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  • Dems may be ready to deal on Gorsuch

    03/23/2017 10:57:29 AM PDT · 57 of 89
    Aetius to SeekAndFind

    If the GOP goes along with this, if McConnell cannot reign in and prevent the usual suspects from preemptively surrendering when they hold the high ground, then he is worthless and the party truly is the Stupid Party.

    Schumer would not hesitate to nuke the filibuster on SCOTUS nominees if the roles were reversed. If Graham, McCain, Collins, Murkowski, et al can’t see this, then they are willful idiots.

    This is really simple for the GOP Senators; if the Democrats filibuster Gorsuch, go nuclear and confirm him with 51+ votes. If they hold off, and we are lucky enough to have Kenney and/or Ginsburg retire (not a chance on the latter I know), and then the Democrats filibuster, then go nuclear then.

  • Dems may be ready to deal on Gorsuch

    03/23/2017 10:57:19 AM PDT · 56 of 89
    Aetius to SeekAndFind

    If the GOP goes along with this, if McConnell cannot reign in and prevent the usual suspects from preemptively surrendering when they hold the high ground, then he is worthless and the party truly is the Stupid Party.

    Schumer would not hesitate to nuke the filibuster on SCOTUS nominees if the roles were reversed. If Graham, McCain, Collins, Murkowski, et al can’t see this, then they are willful idiots.

    This is really simple for the GOP Senators; if the Democrats filibuster Gorsuch, go nuclear and confirm him with 51+ votes. If they hold off, and we are lucky enough to have Kenney and/or Ginsburg retire (not a chance on the latter I know), and then the Democrats filibuster, then go nuclear then.

  • Trump Says He’s Open To Legal Pathway For Undocumented Immigrants

    02/28/2017 8:13:52 PM PST · 101 of 113
    Aetius to zeestephen

    If the legalization didn’t include any path to citizenship, and if it excluded a much wider array of criminal illegal aliens than democrats want, and if it excluded recent arrivals (defined by years, not weeks or months), and if it came with serious and vigorous enforcement against future illegal immigration, and most importantly, if it were paired with a permanent and large reduction in legal immigration, then it might be worth pursuing. The legal immigration reform should be along the lines of the RAISE Act introduced by Senators Cotton and Perdue recently.

    Such an approach might get a few Democrat votes, and might get some of the GOP immigration liberals on board.

  • Today's High School Students Are Most Conservative In 70 Years

    02/15/2017 5:31:17 PM PST · 24 of 47
    Aetius to ResistanceMedia

    Hmm...I’d like to believe this but I’m skeptical. This generation of high schoolers is the least white one we’ve had (until the next one), and that makes it the least naturally conservative/Relublican one we’ve had. It would be surprising indeed if this cohort is really conservative.

  • Democrats are becoming the party of secession

    02/05/2017 12:20:03 PM PST · 35 of 35
    Aetius to central_va

    No, if the state votes to secede then nothing happens, at least not based on that vote alone. The rest of the nation would have to agree to let Calif go. And in this scenario, who is to say that the President and Congress wouldn’t negotiate the possible freedom of the red areas of Calif from the rule of LA and SF? Maybe negotiate another ballot initiative for Calif, that allows the individual counties to decide for themselves, allowing the ‘Balkanization’ to happen as a condition of independence?

    Anyway, this is all speculation based on something that’s not going to happen. Californian elites are upset now in the wake of Trump becoming President, but the last decade has shown multiple wild swings in power, so the Democrats will likely and unfortunately be back in charge before too long. And there is no way the LA-SF-Silicon Valley elites will pass up the chance to once again impose their will on the red states.

  • Democrats are becoming the party of secession

    02/01/2017 11:39:15 AM PST · 31 of 35
    Aetius to ChicagoConservative27

    Let them go...minus the red areas of the state, and any federal land (like military bases and national parks) in the blue areas.

  • Democrats are becoming the party of secession

    02/01/2017 11:37:26 AM PST · 30 of 35
    Aetius to central_va

    If this far-fetched idea ever came to be, who is to say the rest of the nation would let the entire state go? Sure, economic hubs like LA, SF, and Silicon Valley would go as they are the most left wing areas of the state. And that would provide the breakaway state a strong base for its economy.

