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  • In Obama’s America, Democrats Turning Republican - A West Virginia state senator leaves the...

    08/01/2013 1:04:20 PM PDT · by neverdem · 25 replies
    National Review Online ^ | August 1, 2013 | Katrina Trinko
    A West Virginia state senator leaves the Democratic party.In West Virginia, a fed-up Democratic state senator is changing parties — and hoping to represent his state in Congress. State senator Evan Jenkins is done with President Obama’s vision for America. “The Obama agenda has become crystal clear,” he says, pointing to the president’s support for “immigration reform that includes amnesty provisions” as well as “his limitations on our constitutional rights relating to gun ownership,” “his environmental agenda, which spells the end of coal and coal jobs,” and “the government takeover of health care.” “Those are issues and positions that I...
  • There are no winners in war against moderates

    05/05/2012 3:57:17 PM PDT · by Maelstorm · 54 replies ^ | May 5, 2012 | Cokie and Steven Roberts
    Former Republican Rep. Tom Davis told The Hill newspaper: “The middle is getting squeezed,” but his comment vastly understates the crisis in the capital. Activists in both parties have declared war on moderates. The ideological gap between the two parties is widening rapidly. Paralysis is pervasive. Political scientist Keith Poole of the University of Georgia, who studies voting patterns, told the National Journal: “We are clearly as conflicted as we’ve been since 1905. The parties are, I think, completely dysfunctional and incapable of acting on major policy.” The National Journal reports that as recently as 1999, more than half of...
  • Blue Dog Dems face extinction

    04/17/2012 9:58:59 PM PDT · by neverdem · 27 replies
    POLITICO ^ | April 17, 2012 | Alex Isenstadt
    Just when the Blue Dogs thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.Two years after the 2010 midterm elections decimated their ranks, the coalition of conservative Democrats is poised to get pummeled again in November — moving the Blue Dogs dangerously close to extinction.Of the 24 remaining Blue Dogs, five are not seeking reelection. More than a half-dozen others are facing treacherous contests in which their reelection hopes are in jeopardy.It’s a rough time to occupy the right wing of the Democratic Party.“It’s a tough environment out there,” said former Alabama Rep. Bud Cramer, a longtime member of the House...
  • Blue Dog Democrats face extinction in next election

    04/17/2012 6:56:49 AM PDT · by rightwingintelligentsia · 31 replies
    Politico ^ | April 17, 2012 | ALEX ISENSTADT
    Just when the Blue Dogs thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Two years after the 2010 midterm elections decimated their ranks, the coalition of conservative Democrats is poised to get pummeled again in November — moving the Blue Dogs dangerously close to extinction. Of the 24 remaining Blue Dogs, five are not seeking reelection. More than a half-dozen others are facing treacherous contests in which their reelection hopes are in jeopardy. It’s a rough time to occupy the right wing of the Democratic Party. “It’s a tough environment out there,” said former Alabama Rep. Bud Cramer, a longtime...
  • Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina won't seek reelection (Another "Blue Dog" Runs Away)

    02/02/2012 3:28:15 PM PST · by tobyhill · 9 replies
    LA Times ^ | 2/2/2012 | Kathleen Hennessey
    A rare breed just got rarer. Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina, one of the few remaining white Southern Democrats in the House, has announced he will retire rather than run in what was expected to his toughest race yet. Shuler is a leader of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats, a shrinking coalition of moderates who were known for, among other things, causing headaches for Nancy Pelosi during her years as speaker. Shuler launched a doomed bid against the California Democrat for the minority leader post in 2010. He got 43 votes. The Heisman Trophy runner-up and former Washington Redskins...
  • Blue Dog Dems getting nervous about the balanced-budget amendment

    10/13/2011 11:54:38 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 16 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 13 Oct 2011 | Ed Morrissey
    If Republicans want to push even more Democrats out of Congress next year, one Democrat has suggested a strategy to succeed. The Hill reports that Blue Dog Democrats have begun to worry that Republicans will win the 2012 debate by backing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, especially with an electorate so skeptical of government spending. Rep. Henry Cuellar recommends that Democrats come up with their own BBA plan, and quickly: Democrats in Congress are urging their party leaders to get behind a balanced-budget amendment (BBA), fearing that Republicans will use the issue as a political weapon in 2012....
  • Radical Senate Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

