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  • Grace Kelly’s Childhood Home Is up for Sale in Philadelphia

    06/28/2016 5:01:18 AM PDT · 4 of 8
    Be Free to Tax-chick

    Ever eat at Horsey’s restaurant in OC at 14th & Asbury? I spent (wasted?) a few summers as a cook there in the late 70’s. It was breakfast & dinner only, so afternoons at the beach, and nights in Somer’s Point, which was the closest place to legally get a beer (OC was dry).

    There were some beautiful homes along the beach starting where the boardwalk ended around 15th or 16th, and then well south to the inlet bridge at Sea Isle City (or “Senile” City, as we called it).

  • Dick Morris: 'I Don't Know What's Behind Paul Ryan'

    06/18/2016 1:26:19 PM PDT · 59 of 59
    Be Free to Hojczyk

    Hmmmm. Was his FBI file among those collected by the Clintons?

  • A (very) Brief Analysis of Primary Results (Vanity)

    06/08/2016 9:38:03 AM PDT · 23 of 33
    Be Free to drop 50 and fire for effect

    On the surface, those numbers would point to a Trump landslide in November. But other interpretations would include:

    1. Republican turn-out was so high because it was heavily contested, with 17 candidates initially. Plus, once it was narrowed, there were enough zealots for each of the candidates remaining, that it drove continued high turnout. When it narrowed to 2, the pro-Trump and anti-Trump passions were high, as were those for/against Cruz (but to a lesser extent). That kept turnout high, as the contest went on so long.

    2. On the Dem side, you have the “vote for any female” block that’s been just waiting for this historic moment, so “H” got some number of enthusiasts out for her. But I think those same folks will turn out in the same numbers in November, so the lower overall turnout doesn’t bode well for her. Bernie’s was truly a movement about socialism, and the continued economic ills Obama’s “leadership” created. These malcontents are convinced of a zero-sum game: they’re facing hardships because the rich people, or something. In fact, the Dem’s entire appeal to this mass is that all ills are traced back to the greed of the 1%. But NEITHER of these groups are large in number, and the bulk of the Dems look at the current party make-up and say “that’s not me, and that’s not who I am” - so they stayed home. This should also continue in November.

    So the real questions to me are:

    - how many newly created and highly-motivated pro-Trump voters will there be?
    - how many of the anti-Trump Repubs from the primaries will hold their nose and vote anti-Hillary (for Trump)?
    - how many anti-Hillary Dems will vote for Trump?
    - how many on both sides will stay home?
    - wildcard: will Hillary face indictment?

    I think there is more excitement and support for Trump (net of the small but vocal “never Trump” crowd) than Hillary’s “first woman president” group.

    I think the Bernie supports will split - some supporting any Dem (including Hillary) before any Repub (regardless of Trump). Others, and in large numbers, will never vote Hillary - or any other ESTABLISHMENT candidate. Here, Trump could snare some defectors. But the big message here is that pro-Bernie will NOT mean pro-Hillary.

    Finally, there are more registered Dems than Repubs now than in 2008 and 2012 - both in real numbers, and a percentages of voting-age people. That’s a real, structural deficit that has to be overcome by the other facts, above.

    Trump in a squeeker - unless he does something monumentally stupid.

  • Chicago Walmart closed by protestors

    06/08/2016 9:16:05 AM PDT · 54 of 79
    Be Free to pabianice

    Such a nice store. Too bad it had to be closed due to plumbing problems that would have been prohibitively expensive to repair.

  • VFW to Obama: ‘No confused politics here’

    06/02/2016 3:14:11 PM PDT · 22 of 28
    Be Free to JPJones
    “No wonder that people think the deficit has gone up under my presidency when it’s actually gone down.”

    The deficit has gone down, but the debt has doubled:

    “As of December 15, 2015, the U.S. is $18.8 trillion in debt.”

    National Debt in 2008: 10 Trillion

    He’s brought the deficit “down” while simultaneously running up the debt faster than any other president, ever.

    Neat trick, one those dumb racist hate-radio VFW’ers simply are too stupid to understand.

    Plus, the "base year" he's using for comparison was the year of the monster bail-out/stimulus of some $1 trillion. Remember the one that was supposed to save the economy, fix our infrastructure, and provide "shovel-ready jobs"?