    But much or most of inland California is red. Why, in this highly unlikely scenario of secession actually happening, would the rest of the union allow the coastal secessionists to have the whole state? If it’s about divergent values, then those red counties (with significant agricultural and mineral wealth) may wish to remain in the union, and the union might insist that they be allowed to do so.

  • Why California’s Silly Secession Scheme Can’t Succeed

    01/12/2017 11:28:08 AM PST · 55 of 64
    Aetius to Ozark Tom; bert

    Sounds good to me.

  • LIVE: Confirmation Hearing of James "Mad Dog" Mattis, Trump's Pick for Secretary of Defense

    01/12/2017 11:21:11 AM PST · 23 of 26
    Aetius to NKP_Vet

    I hope you’re right. Trump and Mattis should jettison as much of the Obama social engineering as they can, and abolishing the allowance of women in ground combat should be step one. I know some say it should be allowed so long as standards aren’t lowered, but how likely is that? Maybe in this administration with excellent people like Mattis running things then perhaps standards would be maintained. But in a future democrat or liberal Republican administration would that hold true? It seems inevitable that the standards will be lowered (either officially or unofficially) because the number of women who can meet the same standards as men will always be small and much lower than can be tolerated by the left wing extremists pushing this bad idea-turned policy.

    The problem though with reversing this bad idea is that unfortunately Anthony Kennedy will probably end up deciding the matter. The left (ACLU I think) already had a lawsuit in the pipeline seeking to have the courts order the military to open all positions to women. I think they withdrew the suit once Obama did what it sought to have imposed by judicial usurpation and decree. So if they policy is reversed, the lawsuit will resume.

    Even if Trump replaces Scalia with a suitably good conservative, that likely means a 4-4 split with Kennedy breaking the tie. At this point there is no reason at all to be confident Kennedy will get it right.

    Trump and the GOP congress could try making the old policy law and stripping the courts of jurisdiction on the matter, but that will never happen.

  • Why California’s Silly Secession Scheme Can’t Succeed

    01/12/2017 5:31:04 AM PST · 26 of 64
    Aetius to Pollster1

    Yes, but not the whole state. Only the blue areas of California should be allowed to go, minus any federal land (like national parks) within those areas.

  • 'Cheap Shot': Al Roker Slams Media For Suggesting Jenna Bush Is Racist After Golden Globes Mistake

    01/10/2017 9:27:32 AM PST · 8 of 41
    Aetius to Mr. K

    Exactly. The worst thing about this is that apologized, or ever felt that an apology was necessary. Then to almost cry over it? WTF?

    It should be a lesson for this liberal Bush that even with the advocacy for gay marriage and obvious contempt for people who actually voted for her father and grandfather, it gains her nothing with her preferred fellow leftists.

  • In push for statehood, Puerto Rico announces vote to choose 2 senators and 5 representatives

    01/05/2017 9:55:01 AM PST · 71 of 88
    Aetius to glorgau

    PR should not be permitted statehood because it would be an automatic addition of two more far-left Democrat senators, plus five more far-left Democrats in the House, and seven more guaranteed electoral votes for the democrats.

  • ‘Rogue One’ soars to second-best December debut with $155M

    12/19/2016 10:45:15 AM PST · 66 of 81
    Aetius to Flying Circus

    The prequels are indeed terrible (well, the third was almost decent, maybe) but I wouldn’t blame Hayden Christensen. Is there an actor alive who could have done good work with the horrible script and direction that Lucas gave him (and Portman)?

  • Hollywood Ponders America's Hatred of Muslims

    12/09/2016 1:37:43 PM PST · 36 of 49
    Aetius to grobdriver

    Isn’t Bozell’s title sarcastic?

  • Hollywood Ponders America's Hatred of Muslims

    12/09/2016 1:37:04 PM PST · 35 of 49
    Aetius to eyeamok

    Somalis too

  • Democrats search for answers to stem a spreading Republican tide

    11/22/2016 7:06:12 AM PST · 40 of 65
    Aetius to VeniVidiVici

    Yes there is a connection; some illegal aliens vote and almost all who do no doubt vote democrat.