    03/03/2011 11:39:50 AM PST · by red meat conservative · 4 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 03/03/11 | Daniel
    It is well known that the Senate Democrats are on the ropes in 2012.  They are forced to defend 23 seats with many of them being highly vulnerable or open as a result of retirement.  In an attempt to ensconce their true radical ideology from their constituents, a group of 18 Democrat Senators have announce the formation of a new 'moderate' caucus for the 112th Congress.  In case any of you were wondering how there are 18 moderate Democrats when not a single one dissented from leadership on major bills, you are not missing anything.  Take a look at the...
  • The end of the Blue Dogs?

    02/09/2011 1:32:09 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 20 replies
    Hot Air ^ | February 7, 2011 | Ed Morrissey
    Meet Ashley Bell, a young man who looked to have a bright future in the Democratic Party.  Now he looks for a brighter future — as a Republican.  The former national president of College Democrats of America has joined an exodus of moderates and conservatives from the Democratic Party in the South after the midterm elections: For Democrats, Ashley Bell was the kind of comer that a party builds a future on: A young African American lawyer, he served as president of the College Democrats of America, advised presidential candidateJohn Edwards and spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in...
  • The Great Blue Dog Flip Flop

    01/21/2011 8:33:18 AM PST · by craigedwards · 7 replies ^ | 1/21/2011 | Craig Edwards
    When Obamacare passed Congress in 2010, 39 so called ‘Blue Dog’ House Democrats voted against the bill. Only 13 of which survived re-election in the 2010 Mid-Terms. When the 112th Congress voted on repealing Obamacare (HR.2), only Rep. Dan Boren (OK-2), Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC-7), and Rep. Mike Ross (AR-4) voted to repeal. The remaining 10 instead voted instead to keep Obamacare intact.
  • Remember Those Red District ObamaCare Socialists in 2012

    01/19/2011 5:03:29 PM PST · by red meat conservative · 6 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 01/19/11 | Daniel
    Thankfully, the Republican controlled House just passed the repeal of Obamacare by a 245-189 margin.  Three Democrats; Mike Ross (AR), Dan Boren (OK), and Mike McIntyre (NC), joined every Republican in support of repeal.  This means that 10 of the remaining 13 Democrats who voted against Obama Care to win reelection last year, showed their true colors by opposing repeal. Here are the ten Democrat turncoats: Ben Chandler ( Ky.), John Barrow ( Ga.) Heath Schuler ( N.C.), Larry Kissell ( N.C.), Stephen Lynch ( Mass.), Jason Altmire ( Pa.), Tim Holden ( Pa.), Collin Peterson ( Minn), Dan Lipinski...
  • The Same Blue Dog and Pony Show as Before

    01/06/2011 10:36:54 AM PST · by red meat conservative · 3 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 01/06/11 | Daniel
    Well, it appears that nothing has changed for the decimated Blue Dog coalition of self professed moderates.  They have always launched their rebellion against the leadership in highly symbolic ways, while acquiescing to them like lap dogs when it really counted.  Nothing has changed in this congress. 19 Democrats voted for someone other than Nancy Pelosi for Speaker: Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, John Barrow of Georgia, Sanford Bishop of Georgia, Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Dennis Cardoza of California, Jim Costa of California, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, Tim Holden of Pennsylvania, Ron Kind...
  • Joe Manchin, The Left Wind Lapdog for Radical Feminism

    11/18/2010 11:18:55 AM PST · by red meat conservative · 7 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 11/18/10 | Daniel
    We knew that it wouldn't take too long for Joe Manchin to shed his conservative camouflage and leave it behind in the Mountain state.  Well, it turns out that he has gone all in for the job killing, socialist agenda on his first day in the Senate.  After voting to make anti gun, cap and trade supporting Harry Reid Majority Leader, Manchin voted with Reid on two other measures yesterday.  He voted for the job killing FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) and the Paycheck Fairness Act(S. 3772). We already detailed some of the egregious provisions of the food...
  • Please don't confuse Bill Maher with the facts