    OF COURSE his annual deficits were less (but even then, not by too much) - that was supposed to be a ONE-TIME hit to save us! And it (predictably) failed to do anything other than pay off loyal Democrats and Unions.

    So, while what he's saying about the deficit (vs. the debt) is technically true, it is also grossly misleading. "Figures don't lie, but liars figure."

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,May 24,2016

    05/25/2016 8:14:12 AM PDT · 162 of 188
    Be Free to holdonnow

    I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend, and take some time to reflect on the choice we face in November.

    We had a contest and, regardless of tactics, Cruz lost to Trump. I like Cruz. I think he’s a great voice and champion for the conservative cause, and for the Constitution. But he lost.

    There is no way (absolutely NO way) I would support Hillary under any circumstances whatsoever, regardless of her opponent. She’s Obama without the charm. Obama without the scruples. When slick-Willie occupied the WH, and he had the angel on one-shoulder, she was the devil on the other. Many of the most under-handed, despicable acts conducted during Bill’s time in office were her doing - beginning to end. Her legacy goes back to (and before) being FIRED by her own Dem friends for misconduct in pursuing Nixon in the Watergate matter. She is a BAD person - unfit for the Presidency. Having barely survived the Obama reign, Pres. Hillary would do damage that would take a generation or 2 to unwind (USSC). It would be my grand-children’s generation that would have to fix things. And that might be too late.

    Trump certainly is a loose cannon. But if he can accomplish 1/10th of what he proposes regarding immigration, trade, corporate and personal taxation, military & defense, stepped up protection against radical Islam, and criteria for selection of Supreme Court nominee’s, he’ll be more effective than any Republican since Reagan, and a good (if not great) President. Plus, I have no doubt that he will call out the entrenched establishment types that obstruct progress. I also think he doesn’t care about a second term so much that he’ll pull his punches. We’ve all seen his tone and tenor - he has no filter, and that could actually be a refreshing change - God knows we need real change.

    What I really think he’s about is that he’s a (very) rich guy that played the game to get where he is. He contributed politically to whomever was in power to get (buy) influence. And it worked. That’s the way it works. But I also think he’s looking at the twilight of his life and realizing that’s not as it should be. He’s seeking some sort of redemption - for his children and children’s children, and for the USA.

    When I tune in this Friday (for Ray Charles Friday - one of my favorite show themes) I’m hoping for a more pragmatic Mark Levin. One not fighting yesterday’s battles, but tomorrow’s war.

    Be well Mark.

  • Vanity: Did Bill Clinton really boost the economy?

    05/17/2016 5:45:02 PM PDT · 44 of 67
    Be Free to From The Deer Stand

    Just another case of a rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

  • JUSTICE: Look What Happened to Target CEO Right After He Defended Pedophile Bathrooms

    05/16/2016 7:00:11 PM PDT · 20 of 98
    Be Free to Morgana

    This is what happens when companies’ leaders think they need to weigh in on social issues. To my knowledge, no one was waiting with baited breath to see what Target’s store policy was going to be in the wake of the passage of NC HB2. Yet the CEO couldn’t wait to get to the front of the parade. But to what end?

    Did he want to be the hero of the media? Hollywood? The LGBT community? Or maybe just get some free PR?

    Whatever, he totally has misread popular opinion - especially among his core customer base. The shareholders are going to filet him - and deservedly so. He’s on the wrong side of the issue - both basic moral principals and safety, but also among those that line the company’s coffers.

    A totally un-forced error that will lead to his removal. But you just know he’ll land a cushy job with another retail company, no doubt a darling of the left. The media will make a martyr of him, for sure.

  • One Weak Nominee: Hillary Clinton’s Problem Isn’t Bernie Sanders. It’s Hillary Clinton [SALON]

    05/15/2016 8:05:02 AM PDT · 18 of 40
    Be Free to MarvinStinson

    Resume? Accomplishments? Please - plenty of success to point to:

    1. Successful futures trader - turning a $1,000 investment in cattle futures to $100,000 virtually overnight.
    2. FIRED from the Dem team investigating the Nixon/Watergate - for UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. You really have to be doing something bad when fellow Dems fire you for being UNETHICAL. As the Dems seem to want unethical representation, this is something their voters will admire!
    3. Successfully managed the “Bimbo Eruption” hit-team. No charges against were ever successfully prosecuted.
    4. Successfully defended a child rapist.
    5. Successfully ran for and won a NY Senate seat.
    6. Successfully (so far) avoided any responsibility for Benghazi and the deaths of a US Ambassador & 3 brave patriots.
    7. As US Senator, successfully sponsored and passed 3 bills naming roads, bridges, and buildings after others.

