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  • Top Five Overrated Rifle Cartridges

    03/23/2015 7:35:33 PM PDT · by Blood of Tyrants · 99 replies
    NRA American Hunter ^ | 3/23/2015 | Philip Massaro
    The myriad selection of rifle cartridges today has a metric ton of overlap, duplication, and some downright silly designs. Some of these designs boast wonderful claims, but not all of them measure up. In order to be overrated, you have to be rated at all, so that leaves some of the more obscure designs off the menu. Iím well aware that Iím going to be taking a lot of flak for this article, no matter which cartridges I were to pick, so let me give you some details to start with. When you sit down to make your voodoo doll...
  • Old Ammo, Collectable or Shootable?

    03/23/2015 12:40:15 PM PDT · by aomagrat · 32 replies
    Me | 23 March 2015 | Me
    I have aquired some old ammo. Is it collectable of should I shoot it? Remington 38 Special 200gr RNL USGI 38 Special M41 Ball, head stamp FC 58 Sears Ted Williams 30-30 170gr SP, head stamp Sears Western 22LR Lubaloy Coated
  • Found at the Gun Show: Western Super X #7, Chilled 12 Guage

    03/16/2015 7:00:38 AM PDT · by marktwain · 15 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 16 March, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    This box of unfired Western Super X shotgun shells was found at the last gun show in Yuma.† A friend had it on his table, someone had bought it 50 years or more ago, set it aside, and never used it.† The box has some wear around the edges, but all the printing and color is clear.† The cartridges are just like new.† Just look at the roll crimp.† These cartridges were never loaded into a magazine. Number 7 shot is not common any more.† It is a useful size shot for everything from ducks to dove, but now...
  • Obama AR-15 Bullet Ban Lifted, Gun Rights Still Target

    03/12/2015 3:25:08 PM PDT · by raptor22 · 17 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | March 12, 2015 | IBD EDITORIALS
    un Control: Fifty-two senators, 238 House members and 80,000 public comments have forced the ATF to pull back for "more study" its proposed ban on ammo for the AR-15, the leading gun for hunting and self-defense. The Second Amendment, written in the era of muskets, does not mention what arms we have the right to keep and bear. But we have an idea, based on how they were used: to protect their owners' homes, businesses, farms and families, and to resist the tyranny of government, which during the American Revolution was the British crown.
  • ATF Hand In the Cookie Jar Slapped Down

    03/11/2015 6:52:11 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | March 11, 2015 | Bob Barr
    Yesterday, March 10, 2015 was a Red Letter Day. No; it had nothing to do with Hillaryís e-mail ďcoming out partyĒ at the United Nations. And, no, ISIS has not forsaken its bloodlust ways. Itís perhaps even more remarkable. A federal government agency has backed down! Specifically, on Tuesday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (affectionately known simply as ďATFĒ) publicly admitted failure and backed away from its misguided and disingenuous attempt to ban one of the most popular ammunition rounds in civilian use. However, before we break open a bottle of The Bubbly, it must be kept...
  • Five Rounds Standard issue for a U.S. Army Guard?

    02/26/2015 7:28:34 PM PST · by marktwain · 85 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 25 February, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    I was either in, or worked for, the U.S. Army for over 30 years.† During that time I had some experience with what guards were issued for ammunition.†† My brother brought my attention to a video done about F-15s in Bitburg, Germany, in 1981, at the height of the cold war, only a few year before NATO won.† It is titled "The Wing".† In the video you can see the Tech Sergeant being issued magazines.† He is issued four magazines, all have rounds in them.† He makes sure his chamber is clear, and inserts one magazine.† In the screen-shot...
  • Your Action Urgently Needed to Prevent BATFE from Banning Common Rifle Ammunition!

