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  • Trump Tied 41%-41%, Leads Big Among White Non-College Graduates By 27% (1st Time Since Reagan)

    10/19/2016 11:58:44 AM PDT · 45 of 77
    Aetius to OneVike

    I would have thought Reagan’s showing with non-college whites would have been even better in 1984, when he won an even bigger landslide, and one of the biggest in history.

  • Laws are for the Little People ... Mark Steyn

    10/19/2016 11:55:14 AM PDT · 20 of 31
    Aetius to Yaelle

    It’s one of the best anti-Hillary, and therefore pro-Trump columns I’ve read. And I think he’s right that Trump’s rise could have been halted if any of the other (credible) candidates had come at immigration in a manner outside of the parameters set by the Left/media.

  • THE NEW EUROPEANS Voices from a changing continent (Photo Gallery)

    10/19/2016 8:04:27 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    Aetius to brucedickinson

    It’s a garbage article that barely gives any voice to the problems caused by mass Muslim immigration.

  • USC Dornsife/LA Times Poll: 10/19 -- Trump - . 8 , Clinton + .6

    10/19/2016 5:16:51 AM PDT · 53 of 76
    Aetius to GLDNGUN

    Has the debunking gotten even a tenth of the attention from the mainstream media that the accusations got?

    I know...stupid question.


    10/18/2016 1:10:17 PM PDT · 84 of 290
    Aetius to Jay Thomas

    I’m surprised he hasn’t tweeted about it already.

  • Texas Reuters/Ipsos poll

    10/17/2016 8:19:08 AM PDT · 23 of 29
    Aetius to woweeitsme

    Texas will likely turn purple and become a battleground state thanks to decades of Democrat-importing mass immigration, but not this time. It probably won’t happen for another few cycles, but eventually the GOP will have to fight to keep Texas red.

  • Donald Trump is America's Julius Caesar

    10/17/2016 8:11:19 AM PDT · 24 of 29
    Aetius to buffaloguy

    I don’t know if I’d call Brutus, Cassius, et al, good guys. They were no doubt motivated as much by thwarted personal ambition (as long as Caesar was there, they wouldn’t have their turn as the leading Roman) as they were for the republican ways and values Caesar was either destroying, or at least continuing a process of destruction that began before Caesar.

    Whatever the case, it’s an intriguing what-if had Caesar lived to carry out the Dacian and Parthian wars he was days from leaving Rome for when the Ides struck. The latter is especially intriguing; if Caesar had succeeded, and if his plans were more along the lines of permanent conquest of Parthia’s western lands, rather than a military victory and punitive terms enforced on the Parthians, who knows how history might have unfolded with a more Westernized Middle East? Perhaps Trajan’s war against Parthia proved that a lasting conquest was beyond Rome’s power, but then again, even Trajan was no Caesar on the battlefield.

  • Hillary Clinton: Americans Who Want to Limit Immigration Are ‘Fundamentally UnAmerican’

    10/17/2016 5:17:12 AM PDT · 21 of 30
    Aetius to kabar

    Indeed. Eliminating the Diversity Lottery Visas, drastically reducing refugee/asylum visas, and eliminating chain family migration (by abolishing the adult-married child and adult sibling categories)would knock the number down by at least a couple hundred thousand a year. That wouldn’t be enough, but it would be a good start towards an ideal end where the overall legal numbers are eventually capped somewhere between 200,000 to 400,000.

    Even some of the Chamber of Commerce-owned Republicans support some of these measures (though they’d probably like to reallocate any cut visas from one category to another, with the result being no decrease).

  • Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan and the relationship that could shape Washington

    10/12/2016 9:37:56 AM PDT · 6 of 39
    Aetius to SoFloFreeper

    Ryan is a leftist on immigration like Hillary, so we should expect something like the Gang of Eight (or worse) to be passed into law. The chief components would be citizenship for the vast majority of illegal aliens, no serious attempt to stop future illegal immigration, and a massive increase in already excessive levels of Democrat-importing legal immigration. In short, it will be the final nails in the demographic coffin of conservatism.

  • Most GOP Senators Defecting from Trump Backed Amnesty Push

    10/12/2016 6:24:14 AM PDT · 21 of 26
    Aetius to Gamecock

    Good article, but the author’s claim that the foreign born percentage of the population is nearing a record because of over forty years of rampant illegal immigration is only telling part of the story. Of course illegal immigration plays a part, but forty years of mass legal immigration is the bigger culprit. Even taking anchor babies into account, mass legal immigration has had the bigger demographic impact.