    11/11/2010 6:42:19 AM PST · by Alaphiah123 · 11 replies
    Creating Orwellian Worldview ^ | 11/11/10 | Alaphiah
    Bill Maher made his fame because he has the ability to argue nonsensical arguments while getting dolts to agree and applaud, makes another outlandish statement. Case in point Bill attempts to argue two points. First Blue Dog Democrats, who were voted in by Conservatives in Conservative districts only because Blue Dogs presented themselves as Conservatives, were voted out in the midterm elections because the Blue Dogs distanced themselves from the president. Huh? Wouldn’t distancing themselves from president Soetoro help Blue Dogs because of Conservative and Independent backlash against the Liberal president and his Liberal policies? Second Maher argues the Conservative...
  • The Next Set Of Cracks Appear… (The forthcoming Obama-gate scandal)

    11/08/2010 7:18:46 AM PST · by RobinMasters · 113 replies · 1+ views
    Constitution Club ^ | NOVEMBER 8, 2010 | Constitution Club
    You don’t send scores of your faithful blithely off the electoral precipice without consequences.Last January, in the thick of the Obamacare debate, nervous Blue Dog Democrats met with Obama and communicated their unease. They specifically brought up Clinton’s electoral backlash in 1994, caused – to some degree – by Clinton’s failed effort to do exactly what Obama was having them do now: pass a healthcare plan. According to retiring democratic Rep Marion Berry, as reported in ADG (subscription only, but here’s a good link from Politico to get the general gist), Obama dismissed their concerns, claiming his popularity would...
  • Democrats hope to stem GOP tide in Mississippi

    11/08/2010 7:03:37 AM PST · by Sybeck1 · 16 replies
    The Memphis Commercial Appeal ^ | 11/08/2010 | Shelia Byrd
    Democrats hope to stem GOP tide in Mississippi After election slap, party plots to regain its relevance Calls to "take back America" preceded last week's remodeling of the congressional makeup, and Mississippi residents can expect to hear a similar refrain during the 2011 statewide and legislative races -- this time from a different political party. Jamie Franks, chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, said part of the Democrats' strategy to win offices next year will include reminding voters that Republicans have been leading the state for the last eight years. Nearly all the statewide offices, including the governor's office, are...
  • Election nearly wipes out white Southern Democrats

    11/05/2010 12:20:19 PM PDT · by Colofornian · 38 replies
    AP ^ | Nov. 5, 2010 | Ben Evans
    The white Southern sliding nearer to extinction. ...The carnage...was...brutal in the Deep South, white Democrat survived across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. SNIP "Right now in most of Dixie it is culturally unacceptable to be a Democrat...," said Dave...Saunders, a campaign strategist... SNIP Democrats...lost at least 19 Southern House members and...senator Blanche Lincoln...the most conservative Democrats...four-term Rep. Jim Marshall of Georgia and 10-term Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi couldn't withstand the wave. It also snared ...veterans...John Spratt of South Carolina,... 14-term chairman of the House Budget Committee, and 14-term Rep. Rick Boucher of Virginia. When the...
  • Republican Raul Labrador Upsets Blue Dog Walt Minnick in Idaho

    11/05/2010 8:00:43 AM PDT · by rrstar96 · 11 replies
    Politics Daily ^ | November 3, 2010 | Michael Ames
    BOISE, Idaho -- In an upset win in one of the most unusual House races in the country, underdog Republican Raul Labrador has won Idaho's 1st congressional district over the favored incumbent, Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Walt Minnick. At 12:55 a.m., Minnick conceded on Twitter. The Associated Press in Boise called the race for Labrador minutes later. In a statement Wednesday, Minnick said he phoned Labrador and "wished him every success... I, in particular hope he can be successful in working with the administration and his colleagues of both parties in the exceedingly important task ahead of putting our country...
  • Democratic Big Dogs, Blue Dogs, Young Pups Swept Away

    11/04/2010 9:32:21 PM PDT · by freespirited · 13 replies
    Politics Daily ^ | 11/03/10 | Andrea Stone
    <p>Change has turned to carnage for Democrats on Capitol Hill.</p> <p>Freshmen. Veterans. East. West. North. South. Conservative. Liberal. If it was blue, it bled.</p> <p>Voters who didn't believe in the change President Obama's party gave them -- economic stimulus, health care coverage, financial reform -- cashiered more of them than in possibly any midterm election since 1938. At least 60 seats in the House and a minimum of six in the Senate now belong to Republicans.</p>
  • Trust Given but Cynically Destroyed! The Lie of "Progressives"!