    I could go on, but I’d overwhelm the FR servers. She’s at LEAST as qualified as Obama ever was!


  • North Carolina Governor Sues Justice Department Over Bias Law

    05/09/2016 7:51:13 PM PDT · 31 of 32
    Be Free to reaganaut1
    Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina on Monday escalated the nation’s clash over transgender rights by suing the Justice Department, which said last week that the state had violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it passed a law prohibiting people from using public restrooms that do not correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificates.

    I HATE the yellow-journalists of the liberal MSM, especially the NY Slimes. Note the bias in the opening sentence, above. It was the Justice Department that decided on their own that the Civil Rights Act now extends to a new class of individuals never included, or even contemplated by Congress at the time. Nor by any legal precedent set since. But somehow it is Gov. McCrory that "escalated" the issue?? The (in)Justice Department isn't a court. They don't decide the law, and they don't make the law: they enforce it. Hopefully the 4th District Court sends the Lynch/Obama despots packing.

    (btw - note how fast the Justice Department can move when motivated? Less than 6 hours from the NC suit against them before they file their countersuit. But with Hillary's illegal and grossly negligent use of a home server? How long has that been going on?)

  • Kasich: "We believe that an open convention is the best way for the Republican Party to win"

    04/25/2016 7:15:42 PM PDT · 84 of 130
    Be Free to maggief

    Primaries? We don’t need no stinkin’ primaries!

    Silly Republican peasants. When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.

  • Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want

    04/21/2016 8:00:59 AM PDT · 70 of 247
    Be Free to BradtotheBone

    I identify as a Border Collie. Therefore, I must be allowed to go to the public park and pee on trees and crap in the grass. Further, I should be allowed unfettered access to other humans crotches for the occasional sniff - just to say “Hello”. If you don’t allow it, you’re discriminating against me, and my fellow trans-species citizens.

    (/sarcasm off)

    Just ‘cause you say you’re one, doesn’t make you one. Bathrooms are provided to accommodate a biological function, and are ergonomically designed for the biological parts of the user. This isn’t discrimination, it’s function. Frankly, any hetero is going to be “uncomfortable” with a transgender/cross-dresser using the adjacent urinal, but you don’t hear their complaints.

    Faux issue - custom made to rally the Dem base to a new “cause”.

  • MY FRIEND EDDIE (the heart and soul of the Flyers -- and a friend of the Freedom Center.)

    04/14/2016 11:01:15 AM PDT · 6 of 8
    Be Free to Kid Shelleen

    I grew up outside Philly, and was in high-school when the Flyers won their first 2 Cups, and then fell short of the “Hat Trick in ‘76” - my graduation year. I played some club hockey in college, and got invited to fill a spot on a team out of Univ. of Penn during the summer. It was organized by 2 of Eddie’s sons: Craig & Jay. Craig was our first-line center, and Jay was our goalie. We had a great time playing against ‘Nova, St. Joe, Drexel, Temple, and others.

    The Snider boys were generous to a fault, hosting team parties at their place in Philly.

    My favorite story about “Mr. Snider” revolved around a player trade - one that didn’t seem to make sense at the time - they sent fan-favorite Ken Linseman to Edmonton. The story was that Kenny (”The Rat”) had wanted to date Mr. Snider’s daughter, Lindy. Snider would have none of it, and called the player into his office, expressing his concerns. Linseman said something to the effect of “With respect Mr. Snider, I’ll date whoever I want to.”

    They had an amicable parting, and an aide to Mr. Snider asked what he thought. Ed said: “Then he can date who ever he wants in Edmonton.”. He was gone the next day in a 3-way deal with Hartford, that brought Mark Howe to the Flyers.

    Still makes me chuckle 30+ years later.

  • Tyrant Trump Tries to Scapegoat Others for His Colorado Losses; [truncated]

    04/14/2016 8:01:48 AM PDT · 37 of 64
    Be Free to huldah1776

    To the grass-roots, or rank-and-file voters that register as Republican, there would (reasonably) be a belief that (a) they would get to vote for a candidate to represent their party, and (b) the winner of that popular vote would get most or all of the State’s delegates.

