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  • <B>Hey, butthead, why is your sleeve so shiny?

    03/19/2019 8:47:02 PM PDT · by budj · 8 replies
    vanity | 3/19/19 | self
  • Remember The Face Book Massacre

    03/14/2019 11:13:01 PM PDT · by Revel · 35 replies
    3/15/19 | Self
    Since this terrible tragedy was broadcast live on Face Book then I believe that we should refer to it as such. The MSM and the left is already trying to tie Trump to it. Some people will remember when the left went after Gab and made their host And all main stream financial services drop them. Because A shooter just happened to post on Gab. Well conservatives, this is you chance to turn the tables. Always swap out "Christ Church" With "Face book". This is the Face Book Massacre. This was a Face book shooting.
  • keeping things in perspective

    03/15/2019 2:19:12 AM PDT · by franksolich · 14 replies
    slef | March 15, 2019 | self
    As one can see from many of the overnight posts on the internet, our fifth column was busy, trying to remind us that "everybody does it," "both sides do it," in reference to the murders in New Zealand. And I have no doubt that during the day, here and elsewhere, the Demos, primitives, and other appeasers and virtue signallers are going to continually refrain this, "everybody does it," "both sides do it." Which of course is nonsense. The murder of forty people from the other side is not the same as the all those whose lives have been taken from...
  • JOE MONTANA Named in Admissions Scandal.

    03/14/2019 8:05:01 PM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 63 replies
    Saw it on Yahoo. Of course he denies getting special privileges for his daughter's admission. As I see it he's done so much for the university sports-wise his kids should be given Carte Blanche treatment. My only problem with Joe is that he didn't have to apply and receive Workmen's Comp for football injuries. He was a millionaire many times over at the time.
  • Let’s List All of the Gigolo Politicians We Can Think Of—“Opportunistict Babe Moochers”

    03/14/2019 7:11:36 PM PDT · by Be Careful · 7 replies
    For starters, we have John McCain, John Kerry, Robert “Gigolo” O’Rourke, and Paul Ryan. Any others you can think of to add to the list?
  • 11 Reublican senators want more Illegals!

    03/14/2019 2:04:31 PM PDT · by entropy12 · 45 replies
    Emergency Resolution Disapproval PASSES 59-41 with Romney & Rubio voting against the emergency funding for the Wall. Republican "YES" votes: Alexander Blunt Collins Lee Murkowski Paul Portman Romney Rubio Toomey Wicker
  • "Apollo 11" movie review (Spoiler: We land on the moon!)

    03/13/2019 7:18:05 PM PDT · by LS · 51 replies
    self | 3/13/2019 | LS
    So far this year, if there is one move you should see it's a space movie. No, not "Captain Marvel." It's "Apollo 11," and believe it or not, it's by (gulp) CNN. That's right. Well done, CNN. Using often the highest quality documentary footage from NASA's moon mission, this film follows the spacecraft from its slow slothlike transit to the launch pad to the three Apollo astronauts climbing aboard to the army of engineers, scientists, and technicians in both Florida and in Houston as Apollo 11 makes its epic voyage. With the exception of a very few well-placed simple animations...
  • Naomi Rao Confirmed to Replace Kavanaugh on the DC Circuit

    03/13/2019 3:27:32 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 16 replies
    36th Circuit Court judge confirmed!
  • Is anybody noticing anything?

    03/13/2019 3:22:23 PM PDT · by CJ Wolf · 218 replies
    Just checking.
  • Pacific Pro Football League-The Alternative to College Football

    03/13/2019 7:38:44 AM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 24 replies
    It limits employment to 18-20 year olds. Ineligible for the NFL but good for those who don't belong in a big time college program where they are used as indentured servants for 3+ years. $50k/yr + enrollment at a local community college. NFL style football rather than the spread style college game which is unsuited for training for the NFL. It fills a BIG void. Gainful employment and no pressure as students/celebrities. They can pay their bills while getting more NFL ready. Would it work? Anything that would get the thugs off campus would help clean up the graft going...
  • Recall Newsom

    03/12/2019 8:30:15 PM PDT · by rintintin · 14 replies
    He has gone against the will of the voters, arbitrarily ending the death penalty for vicious killers If the California GOP had a pulse, they’d file recall papers tomorrow