    02/26/2015 3:53:45 AM PST · by WhiskeyX · 13 replies
    NRA-ILA ^ | Wednesday, February 18, 2015 | NRA-ILA
    Oppose BATFE's Expansion of the Federal "Armor Piercing" Ammo Ban and Tell Congress to Act President Obama insisted that if Congress would not enact his gun control agenda, he would do so on his own, through executive action. Whatever else can be said of the presidentís track record, he is doing his utmost to keep that promise. Having failed to enact a federal ban on the AR-15, Americaís most popular rifle, heís now using the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to do the next best thing. BATFE is now proposing to ban a whole class of common...
  • ATF Trying to Ban AR-15 Ammo Under Guise of "Law Enforcement Safety"

    02/17/2015 6:41:27 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 33 replies ^ | Feb 16, 2015 | Katie Pavlich
    ATF Trying to Ban AR-15 Ammo Under Guise of "Law Enforcement Safety" Katie Pavlich | Feb 16, 2015 In its never ending goal to ban modern sporting rifles, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has proposed new regulations banning common AR-15 ammunition, arguing it's necessary to protect the safety of law enforcement officers. The NRA sounded the alarm late last week: You can read the bureaucratic language justifying the proposal here. The new proposal will allow Attorney General Eric Holder to determine if the ammunition in question qualifies under the broad definition of "sporting purposes." Current law gives ATF...
  • Retribution? ATF Bans Common Rifle Ammo

    02/16/2015 1:52:38 PM PST · by servo1969 · 48 replies ^ | 2-16-2015 | Andrew Branca
    On Wednesday, February 11, the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) suffered a humiliating federal court defeat that struck at the very core of its power. In response, it took the DOJ and the BATFE only two days to petulantly strike back at gun owners in the form of a late Friday order intended to ban a major type of ammunition for the single most commonly purchased rifle. (The BATFE‚Äôs ‚Äúframework notice‚ÄĚ released Friday evening is embedded at the bottom of this post.)Last week‚Äôs federal court summary judgment against the government in...
  • SB 122 Smokeless Powder and Primer Manufacture in Montana

    01/26/2015 6:49:22 AM PST · by taxcontrol · 6 replies
    There is a serious threat to our right to bear arms because of narrow, monolithic and federally-controlled manufacture of essential ammunition components, smokeless powder (propellant), primers and cartridge brass. For example, there are only two manufacturers of smokeless powder in the U.S., one plant owned by defense contractor General Dynamics and another owned by defense contractor Alliant Systems (ATK). All other smokeless powder used in the U.S. is imported, and subject to immediate and arbitrary import restrictions. And, General Dynamics and Alliant Systems are subject to a standard condition of military contracts that 100% of their production may be commandeered...
  • Militant group offers cash rewards for 'location' of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson

    11/19/2014 1:33:25 AM PST · by CorporateStepsister · 17 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 18 November 2014 | Laura Collins
    "A group describing itself as a 'Militant Resistance' to a 'corrupt police state' has offered $5000 for details of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's whereabouts, MailOnline can reveal. Officer Wilson, 28, has been in hiding on paid leave ever since he gunned down unarmed teenager Michael Brown, 18, on 9 August. Now, in one of a series of incendiary tweets the RbG Black Rebels have stated, 'We are paying $5k cash for location of Ofc. Darren Wilson. Real $, no joke, no crime we just wana get his photo an ask him a few questions.' And though the RbG Black...
  • This bullet makes 3D printed guns genuinely dangerous weapons (but don't panic just yet)

    11/08/2014 12:02:43 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 18 replies
    Tech Times ^ | November 6, 2014 | Nicole Arce
    One of the things that have prevented 3D printed guns from gaining popularity with the mainstream is the fact that they can't fire more than several rounds without wearing out. The plastic used to make the body of the gun is simply too fragile to accommodate the force of firing. A 25-year-old machinist has found an easy, although time-consuming, way to solve this problem. Michael Crumling has developed ammunition he calls .314 Atlas, after the .314-inch caliber and the Atlas lathe he used to make his bullets. Each bullet designed by Crumling is buried deep inside and reinforced with a...
  • ISIS ammunition has origins in United States, China: Report