    11/03/2010 5:17:58 PM PDT · by FiddlePig · 1 replies
    Success and failure are in the eye of the beholder, so if damaging freedom and prosperity was the goal, president Obama and Democrat “Progressives” are extremely successful. If the well being of the people was the objective, they have indeed been an abysmal failure! Yesterday (11/2) the people pushed back a bit. In this push back we saw the slaughter of the "Blue Dogs". They were but lambs/pawns sacrificed on Obama and Nancy's altar of "change"... done in for the most part, by the actions of their own party's leadership and in their own outright disdain of their constituents wishes!...
  • Gene Taylor MS concedes, Runyan wins

    11/02/2010 8:45:28 PM PDT · by Sybeck1 · 7 replies
    Gene Taylor MS concedes, Runyan wins
  • Boot the Blue Dogs

    10/26/2010 10:32:57 AM PDT · by neverdem · 12 replies
    NY Times ^ | October 23, 2010 | ARI BERMAN
    IN 2008, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign seemed to rewrite all the rules in electoral politics and herald a new progressive era in America. Democrats assembled a huge Congressional majority and, in the euphoria that followed the historic election, were poised to enact sweeping change. However, despite some notable successes — the stimulus package, health care reform, tighter rules for the financial industry — things have not gone according to plan. Just two years later, Democrats face a bad economy, a skeptical public, a re-energized Republican Party and a coming avalanche of losses in the midterm elections. What happened? One important...
  • Blue Dogs Face Sharp Losses in Midterms

    10/25/2010 7:57:16 PM PDT · by GOP_Lady · 25 replies · 1+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 10-26-10 | GERALD F. SEIB
    WASHINGTON—More than half the members of the Blue Dog Coalition—the organization of moderate to conservative Democrats in the House—are in peril in next week's election, a stark indicator of how the balloting could produce a Congress even more polarized than the current one. The Blue Dogs are often seen as a kind of human bridge, connecting left and right in the House. But that bridge is imperiled by the coming Republican wave in midterm elections, the most stark example of how the midterms are likely to weaken Capitol Hill's political center. Of 54 Blue Dogs in the House, six already...
  • Democratic Rep. Taylor says he voted McCain for president, not Obama

    10/25/2010 4:37:33 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 21 replies
    The Hill ^ | October 25, 2010 | Jordan Fabian
    Conservative Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) said he voted for GOP Sen. John McCain for president in 2008, not Barack Obama. The revelation by Taylor, an 11-term incumbent facing a tough reelection battle, is one of the most extreme examples yet of a Democrat distancing himself from his party’s unpopular leaders. Taylor, who has been taking step after to step to highlight his independence from Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), told a reporter for The Sun Herald of South Mississippi about his secret ballot two years ago. “I did not vote for Obama. I voted for Sen. McCain,” Taylor told...
  • Which Blue Dogs Might Switch Parties?

    10/22/2010 8:01:08 AM PDT · by red meat conservative · 32 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 10/22/10 | Daniel
    In an ideal world, there would not be a single blue dog left in congress on November 3rd. All of them reside in strong or lean GOP districts and in a year when congress critters like John Dingell and Barney Frank are in trouble, one would assume that all the blue dogs would be long gone. Unfortunately, there are a few districts that will retain some of their blue dog frauds unless there is a drastic change over the next 11 days. In some of these districts the Republican candidate never gained traction, while in others, the blue dog was...
  • So, Will You Vote for Nancy Pelosi?