  • USC Dornsife/LA Times Poll: 10/11 -- Trump down .5, Clinton up .6

    10/11/2016 5:13:11 AM PDT · 38 of 64
    Aetius to BlessedBeGod

    If this trend continues, I have a feeling that Fox News and other media outlets will start reporting on the results of this poll very soon.

  • Hillary’s Immigration Webpage: Running for Prez of USA, or Mexico?

    10/07/2016 9:39:02 AM PDT · 8 of 12
    Aetius to Oldeconomybuyer

    Agreed, except for the part about the flood being comprised of more illegal aliens than legal immigrants. While the influx of illegal aliens has been huge, the legal immigrant wave has been larger. Since 1965 we’ve admitted tens of millions of legal immigrants, and it continues today at over one million each year. Even taking anchor babies into consideration, I think mass legal immigration has been and will continue to be much more of a demographic threat, as most hold liberal views and favor the Democrats (and they don’t have to break the law to vote). There is no reason to expect that to change while the influx remains so large.

  • October 7, 1571

    10/07/2016 6:21:34 AM PDT · 15 of 23
    Aetius to paterfamilias

    No problem...October 10 I believe.

  • Noah Feldman Defends First Amendment Support for Second Amendment

    10/07/2016 6:19:50 AM PDT · 2 of 6
    Aetius to marktwain

    Edith Jones...wasn’t she rumored to be one of the finalists for what turned out to be the disastrous, horrible nomination of David Souter?

  • October 7, 1571

    10/07/2016 5:29:21 AM PDT · 3 of 23
    Aetius to paterfamilias

    And in just a few days it will be the anniversary of the Battle of Tours where another European hero, Charles Martel, defeated and turned back a Muslim horde in France.

  • Poll: Clinton up 10 on Trump nationally

    10/06/2016 6:54:32 AM PDT · 120 of 164
    Aetius to pieceofthepuzzle

    Maybe. But for 2016 Trump will win if he can really get out more of the white working class that has either sat out past elections or been more evenly split with Democrats, and get the usual Republican edge with middle-class, college educated whites. Unfortunately the latter group seems to among the most susceptible to mainstream media bias.

  • Trump and Johnson Surrogates in Verbal Brawl

    10/06/2016 6:47:40 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    Aetius to Enchante; euram

    Mair is a total leftist on immigration, as she supports unending mass immigration. I’ve seen her make the argument that the conservative position on immigration, and the view held by most Republicans on immigration - that it should be reduced - is really a liberal view because it’s held by labor unions and some population control groups.

    It seems not to have occurred to Mair that the big labor unions have largely abandoned this position and have jumped on board the ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ bandwagon, no doubt because they know it’s a demographic boon to the Democrats and doom for the GOP.

    It has also apparently never crossed Mair’s mind that in supporting perpetually high levels of immigration she is aligned with pretty much the entire modern political and cultural Left! If she applied the same attempt to paint immigration reduction as a liberal view via guilt-by-tenuous-association, then how does she reconcile the overwhelming Leftist support for her own views on immigration?

  • Poll: Clinton up 10 on Trump nationally

    10/06/2016 6:30:22 AM PDT · 94 of 164
    Aetius to LittleSpotBlog

    Trump has no doubt committed some mind boggling unforced errors, and has allowed himself to be baited by the media/Democrats several times into going off message. Perhaps it will turn out that he was the weakest candidate against Hillary.

    But I don’t buy for a second that he’s the only one who was capable of losing to her. National demographic trends (fueled mostly by decades of mass Democrat-importing immigration) favor the Democrats. She, or any Democrat, probably has a floor in the mid-40s nationally, and that floor is rising.

    We can’t know for sure how Hillary, the Democrats, and their media allies would have conducted a campaign against a GOP nominee other than Trump. We can’t know how effective it would have been. Maybe with the unlikeable, dishonest, corrupt Hillary at the top of the ticket it wouldn’t have worked well enough for them. Or maybe it would have. They sure did a good job trashing Romney, who now of course is held up by the same Left as a model of what a Republican should be.

    Also, it’s not like the other Republicans had a huge lead over Hillary in the head-to-head matchups before Trump won the nomination. Well, Kasich had a large lead as he was so fond of telling us, but part of that was surely due to the fact that none of the Left’s guns had been set on him yet. Rubio was up by 3-4 points if I remember correctly. Jeb was either even or within a point up or down. Cruz had fallen behind like Trump, though not by as large a margin.