    10/06/2014 10:44:51 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    Zee News ^ | 10/06/2014 | By Manisha Singh
    Baghdad: In its fight in Syria and Iraq, the dreaded terror group, Islamic State or ISIS, has been using ammunition from the United States among other countries as per reports. As per reports in New York Times, field data gathered by a private arms-tracking organisation suggested that weaponry sent to Syria and Iraq to help the governments there had passed to the militants. This had in turn helped the rise of ISIS and had added to their combative strenght. One of the ammunition that the ISIS has used in the war has been the rifle cartridges from the US. This...
  • For Gun Shop Owners, Itís No Longer Hip to Be ĎSquareí (Operation Choke Point at it AGAIN)

    09/25/2014 5:06:50 AM PDT · by MikeinMotley · 23 replies ^ | September 25, 2014 | Jennifer Kerns
    Itís white. Itís square. And at 1-by-1 inch in diameter, it is the perfect accoutrement to any entrepreneurís smartphone. With its quick swipe capability and ultimate portability, the high-tech Square Reader credit-card processor has become an invaluable tool in todayís economy. How high-tech credit card vendors and customers get their Second Amendment rights infringed. Taxi drivers use itóas do trade-show vendors, online retailers and home contractors. It is, as the companyís slogan says, a ďsmall credit card readerĒ that offers ďbig possibilities.Ē But some of those big possibilities are apparently being foreclosed by the Obama administration. Last summer, around the...
  • AZ:.22 Rimfire Spotted in Yuma

    09/07/2014 3:01:18 PM PDT · by marktwain · 59 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 7 September, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    .22 rimfire is starting to become more available, as tremendous demand is being met.†† From around the country I am hearing reports of more .22 rimfire being available, though supplies are still not sufficient to keep stores stocked. My friend Jerry needed to purchase some shotgun ammunition for dove hunting, as I was taking his son and friend out as beginning hunters.†† We drove to Wal Mart.†† Shotgun ammunition has never been in short supply.†† Wal Mart was out of dove loads!† Shooting dove with duck loads or buck shot is not a good idea.†† I should explain that...
  • The .22 Ammo Shortage Mystery -- Solved!

    08/31/2014 9:34:25 AM PDT · by lbryce · 128 replies
    Motley Fool ^ | August 31, 2014 | Rich Smith
    Earlier this year, CBS News spotlighted a growing shortage of .22-caliber ammunition. "One of the most popular and common" -- and cheapest -- calibers of ammo for hunters and target shooters alike, CBS reports that .22 shells are in short supply these days. Interviewing one supplier, CBS reported that while as recently as two years ago it was still possible to buy .22-caliber ammunition "by the pallet-load... now they're putting restrictions on how much you can get and how you get that ammo." Retailers are shooting blanks This is a problem from ammunition retailers -- and for gun owners as...
  • So, Really, Where Is The .22 Rimfire Ammo?

    08/29/2014 2:46:29 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 64 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | August 27, 2014 | Mark Keefe, American Rifleman
    It happens daily. Still. I get calls and e-mails asking where all the ammo is. Except it is not ďallĒ ammo anymore. For the record, there is no conspiracy. There is no secret government contract. Itís not Bloomberg or Soros (even though their actions and pronouncements often increase demand. Ironic, huh?). The major domestic ammunition makers have been producing more ammunition than ever. They are all up in terms of total productionódouble, and in some areas, triple-digit increases. They are all running three shifts. And when it comes to center-fire cartridges, at least of three of the big makers are...
  • The Ammunition Bubble: Substitute 12 guage for .22?

    06/09/2014 6:38:45 AM PDT · by marktwain · 44 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 8 June, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    The two boxes of ammunition cost about the same on today's market The price of 12 gauge hunting ammunition has dropped back to near pre- ammunition bubble levels.††† Wal-mart had 100 rounds of birdshot loads priced at $19.97 a couple† of days ago.†† That is 20 cents per round, or $5 per box of 25.† Before the Barack Obama ammunition bubble, the ordinary price was a little lower, perhaps $4.50, with sales just before dove season as low as $3.00. .22 rimfire ammunition, particularly .22 long rifle (LR) ammunition prices are at an all time high.† This is a...
  • ĎThe Last Round Youíll Ever Needí: The Awesome New Bullet Billed as a ĎOne-Shot Manstopperí

