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  • Kamala Harris: How can we be proud of a country where our babies are being slaughtered?

    03/24/2018 1:04:07 PM PDT · by rktman · 64 replies ^ | 2/16/2018 | unk
    You make a good point, Kamala Harris. A society that doesn’t value children’s lives *is* sort of garbage, isn’t it? I’m glad we’re all on the same page here. You would think Harris would be at least minimally self-aware enough not to refer to “babies” when describing callousness towards children dying. That’s how little regard the left has for life in the womb.
  • $500,000,000.00 Given to America’s Moloch Worship – The Abomination of Abortion!

    03/24/2018 12:54:06 PM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 20 replies
    IFB ^ | 3/24/18
    In the new U.S. budget which was just passed and signed, 500,000,000 dollars was given to godless Planned Parenthood for lawless America's godless Molock worship. That is just ABSOLUTELY astounding to me, but we are in last days America! In the days prior to Israel occupying the Land of Canaan, the godless and lawless inhabitants of this land practiced the basest and most violent of acts (Deut. 9:4; 12:31; 18:9, Lev. 18:21, 24). One of these licentious and violent practices was the worship of the god Moloch. Moloch (i.e., King) was the god of child sacrifice. This worship was a...
  • On Children, China, America, and Abortion

    03/24/2018 11:06:44 AM PDT · by GoldenState_Rose · 2 replies
    Family Research Council ^ | Rob Schwarzwalder
    Chinese doctors have performed more than 330 million abortions since the government implemented a controversial family planning policy 40 years ago... They have also inserted 403 million intrauterine devices, a normal birth control procedure in the west but one that local officials often force on women in China. These statistics are grim but, perhaps, so enormous in scope as to be impersonal. But they are personal—they affect tens of millions of individual lives. Here is how the Washington Post’s Simon Denyer describes but one incident of the policy of forced abortion: His wife was seven months pregnant with their second...
  • [Catholic Caucus] When bishops don’t fulfill their duties

    03/23/2018 7:58:36 PM PDT · by ebb tide
    Catholic Culture ^ | March 23, 2018 | Phil Lawler
    Year after year the Religious Education Conference (REC) in Los Angeles produces a new raft of horror stories: accounts about speakers who gleefully dismiss the established teachings of the Church, cheered on by an audience composed largely of people who are paid, by one American diocese or another, to instruct young people in the Catholic faith. Why does Archbishop Gomez tolerate this festival of dissent? I don't know. This year, Joseph Sciambra reports, a priest who works in the Los Angeles archdiocese exhorted parochial-school teachers to "affirm" 2nd—and 3rd-graders who announce that they are exploring a different gender identity or...
  • Consensus on sexual morality eludes youth advising bishops

    03/23/2018 4:41:55 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 10 replies
    Crux ^ | March 23, 2018 | Inés San Martín
    Some 300 young people from all over the world from different backgrounds and even different religions, gathered this week in Rome to provide advice to an upcoming summit of Catholic bishops on youth, have discussed a wide array of topics, and among other points plan to offer the bishops a frank admission that they simply couldn’t reach consensus on hot-button issues of sexual morality.On Thursday, they debated over a first draft of the document they’re going to present to Pope Francis, who will then pass it on to a Synod of Bishops on youth and discernment that will take place...
  • Greenville Women's Clinic accused of disposing of fetuses illegally

    03/23/2018 7:34:27 AM PDT · by Ciaphas Cain · 21 replies
    WYFF ^ | March 22, 2018 | Madeleine Hackett
    GREENVILLE COUNTY — A Greenville abortion clinic is under fire, accused of illegally transporting and disposing of aborted fetuses. An enforcement conference was held Thursday in Columbia to address Greenville Women's Clinic’s alleged illegal disposal of fetuses. Video taken by an eyewitness whistleblower and sent to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control appears to show employees transporting aborted fetuses off-site in passenger cars. They then allegedly brought the remains to a QT gas station in Greenville and transferred them to a Stericycle waste truck there. Mark Harrington is the president of anti-abortion agency Created Equal. "They're talking...
  • Irish Political Party Suspends Member of Parliament After She Votes Against Legalizing Abortion

    03/22/2018 6:51:26 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 33 replies
    Life News ^ | March 22, 2018 | Micaiah Bilger
    Irish Political Party Suspends Member of Parliament After She Votes Against Legalizing Abortion International   Micaiah Bilger   Mar 22, 2018   |   10:25AM    Dublin, Ireland Share this story: For voting to protect unborn babies’ lives, an Irish member of parliament has been suspended from her party. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The Irish News reports TD Carol Nolan, a member of Sinn Féin, voted against her party Wednesday on the referendum of the Eighth Amendment, which protects unborn babies’ right to life.A referendum vote on the amendment is slated for May.Though her party supports legalizing abortion in Ireland, Nolan does...
  • Judge Blocks Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban

    03/22/2018 5:05:50 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 28 replies
    The bill would give the state the most restrictive abortion law in AmericaMississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed into law on March 19 the most restrictive state abortion bill in the nation because it bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The owner of the state’s only abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, filed suit immediately after Bryant signed the bill, claiming it is unconstitutional. At a morning hearing March 20, a federal judge blocked the law with a temporary restraining order, in effect for 10 days. The state and the clinic must now provide “expedited briefings” to the court while...
  • What Will The Texas Bishops Do?

    03/22/2018 3:27:53 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 12 replies
    The Wanderer Press ^ | March 18, 2018 | CHRISTOPHER MANION
    On March 7, Cong. Beto O’Rourke (D., El Paso) won the Democrat primary to run against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. O’Rourke’s victory puts Texas bishops in a bind. Their legislative agenda and their political priorities put them on the same page as O’Rourke, the USCCB, and the Democrat left — on gun control, welfare, health care, the travel ban, refugee policy, Cuba policy, the Paris agreement, the death penalty, global warming, the environment, immigration, foreign aid, deportations, and border security. Their only differences with Democrats lie in areas that magisterial teaching requires them to disagree: the anti-life, anti-family, anti-religious-freedom agenda...
  • Planned Parenthood abortionist: Babies can’t scream because I cut their cords first

    03/22/2018 8:48:18 AM PDT · by Morgana · 35 replies
    LIVE ACTION NEWS ^ | march 19, 2018 | Susan Michelle-Hanson
    Planned Parenthood abortionist Leah Torres’ now infamous tweet this week further reveals the callousness of the abortion corporation. Torres, who is a Planned Parenthood abortionist at its Metro Health Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, wrote that “fetuses can’t scream” because she reportedly cuts the cord of the child first “so there’s really no opportunity,” even if the baby’s larynx is developed. Torres is also listed as an abortionist for the Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center. She has also been a vocal critic of pro-lifers, whether in her ongoing blog or in various media outlets where she is quick to...
  • Former Abortionist: “I Murdered More People Than Ted Bundy”

    03/22/2018 8:34:06 AM PDT · by Morgana · 11 replies
    LIFE NEWS ^ | march 19, 2018 | Micaiah Bilger
    Dr. Kathi Aultman spent years aborting “unwanted fetuses” and delivering “wanted” babies into their parents’ arms. But when she performed an abortion on a mother whose husband pressured her to abort the child, Aultman felt troubled. In a recent interview with CBN News, Aultman described how the experience and several others eventually convinced her to leave the abortion industry and become a pro-life advocate. Aultman began her OB-GYN career in Florida with a strong desire to help women. “It was no question in my mind that a woman should have the right to choose whether she wanted to be pregnant...
  • Planned Parenthood Hides Abortionist’s Name after Bungled Abortion Causes Woman to Deliver Dead ...

    03/22/2018 8:26:30 AM PDT · by Morgana · 6 replies
    operation rescue ^ | Mar 20, 2018 | Cheryl Sullenger
    FULL TITLE: Planned Parenthood Hides Abortionist’s Name after Bungled Abortion Causes Woman to Deliver Dead Baby in Home Bathroom Worcester, MA – A lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court in Worcester, Massachusetts, on March 5, 2018, against Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts by a woman who experienced a bungled late-term abortion that resulted in the birth of her presumably dead baby in her bathroom. While the lawsuit names Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc. and the nurse practitioner, Rebecca Kreiger, there is no mention of the abortionist who started the two-day abortion. That’s because Planned Parenthood redacted his or...
  • Toys R Us says millennials not having kids hurt the company — and it could be because...

    03/22/2018 8:08:48 AM PDT · by Morgana · 32 replies
    BUSINESS INSIDER ^ | Mar 21, 2018 | Leanna Garfield
    FULL TITLE: Toys R Us says millennials not having kids hurt the company — and it could be because of a looming 'demographic time bomb' Millennials are not like their parents. Typically defined as those born from 1981 to 1996, millennials are more racially diverse and more college-educated and marry later than previous generations. Millennial women are also increasingly delaying parenthood or forgoing it altogether, as reflected by the US's declining fertility rate. Fertility hit a record low in 2016, bringing the rate among women ages 15 to 44 to 62 births per 1,000 women. Many economists are wringing their...
  • Toys-R-Us Deserves to Close Because It Donated to Planned Parenthood