    10/13/2010 6:13:25 AM PDT · by red meat conservative · 11 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 10/13/10 | Daniel
    In light of all the recent news about Democrat candidates running as John Birchers, I felt is was finally time to call their bluff. We are in a very good position to take back the House, but there is some polling evidence that some of the red district blue dog frauds are still hanging in there. Keep in mind that there are 70 Dems in R rated districts. A handful of them are doing relatively well because they try to block out their party label, run against the liberal platform, attack their Republican opponent from the right, or tout endorsements...
  • The Chamber's "Foreign" Funds are Preserving Obama's Majority

    10/11/2010 10:38:08 AM PDT · by red meat conservative · 1 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 10/11/10 | Daniel
    Last week, we compiled a list of Democrats who were endorsed by the NRA. (It was posted on Red State here) Some expressed surprise at how the NRA would negate their own interests by supporting Democrats in the vital districts that are needed for them to preserve their majority. Well, the Chamber of Commerce in no different. They are out endorsing liberal fraud, blue dog, Frank Kratovil over conservative Andy Harris in Maryland's 1st district. The Chamber has contributed over $168,000 to Kratovil! Meanwhile, throughout the weekend the Obama administration has been attacking the Chamber of Commerce and accusing them...
  • 12 Democrat Incumbents Are Behind in New Poll

    10/06/2010 6:24:31 AM PDT · by red meat conservative · 13 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 10/06/10 | Daniel
    The Hill just published the results of 12 House polls that they conducted together with America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA). The Republican challenger is ahead in 11 of them and tied with the Democrat in one district. Over the next few weeks the Hill will publish poll results in 42 districts. The survey size is 400 per district with a 4.9% margin of error. Oh, and by the way, the poll team is being led by Democrat consultant Mark Penn. Here are the results: AZ-1: Republican Paul Gosar leads Dem. Ann Kirkpatrick 46-39. CO-4: Republican Cory Gardner leads Democrat Betsey...
  • The NRA is Helping Preserve the Anti Gun Democrat Majority

    10/05/2010 5:13:55 AM PDT · by red meat conservative · 16 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 10/05/10 | Daniel
    Believe it or not, the only ones who might help Nancy Pelosi save her House majority are those who run legislative affairs at the NRA. So called Blue Dog Democrats across the nation are campaigning as red meat conservatives in their home districts, while running deceptive ads about their Republican opponents. They campaign as if they have nothing to do with the Democrat Party that they propelled to power and which passed all of the nefarious legislation that they purport to oppose. The sick irony is that the more successful these liars are in distancing themselves from Pelosi, the more...
  • The Lap Dog Coalition

    10/04/2010 5:47:02 AM PDT · by GOP_Lady · 18 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 10-04-10 | CHRIS CHOCOLA
    Blue Dog Democrats voted with Nancy Pelosi 80% of the time on economic issues. In the House of Representatives, the 54 members of the Blue Dog Coalition are the self-described fiscal conservatives in the Democratic caucus. Unfortunately, the description doesn't fit. Organizing into a coalition after the Republican takeover of the House in 1994, the Blue Dogs branded themselves loyal but conservative Democrats. They were, in the words of Rep. Pete Geren of Texas, yellow dogs who had been "choked blue" by the strident economic liberalism of their party leaders. In their first Congress, the Blue Dogs mostly lived up...
  • Unions Retreat on Criticism of Dems That Didn't Support Obamacare

    09/22/2010 9:23:21 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 3 replies
    Publius Forum ^ | 09/22/10 | Warner Todd Huston
    Earlier in this election cycle unions were pumped up with an assumed sense of supreme power, they had spent millions to elect their guy to the White House and they were ready to flex their muscles. Unions began to direct that assumed power against Democrats that were reticent to support Obama's takeover of our healthcare system. In some early primaries unions spoke out against these so-called Blue-dog Democrats and said they would not support them but at the other end of this primary season unions are singing a different tune. With the obvious downturn in support that Democrats have seen...
  • Obama is trying to pull a ‘Rev. Wright’ to save the Blue Dogs?

