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  • Joe Scarborough-Donald Trump friendship increasing source of discomfort at NBC

    02/13/2016 4:58:51 AM PST · 10 of 11
    Be Free to TigerClaws

    Maybe MSDNC is starting to take their role more seriously. Just last week they reprimanded Rachel Madcow for hugging Shrillary at the debate she moderated.

    Oh wait - that didn’t happen. Nevermind!

  • Free Republic Caucus 2016 02/10

    02/10/2016 5:40:31 PM PST · 197 of 215
    Be Free to DoughtyOne

    Vote Trump

  • Speeches that earned Clinton millions remain a mystery

    02/06/2016 5:25:54 AM PST · 11 of 24
    Be Free to Pearls Before Swine

    Yep - pretty much the way it works. Hillary is not unique in this regard either. They will have a speech that is 80-95% canned. They’ll make some minor changes from event to event, both to “personalize” it some for whoever’s paying the bill, and also to mix in some current events, so the listener doesn’t think it’s the same-old, same-old.

    The fees paid are as much about influence and access, as it is about the egos of the corporate C-suite, who has now shaken hands brushed elbows with the political elite.

    If Hillary is forced to release 100 speeches, I think you’ll really see 1 speech given 100 times, which won’t make the “what were they paying for?” issue go away - it’ll make it worse.

  • Donald Trump says skipping debate may have cost him Iowa

    02/03/2016 8:35:17 AM PST · 22 of 159
    Be Free to Kenny
    "Attending the debate might have cost him the election. It was an ambush aimed solely at taking Trump out."

    Exactly right. He made a calculation that the final debate was the last, best chance for the GOP establishment - with FOX moderators as willing accomplices - to take down Trump. He had a lead going in, and thought it would hold up even if he skipped the debate.

    Actually, if Trump DID go to the debate, he might have come in third, depending on how hard they went after him, and if anything stuck.

  • Pack your bags, Wall Streeters: Your jobs are moving to Nashville

    02/02/2016 3:27:53 PM PST · 6 of 11
    Be Free to SeekAndFind
    "Too many employees based in high-cost centers are doing work that can sensibly be done in lower-cost centers," he said. "Now is the time to tackle head-on our infrastructure costs."

    I spent 30+ years in corporate America, in and around the financial services firms. I learned early on that companies often look at employees as being in cost-centers, or revenue-centers. As this quote indicates, things like HR & IT are viewed as cost-centers and, except for a few highly specialized areas or local reps, their tasks can really be done most anywhere in the US.

    Better Nashville than Mumbai. I just hope that any staff that's moved has to leave their liberal politics at the border.

  • Official: Withheld Clinton emails contain 'operational' intel, put lives at risk

    02/01/2016 9:54:05 AM PST · 61 of 94
    Be Free to xzins

    Hillary’s denials on this issue are just not credible. You have to start with the basics - that she thought it was OK to use her own email server rather than the government provided (and secured) email servers. This can’t have been a casual decision.

    She says it was for her “convenience” but, as I know first-hand, setting up and then running your own email server is anything but trivial.

    You have to look at her history to realize that this was calculated. When she was part of the Democrat’s team investigating and prosecuting Nixon/Watergate, she learned that EVERY record of every conversation was available to investigators. And while First Lady, having a front-row seat to her husband’s impeachment, she saw how FOIA requests made electronic communications publicly available.

    Further, she would have known prior to her appointment as SoS that she would deal with top-secret info. This would have been buttressed by the security briefings and admonishments received as she assumed that role.

    If she took seriously the role, and the information she would be entrusted with and would be acting upon, the LAST thing she SHOULD have wanted is to have that information on anything buy secure government servers and devices.

    So, clearly, given the choice between protecting national security, and shielding herself from FOIA requests and other forms of oversight - including and particularly from Congress, she chose the to protect herself.

    This was blatant, dangerous, illegal, and WILLFUL conduct that should and must be prosecuted.