    03/22/2018 8:00:41 AM PDT · by Morgana · 19 replies
    LIFE NEWS ^ | Mar 21, 2018 | Micaiah Bilger
    The failing toy chain recently revealed that it is going out of business after it filed for bankruptcy last fall. Daily Wire writer Paul Bois said the business deserves a “humiliating end.” After all, it did promote the group that is aborting more of its customers than any other group in the U.S., Planned Parenthood. Though Bois expressed sympathy for the employees who will lose their jobs, he said the business has itself to blame for its failure. “I shed not one tear for them, and neither should you: For the past decade, the organization has joined the ranks alongside...
  • Husband Left His Catholic Wife Because She “Murdered” Their Baby in an Abortion

    03/22/2018 7:51:18 AM PDT · by Morgana · 30 replies
    LIFE NEWS ^ | Mar 21, 2018 | Indya Rennie
    Despite her friends and family’s pleadings, a Catholic Irish mother recently trekked to England to abort her unborn baby. According to a report Tuesday, her baby was diagnosed with a fatal fetal disability after only a few weeks gestation. She chose to have an abortion in England, because abortion is illegal in Ireland. She made the journey with the help of Mara Clarke, the Abortion Support Network founder (pictured above). The mother overcame several obstacles in her decision. Traveling to England from Ireland can cost more than 2,000 euros, according to the report. The mother already had children but...
  • Student Planning Abortion Protest After School Shooting Walkout

    03/21/2018 5:39:27 PM PDT · by Ciaphas Cain · 18 replies
    CBS Sacramento ^ | March 20, 2018 | Lemor Abrams
    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Last week they protested gun violence. This week, Rocklin High School students are using social media to organize a pro-life walkout using the hashtag #life. “To honor all the lives of aborted babies pretty much. All the millions of aborted babies every year,” said organizer Brandon Gillespie. He says his history teacher inspired the idea. As thousands of students across the country walked out of class demanding strict gun laws, in honor of the Parkland shooting victims, Benzel was placed on paid administrative leave when she asked students to consider whether there’s a double standard in the...
  • Shock: Dozens of ‘Christian’ Faith Leaders Sign Letter Supporting ‘Right to…Abortion’

    03/21/2018 4:42:00 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 77 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | 3/10/18 | Fr. Mark Hodges
    DES MOINES, Iowa, March 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Sixty-eight faith leaders who say they are Christian signed a letter of protest against a proposed Iowa law that would protect preborn children from abortion once their heartbeat is detectable. "As faith leaders, we want to use our collective voices to stand with Iowa women in support of their constitutional right ... to an abortion," the letter to the editor of the Des Moines Register begins. Speaking against the Iowa Heartbeat Bill, the faith leaders write supportively of a pregnant mother's "private medical decisions,” referring to her choosing abortion. “Most Iowans, people...
  • School newspaper demands Catholic university recognize pro-abortion group

    03/21/2018 11:33:54 AM PDT · by C19fan · 11 replies
    College Fix ^ | March 21, 2018 | Daniel Payne
    The editorial board of The Hoya, the school newspaper at Georgetown University, has called upon the institution to legitimize a pro-abortion group on campus, claiming that the school should “protect the free exchange of ideas” and formally recognize the student organization even though it stands directly opposed to core Catholic teaching. “Georgetown University should prioritize free speech over religious policy by recognizing H*yas for Choice, a pro-reproductive rights student group,” the board wrote this week.
  • Amtrak to rename Rochester train station after Louise Slaughter

    03/21/2018 8:07:31 AM PDT · by rochester · 23 replies
    WHAM News 13 ^ | 3/21/2018 | WHAM News 13
    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Amtrak says it will be renaming the newly-renovated train station in Rochester after the late Rep. Louise Slaughter. The full name of the Rochester Intermodal Station will become the Louise M. Slaughter Intermodal Station in Rochester. The announcement was made Wednesday morning by Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. The two were among several lawmakers at the local, state and national level who made the case for Slaughter to be the namesake for the train station. Last week, Schumer and Gillibrand in a letter to Amtrak said, renaming the train station is fitting for such an...
  • Democrats should stop pretending they want abortions to be rare (Pay attention to their actions)

    03/21/2018 7:11:52 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 18 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 03/21/2018 | Jack Hellner
    Pay attention to their actions, not what they say. A judge has blocked Mississippi's new law banning abortions after 15 weeks, and supporters of abortion say it is obviously unconstitutional. But of course, cities and states can blatantly ignore federal immigration law if they want, according to progressives, for whom abortion is a sacred right. The law bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, down from a 20-week restriction already on Mississippi's books. The measure took effect immediately.  It featured some exceptions, including if a woman's life or a "major bodily function" is threatened or if the fetus has a health problem...