    Thanks largely to mass immigration, the days of easy GOP wins and landslides are over. It’s only going to get more difficult from here on out, which is why Hillary would likely win reelection in 2020 if she gets elected this year.

  • On the eve of the biggest debate of his life, Mike Pence just lost a big fight back at home

    10/04/2016 7:46:50 AM PDT · 11 of 55
    Aetius to Mr. K

    As long as we have (1) a President who favors ever-increasing levels of refugee admissions, and (2) a Congress that refuses to stop the President from indulging this leftwing impulse, and (3) charities/refugee businesses that are eager to grab federal $ and dump refugees on largely unsuspecting communities, there is very little a state can do.

  • On the eve of the biggest debate of his life, Mike Pence just lost a big fight back at home

    10/04/2016 7:43:31 AM PDT · 4 of 55
    Aetius to tekrat

    Hopefully the issue will come up tonight, and hopefully Pence will point out that Hillary and Kaine want to increase “refugee” admissions beyond even the huge increases Obama has implemented, and that most Americans oppose such action.

    He can also point out that as President, Trump would be in line with most Americans on this issue, and would reduce refugee admissions.

  • Ignoring Anti-Refugee Rhetoric, Texans Rush to Help in Resettlement

    10/03/2016 6:16:31 PM PDT · 6 of 21
    Aetius to atomic conspiracy

    I wonder how Texans feel about admitting between 85,000-110,000 “refugees” per year nationally? Do they think that number is right, or should it be lowered or increased?

    What about Hillary’s support for increasing Syrian admissions by 500%? Do Texans support or oppose that ?

  • All guns in U.S. should be dumped in ocean, judge says

    09/29/2016 4:26:10 AM PDT · 27 of 125
    Aetius to hiho hiho

    So this idiot judge assumes all of those who commit suicide with a gun (which is how you get to the 30,000+ number) would not find some other means to do the deed?

  • Trump pledges ‘extremely rough’ attacks on Clinton over husband Bill’s AFFAIRS in debate

    09/28/2016 11:21:04 AM PDT · 68 of 70
    Aetius to Right Brother

    That’s a good point. It may well be. With Trump, who knows really?

  • Fact Checking Lester Holt

    09/28/2016 6:26:11 AM PDT · 7 of 51
    Aetius to 1Old Pro

    Of course you’re right. I was joking. I’ve seen enough of Holt’s nightly “news” to see it’s a typical mainstream media product with the usual biases, from the host to the stories they choose to run, and how those stories are framed.

  • Trump pledges ‘extremely rough’ attacks on Clinton over husband Bill’s AFFAIRS in debate

    09/28/2016 6:23:23 AM PDT · 51 of 70
    Aetius to DoodleDawg

    It’s almost inconceivable that his advisors (especially Conway) are not strongly advising against this line of attack, when (as you say) there are so many other ripe avenues of attack that concern Americans more.

    Will he listen?

  • Fact Checking Lester Holt

    09/28/2016 6:18:23 AM PDT · 3 of 51
    Aetius to 1Old Pro

    I’m sure Lester Holt will correct the record on his nightly news cast.

  • Trump pledges ‘extremely rough’ attacks on Clinton over husband Bill’s AFFAIRS in debate

    09/28/2016 6:14:36 AM PDT · 47 of 70
    Aetius to DoodleDawg

    And immigration too. Of course Holt didn’t bring it up, but Trump could have brought it more into the discussion of the economy and wages.

    Also, when Trump recently made the very obvious, common sense statement that no foreigner has a right of immigration to the United States, Hillary’s official Twitter page responded with “We disagree”, which can only be taken as meaning Hillary things foreigners do have a right to immigrate, which is a radical, extreme view if ever there was one.

    Combine that with Hillary’s radical support for increasing Syrian refugees by 500%, plus her support for massively increasing overall legal immigration, and her announcement that the only way her administration would deport an illegal alien is if they murder or rape someone, and Trump has lots of easy targets on immigration. On all of these points Hillary is pushing positions that most Americans oppose, but of course the media will not report that. And there is no chance at all that a question will make it through that is crafted to make Hillary explain her radical positions, and there is no chance that a moderator will put a follow-up question to Hillary along those lines. So Trump will have to make these points and put her on the defensive about them. They’d be more effective, I think, than talking about building the beautiful wall and making Mexico pay for it.