  • This Trend Is Not Your Friend - Initial Jobless Claims Average Surges To 10-Month Highs

    01/28/2016 9:15:34 AM PST · 10 of 12
    Be Free to SeekAndFind

    Why, it’s almost like companies hired temporary workers for the Holiday season, and then let them go after the season passed.

    Who’d have thunk it?!?!

  • Why is Donald Trump afraid of Megyn Kelly?

    01/26/2016 11:01:57 AM PST · 59 of 71
    Be Free to Marcus

    It’s not Trump vs. Kelly, it’s Trump vs. Ailes. Roger Ailes wants an establishment Republican - Bush, Rubio, Kasich, etc. Someone that won’t upset the apple cart. Trump is anything but, and he knows that (so far) Ailes’ crew has been set on undermining him.

    PLUS, it plays well for Trump to be anti-FOX, because then he can’t be labeled as a puppet of the right. Since Fox News launched, it has been under constant attack from the left for having the gall to offer new programming from an alternate perspective. After all, prior to Fox News and the internet, the “news” was under the monopoly control of liberals at the helms of the NYT, Washington Post, Gannett, AP, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC & NPR. Lots of outlets for one voice. Trump will get more fair treatment from these others so long as he’s joined the anti-Fox choir.

    Of course that will all end if/when he gets the nomination. The party will necessarily rally around him; Fox will love him (and he, them); and the liberal main-stream media will discover a new-found hatred of the Donald.

  • Krauthammer: FBI Director,Not Bernie Sanders Will Determine Democratic Nominee

    01/14/2016 8:38:21 AM PST · 9 of 20
    Be Free to Biggirl

    I assume DoJ is completely in Obama’s control, as it has been since he took office. AG Lynch isn’t going to do anything on this that Obama doesn’t direct.

    So then, the real question is whether Obama is able to influence Comey, and would he? The concept in play is that of “mutually assured destruction” (remember the cold war and ours vs. USSR’s nukes?).

    If Obama controls Comey (seems possible), then Obama giving the green light on a criminal referral to the DoJ means Hillary will never be President. If an indictment occurs, Hillary would then undoubtedly unload on Obama - and you know she knows a lot (like where the “stand-down” order came from, or what Obama was doing the night of Benghazi). She might even know of impeachable offenses.

    So, if Obama CAN control Comey, then Obama has to decide if a criminal referral sent to the DoJ, and subsequent indictment, is worth the risk to his own reputation and legacy, should Hillary go nuclear. If he can’t control Comey, even if Hillary believes he can’t, she still might burn down the house.

    My guess? UNBELIEVABLE pressure on Comey to hold back, as it’s the only way Obama comes out unscathed.

  • British police probe 13-minute anti-Semitic rant on BBC

    01/11/2016 11:50:09 AM PST · 16 of 18
    Be Free to Snickering Hound

    LOL! You beat me to it - exactly the first thing I thought of when I read the excerpt!

  • Rand Paul: My Dad’s Supporters in Iowa Won’t Go for Ted Cruz

    01/08/2016 7:56:38 PM PST · 3 of 27
    Be Free to 2ndDivisionVet
    "My Dad's supporters in Iowa won't go for Ted Cruz."

    Really?!? Neither one of them??

  • youtube hickok45 account teminated......again today

    01/08/2016 7:53:45 PM PST · 20 of 28
    Be Free to fulltlt
    "... why do Christian bakers have to service gay clientele?"

    Because politics has invaded the Supreme Court. The same court that has compelled us to buy a product, or be subject to a tax (Obamacare).

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • youtube hickok45 account teminated......again today

    01/08/2016 7:15:59 PM PST · 14 of 28
    Be Free to fulltlt

    Google/Youtube is not the public square. They’re afforded the rights to admit or deny anyone, for any reason.

    That said, it reeks of facism and censorship. They’re clearly worried that their beliefs can’t withstand the airing of contrary view (dissent). “Shut up”, they explain.