    01/27/2014 7:05:26 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 49 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 1/27/14 | Elizabeth Kreft
    Gun owners who prefer a hollow point design to a full metal jacket might have found a new favorite. G2 Research (G2R) released itís new Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) this month, hoping to ďtake the civilian and law enforcement markets by storm, and truly become the last round youíll ever need.Ē G2R, based in Winder, Ga., highlights that the bullet points are manufactured with trocar angles ó or simply put, edges with three angles reaching one point ó to ďpenetrate the dermis layer more efficiently.Ē The G2R website explains the R.I.P. acts like a full metal jacket when it impacts...
  • This is the last bullet youíll ever need ó watch and see the technology for yourself

    06/08/2014 4:50:58 PM PDT · by maddog55 · 73 replies
    RARE ^ | 04 June 2014 | Brandon Morse
    The standard for anti-personnel bullets since time immemorial has always been the hollow point. It mushrooms out on impact, giving the bullet a much larger profile and stopping it inside the target. Unlike the full-metal jacket, which is designed to wound, it will more than likely not pass through what youíre aiming at. However, since we started using weapons, humans have never stuck with the ďIf it ainít broke, donít fix itĒ philosophy and the bullet is not exempt. This newest anti-personnel round not only replaces the hollow point bullet, it also makes it look like a sissy. Meet the...
  • The Coming Crash in Ammunition Prices

    06/08/2014 4:00:42 AM PDT · by marktwain · 112 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 7 June, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    The Obama caused bubble in ammunition prices seems ready to bust.†† Over the last few years people have seen ammunition prices double or triple.† Handgun and rifle ammunition has been hard to find at times.†† .22 long rifle ammunition tripled in price over the last 18 months.†† People would line up to buy ammunition at prices two and three times the level that they were just two years ago. All of that is about to change.†† Ammunition supply looks as though it is ready to catch up with demand.†† Centerfire pistol and rifle cartridges are available on most store...
  • The Battle for Ammunition Hill

    05/28/2014 6:50:38 PM PDT · by Nachum · 3 replies
    Israel Matzav ^ | 5/28/14 | Carl in Jerusalem
    One of the (if not THE) key battles for Jerusalem in 1967 was the battle for Ammunition Hill. Ammunition Hill, which we pass on our way to the Old City - it's probably a five-minute drive from our house - is a small hilltop which was a system of bunkers filled with weapons. The IDF had to conquer it in order to make it to the Old City of Jerusalem and the eastern part of the city. It sits practically on the green line. After the war, this song about the battle was written and performed by an IDF choir....
  • 1 Killed In Blast At Tenn. Ammunition Plant

    04/17/2014 7:36:21 AM PDT · by fulltlt · 8 replies
    AP ^ | 4/17/2014 | AP
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- An explosion and fire at a Tennessee plant where ammunition is made has killed one person and left three others injured.
  • Ammunition Availability, Shortages, and .22 Production

    03/07/2014 10:05:16 AM PST · by marktwain · 50 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 8 March, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    The first time I heard about a shortage of ammunition was from my father, who talked about how ammunition was impossible to get during World War II.† As I now own the .22 rifle that had kept much of the neighborhood in venison during the depression (he told me that it had accounted for about 200 deer over the decades, as it was loaned out to neighbors),† I made the mental note that I would not be caught short in a future conflict. As a young adult I noticed a special on Remington .22 ammunition under the Peters brand...
  • Why even the most isolationist and unconcerned Fudd should care about the Ukraine -- Poof!

    03/03/2014 6:05:50 AM PST · by marktwain · 12 replies
    sipseystreetirregulars ^ | 2 March, 2014 | Mike Vanderboegh
    I had a fellow tell me this morning that he was completely unconcerned about the Ukraine situation, believing that Obama would take the "Chamberlain way out" of confrontation. No he won't, I replied, he'll take the Clinton way out -- do nothing about the larger issue but he'll cut off our access to Russian ammunition just like Clinton cut off our access to inexpensive Chinese ammo in the 90s, to "punish them for human rights violations." Didn't think of that one, did ya?
  • Free .22 Ammo at Gun Show