    08/23/2010 8:17:38 PM PDT · by Big Bureaucracy · 10 replies
    Big Bureaucracy ^ | August 23rd, 2010 | Ellie Velinska
    Embracing the Ground Zero mosque? The vacationer-in-chief is puzzling the world. Why is all this self-destructive behavior from Barack Obama? Here is an idea: maybe it is about giving a chance to democrats in conservative districts to distance themselves from the President without offending the liberal base. Remember Rev. Wright? The radical pastor’s sermons were about to cost candidate Obama the democratic primary in 2008. Then something interesting happened. Rev Wright scheduled appearance in the National press-club... The pastor stood up in front of the cameras and made sure the judges from the mainstream media give him the ‘insanity...
  • It's Time to Expose and Defeat Every Blue Dog Democrat

    08/19/2010 7:33:40 AM PDT · by red meat conservative · 7 replies
    Red Meat Conservative ^ | 08/19/2010 | Daniel
    The Democrats currently have a 39 seat majority in Congress, however 58 members of their caucus are "blue dogs". These 58 Democrats describe themselves as fiscal conservatives (and in some cases social conservatives) and represent districts that range from marginally Republican to "red meat conservative". The problem is that there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat in the 21st century. Most of the blue dogs are in fact Pelosi lapdogs who vote with their leadership on a majority of issues and on virtually all of the vital procedural votes. Even the few blue dogs who vote with Republicans...
  • In key contests, Democrats championing gun rights

    07/14/2010 6:13:47 AM PDT · by Second Amendment First · 25 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | July 14, 2010 | Susan Milligan
    Democratic candidates in key states are embracing gun owners’ rights, winning favor from the National Rifle Association, a lobby that has long been the target of disdain from the party faithful. In New Hampshire, Representative Paul Hodes, a Democratic Senate candidate, has an “A minus’’ NRA rating, potentially insulating him from progun rights attacks in a state that’s big on hunting and personal liberties. Senate majority leader Harry Reid, in a bruising campaign for reelection in Nevada, has conservative activists buzzing because the NRA is considering endorsing his reelection. Indiana’s Democratic Senate candidate Brad Ellsworth, who has an “A’’ rating...
  • Obama Prepares to Back the Bus Over Blue Dogs After November Election

    07/05/2010 3:56:31 PM PDT · by Askwhy5times · 19 replies · 3+ views
    Bluegrass Pundit ^ | July 5, 2010 | Bluegrass Pundit
    President Obama embarked on a what seemed to be an insane strategy last year. Shortly after passing the Stimulus, he had his minions on the Hill, Reid and Pelosi, launch full throttle into two of the most controversial legislative issues ever to face Congress. The House passed Cap-and-Trade climate change legislation in June of 2009. The Senate failed to take up the bill because of lack of support among many Midwest Democratic Senators. Undeterred, President Obama had Pelosi start the process of ramming Health Care Reform through the House. After much twisting of 'Blue Dog' Democrats arms, the House passed...
  • Democrat Turned Republican Parker Griffith Loses in Alabama GOP Primary

    06/01/2010 9:51:13 PM PDT · by Talkradio03 · 11 replies · 834+ views
    hotairpundit ^ | 6/2/10 | HAP
    Parker Griffith, considered a blue dog, switched to the Republican party on December 22, tonight was the GOP Primary in Alabama, Griffith comes up short to Mo Brooks....(Results)
  • The NRA and the Blue Dogs - America’s foremost gun-rights organization faces some tough...

    05/13/2010 1:55:15 PM PDT · by neverdem · 61 replies · 1,018+ views
    NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE ^ | May 13, 2010 | Jim Geraghty
    The NRA and the Blue DogsAmerica’s foremost gun-rights organization faces some tough decisions this year.  As the National Rifle Association’s annual convention opens Thursday in Charlotte, N.C., the organization finds itself in strong shape — but facing some difficult decisions. In the eyes of most conservative organizations, the Obama administration has already enacted a cornucopia of bad legislation, but the president and his team have been relatively quiet on gun issues. In February 2009, newly appointed Attorney General Eric Holder indicated he wanted to reinstate the expired assault-weapons ban, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for the same while...
  • Palin Headed to NRA Convention