    But the population of democrat-voting legal immigrants (and their first generation children) is much larger. Unending mass legal immigration is the much bigger demographic threat to conservatism. Drastically reducing legal immigration and ending this era of mass immigration is just as important to achieve as are the actions against illegal immigration like border security, deportations, and cracking down on sanctuary cities, maybe more so.

    Of course the two are very much connected thanks in large part to the disaster of birthright citizenship and anchor babies. That needs to be abolished too.

  • Former Obama Spokesman Threatens Trump Over Media Access… Posted

    11/16/2016 7:27:41 AM PST · 59 of 66
    Aetius to wbarmy

    You’re right. And if it must go on, I do hope Trump rips the media really good that night.

  • Former Obama Spokesman Threatens Trump Over Media Access… Posted

    11/16/2016 7:25:34 AM PST · 58 of 66
    Aetius to xzins

    Ideally we’d return to the President delivering a simple written message to Congress to fulfill the requirement that he provide a report on the state of union from time to time.

    But I know that’s not going to happen. A free, hour-long pep rally is too much for a modern politician to decline.

  • Former Obama Spokesman Threatens Trump Over Media Access… Posted

    11/16/2016 5:47:35 AM PST · 3 of 66
    Aetius to detective

    Trump should also decline to attend the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. It’s a ridiculous spectacle, almost as bad a President’s appearing on late night talk shows.

  • Swedish Government to establish gender equality agency

    11/16/2016 5:29:34 AM PST · 14 of 16
    Aetius to aquila48

    If the want to combat violence against women then they should halt the importation of Muslim men, and deport as many as possible that they’ve already let in.

  • Was Trump the only Republican who could have won this year?

    11/15/2016 5:38:46 AM PST · 44 of 120
    Aetius to iontheball

    It’s impossible to say for sure. If the nominee had been Rubio, who was widely regarded by the Establishment as the most electable, then perhaps he would have done better in states like Nevada and Colorado, and in states where the GOP had no chance to win, like California. But I don’t think Rubio would have flipped Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin.

  • Trump campain removes muslim ban from campain website...

    11/10/2016 1:30:01 PM PST · 68 of 117
    Aetius to topshelf91

    It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to expend political capital trying to implement the “muslim ban”, though as others have stated he’d already moved to enhanced vetting and scrutiny to people from particular nations. He should definitely follow through on this promise of extra scrutiny.

    A more comprehensive, conservative approach to reforming legal immigration would be preferable to the ‘muslim ban’ anyway, as it could generally end Democrat-importing mass immigration and would largely take care of the problem.

    1. Drastically reduce refugee/asylum admittances, of which many go to Muslims. As President, Trump can do this all on his own. Obama has increased the total annual number from 70,000 to over 100,000 per year. Trump could and should slash that number so that it’s much closer to zero. As part of that, he should simply not accept significant numbers from Muslim nations.

    2. Work with Congress to abolish the absurd Diversity Lottery Visas. Many of these go to people in Muslim nations, and they in turn kick off chain migration.

    3. Work with Congress to end extended family chain migration. Restrict family immigration to spouses and minor children. Without the adult-sibling and adult children categories, the almost never-ending pool of potential future Muslim immigrants will dry up.

    Do these things and Muslim immigration would be greatly reduced.

  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, Schumer tells labor leaders

    11/10/2016 12:07:18 PM PST · 17 of 28
    Aetius to Trump20162020

    It’s funny how it’s allegedly good news to the AFL-CIO leaders when they supported Hillary, who everyone knows would have eventually supported TPP despite lying and saying otherwise in the campaign.

  • Election of Donald Trump Deepening Racial Divide in NFL Locker Rooms

    11/10/2016 8:53:37 AM PST · 64 of 99
    Aetius to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

    I like how the writer feels the need to include an aside that Belichick is an open-minded person, with the implication being that a Trump supporter is guilty of being close-minded until proven otherwise.

  • Keeping Ryan in place is not a bad thing he will grab the chance to be a historically great Speaker

    11/10/2016 8:46:35 AM PST · 33 of 60
    Aetius to CatOwner

    Trump and Sessions should basically revive the Smith-Simpson immigration bill from the mid-90s. It was a mostly good bill, a version of conservative comprehensive immigration reform that among other things would have significantly reduced legal immigration.