    03/03/2014 5:07:16 AM PST · by marktwain · 16 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 3 March, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    As I observed the scarcity of .22 ammunition over the last year, and considered the largess that I had accumulated over the previous decades, I considered what to do with it.†† I had more .22 ammunition than I would likely shoot over the course of my remaining life.†† I shoot less and write more these days. I could sell it.† Prices are high.† But, my church has reminded me that generosity is a virtue.† I decided to give some of it away.†† The problem is that people do not value what they get for free.†† I wasn't willing to...
  • DHS Contracted to Purchase 704 Million Rounds of Ammo Over Next 4 Years: 2,500 Rounds Per Officer

    02/19/2014 11:55:26 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 28 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | February 19, 2014 - 3:54 PM | Ali Meyer
    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is contracted to purchase 704,390,250 rounds of ammunition over the next four years, which is equal to a total of about 2,500 rounds per DHS agent per year, according to a January 2014 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report entitled Ammunition Purchases Have Declined Since 2009.ďIf DHS were to purchase all 704 million rounds over the next four years, and if they were used by 70,000 DHS agents and officers, it would be roughly 2,500 rounds per agent per year,Ē David Maurer, author of the GAO report, told ďThat would be higher than what...
  • BREAKING: DHS is not buying up all the ammunition

    02/18/2014 7:39:38 AM PST · by Nachum · 83 replies
    Bearing Arms ^ | 2/17/14 | Bob Owens
    t turns out that the Department of Homeland Security isnít buying that much ammunition per officer after allÖ and certainly a lot less per man than most avid shooters go through in a year. Of course, I wonít ask you to take my word for it (the mind control rays could have gotten me, too), so Iíll turn it over to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which provides a link to the Government Accountability Office report for the debunking (PDF) (hereís the direct GAO The Department of Homeland Securityís (DHS) annual ammunition purchases have declined since fiscal year 2009 and...
  • Sniper Ammunition: Homeland Security Revives The Purchases

    02/11/2014 7:02:14 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 61 replies
    Prepper Podcast Radio Network ^ | February 11, 2014 | James Smith
    "My first shot at a hog with an AMAX out of the 300 SAUM was spectacular. Hit in the neck at 258 yards and there was only a little piece of fur holding the body together at that point. Good terminal performance.¬Ē - Mark Swab¬ís appraisal of the Hornady .308 AMAX sniper ammunition round Despite rising unemployment, record number of people on public assistance, the US Government via the Department of Homeland Security¬ís Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed a solicitation for more sniper ammo, in this order ¬Ė they are requesting 141,160 rounds of ammunition (7,058 boxes) of...
  • The New Ammunition That Has Gun Owners Drooling

    01/25/2014 10:47:13 AM PST · by Islander7 · 101 replies
    The Liberty Digest ^ | Jan 25, 2014 | Chad Cunningham
    They call it the R.I.P. round and with good reason. G2 Research has released a new ammo that is taking the market by storm and has gun owners all over the country trying to find where to pick some up.
  • EPA Pushes Gun Control Through Green Ammo Mandate

    12/27/2013 9:36:07 AM PST · by raptor22 · 49 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | December 27, 2013 | IBD EDITORIALS
    Gun Control: Thanks to government regulations, the closing of the last U.S. lead smelter and a push for "green" lead-free ammunition, ammo prices will skyrocket. Does the Second Amendment threaten the environment? Having been stymied by court defeats such as the Supreme Court's deciding that the Second Amendment does indeed confer a right to keep and bear arms on individuals throughout the United States, advocates of a gun-free America and a disarmed citizenry are taking a different approach: Go after the ammunition through regulations that stifle domestic production and force the use of more expensive and eco-friendly substitutes. Expanded regulations...