    As with other media, we need alternative, conservative outlets that minimally allow, if not promote or champion our views.

  • What is the theme of Davos 2016?

    01/08/2016 7:07:18 PM PST · 8 of 8
    Be Free to Fhios

    “We’re rich. You’re not. Deal with it.”

  • Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary * women on stage behind him scowl, grimace

    01/04/2016 11:38:09 AM PST · 27 of 41
    Be Free to TroutStalker

    They’re “femi-nazis”, or in training to become them. They always scowl & grimace - being lifelong victims, don’t-cha know.

  • Activists Buy Lottery Tickets To Help Fund State Services, Bring Attention To Budget Stalemate

    12/14/2015 6:39:21 PM PST · 7 of 9
    Be Free to Extremely Extreme Extremist

    “The lottery is a wonderful thing; it lays the taxation only on the willing” - Thomas Jefferson

    “The lottery is a tax on ignorance, and all the losers that play the game are paying the price for their stupidity.” - Neal Boortz

    “Lottery: A tax on people that are bad at math.” - Ambrose Bierce

    These would-be do-gooders are so stupid they don’t realize that giving their money directly to the State treasury would provide more money to their cause. Best case is that 40- or 50-cents of every dollar spent on a lottery ticket will come back as winnings, then be taxed (going into general funds), with some lesser amount making it to their precious cause. Stupid liberals (but I repeat myself).

  • Looking for call blocking advice

    12/02/2015 8:15:31 PM PST · 15 of 25
    Be Free to Citizen Zed

    I switched to Ooma some number of years back, and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s an VoIP service, and you still pay Federal taxes on your line ($5.00 +/- per month). I also pay annually for their “Premium” service (works out to something like $10 or $12 per month), which includes 2 junk-call blocking services. One allows you to identify up to 100 numbers to be blocked. The other is a community-based (or crowd-sourced) blocking service (a lot like Nomorobo, referenced above), and where widely known robo-call numbers are automatically blocked.

    With Ooma, you have the option of automatically routing them to voicemail; playing an outbound “no robo calls allowed” message and then a hang-up; or just drop them immediately. I chose to route them immediately to voice-mail, but rarely is one ever left.

  • Sandy Berger, former national security adviser, dies

    12/02/2015 1:30:14 PM PST · 83 of 99
    Be Free to FreeAtlanta

    How Conveeeenient!

    How Conveeenient
  • This is why the Fed has waited to hike, says Ken Griffin

    11/20/2015 8:13:30 AM PST · 5 of 8
    Be Free to mykroar

    TRANSLATION: the economy sucks. We’ve been releasing all the propaganda we could for years in overstated weekly employment statistics, hoping - even praying - that our false narrative will be believed, and would result in employers hiring, and consumers increasing spending. We bolstered this lie with years of hinting at an interest rate hike, which would be required to contain inflationary pressures in a REAL economic growth scenario. In short, we’ve been trying to fool people into believing there is growth, where there is really none. And, like the boy that cried wolf, people don’t believe us any more.

    So we’re contemplating a token rate-hike as “proof” that things are just great. Afterall, what’s one more lie piled on top of all the others?

    Unfortunately, there are still a majority of Fed governors that believe that an actual rate-hike will make the economy even worse. Well we just don’t have any more ideas on how to kick-start the economy, so we’re grasping at this last straw to see if it will work. We know this Keynesian economics theory works - (Paul Krugman said it does!), we just haven’t given it enough time!

  • BREAKING: House Just Stuck It To Obama With Hugely Defiant Vote – 47 Dems Joined In

    11/19/2015 1:53:05 PM PST · 18 of 100
    Be Free to CPT Clay

    Yep - they only have 289 “aye” votes on the bill. If Resident 0bama veto’s, some number of the 47 Dems will jump ship.

    Not going anywhere if vetoed.