    As a staffer, Ryan was part of the traitorous, liberal-on-immigration wing of the GOP that helped scuttle the bill. In a way, it’s funny that in helping to derail the bill, Ryan unwittingly helped guarantee his and Romney’s defeat over a decade later, as many more Democrats had been imported that otherwise wouldn’t have been had Smith-Simpson passed.

    It’d be great if Trump could somehow force Ryan to support a similar bill now.

  • Republicans Add to Their Dominance of State Legislatures

    11/10/2016 3:58:40 AM PST · 17 of 22
    Aetius to Jvette

    Yeah, that’s part of it, but so too is decades of Democrat-importing mass immigration. As Nevada has gotten less white and more Hispanic, GOP prospects at the Presidential level in the state have worsened. That will continue.

    It’d be interesting to see how the white vote in the state broke though. In 2010 the hapless Sharon Angle’s loss was largely and falsely attributed to doing so poorly with Hispanics. But it was really her poor showing with whites that sunk her, as Governor Sandoval cruised to reelection by winning a significantly higher share of whites. So I wonder how Trump and Heck did with whites. Did they underpierform with whites or were they truly swamped by Hispanics? If the former, then it offers some hope for doing better next time. If the latter then we should get used to it.

  • Evan McMullin: Conservatives must now abandon the Republican Party

    11/09/2016 1:51:42 PM PST · 35 of 82
    Aetius to Trump20162020

    This guys is possibly more loathsome than Lindsay Graham, and that’s not easy to accomplish. His words are indistinguishable from any far-left radical who throws out the litany of pejoratives - racist, sexist, xenophobe, et al - at the slightest deviation from his guilt-ridden, left wing, open borders fanaticism. He should join the Democratic party; it’s a natural fit.

  • Thoughts on Day-D +1

    11/09/2016 1:29:36 PM PST · 12 of 13
    Aetius to wattojawa

    That’d work. Then for 2018 drastically reduce the overall numbers.

  • #CalExit: California Is Trying To Secede After Trump Victory

    11/09/2016 12:43:53 PM PST · 133 of 179
    Aetius to rjsimmon

    I’d take that deal.

  • Thoughts on Day-D +1

    11/09/2016 12:42:39 PM PST · 9 of 13
    Aetius to DIRTYSECRET

    That’s true, and I much prefer a policy whereby most illegal aliens are deported or self-deport via attrition through enforcement. It should at least be tried for several years before any legalization is even considered.

  • #CalExit: California Is Trying To Secede After Trump Victory

    11/09/2016 12:34:40 PM PST · 120 of 179
    Aetius to rjsimmon

    It’s an insult to Confederate soldiers to be compared to far-left Democrat voters in California. But anyway, let them go...but only the blue areas, minus some prime coastal blue real estate they’ll have to vacate, any national park areas that might be in blue areas. Basically they can have the big cities.

  • California Gun Ban

    11/09/2016 12:24:24 PM PST · 25 of 68
    Aetius to willyd

    The only real hope for states like California with regards to Second Amendment rights is to challenge it in court.

    Assuming no GOP betrayals in the Senate (highly questionable assumption I know, especially with likely only a 2-seat majority), they can approve any good nominee that Trump nominates to fill Scalia’s seat. But that would still only result in three reliable conservatives on the Sup Court, and even if Roberts stays true, Kennedy couldn’t be counted on to strike down laws like this.

    So a challenge might be better if it comes after Trump is able to replace either Kennedy or Ginsburg, or ideally both if we’re lucky enough for them to retire in the next four years. Hopefully the GOP will expand the Senate majority in 2018, making it easier to get more predictably conservative judges confirmed.

  • D.C. Votes Overwhelmingly To Become 51st State

    11/09/2016 12:12:35 PM PST · 120 of 124
    Aetius to fieldmarshaldj

    Yes, I thought someone would call me out on that. It’s a fair and good point, but I think overall, especially with regards to the Presidency, Virginia is still much closer than Maryland.