    Of course, the Party sets the party rules, which don’t necessarily fit this view. Cruz is using the “rules” to his advantage. But that doesn’t make it the “right” thing to do. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something. That a (relatively) small number of party insiders can dictate the outcome due to arcane rules, that override the peoples’ will is not right.

    This “ends justify the means” mentality is one of the things I loathe about the Democrats. And is increasingly one of the things I loathe about the Republican establishment.

    Don’t get me wrong - I’d vote for either Trump or Cruz vs. any Democrat come this fall. But the GOPe is not only allowing this s***-show, they’re promoting it. All in the devious hope of getting to their cherished brokered convention, so they can take the nomination from both Cruz and Trump, and give it to the next “moderate”, establishment, RINO loser.

  • New Balance accuses Pentagon of reneging on sneaker deal

    04/14/2016 7:45:20 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    Be Free to Mr. K

    When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. They were lied to by the politicians of the 0 administration, not the Pentagon. NB is just the latest road-kill ...

  • Woman Pushed Aside So Clinton Can Enter Subway

    04/13/2016 6:00:18 PM PDT · 30 of 34
    Be Free to McGruff

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    - George Orwell, Animal Farm

  • 'Laser Cloak' Could Hide Earth from Evil Aliens

    04/01/2016 4:11:08 AM PDT · 29 of 35
    Be Free to LibWhacker

    What a total waste of time and money.

    These supposed “evil aliens” have mastered inter-galactic travel at warp speeds, yet somehow are going to be fooled by a laser that “cloaks” our planet from their prying eyes? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Please tell me this isn’t tax money being wasted on this bull-squeeze.

  • 'Laser Cloak' Could Hide Earth from Evil Aliens

    04/01/2016 4:11:05 AM PDT · 28 of 35
    Be Free to LibWhacker

    What a total waste of time and money.

    These supposed “evil aliens” have mastered inter-galactic travel at warp speeds, yet somehow are going to be fooled by a laser that “cloaks” our planet from their prying eyes? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Please tell me this isn’t tax money being wasted on this bull-squeeze.

  • US judge to allow further digging in Clinton email lawsuit

    03/30/2016 7:09:39 PM PDT · 12 of 12
    Be Free to Hotlanta Mike
    will they fall on the sword for Madame Secretary?

    The Clintons have hundreds of millions of dollars. They can afford to buy their loyalty.

  • Andrew Cuomo bans all non-essential travel to N.C.

    03/29/2016 10:16:06 AM PDT · 58 of 58
    Be Free to kevcol

    OK, that’s what we call a good start.

    I wonder what we can have our legislature pass, and Governor sign, that would get Cuomo to recall the ones (New Yorkers) that relocated here already. They’re bringing their liberal politics to our great State, and really ticking me off.

  • Why the Republican Establishment Doesn't Like John Kasich

    03/23/2016 11:31:57 AM PDT · 3 of 29
    Be Free to kevcol

    Why they don’t like Kasich? Two words: Balanced Budget.

  • Poll: Most Republicans want the GOP to unite behind Trump

    03/23/2016 8:49:23 AM PDT · 10 of 38
    Be Free to GonzoII

    Full disclosure - I’m for anyone the Republicans put up against Hillary.

    If figured out last night on O’Reilly, then reinforced this morning on F&F why I’m really not a big fan of Cruz - the person.

    1. He doesn’t know how to have a conversation. He’s one-on-one with O’Reilly, and then on the “curvy couch” this AM, and gets asked simple questions (softballs, really), and he immediately jumps on the stump and gives a stale stump-speech sound-bite. Simple question; too long an answer, and then talks over the host(s) that try to get him back on track.

    2. He comes across more as a bureaucrat that will push papers across his desk, than an inspiring leader. I just don’t see how he gets anyone to rally behind him for a cause - big or small. Sure, he’ll have sycophant boot-lickers, like Zero does. But I just don’t see leadership skills or characteristics, no matter how many times he invokes the memory of the Great Communicator.

    Of course, if he can pull a comeback and win, I’ll fully support him. But, sheesh ...

  • Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come

    03/14/2016 7:40:04 AM PDT · 61 of 97
    Be Free to Mr Apple
    " Some of them are threatening.

    I'd bet that the Secret Service has spotted this!"

    ... and will do nothing.