    03/12/2019 7:38:52 AM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 26 replies
    Jefferson built a Navy that all Americans paid for while it was the merchant class that got most of the benefits. Europe wouldn't fight to free their captured people and offered us no help. Washington(entangling alliances) wanted to pay a higher ransom and John Adams fought against the naval buildup. Is the issue settled after 200+ years? We've got our own oil. We can turn the whole muslim world into glass, something that just may be necessary at some date. The Crusades were too ragtag to engage in whack-a-mole. Tell me what Trump should do.
  • Silly Vanity: Early pic of DJT @ Browning Machine Gun Factory

    03/06/2019 6:56:40 PM PST · by Attention Surplus Disorder · 24 replies
    YouTube ^ | May 19, 2014 | Unknown
    I couldn't resist posting this.

    03/06/2019 9:27:35 AM PST · by DIRTYSECRET · 13 replies
    I'm getting tired of this crap of his. Who will it be? Any familiar house member will be too afraid like the rest of them. A no name protest candidate means the seat is gone. Trump will be on the ballot which should help. As for Tillis He could have waited until his 2nd term to start playing games but like Mr. Flake he seems to be afraid of those he needs to stand up to-just like the fictional house member that needs to step up. Hickenlooper(Co.) will run for Gardner's seat once he realizes going for POTUS will leave...
  • New 2019 TRAFFIC LAWS for California

    03/05/2019 9:09:14 PM PST · by hapnHal · 66 replies
    5 Mar 19 | hapnHal
    New Traffic Laws in CA Driving in CA is more expensive for people who do CA stops at signs, among other violations. Special reminder: California's new traffic fine rules were released on January 1, 2019: • Forgot to carry your driver's license $214 • Forgot to change the address (more than ten days) $214 • Uninsured car in an accident $796 and Driver's license revoked for 4 years. •Failed to stop at red light or turning right at No Turn on Red $533 • Crossing a double yellow line $425. • Violation of the turn or U-turn $284. • Speeding...
  • Will Jeff Bezos(Amazon) get rid of the laundromat?

    03/04/2019 12:18:53 AM PST · by DallasBiff · 13 replies
    Vanity | 3/4/19 | Dallasbiff
    Amazon is into everything, Hey get your laundry by drone.
  • Who Is Maxine Waters Married To?

    03/03/2019 10:36:53 AM PST · by hapnHal · 34 replies
    03 Mar 19 | hapnHal
    Maxine Waters (D) 43rd district CA Annual Salary $174,000 CA Residence net worth $3.9 million ? Ever wonder how Maxine Waters could afford her multi-million Los Angeles mansion, which also happens to be in one of the wealthiest areas in the city. The Waters’ home isn’t within her district, which is one of the poorest in California. We all know not to mess with Auntie Maxine by now, especially after how she’s dealt with critics in the past. Maxine has stated that she owns several properties. Well, how can Auntie Maxine afford all this, which brings up the next question?...
  • Meghan McCain

    03/02/2019 6:18:28 PM PST · by suekas · 32 replies
    3/2/2019 | suekas
    Meghan McCain is as small a person, as her father. She has gone after Ivanka Trump, at least twice, on air. Ivanka is working hard for the American people...and worked hard in the business world. Meghan, like her father, thinks they deserve adoration. Meghan’s mother, was John’s sugar-momma. She dated John while he was married to another woman. His new sugar momma was addicted to drugs. She got drug prescriptions under her employees names, but was never prosecuted. Meghan had professional hair and make-up, for her father’s ridiculous funeral. Water proof make-up. Very theatrical! John McCain was a small minded...
  • Vanity: Where are Pookies toons

    02/28/2019 7:39:17 AM PST · by Not gonna take it anymore · 45 replies
    I haven't seen Pookies cartoons for several days now. Anybody know if he is okay?
  • TRUMP IN CHARGE: Could WW2 Have Been Avoided?

    02/28/2019 6:31:09 AM PST · by DIRTYSECRET · 99 replies
    Temperature is down with the Norks so I'm beginning to think so. He's certainly no Chamberlin. He would have left Japan alone to let them be the big brother of Asia. The Hearst News Syndicate would have been told to go pound sand.