  • Thoughts on Day-D +1

    11/09/2016 12:10:11 PM PST · 7 of 13
    Aetius to Renkluaf

    5. As President, Trump gets to determine how many refugees will be admitted. I’m not sure if the totals for 2017 are locked in by Obama or not, but whatever the case, Trump can soon implement a big improvement. He can end the Syrian program specifically, and greatly reduce the overall number of refugees/asylum seekers we admit. He has no excuse not to do so.
    6. Reverse the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule Obama’s HUD is about to impose.
    7. Reverse the guidance of the Obama Justice Dept that would rewrite federal law to include transgender protections; something never conceived of or approved of by Congress when passing the applicable laws Obama has sought to twist.
    8. Reverse Obama’s decision to force the military to open up infantry and other frontline combat positions to women, This simply can’t be done without eventually lowering standards.
    9. Work with Senator Sessions, Representative King, and others to write and then pass either a series of immigration reform bills, or a conservative comprehensive reform. Chief among the components would be measures to end chain migration and reduce mass legal immigration levels, more deportations, stricter border and interior enforcement, and absolutely no path to citizenship for any illegal who may be allowed to stay. If he has to make deals on other matters (other than the Sup Court) in order to get Ryan on board in the House, and enough Senators on board to stop the loathsome likes of Lindsay Graham and Jeff Flake from scuttling such an effort, then so be it.

  • ‘I Want to Quit Life’: Hollywood ‘Devastated’ after Trump Win

    11/09/2016 10:52:22 AM PST · 66 of 88
    Aetius to JerseyRepub

    Evans surprised me just a little bit too, since I was told he didn’t take part in that video Robert Downey and other superhero actors made bashing Trump back in September. I mean, I figured he was a lefty, but thought maybe he wouldn’t be an a**hole about it.

  • D.C. Votes Overwhelmingly To Become 51st State

    11/09/2016 8:40:21 AM PST · 34 of 124
    Aetius to Jim from C-Town

    Maryland. GOP hopes for statewide races in VA are on life support, but their not dead yet like they are in Maryland.

  • 8 Immigration Policy Changes For A New Congress And President

    11/08/2016 10:13:55 AM PST · 17 of 18
    Aetius to qaz123

    Unfortunately Kaine would be as bad or worse than Hillary.

  • Voto secreto Trump? Most Hispanics back deportation, want immigration cap cut in half

    11/08/2016 9:55:27 AM PST · 11 of 21
    Aetius to kevcol

    I wish Trump had been able to talk more about excessive levels of legal immigration during the campaign. This poll is yet another showing that most Americans (across party and racial lines) favor lower levels of legal immigration, and oppose the massive (unadvertised) increases that Hillary supports.

  • 8 Immigration Policy Changes For A New Congress And President

    11/08/2016 7:47:18 AM PST · 13 of 18
    Aetius to qaz123

    I’d be fine with taking in zero refugees/asylum seekers. Considering that we’ve taken in so many over the last 40 years, and that we aren’t morally obligated to take any, I’d be totally okay with that.

  • 8 Immigration Policy Changes For A New Congress And President

    11/08/2016 7:13:27 AM PST · 6 of 18
    Aetius to Buckeye McFrog

    The Diversity Lottery Visas? Yeah, that is a particularly absurd category dreamed up by the loathsome Ted Kennedy.

    But I think it was implemented with the Immigration Act of 1990, signed into law by the first Bush (so W was just carrying on the family tradition of being terrible on immigration). This bill further increased mass immigration that was reignited by the 1965 Hart-Cellar bill. Part of the way it did this was by giving out 50,000 of these ridiculous lottery visas each year.

  • 8 Immigration Policy Changes For A New Congress And President

    11/08/2016 7:09:25 AM PST · 5 of 18
    Aetius to SJackson

    It’s a pretty good list, but not close to being enough. He doesn’t really touch on mass legal immigration, which must end. The following should be a part of any decent reform;

    1. End chain migration by eliminating the adult-sibling category for family based visas. Do not reallocate cut visas from this category to any other.

    2. Abolish the absurd Diversity Visa Lottery. Do not reallocate cut visas from this category to any other.

    3. Drastically reduce refugee/asylum visas. As President, Trump could do this all on his own.

    The goal should be to arrive at annual legal immigration of no more than 300,000 each year. If, as some claim, that wouldn’t allow for enough workers, and if the resulting tight labor market doesn’t bid up wages enough to solve the problem, and if automation can’t solve the problem, then implement a limited guest worker program made up of actual guest workers. That means they can’t bring family with them, they eventually go home and have no path to stay, unless that path is counted against the annual cap of legal immigrants.