    I just don’t think Trump can finesse an attack with regards to Bill Clinton’s predatory nature to show Hillary as an enabler. It’s a high risk strategy, with questionable reward.

  • The New "Muslim Hate Crimes Increase" Hoax

    09/28/2016 4:57:35 AM PDT · 10 of 15
    Aetius to kimtom

    And the best way to limit this growth is to greatly reduce Muslim immigration to little more than a tightly screened, highly-vetted trickle.

  • Jeb Bush to lecture at Harvard

    09/27/2016 6:45:24 PM PDT · 11 of 50
    Aetius to kevcol

    Jeb’s answer...more immigration!

  • Trump on a Number of Issues is BETTER Than What Passes for Conservatism Today

    09/26/2016 6:46:22 AM PDT · 26 of 53
    Aetius to xzins

    At the top of the list would be Trump’s pledge to reduce immigration (including legal immigration) and not grant citizenship to illegal aliens. Both of those are necessary to preserve a demographic fighting chance for conservatism going forward.

  • White House Watch: Trump 44%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 8%, Stein 2%

    09/23/2016 1:27:11 PM PDT · 135 of 135
    Aetius to edh

    The thing about Karl Rove is that he a supporter of the mass immigration that has helped turn Virginia from a reliably and solidly red state to (at best) a purple state. At least I think he is; he worked for Bush who is about as clueless on immigration as any Republican. One of the reasons the static blue states you mention are pretty much permanently blue now is because of this now decades-long era of Democrat-importing mass immigration.

    Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio do offer opportunity, but mostly by increasing the share of the white vote in those states. The dilemma facing the GOP with regards to whites is that any attempt to get more of their vote will be demonized as racist and white nationalist. And while that may have no impact on poor and working class whites, who are used to be trashed by culture and ignored by politicians, it does seems to have an impact on upper-scale, suburban whites. They probably can’t explain exactly why it’s ‘racist’ or ‘white nationalist’, but they’ve heard it repeatedly in the press and media and so they think it must be true.

    Anyway, I hope you’re right, I really do. Recapturing Virginia this year could be big, and to win a state that hasn’t gone GOP since 1984 in Wisconsin, or 1988 in Michigan would be huge.

  • White House Watch: Trump 44%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 8%, Stein 2%

    09/22/2016 8:02:50 AM PDT · 92 of 135
    Aetius to oldbill

    Sure, some illegal aliens vote, and they no doubt vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, but mass legal immigration is the bigger demographic threat to conservatism. Most legal immigrants favor the Democrats, and tens of millions have come since 1965. They’ve helped turn Virginia into a blue state.

  • The USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election "Daybreak" Poll (T: 45.4, C: 43)

    09/22/2016 7:51:25 AM PDT · 55 of 70
    Aetius to Theodore R.

    That’s the dilemma isn’t it? As with formerly Republican states, conservative (or at least non-liberal) governance creates an appealing place to work and live, then lots of liberals move in and bring their politics with them. Add in mass immigration and its importation of natural Democrats, and then it’s not a Republican city or state any more.

  • White House Watch: Trump 44%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 8%, Stein 2%

    09/22/2016 5:59:26 AM PDT · 31 of 135
    Aetius to edie1960

    Virginia it seems is on the verge of becoming another permanently blue state. That’s what you get with decades of demography-altering policies of mass immigration and an ever-growing federal government workforce that has spilled out in the northern part of the state.

  • Police Seize Car, Drive 54,000 Miles, Sell It Without Charging Owners With a Crime

    09/21/2016 8:53:10 AM PDT · 35 of 41
    Aetius to knarf

    The government shouldn’t be able to permanently seize property until their is a criminal conviction and a finding that the property was purchased with ill-gotten funds.

  • Police Seize Car, Drive 54,000 Miles, Sell It Without Charging Owners With a Crime

    09/21/2016 5:15:17 AM PDT · 2 of 41
    Aetius to MichCapCon

    New Mexico and Nebraska should be the model for every other state to follow on this matter.

  • Questions Lester Holt should ask

    09/20/2016 9:39:01 AM PDT · 17 of 33
    Aetius to Kaslin

    To say a SCOTUS nominee ‘opposes abortion’ is poor wording from Cal Thomas. The questions isn’t whether or not a candidate personally opposes or supports abortion, it’s what they think the Constitution says on the matter. Should the made-up right created in Roe persist, or should the matter return to the states where it belongs?