    12/22/2013 9:22:03 PM PST · by lowbridge · 46 replies
    breitbart ^ | december 19, 2013 | awr hawkins
    As Breitbart News reported†on December 1, EPA regulations led to the closing of the Herculaneam lead smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri, which is expected to push up prices for traditional lead ammo. On top of this are regulations like the recent statewide lead ammo ban in California.†Signed by Governor Jerry Brown (D) on October 11, this ban forces hunters to seek out nontraditional alternatives for their ammunition. In this way, the ban mandates "green bullets" by default. Moreover,†as Fox News reports, the military has set 2018 as its target date to have troops operating lead-ammo-free. "Green bullets" have been under testing...
  • Is The Obama Administration The Cause Of Gun Ammunition Shortages?

    10/20/2013 9:06:14 AM PDT · by Innovative · 64 replies
    Forbes ^ | Oct 20, 2013 | Frank Miniter
    As gun sales break recordsópartly because of fear of coming gun control from the Obama administrationósupplies of ammo ran so low that gun stores and ranges have to ration ammunition. Meanwhile, rumors of mass purchases of ammunition made by government entities began to fly around the Internet. Making all this even worse is that fact that it hasnít been a short-term supply problem. Now well over a year since the shortages of popular types of ammo began there are still empty shelves and rationing here and there around the United States.
  • Some Points on California's Ban on Traditional Ammunition

    10/14/2013 9:38:20 AM PDT · by marktwain · 8 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 15 October, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    The good news: the ban does not extend to ammunition used for target shooting.The bad news: It extends to more than traditional hunting.††† The bill applies to the taking of all wildlife.† From the bill: (b)†Except as provided in subdivision (j), and as soon as is practicable as implemented by the commission pursuant to subdivision (i), but by no later than July 1, 2019, nonlead ammunition, as determined by the commission, shall be required when taking all wildlife, including game mammals, game birds, nongame birds, and nongame mammals, with any firearm. There is no exemption for self defense, protection of...
  • How to find and buy firearms, ammunition and related items online

    08/30/2013 11:28:04 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 35 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | August 30, 2013 | Jim Wingo
    Are you having trouble finding firearms or magazines, but especially ammunition in stock and at reasonable prices? I have had a number of people tell me they canít find ammunition. Since early February, I have bought and sold many rounds of ammunition and a number of firearms, magazines and other accessories over the Internet. Iíve also sold literally thousands of rounds of the ammunition I found to friends and coworkers. I shared with them how I do it, and now I share here as well. I have been so busy in my ďday jobĒ, that I had not noticed there...
  • Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers

    08/29/2013 9:51:22 PM PDT · by Nachum · 27 replies
    The containers (like those pictured) are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except for indistinguishable numbers/letters probably for inventory, routing, etc. Reader Don sent this in recently: Jim Ė I passed a convoy of olive drab unmarked 40 foot tractor trailers each with four 10 yard ammo bunker boxes chained to them and unmarked armored Hum-Veeís heading north on I-95 in Brevard County, Florida this past Thursday morning. The ďgovtĒ is positioning these ammo storage boxes, I have been told, in strategic places in population centers around the country. They are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except...
  • Courageous and Compassionate Christian Woman Prevents School Shooting

    08/26/2013 5:26:15 AM PDT · by daniel1212 · 17 replies ^ | Aug 21, 2013 | Joe Carter
    Courageous and Compassionate Christian Woman Prevents School Shooting The Story: Yesterday a mentally ill man carrying an AK-47 rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition entered an elementary school outside of Atlanta. The potential tragedy was averted when a courageous and compassionate Christian woman talked the gunman into giving himself up. The Background: "He had a look on him that he was willing to kill," said Antoinette Tuff, a school clerk. "He said he didn't have any reason to live, and he knew he was going to die today." According to the Washington Post, Tuff began telling him the story of...
  • CA Set to Become Strictest Gun Control State with Ammunition Registry

    08/12/2013 8:21:12 PM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 31 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 8-12-13 | Awr Hawkins
    According the San Jose Mercury News, the bills being heard in the state senate on August 12 would create a database of all ammo purchases in the state, "make it crime to have a gun that's not locked up when it's not being carried, and extend the time for which someone is banned from owning a firearm after making a violent threat." On August 13, another slate of bills will come before the State Assembly. These would ban all semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazines, would "make it a crime to leave a gun unlocked when you're out of the...
  • Remington Begins Construction on New Ammo Plant in Arkansas (VIDEO)