    Of course if Hillary wins and/or the GOP loses the Senate, none of this would happen. It’s doubtful it would happen even with Trump, McConnell, and Ryan in charge.

  • One Big Difference Between Today and 1980

    11/07/2016 1:58:31 PM PST · 15 of 55
    Aetius to Kaslin

    One big difference? That would be demographics. Reagan carried about 58-59% of whites in 1980 and won a landslide as a result. Bush the Elder did about the same in 1988 and won a similar landslide. W did about the same in 2004 and won an uncomfortably close reelection. Romney carried about the same and lost easily to Obama.

    I hope Trump wins. I think he has a decent chance, but demographics make it much harder for him than it was for Reagan.

  • Nate Silver Projects Trump Will Win Florida

    11/06/2016 8:30:39 PM PST · 65 of 109
    Aetius to july4thfreedomfoundation

    Exit polling showed W winning 44% of Hispanics in 2004, but analysis from both the Left and Right showed that to be highly suspect. At most W won 40%, while Kerry won nearly 60%.

    In 2000 W was in the mid 30s with Hispanics.

  • Nate Silver Projects Trump Will Win Florida

    11/06/2016 8:11:46 PM PST · 62 of 109
    Aetius to july4thfreedomfoundation

    41%? That would be a record for a Republican. That’s highly unlikely.

  • Nate Silver Projects Trump Will Win Florida

    11/06/2016 8:08:47 PM PST · 61 of 109
    Aetius to revivaljoe

    I certainly hope the Dornsife poll is accurate as of today, and Trump wins by 6 points or more. But there is no way he breaks even with Hispanics. That has never happened since the Hispanic vote became large enough to matter, and so long as mass immigration persists, it never will happen. Most are natural Democrats.

    Considering the extreme media bias against him, Trump would do well to win a quarter of the Hispanic vote.

  • McCrory says Trump is the 'outsider' needed to clean up Washington

    11/06/2016 7:26:01 AM PST · 11 of 18
    Aetius to Nextrush

    The Charlotte city council made transgender bathroom access an issue when they passed an extreme ordinance that would have forced private businesses and clubs to allow people to choose the bathroom which corresponded with their chosen gender.

    One can criticize McCrory and the GOP state legislature for passing a counter measure that went beyond simply negating the radical Charlotte ordinance if they want, but McCory didn’t pick this fight.

  • Tell Congress to reduce immigration back to traditional levels!

    11/04/2016 7:12:28 AM PDT · 15 of 21
    Aetius to

    If the 1965 Hart-Cellar bill had never been passed, then mass immigration wouldn’t have resumed. Remember, Ted Kennedy and other supports of that bill made a series of false promises to get it passed, chief among them that the overall levels of immigration would not be significantly changed. Matters were worsened in 1990 when Bush signed another Ted Kennedy immigration expansion bill into law. Among the bad parts of that bill were the creation of the Diversity Visa Lottery, which insanely doles out 50,000 visas a year to underrepresented nations.

    There was a chance to reverse the damage of those two bills and enact a significant reduction in legal immigration in the mid-90s after the Jordan Commission (chaired by liberal Democrat congresswoman Barbara Jordan)announced it’s very reasonable findings. Presdident Clinton expressed early support for the findings (he later backtracked after professional ethnic grievance groups started whining). A bill was crafted (Smith-Simpson) to enact these findings. It looked like the bill would pass, and force Clinton into an uncomfortable position of either vetoing a popular bill or signing it and upsetting the grievance groups. With reelection approaching, and with the white vote still overwhelmingly dominant, and with bipartisan support for the bill (the Democratic party not yet unanimous in support of unending and ever-increasing mass immigration) I think he would have eventually signed it.

    Had that happened, chain migration would likely have ended with the elimination of the adult sibling category. The Diversity Lottery visas would have been abolished. Immigration levels would still have been too high at between 500,000 and 600,000 per year, but it would have been an improvement.