  • Trump predicts ‘more and more’ bombings because U.S. leaders are ‘stupid’ (“weak” on immigration)

    09/20/2016 5:06:00 AM PDT · 31 of 31
    Aetius to NormsRevenge

    Mass immigration policies are stupid of course, but on another level they are not. If your goal is to transform the demographics of a traditionally center-right nation so that it become a center-left, and then just left nation, then it makes perfect sense. It’s actually quite an intelligent plan if the goal is pure political power with no regard for the well being of the nation. It’s also quite an obvious plan, which makes GOP acquiescence to (or in some cases outright support for) it stand as proof that they truly are the stupid party.

    If Trump wins maybe this wave and era of mass immigration will finally come to an end. It’s doubtful how much good legislation he could get passed with the Senate likely to flip to the Democrats, or with a slim Republican majority that is not Graham-Flake-McCain proof. One can imagine an excellent reform bill written by Senator Sessions that ends chain migration, eliminates the Diversity Lottery visas, cuts back on (or at least allows no increase) in H1B visas, and reduces refugee/asylum visas...only to see it be defeated in the Senate.

    But on this issue of refugees, there is a lot that a President Trump can do. It seems that the annual level is set by the President, with Congress doing nothing more than rubber-stamping it, though they can object and at least use the power of the purse in opposition. So a President Trump could (and should) drastically reduce the number of refugees we admit. Would Paul Ryan and Chuck Schumer shut down the government to force Trump to admit more refugees? That seems unlikely, even for those two immigration leftists.

  • Jeb, exclamation point! ... makes a surprise appearance at the Emmys as an Uber driver

    09/19/2016 7:53:53 AM PDT · 34 of 35
    Aetius to rightwingcrazy

    Exactly. Had Jeb won the nomination, those same celebrities laughing at that skit would be directing their venom and hate towards him instead of Trump.

  • Is Colin Powell being advanced as Hillary's replacement?

    09/15/2016 4:22:01 AM PDT · 14 of 57
    Aetius to Fhios

    Is there any reason to think Powell is anything other than an extreme leftist on immigration (like Hillary and all Democrats these days)? And he’s probably in line with the true Hillary and the Bush-Ryan wing of the GOP on trade. So on those two big issues at least, Powell wouldn’t be able to neutralize Trump’s platform.

  • CNN Poll: Clinton Blows Double Digit Lead, Trails Trump By Two Points Nationally

    09/06/2016 11:10:31 AM PDT · 72 of 87
    Aetius to Nifster

    The general public is probably still largely ignorant of Hillary’s true position on immigration. While many Americans know that Hillary supports an insane 500% increase in Syrian refugee admissions, I’d bet most don’t know that she also supports a massive increase in overall legal immigration.

    Anyone who supported the Gang of Eight bill, or anything like it, supports doubling legal immigration to over two million per year. Americans overwhelmingly oppose increasing legal immigration, but Democrats have never really been made to pay for being so out of touch with Americans and holding such extreme views. Unfortunately this is due largely to the GOP elite agreeing with the Democrats in wanting to increase the annual inflow of future Democrats, and so Americans have not been presented with a choice until (maybe) now. Trump has been a welcome change on immigration from Bush, McCain, and Romney, but even he hasn’t really hammered Hillary on holding views on increasing legal immigration that are so opposed to what Americans favor. Well, to be fair, he has hit her hard on the Syrian refugees, but not on overall legal immigration.

  • Campaign 2016...Donald Trump loses support of some Latino leaders who had backed his campaign

    09/02/2016 7:13:59 AM PDT · 37 of 50
    Aetius to SoFloFreeper

    Only to a far-left entity like the LA Times would new limits and criteria for legal immigration be considered “hard line”.

    Many more Americans want to reduce legal immigration (like hopefully Trump wants to do) than want to increase it (like the LA Times and Hillary). Support for reducing legal immigration often enjoys majority or plurality status with Americans, while support for increasing legal immigration always polls poorly in comparison.

  • August 9th is the anniversary of the battle of Thermopylae

    08/09/2016 4:27:01 AM PDT · 9 of 42
    Aetius to harpygoddess

    It wasn’t just the 300 Spartans who made the final stand against the Persians. Larger groups of Thespians and Thebans fought to the death with the Spartans. The total is thought to have been 1400 - 1500 Greeks making the final stand; still an exceptional episode in history.