    05/04/2010 6:19:09 PM PDT · by militanttoby · 39 replies · 1,145+ views
    U.S.News ^ | May 03, 2010 | Paul Bedard
    After former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin urged a "Don't Retreat, Instead—RELOAD!" strategy to her fellow Tea Party and anti-Washington fans on Twitter last month, she was slapped by liberals and Democrats for using deplorable gun imagery. But Palin is not about to holster her rhetorical sidearm. What's more, she's leading a posse of Second Amendment-supporting Republicans to the annual National Rifle Association convention later this month in Charlotte, N.C. Take a gander at who's on the docket, which looks like the conservative roundup for the 2012 GOP primaries: Palin, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former United Nations Ambassador John...
  • New Obama push meets Hill resistance

    03/31/2010 2:43:01 PM PDT · by neverdem · 35 replies · 1,666+ views
    Politico ^ | March 31, 2010 | Jonathan Allen
    The president’s push to turn health care reform into a catalyst for the rest of his agenda is getting mixed early reactions on Capitol Hill, where Democratic leaders' desire to take advantage of healthy majorities before the November elections must contend with lawmakers’ survival instincts. White House aides told POLITICO earlier this week that an emboldened Barack Obama plans to parlay his win on health care into a crackdown on Wall Street excesses, a rewrite of education and campaign finance laws and possibly a climate change bill — all before the fall's midterms. But aides and members, Republicans and Democrats...
  • Thinking of Freeping my Blue Dog Rep Thursday(MS 01)

    03/29/2010 6:30:19 PM PDT · by Sybeck1 · 20 replies · 232+ views
    Well I am off Thursday. With the wife at work and the kids at school. I was thinking of taking some signs and going to protest Travis Childers. Now if anyone in the 1st district could offer any suggestions, I would appreciate them. I am not going to do it here in my hometown of Southaven but drive down maybe to Pontotoc (Does he have an office there?) I want to get a bigger bang for my time, and well Desoto county will vote against the guy anyway. What town would be better if not Pontotoc? Well the locals tolerate...
  • 34 "Blue Dog" No votes... We Better Vote ‘Em out Anyway, Just to be Safe!

    03/23/2010 5:13:33 PM PDT · by FiddlePig · 28 replies · 519+ views
    RedNeckoBlogger ^ | 3/23/2010 | RedNeckoBlogger
    There are news reports that Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leadership are fiercely angry with Representative Mike McMahon (D-NY) and the 33 other alleged “moderate” Democrats for their NO votes on the Heathcare monster. It’s being reported he and others who defied leadership's “arm twisting” have been threatened with little or no help in their re-election efforts. If you believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn and one hellova fine health insurance plan to sell you! Folks DON’T BUY IT... it’s as truthful as President Obama’s deficit cutting efforts! Believe me! It's all a ruse, a 'headfake'. There are NO...
  • So Much For Blue Dog Democrats

    03/22/2010 8:30:39 AM PDT · by Slyscribe · 74 replies · 1,455+ views
    IBD's Capital Hill ^ | 3/22/2010 | Ed Carson
    Bart Stupak’s surrender on ObamaCare likely signals the end of pro-life Democrats, as several commentators have noted. But Sunday’s votes also may mark the end of Democrats’ revival in the South and Midwest. The party made a concerted effort in 2006 and 2008 to recruit candidates that could win moderate or GOP-leaning districts. That’s a key reason why Democrats won such big congressional majorities. But after forging a big-tent caucus, Speaker Pelosi has not governed that way. Instead, she pushed Blue Dog and other moderate Democrats to vote as if they represented her San Francisco district.
  • Tanner Press Release (Tanner (D) TN is a "no")

    03/21/2010 10:49:37 AM PDT · by teg_76 · 28 replies · 949+ views
    “After thorough and careful review of the legislation, I am unconvinced that the long-term trend of rising health care costs is adequately addressed and am therefore unable to support the legislation.”
  • Rep. Altmire [D-PA] will vote against the health care bill