  • Democrat Debate [Live thread]

    10/13/2015 5:50:47 PM PDT · 267 of 1,558
    Be Free to maggief

    Jeez! Could they get any less diverse?

    Chafee - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    Webb - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    Sanders - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    O’Malley - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider;
    Clinton - white, liberal elitist & Washington insider.

  • President Obama: I Will Not Sign 'Short-Sighted' Spending Bill To Keep Government

    10/02/2015 4:35:59 PM PDT · 24 of 42
    Be Free to Steelfish
    What any of the GOP candidates should say (I've given up completely on Bummer & McTurtle):

    Let me get this straight. One one-hand, we have a majority of the House, representing the majority of US House Districts, followed by a majority of the Senate, representing the majority of the states, pass & present a bill that continues funding government operations, and averts a shut-down. On the other hand, we have one-guy:the President, that wants to stand in the way of passage.

    Let me remind you: this is the same President whose policies have led to the worst economic conditions since Carter; the same President that has increased our national debt by as much as all other presidents combined; the same President that has abandon our international allies and strengthened our enemies; the same President that has us in retreat abroad, and whose policies have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, and now Afghanistan, and is now being upstaged in Syria by Vladimir Putin.

    I'd like to think the American people are smart enough to realize that the responsibility for any shutdown, and any negative repercussions from it, lays squarely with President Obama. If he vetoes the bill, HE is responsible for the consquences. Let him then take the heat for it.

  • Editorial: Illegal guns killing our city, body and soul

    10/01/2015 7:28:40 AM PDT · 40 of 56
    Be Free to Ancesthntr

    Clearly these are merely undocumented, inert polymer or metal masses. They pose no threat to our society. Referring to them as “illegal” is insensitive, incendiary, and counter-productive. It makes people fear bringing them out of the shadows.

  • CHP Investigators Say Booby Trapped Road near Woodside is Targeted at Cyclists

    09/29/2015 7:21:59 AM PDT · 87 of 94
    Be Free to Travis T. OJustice; Crazieman; freedumb2003; SENTINEL

    You guys really need either some introspection, or anger-management counseling. Your arguments are no more sane or relevant than the gun-grabbers trying to deny citizens their 2nd Amendment rights. You don’t bike, so you want to deny others their LEGAL RIGHT to do so. Why is that different than denying someone their gun rights, because you don’t hunt or shoot?

    Cyclists have a LEGAL RIGHT to ride on all but limited access roads. They also have a legal right to the entire lane. They are NOT required to maintain a minimum speed, as those rules only apply on limited access roads where cyclists are prohibited.

    Insurance: the only reason cars/trucks are required to carry insurance is for collision liability reasons - damage you can cause to others. There’s no such law for cyclists. If you think there should be, then lobby your elected representatives for it. In the meantime, your opinion counts for exactly squat.

    Taxes: most roads are funded through general taxation, not road-specific taxation. Yes, there are fuel-taxes and embedded vehicle registration taxes, a portion of which goes to road construction or repair. But again, there is no cyclist tax. You want one? Lobby for this too. In the mean time, your opinion (and ranting) is irrelevant.

    Congestion: Too bad. You have to slow for tractors, horse-and-buggy in Amish country, slower vehicles, whatever. Cyclists are just another vehicle - deal with it. Pass when it is safe to do so - and ONLY when it is safe to do so.

    “Time thieves”: see “Congestion”, above. You don’t own the roads. The cyclists have the same rights to them as you. The cyclist is no more liable to you for time losses than the farmer on a tractor, the slow 18-wheeler in the mountain passes, or granny in her Studebaker.

    Sidewalks: most states PROHIBIT riding bicycles on sidewalks.