  • Cat Leads a Pack of Dogs and Provides Cuddles

    03/09/2016 3:25:15 PM PST · 10 of 37
    Be Free to Slings and Arrows
    I'm sorry, but ...

    Ron Sez

    ;-> ;->

  • I Have A Modem/Router And Want To Use It Together With Another Modem/Router

    03/07/2016 5:21:27 PM PST · 14 of 40
    Be Free to raybbr

    I used to have daily (or multiple times daily) internet issues that required me to restart my WiFi rounter, cable modem, or both. One of the things that I think was contributing to (or causing) the issues was the growing number of WiFi devices around the house - Kindle, iPads, iPhones, laptop, Win10 tablet, SmartTV, DirecTV receiver, Roku box, etc.

    My guess was that, to conserve power, these devices would either sleep, or shut down their WiFi adapters. Then, when waking or trying to hit the internet again, they would assume their last IP address was still theirs to use. Instead, another device looking for a connection might have been assigned that address by the router, and caused a conflict.

    So I decided to implement “address reservation” through my router. I identified each devices WiFi adapter MAC address, and assigned an IP address to it. That way, every time it calls for the internet, it’s always getting the same address, and always assured that no other device has assumed it.

    That eliminated about 90% of the issues, but I still have to do an occasional reboot. These seem to happen after one of my kids is at the house with one of their Macbooks. Might be totally unrelated to the Macbook - could be a site they visit (Facebook, and who knows what else).

    To answer your question about linking the 2 routers, if you don’t need 2 WiFi signals, then just disable WiFi on one of them (leaving it as a router and DHCP server only). For the other, turn off DHCP and let it get an address from the first router. Any device that connects to that WiFi access point can get a network IP from the the first router.

  • President Obama on key qualities of next SCOTUS justice

    02/24/2016 3:21:50 PM PST · 20 of 23
    Be Free to Mariner

    Once again, GOP leadership is inept at messaging. Obama can now (and will) point to them as obstructionists, extremists, unreasonable, the party of “No”, and worse. All because they don’t have a clue how to deliver a cogent message.

    What they should say:
    “Of course President Obama has the responsibility AND the right to nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia. But, just as he was elected, so was the Republican majority in the Senate. We will consider any nominee he places before us. That said, he has already placed 2 justices on the Court, both of whom have proven to be the liberal, idealogues and judicial activists many of us feared they would be. If President Obama wishes to nominate a justice that would be a reasoned and reasonable successor, fitting for the legacy of Justice Scalia’s memory, I have no doubts they would earn quick confirmation. But should he attempt to pack the court with yet another justice that wishes to legislate from the bench, or to make law, rather than interpret law, then we’ll have no alternative but to deny that nominee’s ascent to the highest court.”

  • [From 3 years ago April 26, 2013 Flashback] Double Irish Deception: How Google—Apple—Facebook

    02/17/2016 8:21:57 PM PST · 12 of 14
    Be Free to TigerClaws

    They do this, legally and at tremendous additional expense, to avoid the onerous US corporate tax rate (the highest in the world), and to avoid double-taxation (US is among the few countries that assess taxes on companies’ earnings that occur outside the US).

    At the same time, whatever taxes any company does end up remitting to ANY taxing authority, in any form, are always reflected in the prices of the products they sell. They’re an expense, just like a utility bill or worker salary. Said another way, corporations don’t pay taxes - the consumers of their products do. But they do COLLECT taxes - as embedded in the prices of their goods.

    Want to fix this supposed problem? Significantly reduce or eliminate corporate taxes.

  • Vanity-Sister in Tenn can't get Directv signal but NASA can beam perfect photos from Pluto!

    02/14/2016 2:05:25 PM PST · 38 of 51
    Be Free to Cats Pajamas

    Mis-aligned dish, obstruction, or bad cable or component.

    If mis-aligned, she might get a signal in perfect weather, but have it fade in anything less;

    Obstruction could come from trees, clouds with heavy moisture content, heavy rain or snow falling, leaf, snow or ice accumulation on the dish, or something blocking the LNB (the white plastic part on the arm that sits in front of the dish).

    Cables, cable connectors, multiplexers, and/or the receiver itself could also introduce issues. These are usually (but not always) all-or-nothing problems, where either it’ll work or it won’t.