  • It's time for W to step up. (vanity)

    08/08/2016 8:24:21 PM PDT · 56 of 73
    Aetius to Leaning Right

    W is a big proponent of unending and ever-increasing mass Democrat-importing immigration. He could have led a fight for conservative immigration reform after 9-11, but instead did the opposite. He’s worthless on the issue.

  • Trump Implosion? New Polls Signal Deep Trouble

    08/05/2016 1:59:31 PM PDT · 143 of 147
    Aetius to Biggirl

    That’s definitely true about polls. But what I’m saying is that in 2012 many were saying the polls were deliberately skewed to show an Obama lead when Romney was really ahead. The intent, it was said, was to create an air of an inevitable Obama victory, and therefore suppress support for Romney.

    As it turned out, the polls showing Obama with a modest but decisive lead were correct. Or I suppose it’s possible that the polls were indeed skewed, and they had the desired effect of influencing the outcome, but that seems unlikely.

  • Syrian refugees surge into US; Obama on track to hit target amid security concerns

    08/05/2016 12:02:53 PM PDT · 24 of 33
    Aetius to Jim Robinson

    And the flow of future Democrats into the country just continues to grow and grow, with no end in sight.

  • Trump Implosion? New Polls Signal Deep Trouble

    08/05/2016 11:58:22 AM PDT · 134 of 147
    Aetius to Biggirl

    I hope you’re right. The United States will be, in many way, done if Hillary is elected, especially considering she’d probably have a Democratic Senate as well, plus a weakened GOP House with immigration leftist Paul Ryan in charge and eager to help her complete the demographic destruction of conservatism.

    But the polls have shifted from where they were two weeks ago, and many here were pointing to them then as if they were of legitimate predictive value. Trump is down, and Hillary has risen. She’s near, at, or above 50% in several of them now. It seems unlikely that the polls were legitimate 2-3 weeks ago, but now they’re garbage. Surely you remember the whole ‘un-skewed’ poll stuff from last time don’t you, when some were the polls were skewed to prop up Obama, but that turned out not to be the case. It sounds like the same thing may be happening again this time.

    I hope that it’s bias and people simply not paying attention yet. But to the extent it’s the latter, then once they start paying attention why shouldn’t we expect them to be influenced by the former as some others clearly have been over the last week? The mainstream media isn’t as powerful as it used to be, but the constant, uniform, and maliciously negative coverage of Trump does have an impact on the voting public.

  • Trump Implosion? New Polls Signal Deep Trouble

    08/05/2016 9:07:30 AM PDT · 95 of 147
    Aetius to seastay

    Reagan won by over 15 points in 1984. It was eighteen I believe, so this Goldstein was way off on that.

    Otherwise, this article may unfortunately be true. Unless you just reject polling altogether, how could one be comforted and buoyed by the lead Trump took in the polls two weeks ago, but now reject the same polls when they show him falling and (even worse) Hillary rising?

  • Female Political Consultant Calls Trump ‘A D*ck’ On CNN

    08/04/2016 1:54:59 PM PDT · 10 of 60
    Aetius to Impala64ssa

    Liz Mair is a leftist on immigration, and has made the absurd argument (popular with a Red State moderator) that because some fringe population control guys and some labor union types were against mass immigration a long time ago, therefore immigration restriction is a liberal, non-conservative position and agenda.

    It has seemingly never occurred to Mair, and those of her ilk, that in supporting unending (and ever-increasing) mass immigration, she is aligned with the ENTIRE political and cultural Left. President Obama, pretty much every Democrat in the House and Senate, the media, name it, they are all aligned with Liz Mair in supporting the never ending mass importation of natural and future Democrats.

    It was very disappointing that Ann Coulter, who was the opposing guest with Mair on the show in which I heard her make this idiotic and absurd argument, didn’t counter with this rather obvious rejoinder. She didn’t really respond at all.

    But anyway, the point is that Mair is about as bad as it gets on immigration, so she’d hate Trump even if Trump were capable of running in a disciplined fashion and could avoid shooting himself in the foot and walking into obvious traps.

  • Donald Trump Leading New Poll Averages +0.9%

    08/04/2016 12:02:05 PM PDT · 18 of 59
    Aetius to theoilpainter

    Seems like a similar thing as the ‘un-skewed’ polls from 2012, which of course turned out not to be skewed.