    To the a—hole cyclists (and there are plenty): courtesy is a 2-way street, and you are REQUIRED to obey the same traffic laws as motorized vehicles. In most states, that means no impeding, yield to faster traffic as soon as it is safe, keep to the right to allow overtaking vehicles, stop for lights & stop-signs, etc. PLUS, just because your within your rights doesn’t mean you should be stupid. For me, I’d rather be right and alive, then assert my rights and become a grease spot because a road-rager in a car can’t share.

    Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean they can come grab my gun(s). Likewise, just ‘cause someone doesn’t like it doesn’t mean they can take me and my bike off the roads.

  • EPA: 482K VW diesel vehicles violated emissions rules [VW committed fraud by faking test results]

    09/20/2015 4:56:07 PM PDT · 17 of 43
    Be Free to grundle

    I was in France a few years back, and had a Volkswagen CC TDI sedan with a 2.4L turbo-diesel. Fully packed with 4 adults and luggage, we averaged 42 MPG doing 75 MPH+ driving it around the country for a week or so.

    I looked for the same car when we got back, and learned that engine was not available in the US. I pressed for an explanation, and learned that it didn’t meet EPA emission requirements. I learned also that the EPA rules looked at the amount of pollutants emitted per-gallon of fuel burnt, REGARDLESS of how many miles-per-gallon achieved.

    So, for example, a car that achieved 20 MPG, and emitted X in pollutants burning 1 gallon over 20 miles would be approved by the EPA, while a car that achieved 80 MPG, and generates 2X pollutants per gallon, but only .5X in pollutants over the same 20 miles, would not be approved.

    Got that? A car that generates 1/2 the pollutants in a real-world trip could be disapproved, while a lower MPG car could be approved.

    I’m sure this is shocking to exactly no one here on FR - just another of the asinine EPA rules that don’t pass the logic test.

    That’s not to excuse the behavior of VW here. But you have to admit it was pretty clever what they did.

  • No debating it; GOP event at CU-Boulder to have select audience

    09/20/2015 6:00:21 AM PDT · 23 of 36
    Be Free to WhiskeyX
    "Boulder, Colorado is one of the major American communist and socialist enclaves."

    Maybe second only to Berkley, California.

  • Reports of explosion at US military base in Kanagawa, Japan

    08/23/2015 11:08:09 AM PDT · 55 of 134
    Be Free to kevslisababy

    Come to NC and ride with me - either mountain bikes or road bikes. Believe me, you’ll want a helmet.


  • Question: Most runs in a single MLB game THIS season (2015)?

    07/22/2015 1:26:25 PM PDT · 38 of 40
    Be Free to Pikachu_Dad

    There’s at least 1 game missing from that list. In the late 70’s, the Phillies were visiting the Cubs and the wind was blowing hard to the outfield. Final score was 26-23. I think it was ‘79, and I had just flown into Chicago on a business trip; went to my hotel, checked in, and caught a cab to Wrigley. Game went on forever with all the long-balls.

  • Chattanooga attack: Fifth victim dies from wounds (Navy petty officer)

    07/18/2015 2:11:33 PM PDT · 8 of 22
    Be Free to 2ndDivisionVet
    The local liberal fish-wrap, the Charlotte Disturber (Observer) had this head-line for the same news:

    "US Navy says sailor injured in Tennessee shooting has died."

    "INJURED"!?!?! "SHOOTING"!?!?!

    He was brutally shot by yet another radical Muslim in a cowardly domestic terror attack!

    F-en commie liberal scum!

  • Bakers who refused to make lesbian wedding cake told to pay $135K by Monday -- or else

    07/10/2015 5:35:56 AM PDT · 18 of 119
    Be Free to HomerBohn

    Sue the BOLI. What part of “or the free exercise thereof.” is unclear?