    Tell her to call to cancel her service, saying she’s going to go to Dish, or to the local cable provider. They’ll do whatever it takes to retain her as a customer - usually including providing new equipment, and installing that equipment for free, AND reducing her monthly bill.

  • Joe Scarborough-Donald Trump friendship increasing source of discomfort at NBC

    02/13/2016 4:58:51 AM PST · 10 of 11
    Be Free to TigerClaws

    Maybe MSDNC is starting to take their role more seriously. Just last week they reprimanded Rachel Madcow for hugging Shrillary at the debate she moderated.

    Oh wait - that didn’t happen. Nevermind!

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 02/10

    02/10/2016 5:40:31 PM PST · 197 of 216
    Be Free to DoughtyOne

    Vote Trump

  • Speeches that earned Clinton millions remain a mystery

    02/06/2016 5:25:54 AM PST · 11 of 24
    Be Free to Pearls Before Swine

    Yep - pretty much the way it works. Hillary is not unique in this regard either. They will have a speech that is 80-95% canned. They’ll make some minor changes from event to event, both to “personalize” it some for whoever’s paying the bill, and also to mix in some current events, so the listener doesn’t think it’s the same-old, same-old.

    The fees paid are as much about influence and access, as it is about the egos of the corporate C-suite, who has now shaken hands brushed elbows with the political elite.

    If Hillary is forced to release 100 speeches, I think you’ll really see 1 speech given 100 times, which won’t make the “what were they paying for?” issue go away - it’ll make it worse.

  • Donald Trump says skipping debate may have cost him Iowa

    02/03/2016 8:35:17 AM PST · 22 of 159
    Be Free to Kenny
    "Attending the debate might have cost him the election. It was an ambush aimed solely at taking Trump out."

    Exactly right. He made a calculation that the final debate was the last, best chance for the GOP establishment - with FOX moderators as willing accomplices - to take down Trump. He had a lead going in, and thought it would hold up even if he skipped the debate.

    Actually, if Trump DID go to the debate, he might have come in third, depending on how hard they went after him, and if anything stuck.

  • Pack your bags, Wall Streeters: Your jobs are moving to Nashville

    02/02/2016 3:27:53 PM PST · 6 of 11
    Be Free to SeekAndFind
    "Too many employees based in high-cost centers are doing work that can sensibly be done in lower-cost centers," he said. "Now is the time to tackle head-on our infrastructure costs."

    I spent 30+ years in corporate America, in and around the financial services firms. I learned early on that companies often look at employees as being in cost-centers, or revenue-centers. As this quote indicates, things like HR & IT are viewed as cost-centers and, except for a few highly specialized areas or local reps, their tasks can really be done most anywhere in the US.

    Better Nashville than Mumbai. I just hope that any staff that's moved has to leave their liberal politics at the border.

  • Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at risk

    02/01/2016 9:54:05 AM PST · 61 of 94
    Be Free to xzins

    Hillary’s denials on this issue are just not credible. You have to start with the basics - that she thought it was OK to use her own email server rather than the government provided (and secured) email servers. This can’t have been a casual decision.

    She says it was for her “convenience” but, as I know first-hand, setting up and then running your own email server is anything but trivial.

    You have to look at her history to realize that this was calculated. When she was part of the Democrat’s team investigating and prosecuting Nixon/Watergate, she learned that EVERY record of every conversation was available to investigators. And while First Lady, having a front-row seat to her husband’s impeachment, she saw how FOIA requests made electronic communications publicly available.

    Further, she would have known prior to her appointment as SoS that she would deal with top-secret info. This would have been buttressed by the security briefings and admonishments received as she assumed that role.

    If she took seriously the role, and the information she would be entrusted with and would be acting upon, the LAST thing she SHOULD have wanted is to have that information on anything buy secure government servers and devices.

    So, clearly, given the choice between protecting national security, and shielding herself from FOIA requests and other forms of oversight - including and particularly from Congress, she chose the to protect herself.

    This was blatant, dangerous, illegal, and WILLFUL conduct that should and must be prosecuted.

  • This Trend Is Not Your Friend - Initial Jobless Claims Average Surges To 10-Month Highs

    01/28/2016 9:15:34 AM PST · 10 of 12
    Be Free to SeekAndFind

    Why, it’s almost like companies hired temporary workers for the Holiday season, and then let them go after the season passed.

    Who’d have thunk it?!?!

  • Why is Donald Trump afraid of Megyn Kelly?