    But the bill never passed. A group of immigration leftists on the GOP side sabotaged it, mainly because they didn’t like how it would reduce the amount of Democrat-importing legal immigration. Some of the villains included Senator Abraham from Michigan, Rep Dick Armey from Texas, Rep Sam Brownback from Kansas, and a staffer named Paul Ryan. Newt Gingrich can probably be included on that list too since he apparently made no attempt to stop those traitors and save the original bill.

    Had Smith-Simpson become law, there would have been fewer future Democrats imported over the next decade, which means Paul Ryan would have had a better chance of becoming Vice President in 2012. That Ryan helped ensure his own defeat with his actions as a staffer would be funny if the consequences for the nation weren’t so bad.

    Smith-Simpson was the last time conservative comprehensive immigration reform was truly before Congress. After 9-11 W could have, and should have, pursued a reduction in immigration, but of course he was totally worthless on the issue.

    Even today the desire for reducing legal immigration is still a mainstream American view, often still enjoying plurality or majority status, and always polling much higher than preference for increasing immigration. Yet politicians who hold the extreme view of massively increasing legal immigration have largely paid no price for holding a view opposed by the vast majority of Americans. Part of this is due to the fact that most of these mass immigration supporting politicians don’t advertise their views, and of course the media aids and abets them by not calling them out on it. I never heard any supporter of the Gang of Eight, or it’s W-era predecessors talk or brag about how the bills would have massively increased legal immigration. The worthless media of course gave that aspect of the bill no coverage. The bill was sold based on its popular parts, like punitive measures and a long path to citizenship for illegal aliens, plus (bogus) promises of enhanced enforcement, while the unpopular parts of the bill like the lack of teeth behind the punitive and enforcement measures, and the massive increase in legal immigration, were left out of the discussion. So basically they lie by omission, and their media allies let them get away with it. One exception may be that Hillary actually did openly call for an insane 500% increase in Syrian refugees, but she hasn’t exactly defended that view when called out on it by Trump, as instead she just deflects and says she supports screening out any of the dangerous ones.

    Another reason why mass immigration supporting politicians have not suffered for their out-of-the-mainstream positions is that while the Democrats no longer have any reasonable voices on immigration, the GOP has been fatally divided on the issue, with the base wanting less immigration while the Bush-Ryan type of leaders want more, resulting in no clear choice and distinction to the public. That has finally changed some this year with Trump. He has said he’s support legislation to reduce legal immigration, and his website immigration plan calls for reducing immigration levels to more moderate, historical levels. And while I give him credit for this, and acknowledge that immigration has been a big part of his campaign, I still don’t think he has been effective in talking about how excessive legal immigration levels are, and the need to reduce them. He’s good on illegal immigration, but talk about mass legal immigration requires a deeper, more wonkish grasp of the issue which Trump has shown signs of grasping in some speeches, but not in the debates or at rallies.

  • Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson is getting a nightly show on Fox News Channel (7PM)

    11/03/2016 10:36:04 AM PDT · 39 of 119
    Aetius to Murp

    I’ve liked Carlson since I saw him way back when he was on msnbc, and Bush and Ted Kennedy were trying to pass one of their immigration reform monstrosities. As with the Gang of Eight bill years later, there was almost zero attention given to how the Bush-Kennedy bill would have massively increased (Democrat-importing) legal immigration. Both the bill’s supporters and the media were almost completely silent about that little nugget.

    But Carlson actually talked about it on his show. That made him something of an admirable anomaly.

    He’s continued seeing the immigration issue outside of the Left’s mandated bounds on Fox, even daring to ask the outrageous question of how the United States is better off accepting lots of Muslim refugees. That’s the type of question that should be asked, but which too many allegedly conservative leaders have been conditioned to believe is out of bounds to ask.

  • The ACLU Care$

    11/03/2016 9:25:30 AM PDT · 3 of 22
    Aetius to Academiadotorg

    No “friend” would have anything to do with this attempt to destroy.

  • WBUR Poll: Trump Edges Ahead Of Clinton In N.H (Trump +1)

    11/03/2016 4:54:57 AM PDT · 15 of 22
    Aetius to Jim Noble

    I hope you’re right. I would add though that unfortunately those cold northern European nations are not nearly as homogeneous as they used to be.