  • NASCAR Fans Defend, Display Confederate Flags At Daytona

    07/06/2015 10:46:15 AM PDT · 15 of 27
    Be Free to Red Badger
    “The Confederate flag has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. It has nothing to do with divisiveness. It has nothing to do with any of that,”

    If Al Sharpton woke up tomorrow and decided that vanilla ice-cream was racist because it's white, and that anyone that eats vanilla ice-cream is a racist or (if black) an Uncle Tom then, by the end of the week, there would be calls for it to be banned. The NYT would write on the oppressive history of vanilla-bean farmers; MSNBC would do an "expose" on the racist history of consumers of vanilla ice-cream; Obama's (in)Justice Department would investigate manufacturers of vanilla ice-cream; the IRS would conduct audits of the same companies; and there would be marches and rioting on the streets of major US cities.

    There are those among us that wake up everyday looking for something to be agrieved about. Critics don't need to get rid of the old confederate battle-flag (it's just a flag for Pete's sake!), they need to get an education.

  • Fortran: 7 Reasons Why Its Not Dead

    07/06/2015 5:26:41 AM PDT · 16 of 69
    Be Free to markomalley

    My first work out of college was as a programmer. I was writing in “MUMPS” and then “MUMPS-11” on DEC PDP platforms, then hopped to a different company writing for an investment accounting solution in FORTRAN-IV on PRIME mini-computers (remember them?). We ported that application to IBM mainframes - all 6 million lines of code. Some idiot of the day thought ADABAS was the best database for us to use - I remember it didn’t store real-numbers natively, so we had to write our own subroutines to pack/un-pack any real numbers into text fields.

    That was a time when programming was an art, and every day was marked by creative solutions and work-arounds for system limitations.

  • Retailers, Republicans Slam OT Rules (New regs could cut salaries, productivity)

    07/02/2015 5:43:55 PM PDT · 5 of 17
    Be Free to Kaslin

    Why (WHY!?!?) are the Republicans SO inept with their messaging. They are arguing their side by saying “no it isn’t”, while Obama says “yes it is”. Reminds me of the Monty Python argument sketch from the 70’s.

    It’s the WRONG ARGUMENT.

    What the Republicans SHOULD be arguing is that this latest Obama scheme is tacit admission that his economic policies aren’t working, and the economy is a wreck. In a health economy, there is competition among employers for workers. Workers hop from job to job because there are other jobs available for higher pay. Or, they tell their current employer they want a raise, and the employer has to seriously consider it, or be faced with an empty position, and/or filling it with an unknown quantity.

    The ONLY reason a policy like 0bama is proposing would even be floated is because there are too many workers and not enough jobs. That gives the employers the upper hand, and wages stagnate. The 5.3% U-3 unemployment 0bama was crowing about today is pure B.S. There are some 93 million people of working age without jobs. And as a percentage of the population, the last time it was this high, Carter was President.

    Take the jack-boot of big government off the neck of employers and the economy, and wages will rise as more Americans go back to work, and the economy can grow again.

  • I bought a bike! (bicycle)

    06/08/2015 5:14:55 AM PDT · 50 of 71
    Be Free to djf

    Fix it up enough to enjoy riding it, but don’t go crazy. That old a bike frame is likely steel, heavy, and difficult to find modern parts for. You’ll likely find that your bottom bracket, wheel bearings, chain rings & derailleur are all worn - and might not be easy to replace.

    Best advice is get it running as smoothly and safely as you can with minimal investment. If you get bitten by the bug (as I did 8 years ago), you’d be better off saving for your next bike. Once you know what proper sizing of the frame is for you, search Craigslist and eBay. It took nearly a year, but I found THE mountain-bike I wanted on eBay, and got it for 1/3 of the new-bike price.

    If you ride regularly, you’ll get it great shape in no time. It’s the closest thing to the fountain of youth I’ve found!

  • Wall Street Costs The Economy 2% Of GDP Each Year

    05/31/2015 10:04:11 AM PDT · 17 of 60
    Be Free to dila813
    What would you give to see an honest editorial piece from the NYT that said this instead:

    "“Big government is back,” says the New York Times, and the economic cost is high. The excessive regulation and taxation on the US economy reduces the GDP by 2% every year, according to a new study by International Monetary Fund. That’s a massive drag on the economy–some $320 billion per year. Big government has thus become, not just a moral problem with rampant illegality and outlandish compensation of career-bureaucrats and political cronies: Excessive government is a macro-economic problem of the first order."