    01/26/2016 11:01:57 AM PST · 59 of 71
    Be Free to Marcus

    It’s not Trump vs. Kelly, it’s Trump vs. Ailes. Roger Ailes wants an establishment Republican - Bush, Rubio, Kasich, etc. Someone that won’t upset the apple cart. Trump is anything but, and he knows that (so far) Ailes’ crew has been set on undermining him.

    PLUS, it plays well for Trump to be anti-FOX, because then he can’t be labeled as a puppet of the right. Since Fox News launched, it has been under constant attack from the left for having the gall to offer new programming from an alternate perspective. After all, prior to Fox News and the internet, the “news” was under the monopoly control of liberals at the helms of the NYT, Washington Post, Gannett, AP, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC & NPR. Lots of outlets for one voice. Trump will get more fair treatment from these others so long as he’s joined the anti-Fox choir.

    Of course that will all end if/when he gets the nomination. The party will necessarily rally around him; Fox will love him (and he, them); and the liberal main-stream media will discover a new-found hatred of the Donald.

  • Krauthammer: FBI Director,Not Bernie Sanders Will Determine Democratic Nominee

    01/14/2016 8:38:21 AM PST · 9 of 20
    Be Free to Biggirl

    I assume DoJ is completely in Obama’s control, as it has been since he took office. AG Lynch isn’t going to do anything on this that Obama doesn’t direct.

    So then, the real question is whether Obama is able to influence Comey, and would he? The concept in play is that of “mutually assured destruction” (remember the cold war and ours vs. USSR’s nukes?).

    If Obama controls Comey (seems possible), then Obama giving the green light on a criminal referral to the DoJ means Hillary will never be President. If an indictment occurs, Hillary would then undoubtedly unload on Obama - and you know she knows a lot (like where the “stand-down” order came from, or what Obama was doing the night of Benghazi). She might even know of impeachable offenses.

    So, if Obama CAN control Comey, then Obama has to decide if a criminal referral sent to the DoJ, and subsequent indictment, is worth the risk to his own reputation and legacy, should Hillary go nuclear. If he can’t control Comey, even if Hillary believes he can’t, she still might burn down the house.

    My guess? UNBELIEVABLE pressure on Comey to hold back, as it’s the only way Obama comes out unscathed.

  • British police probe 13-minute anti-Semitic rant on BBC

    01/11/2016 11:50:09 AM PST · 16 of 18
    Be Free to Snickering Hound

    LOL! You beat me to it - exactly the first thing I thought of when I read the excerpt!

  • Rand Paul: My Dad’s Supporters in Iowa Won’t Go for Ted Cruz

    01/08/2016 7:56:38 PM PST · 3 of 27
    Be Free to 2ndDivisionVet
    "My Dad's supporters in Iowa won't go for Ted Cruz."

    Really?!? Neither one of them??

  • youtube hickok45 account teminated......again today

    01/08/2016 7:53:45 PM PST · 20 of 28
    Be Free to fulltlt
    "... why do Christian bakers have to service gay clientele?"

    Because politics has invaded the Supreme Court. The same court that has compelled us to buy a product, or be subject to a tax (Obamacare).

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • youtube hickok45 account teminated......again today

    01/08/2016 7:15:59 PM PST · 14 of 28
    Be Free to fulltlt

    Google/Youtube is not the public square. They’re afforded the rights to admit or deny anyone, for any reason.

    That said, it reeks of facism and censorship. They’re clearly worried that their beliefs can’t withstand the airing of contrary view (dissent). “Shut up”, they explain.

    As with other media, we need alternative, conservative outlets that minimally allow, if not promote or champion our views.

  • What is the theme of Davos 2016?

    01/08/2016 7:07:18 PM PST · 8 of 8
    Be Free to Fhios

    “We’re rich. You’re not. Deal with it.”

  • Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary * women on stage behind him scowl, grimace

    01/04/2016 11:38:09 AM PST · 27 of 41
    Be Free to TroutStalker

    They’re “femi-nazis”, or in training to become them. They always scowl & grimace - being lifelong victims, don’t-cha know.