    08/09/2013 3:05:17 PM PDT · by EXCH54FE · 22 replies
    Guns.Com ^ | Aug 9, 2013 | Max Slowik
    In a move that should make gun owners across the nation happy, Remington just broke ground on their newest ammo plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. This comes at a time where ammunition is scarce and prices are high. The facility is expected to employ 50 to 100 people when itís up and running, and should have the space and tooling to manufacture something to the tune of 2 to 3 billion rounds of ammo a year. If construction goes according to schedule, the facility will be up and running in June of 2014. It will have 35,000 square-feet of floor space...
  • Whatís Inside Ammo? A Cross-Section of Bullets

    08/08/2013 1:24:06 PM PDT · by Renfield · 19 replies
    National Geographic ^ | 7-13-2013 | Sabine Pearlman and Melody Kramer
    Artist Sabine Pearlman headed to Switzerland in 2012 on a unique mission. She was there to photograph 900 cross-sections of ammunition in order to expose the "otherwise invisible architecture" of some of the most destructive weaponry ever created. But in doing so, Pearlman made a conscious choice to not provide her audience with details about specifics: things like the names or purposes of the bullets themselves. "I wanted to keep them out of context, in order to make it possible for people who look at the images to appreciate them for many different reasons," she said....
  • State TV: Jordan seizes Ďlarge amount of weaponsí near Syria border

    08/01/2013 7:18:58 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 11 replies
    Al Arabiya ^ | Friday, 2 August 2013 | State TV
    A large amount of weapons and ammunition were seized in the northern border near Syria, the Jordanian Armed Forces said in an official statement aired on the countryís official TV Thursday. ďBorder guards on the northern frontier Ė near border city of Al-Ramtha Ė confiscated large quantities of weapons, ammunition and drugs,Ē the statement said. The Jordanian Armed Forces, meanwhile, didnít give further details on the type of weapons that were confiscated. The people attempting to smuggle these weapons were also arrested but their identities were kept anonymous as well. In July, Jordanís King Abdullah said the kingdom was ready...
  • Amo is scarces...Humor

    07/20/2013 5:09:13 AM PDT · by CGASMIA68 · 48 replies
    email / original source unknown | 7/20 | t1
    Last night a man in his 60's lucked out and was able to buy several boxes of ammo at the sporting goods store. On the way home he stopped at the 7-Eleven gas station where this drop-dead gorgeous younger blonde was filling up her car at the pump next to his. She glanced at the ammo boxes in the back of his Jeep and said in a very seductive voice, "I'm a big believer in barter, old timer. Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?" The old guy thought a few seconds and asked, "What kinda ammo ya...
  • Why shotshells are still available (and 22 ammo isn't)

    07/19/2013 1:36:37 PM PDT · by varmintman · 59 replies
    For the benefit of anybody who may not have figured this one out yet... Not that there is any shortage of middle class people who are into shotgun sports... But shotgun sports (trap, skeet, sporting clays) ARE in fact also a major hobby of the rich. Were team Obama/Holder to touch or appear to be playing any sort of games with shotshell ammo, I would assume that a significant number of the fat-cats who fund the dem party, not to mention dem pols themselves, would come down on them like a ton of bricks. Decent shotguns start around $1000 and...
  • Steve Hornady Explains Increased Ammo Production Plans

    07/15/2013 10:03:45 AM PDT · by smokingfrog · 24 replies
    youtube ^ | 7-8-13 | hornadymanufacturing
    For over half a year, Hornady Manufacturing, along with the rest of the shooting sports industry, has experienced an unbelievable spike in demand. This dramatic increase in demand is unprecedented. As stated earlier this year in our "Word on Availability" (≠ailability) we have been continuously growing for a number of years; adding people, equipment and manufacturing space as rapidly as we can. We are producing and shipping product at record levels and are continually looking to grow and improve our ability to fulfill orders. But the current state of the industry is such that our increase in shipments this year...
  • AMMO!!