  • Kerry promotes Marie Harf to position of senior communications advisor

    05/27/2015 5:10:26 AM PDT · 34 of 45
    Be Free to Zakeet

    “In the village of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

    She doesn’t have to be smart (and she’s not), she just has to be smarter than Kerry. That’s a pretty low hurdle ...

  • Oil pipeline spills off California coast

    05/20/2015 5:24:34 AM PDT · 5 of 9
    Be Free to riverrunner

    Not to diminish it, and I’m sure the responsible party will fix, clean up, & restore, BUT ...

    My pool holds more water!

  • Big Trouble for Little Stephanopoulos

    05/18/2015 3:04:54 PM PDT · 12 of 24
    Be Free to VRW Conspirator
    "Stephie is and always will be a Democrat hack"

    Yeah, but there's something else going on here. He's isn't just a democrat hack, he's a Clinton shill.

    In the recent weeks/months, Brian Williams was taken out, Hillary is under relentless attacks, and now Stephie. It's almost like someone is clearing the decks to make way for a new entrant.

    As it's all very Alinsky-like, you must consider whether Obama & Co. are behind it, making sure THEY pick the next nominee, not the "inevitable" Hillary to be sure.

    It could also be the Godfather of the Clinton Family, Bill himself. It would kill him if Hillary was better; and would harm his legacy if she were worse.

    I really can't believe the republicans can organize a 1-mile hike for Boy Scouts, so I'm doubting anyone on the right. Other theories?

    Regardless, it'll be fun to watch - and to see who gets it when the next shoe drops.

  • 4 Reasons To Think Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Are In Cahoots

    05/01/2015 1:51:08 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    Be Free to omega4412

    This is just step one, for the Democrat primary win when you throw Chafee in to the mix. Call it the “Goldilocks Strategy”:

    Sanders too far left; Chafee too far right; Hillary - just right!

    {makes we want to puke just thinking about it!}

  • 6,500 Lois Lerner emails recovered from backup tapes

    04/29/2015 7:48:05 AM PDT · 7 of 38
    Be Free to SeekAndFind

    My guess is we’ll find out what’s on them only on or after January 20, 2017 - inauguration day for Obama’s successor.

  • Optimizing Removal of Engine Sludge, pre-Oil Change

    04/19/2015 6:19:23 PM PDT · 33 of 81
    Be Free to gaijin

    Unless it’s a VERY old Camry with high-mileage, but 10,000 miles since its most recent change, I wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Just change the oil & filter as soon as you get a chance. Consider using a high-detergent full-synthetic oil, and a high-quality filter. Actually, the Toyota OEM filters at the dealership are very good quality.

    Unless you drive in severe conditions regularly, or have a leak and are running low, you would have just about nothing to worry about going over for 1 change.

    You might consider doing a short interval on the next change - maybe 3,000 miles or so - and be sure to change the filter then too.

  • Al-Qaida captures major airport, oil terminal in south Yemen

    04/16/2015 8:55:09 AM PDT · 5 of 13
    Be Free to Citizen Zed

    This is why and where “surgical strikes” are necessary, and only reliable when supported by boots-on-the-ground:

    If we bomb the oil terminal, oil prices go up because of the perceived effect on prices if supply tightens. This increases Al Qaeda’s yield/profit on the other oil they sell.

    If we DON’T bomb the oil terminal, then Al Qaeda sells the oil and generates profits to support their terrorism.

    Win-win for them; another big loss in the Obama/Clinton foreign policy s&*t-show. (yes, it’s time to tie those 2 names together on every obvious policy failure!)

