the broad capabilities of the US intelligence agencies, particularly the NSA. Someone within the administration came up with the idea to work the system - that is, to find someone in the Trump campaign that had spoken with any Russian that could be plausibly tied to Russia's espionage activities. Then leverage that contact to eavesdrop on the REAL targets - Trump and his campaign staff.

  • Video Shows Man Dragged Off Overbooked United Flight in Chicago

    04/10/2017 9:57:16 AM PDT · 48 of 243
    Be Free to simpson96

    Under most circumstances, you really shouldn’t lay the blame on the airline in situations like this. ALL airlines over-book their flights, and are permitted to do so under Federal airline regulations. They do so because some number of passengers are “no-shows” for a variety of reasons, and the seats would otherwise end up empty.

    Whether you realize it or not, you agree to a whole host of things in the fine-print every time you purchase an airline ticket. One of those things is your express agreement to comply with and be subject to the airline’s “bump” policy.

    In practice, when there are more passengers than seats, airlines will routinely offer some sort of concessions to anyone willing to volunteer to give up their seat. These are often vouchers for some amount off of future travel - $100, $200, etc., plus guaranteed no-bump seating on the next flight to your destination.

    When not enough passengers volunteer, airlines then select passengers to be bumped. Sometimes this is random, sometimes it’s based on frequent-flyer status with the airline, whatever. The point is, the plane isn’t leaving with more passengers than seats, and someone has to get off - voluntarily or not.

    Clearly this passenger objected to being involuntarily bumped, and I suspect the LEO’s were called only after he refused the airline employees’ requests to depart the plane. I don’t feel sorry for him at all, as disobeying a lawful order from an airline employee is grounds for removal. At the risk of stereotyping, it seems it could be a Doctor with an ego. (Do you know the difference between God and a Doctor? God doesn’t think he’s a Doctor.)

    Where I think United is in the wrong on this is that the article indicates the involuntary bump was being sought to accommodate AIRLINE EMPLOYEEs flying stand-by. Stand-by seating is only to be granted when an open seat exists. It should NEVER be granted through the voluntary or involuntary removal of paying passenger.

  • Can anyone recommend a good anti virus program?

    04/08/2017 6:20:22 AM PDT · 38 of 97
    Be Free to stuck_in_new_orleans

    I use Avast (free version) on a number of PCs, and standard Windows Defender / Security Essentials on others. Avast is guilty of “feature creep”, as they keep adding more and more crap (overhead) to the program, in many instances duplicating features that exist in CCleaner. As I move PC’s over to Win10, I’m just letting the built-in Microsoft stuff do its thing, and then run the occasional sweep with Malwarebytes and CCleaner.

  • We Are Getting Ready For Some Unmasking Of Some Real Dirt – You Never Go Full Watergate.

    04/03/2017 7:35:41 PM PDT · 27 of 35
    Be Free to JerseyDvl

    No, I get all that. And maybe the old adage about criminals being so stupid is right. But I’m serious - what did they really think they were going to do once Trump won the election?

    They had to know they were committing felonies. They had to know they’d eventually be found out. And they had to know that, at most, they’d just be throwing sand in the gears, having only a temporary negative effect on the transition (before and after innauguration). So unless they really thought they’d find something that would prevent Trump from ever taking office? Seems a stretch.

    I dunno - just spit-balling, but something doesn’t seem right. Maybe Rice is under the bus as the patsy for Val-Jar and/or Obama?

  • Dems have enough votes to filibuster Gorsuch (SURPRISE, Surprise, surprise)

    04/03/2017 6:41:21 PM PDT · 26 of 28
    Be Free to G Larry
    "This leaves them unarmed for the coming Kennedy retirement in June and the Ginsberg retirement later this year."

    I respectfully disagree. Not that they'll turn out to be right, but I think the liberal calculus is that they want to force the use of the nuclear option now, when they already know Gorsuch is going to be confirmed. They believe that will result either in a more moderate pick next time, or that they'll paint the Republicans as extremists and anti-women, and racist, if/when Trump names another conservative.

    I can hear their arguments already, about how Trump got his conservative pick to replace Scalia, and that "it would only be fair" to name a Kennedy or Ginsberg replacement with a like-minded judge. The Dems will be doing their level best to flog this issue all the way to the mid-terms.

  • We Are Getting Ready For Some Unmasking Of Some Real Dirt – You Never Go Full Watergate.

    04/03/2017 6:25:40 PM PDT · 13 of 35
    Be Free to davikkm

    OK - so humor me. Suppose Rice did this. To what end? Was she up for a cushy top-level job with H, and this was just spite? Or revenge?

    All that has come of any of the leaks is just innuendo. When any actual facts surface, there is not there there with (Trump or his team).

    I get the start of it in July - probably thought they could come up with something that would turn into an October surprise to put Hillary over the top. But once the election was over, what was there to be gained (vs. the huge risk being undertaken)? Wouldn’t it have been better to spend that time scrubbing any evidence of the July through October illegal activities?