    03/19/2010 7:09:32 PM PDT · by Ditto · 30 replies · 562+ views
    Pittsburgh Tribune Review ^ | March 19, 2010 | Mike Wereschagin
    U.S. Rep. Jason Altmire will vote against the health care bill when the House votes in the next few days, despite weeks of personal entreaties from President Obama and Democratic House leaders, he said today. Altmire, D-McCandless, was considered an important swing vote for House leaders who are trying to attract 216 supporters for the signature domestic initiative of Obama's presidency. Altmire voted against a previous health care bill last year ,and as the climactic vote on this Senate bill approaches, he has been buffeted by protests for and against the plan, intense lobbying in Congress and two visits to...
  • Shuler says he will vote no on health care reform

    03/19/2010 3:25:51 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 86 replies · 3,625+ views
    link only | 03.19.10
  • Northeastern Pa. congressmen weigh tough vote

    03/18/2010 9:24:05 PM PDT · by Born Conservative · 8 replies · 429+ views
    Pocono Record ^ | 3/18/2010 | David Pierce
    Two undecided northeastern Pennsylvania Democrats may decide the fate of health care overhaul legislation slated for a House vote this weekend. That hardly makes Congressmen Paul Kanjorski and Chris Carney happy. Their political futures hang in the balance. "It's an issue that creates enormous public grief for them," says Pennsylvania political analyst Professor Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster. "It's not popular. Pieces of it are. But on the whole, people are against it." Kanjorski, whose 11th District includes Monroe County, and Carney, whose 10th District encompasses Pike County, haven't tipped their hands about how they'll vote....
  • Buying Votes With Water

    03/18/2010 5:21:26 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 50 replies · 1,413+ views ^ | March 18, 2010 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Politics: The water spigots are back on, at least temporarily, in California's Central Valley. Turned off to protect a tiny fish, they happen to be in the districts of two congressmen "undecided" on health care reform. One could chalk it up to good fortune or just good constituent service. But in the middle of a contentious health care debate marked by Cornhusker Kickbacks and Louisiana Purchases, we may be forgiven if we find an announcement by the Department of the Interior regarding California's water supply a tad too coincidental. On Tuesday, the Department of the Interior announced it was increasing...
  • "Oh, Give Me a Phone" (Dialing The Dirty Dozen)

    03/15/2010 5:43:00 PM PDT · by Mrs. Don-o · 72 replies · 902+ views
    List from Code Red ^ | March 15, 2010 | Mrs. Don-o
    OH, GIVE ME A PHONE Oh, give me a phone Where the Democrats roam, In the land of the Bribe and the Spin, Where we never let up On the Blue Doggie pups, Cause we won't let Obamunists win. Phone, e-mail and yell, Whether doggies be Red, White or Blue, Then we'll barge through the dooor, And we'll sit on the floooor, Till they join the Tea Party too! TOLL-FREE PHONE CALLING When the Capitol operator comes on, just ask for your Rep or Senator’s office. 1-866-220-0044 Note: the Toll-Free number above will ONLY work to get you to...
  • Two More House Dems To Vote No

    03/12/2010 10:06:57 AM PST · by Track9 · 16 replies · 1,062+ views
    The PumbLine by way of HotAir ^ | 3/12/10 | Greg Sargent's blog
    Dem Rep Ben Chandler of Kentucky, a prominent Blue Dog who voted No last time but has since been undecided, will vote against the Senate bill. “Congressman Chandler’s position on the bill remains the same,” Chandler spokesperson Jennifer Krimm tells our reporter Ryan Derousseau. “He expects to vote against the legislation.” Separately, Dem Rep Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, an influential member of the Congressional Hispanic caucus who voted Yes last time, is also a No vote, his spokesperson confirms. There was some confusion this morning about Gutierrez’s intentions, after he said on MSNBC that the immigration language in the bill...
  • My Blue Dog Democrat voting for Healthcare!!

    03/11/2010 10:50:31 AM PST · by Granny Rudd · 24 replies · 1,119+ views
    3/11/2010 | Me
    I just called my Congressman's office and found out that this Blue Dog Democrat is voting for the healthcare bill. Patrick Murphy of PA district 8 is going along with the White House. His office says that Murphy believes we need healthcare and we need it now. I told her that if he votes for this he will see the door in Nov. I told her I will work night and day to make sure he is removed and I am not the only one who feels that way. I hope he gets defeated in Nov.
  • How YOU can encourage a blue dog to vote against Obamacare (announcing the FAX plan)

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