    07/05/2013 9:07:59 AM PDT · by Doctor 2Brains · 100 replies
    Can somebody please give me the latest scoop on buying ammo? Somebody around here always has good info. Just after Newtown, I went to the Nation's Gun Show in Chantilly, VA and got 4,000 round of 9mm and .45. By the way, don't blame me as a "panic buyer;" for the past 8 years, that's been my usual buy at the NGS. Prics were up by only 1 penny per round, and there was ammo to be had. Now, I'm down to my last 65 rounds, and I'm beginning to freak. The prices at DAG Ammo actually DROPPED last week,...
  • Peace Through Pork Ė Jihawg Defensive Ammunition

    06/15/2013 11:22:22 AM PDT · by diamond6 · 11 replies
    Ammo Land ^ | June 10, 2013 | Unknown
    DALTON‚ÄąGARDENS, Idaho --( Jihawg Ammo today announced release of the industry¬ís first truly defensive ammunition. Not only does Jihawg guarantee that all of their ammunition meets or exceeds S.A.A.M.I. standards for velocity, penetration, and accuracy, they also coat each projectile with a special ballistic paint infused with pork to make it ¬ďHaraam¬Ē or unclean to a radical Jihadist. This makes Jihawg Ammo the only commercially available ammunition with the added deterrent factor of eternal damnation for fundamentalist Islamic Jihadist. Now Americans can defend themselves, their families, their communities, and their country from Muslim terrorists. Jihawg Ammo is the first product...
  • Lapua Brass in Many Popular Calibers Available Now

    06/12/2013 10:21:57 AM PDT · by smokingfrog · 4 replies ^ | 12 Jun 2013 | Daily Bulletin
    A boatload of Lapua cartridge brass has crossed the Atlantic, cleared customs, and is now in warehouses. Many large vendors report that they have ample supplies of Lapua brass in stock now. So if you need some cartridge cases, place your orders today.
  • The Headstamp Trail, A Report On The Ammunition Used During The Libyan Revolution

    06/07/2013 12:35:14 PM PDT · by marktwain · 1 replies
    TFB ^ | 5 June, 2013 | Steve Johnson
    TFB friend†Nic Jenzen-Jones was†commissioned†by the Small Arms Survey to document the ammunition used in the†Libyan Revolution. The report can be downloaded here. Nic discovered that ammunition was†procured†form the usual suspects (China, Russia, Pakistan etc.) but I was surprised to discover that a lot of FN†Herstal made rounds in Gadaffiís arsenal. FN discovered that by throwing in a few FN303 less lethal launchers in†among†a lot of ammunition, they could get approval to export a lot of ammunition on†humanitarian†grounds. A risky move in my opinion. If†Britain†or the USA had†committed†ground troops to the civil war it would have been a public relations disaster...
  • AZ:Yuma Ammo Shortage Easing?

    05/30/2013 6:40:20 PM PDT · by marktwain · 31 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 31 May, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    Shelves of the Walmart on 24th St. have a few boxes of .38, .40, and .380 I was pleasantly surprised to see a few boxes of pistol ammunition along with the 12, 16, 20, and .410 birdshot shotgun loads on the shelves of this Walmart. The clerk said that they had been delivered today, but I saw them at 2:30 pm. He said that .223 cartridges were out the door within an hour, as were any .22 that they received. As usual, they had plenty of .270 Winchester, .270 WSM, .300 Winchester, .300 WSM, and some .22-250. They also...
  • A Trail of Bullet Casings Leads From Africaís Wars to Iran

    01/11/2013 1:09:57 PM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 12 replies
    New York Times ^ | January 11, 2013 | By C. J. CHIVERS
    The first clues appeared in Kenya, Uganda and what is now South Sudan. A British arms researcher surveying ammunition used by government forces and civilian militias in 2006 found Kalashnikov rifle cartridges he had not seen before. The ammunition bore no factory code, suggesting that its manufacturer hoped to avoid detection. Within two years other researchers were finding identical cartridges circulating through the ethnic violence in Darfur. Similar ammunition then turned up in 2009 in a stadium in Conakry, Guinea, where soldiers had fired on antigovernment protesters, killing more than 150. For six years, a group of independent arms-trafficking researchers...