  • Activists Buy Lottery Tickets To Help Fund State Services, Bring Attention To Budget Stalemate

    12/14/2015 6:39:21 PM PST · 7 of 9
    Be Free to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    “The lottery is a wonderful thing; it lays the taxation only on the willing” - Thomas Jefferson

    “The lottery is a tax on ignorance, and all the losers that play the game are paying the price for their stupidity.” - Neal Boortz

    “Lottery: A tax on people that are bad at math.” - Ambrose Bierce

    These would-be do-gooders are so stupid they don’t realize that giving their money directly to the State treasury would provide more money to their cause. Best case is that 40- or 50-cents of every dollar spent on a lottery ticket will come back as winnings, then be taxed (going into general funds), with some lesser amount making it to their precious cause. Stupid liberals (but I repeat myself).

  • Looking for call blocking advice

    12/02/2015 8:15:31 PM PST · 15 of 25
    Be Free to Citizen Zed

    I switched to Ooma some number of years back, and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s an VoIP service, and you still pay Federal taxes on your line ($5.00 +/- per month). I also pay annually for their “Premium” service (works out to something like $10 or $12 per month), which includes 2 junk-call blocking services. One allows you to identify up to 100 numbers to be blocked. The other is a community-based (or crowd-sourced) blocking service (a lot like Nomorobo, referenced above), and where widely known robo-call numbers are automatically blocked.

    With Ooma, you have the option of automatically routing them to voicemail; playing an outbound “no robo calls allowed” message and then a hang-up; or just drop them immediately. I chose to route them immediately to voice-mail, but rarely is one ever left.

  • Sandy Berger, former national security adviser, dies

    12/02/2015 1:30:14 PM PST · 83 of 99
    Be Free to FreeAtlanta

    How Conveeeenient!

    How Conveeenient
  • This is why the Fed has waited to hike, says Ken Griffin

    11/20/2015 8:13:30 AM PST · 5 of 8
    Be Free to mykroar

    TRANSLATION: the economy sucks. We’ve been releasing all the propaganda we could for years in overstated weekly employment statistics, hoping - even praying - that our false narrative will be believed, and would result in employers hiring, and consumers increasing spending. We bolstered this lie with years of hinting at an interest rate hike, which would be required to contain inflationary pressures in a REAL economic growth scenario. In short, we’ve been trying to fool people into believing there is growth, where there is really none. And, like the boy that cried wolf, people don’t believe us any more.

    So we’re contemplating a token rate-hike as “proof” that things are just great. Afterall, what’s one more lie piled on top of all the others?

    Unfortunately, there are still a majority of Fed governors that believe that an actual rate-hike will make the economy even worse. Well we just don’t have any more ideas on how to kick-start the economy, so we’re grasping at this last straw to see if it will work. We know this Keynesian economics theory works - (Paul Krugman said it does!), we just haven’t given it enough time!

  • BREAKING: House Just Stuck It To Obama With Hugely Defiant Vote – 47 Dems Joined In

    11/19/2015 1:53:05 PM PST · 18 of 100
    Be Free to CPT Clay

    Yep - they only have 289 “aye” votes on the bill. If Resident 0bama veto’s, some number of the 47 Dems will jump ship.

    Not going anywhere if vetoed.

  • Democrat Debate [Live thread]

    10/13/2015 5:50:47 PM PDT · 267 of 1,558
    Be Free to maggief

    Jeez! Could they get any less diverse?

    Chafee - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    Webb - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    Sanders - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    O’Malley - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    Clinton - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider.

  • President Obama: I Will Not Sign 'Short-Sighted' Spending Bill To Keep Government

    10/02/2015 4:35:59 PM PDT · 24 of 42
    Be Free to Steelfish
    What any of the GOP candidates should say (I've given up completely on Bummer & McTurtle):

    Let me get this straight. One one-hand, we have a majority of the House, representing the majority of US House Districts, followed by a majority of the Senate, representing the majority of the states, pass & present a bill that continues funding government operations, and averts a shut-down. On the other hand, we have one-guy:the President, that wants to stand in the way of passage.

    Let me remind you: this is the same President whose policies have led to the worst economic conditions since Carter; the same President that has increased our national debt by as much as all other presidents combined; the same President that has abandon our international allies and strengthened our enemies; the same President that has us in retreat abroad, and whose policies have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, and now Afghanistan, and is now being upstaged in Syria by Vladimir Putin.

    I'd like to think the American people are smart enough to realize that the responsibility for any shutdown, and any negative repercussions from it, lays squarely with President Obama. If he vetoes the bill, HE is responsible for the consquences. Let him then take the heat for it.