  • Finally: a clear explanation of why the Left loves the death tax

    04/16/2015 8:50:18 AM PDT · 4 of 22
    Be Free to minnesota_bound

    2, and only 2 reasons:

    1. They have an insatiable appetite for money so they can buy a constituency;

    2. Dead people don’t vote.

  • Cold snaps linger despite climate change

    04/15/2015 9:00:54 AM PDT · 15 of 21
    Be Free to Oldeconomybuyer
    It's like I always tell my (public-school brainwashed) young-adult children:

    "It's all that global warming that's making it so damn cold outside!"

  • BREAKING: Police shoot vehicle ramming the gate at NSA headquarters at Ft. Meade

    03/30/2015 8:08:41 AM PDT · 49 of 122
    Be Free to drpix

    Car looks black & unarmed to me. Where’s Al Sharpton? Where’s Jesse Jackson? Has Eric Holder initiated an investigation? Has Obama said the guards “acted stupidly”?

  • BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Orders En Banc Rehearing in Peruta v. San Diego CCW Lawsuit

    03/26/2015 7:34:47 PM PDT · 7 of 13
    Be Free to kingu

    To provide some more detail, the original plaintiff (Peruta) was denied a concealed-carry permit in San Diego, under their highly restrictive laws. And California doesn’t permit open carry under any circumstances. The combination of the 2 effectively represented a violation of the 2nd Amendment, as it eliminated any possibility for a citizen to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Had the original ruling been allowed to stand, either San Diego or California would have to give - and you know who would win that.

    The San Diego no-issue laws would necessarily become shall-issue, and any other jurisdictions with similar restrictions would have to follow the precedent - effectively making California as a whole a shall-issue state.

    With the ninth circuit’s reputation as the most liberal in the land, clearly there are enough judges on the court that believe they can find some daylight here, preserving both the ban on open-carry, and at least something substantially less than shall-issue.

  • Dumbest SpokesTwit at the State Dept contest (VOTE)

    03/26/2015 6:44:22 PM PDT · 31 of 58
    Be Free to 5th MEB

    I’d guess at least one of them plays for the other team. As to dumbest? Clearly Harf. She presents herself as if SHE believes she the smartest one in the room, and doesn’t get phased when it’s pointed out how stupid her utterances really are (it’s just to “nuanced” for you rubes!).

    With Psaki, you can see in her eyes that she know’s she’s lying, and she know’s that we know she’s lying - it’s just part of the game.

  • Carnac the Magnificent

    03/22/2015 7:58:16 AM PDT · 6 of 17
    Be Free to Oldpuppymax

    Answer: Mt. Baldy

    Question: What did Mrs. Yul Brenner do on her wedding night?

  • John Kerry - cool bicycle

    03/16/2015 2:51:52 PM PDT · 34 of 70
    Be Free to Bigg Red
    "do most people need a helmet while riding a bicycle?"

    I do, but I guess it depends on where you ride, how often, and how aggressive you are when you do ride. Just like there are runners, and then there are joggers, there are serious athletes that ride, and there are posers.

    I like to think I'm a serious athlete when I ride - both mountain biking and road biking. A couple of hours riding in the woods up and down steeps, with assorted roots, rocks, turns, mud, and trees (that don't get out of your way!) - that's a real workout! Or riding 45-60 miles at an 18-19 MPH pace on a road-bike, that's a real workout too!

    I've actually broken a mountain bike helmet when I took a spill and quickly found the ground - my head (helmet) hitting a rather large rock. Probably would have been badly concussed (or worse) if I'd dared to ride without. When you're going fast, and things go wrong - they go wrong quickly, and you don't have time to react.

    So yeah, a helmet is actually a wise thing.

  • What personal finance software do FReepers use? *VANITY*

    03/16/2015 9:00:06 AM PDT · 43 of 44
    Be Free to rarestia

    There are 2 versions - one where things are stored in the cloud, one where it’s all on your PC. With my personal financial info, I don’t trust the cloud so I have the installed version.