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  • Mississippi Legislation Declares All Federal Gun Control Unconstitutional

    01/27/2015 9:41:13 AM PST · by rktman · 19 replies ^ | 1/26/2015 | Bryan Baucom
    Two bills filed in the Mississippi House and Senate would make it an express duty of the state government to protect the gun rights of Mississippians against federal gun control measures. House Bill 1297 (HB1297) was filed by Rep. Staples last week. It declares “All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment.” In other words, as the Founders understood, the federal government has no authority over firearms, period. The bill goes on to declare that all such federal acts are “invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state,...
  • Ganging Up on Gun Violence

    01/27/2015 9:13:31 AM PST · by rktman · 9 replies ^ | 1/21/2015 | Brandon Fastman
    Congressmember Lois Capps thought President Barack Obama had lingered longer than usual on the House floor after his sixth State of the Union address Tuesday night. She said she felt like a “groupie.” “I had an opportunity to shake his hand and tell him how proud of him I was,” she said. “Then I turned around, and he was still there.” Most importantly, Capps had the opportunity to give Obama a photograph of Christopher Michaels-Martinez as a young boy. Michaels-Martinez was a bright UCSB student gunned down last May in the Isla Vista massacre perpetrated by a mentally ill City...
  • VA Senate Committee Kills Gun Control Initiatives…Again

    01/27/2015 6:19:26 AM PST · by rktman · 9 replies ^ | 1/26/2015 | Matt Vespa
    Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D-VA) gun control package has righteously gone down in flames (again) when a Virginia State Senate committee decided to vote them down. One of them sought to institute the one-a-month handgun law, which former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) repealed in 2012. Up until that point, it was state law since 1993 (via WaPo):
  • A world critical of gun control in the U.S.

    01/26/2015 9:48:58 AM PST · by rktman · 60 replies ^ | 1/23/2015 | Deven Bhagwandin
    The polarizing topic of gun control in the U.S. is once again in the national and world spotlight as gun manufacturer PARA USA calls for a boycott of the film Taken 3. The film’s lead actor, Liam Neeson, told a reporter last week that he felt there were too many guns in America. During the interview he added, “Every week now we’re picking up a newspaper and seeing ‘Yet another few kids have been killed in schools.’” While the debate over the constitutionality of gun control laws rages, Neeson’s comment exemplifies the critical view of the rest of the world...
  • Toward a Future Less Marred by Gun Violence

    01/26/2015 9:38:59 AM PST · by rktman · 24 replies ^ | 1/26/2015 | The Crimson Staff
    Last week, President Obama omitted mention of gun control in a State of the Union address for the first time since 2012. Politically, that decision might make sense. In the past year, the United States suffered fewer widely-covered massacres involving firearms, and politicians may have been less inclined to pursue gun control for this reason. The recent shooting at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and the recent increase in Boston's gun homicide rate the homicide rate, however, highlight the fact that restricting access to firearms remains a significant public safety issue both locally and nationwide
  • Who's Packing? (and does it matter?) Schools, hospitals and government buildings ban firearms.

    01/25/2015 12:25:42 PM PST · by rktman · 23 replies ^ | 1/21/2015 | Howard Dakoff
    An otherwise peaceful and playful day this past summer at a southern Illinois homeowners association pool turned ugly when a resident with a history of behavioral problems became offended at a perceived slight. In retaliation, she threatened to drown someone's child. "It was crazy. It was very frightening," says Michelle St. Cin, AMS, PCAM, regional manager for Community Property Management in Alton, Ill. The situation was defused, but it left board members wondering: What if an over-protective parent were to pull a gun from a purse or backpack and start firing?
  • Idea of the Day: How Gun Violence Affects Women in Nevada

    01/23/2015 9:31:15 AM PST · by rktman · 18 replies ^ | 1/23/2015 | unknown
    Because of his criminal past, Gipson was prohibited from gun ownership under both federal and Nevada state law. However, he had no problem purchasing a .25 caliber handgun from a friend for $50 in cash and $50 in marijuana. He then used the handgun to murder Lavoll. Because Nevada does not require background checks for this type of private gun sale, Gipson’s friend had no obligation to conduct a background check to ensure that Gipson was eligible to possess a firearm.
  • Florida is now an official target for UBC. Shannon Watts lets it slip.

    01/23/2015 9:18:27 AM PST · by rktman · 28 replies ^ | 1/23/2015 | unknown
    Bill was able to get a screen capture before Shannon came to her senses and deleted the Tweet. Florida is truly hated by the Antis. We got the Concealed Carry avalanche started and we did not make any friends by re-instituting Stand Your ground and a slew of other Pro-Second Amendment bills. If we could be erased from the map while keeping DisneyWorld, they would have done so already.
  • Moms Against Gun Control Have A Message For Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action

    01/22/2015 9:48:14 AM PST · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 1/21/2015 | Heather Marchese,
    It must come as a surprise to Shannon Watts who runs Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action” but gun owners really do have the law on their side. We have, however, become targets through social media bullying tactics. Ms. Watts should get used to legal gun owners prevailing, after all we have the Second Amendment on our side.
  • Arizona lawmaker moves to end private gun sales without background checks

    01/21/2015 9:12:14 AM PST · by rktman · 29 replies ^ | 1/21/2015 | Chris Eger
    An Arizona lawmaker has submitted a trio of bills that call for expanded background checks on private gun transfers and limits on firearm use by youth under 14. The legislation includes two measures, HB 2118 and HCR 2009, that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms by requiring all private transfers to be conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL). The third, HB2371, would restrict the use of any autoloading firearm by a shooter under the age of 14 years old.
  • Father of Isla Vista shooting victim is on a gun-control mission

    01/20/2015 10:25:24 AM PST · by rktman · 8 replies ^ | 1/20/2015 | Ryan Menezes
    By the time he stepped off a plane in Washington, D.C., on Monday evening, Martinez was exhausted but still looking forward. On Tuesday, he will attend the State of the Union address as a guest of the congresswoman who represents the area where his son, Christopher Ross Michael-Martinez, 20, was killed in May.
  • Former Facebook president donates to Nevada gun-control ballot measure

    01/20/2015 9:47:28 AM PST · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 1/20/2015 | Kyle Roerink
    Tech tycoon Sean Parker forayed into Nevada politics by donating $250,000 to a controversial gun control initiative being debated in Nevada. Parker, a co-founder of music downloading site Napster and Facebook’s first president, gave the sum to Nevadans for Background Checks, an arm of a nationwide movement campaigning for tighter background check laws on all gun purchases in the state.
  • Gun Control And Lies Go Hand In Hand

    01/19/2015 8:57:33 AM PST · by rktman · 7 replies ^ | 1/19/2015 | RRangle
    Regardless of what it is this time around, from micro-stamping technology that doesn’t exist, to a “roster of approved handguns” with its fictional safety. What we are constantly fed, for the most part, are lies based on emotion. A deception that gun control proponents hope you gloss over while you allow them to “do something.”
  • Gun rights rally at Washington Senate gallery results in ban on firearms

    01/19/2015 8:49:55 AM PST · by rktman · 11 replies ^ | 1/19/2015 | Chris Eger
    Blaming a rally by a group of legally armed Second Amendment advocates at the state Capitol in Olympia Thursday, Washington’s Lt. Governor ruled Friday that guns are now banned from the chamber. The rally of some 200 gun rights activists on the steps of the Capitol building Jan. 15, was a continuation of the vocal opposition to the state’s background check ballot referendum, I-594, passed by voters last November. However, when the protest spilled over into the public gallery, there was an altercation between an open carrier and a state police lieutenant that ended with threats of removal and arrest....
  • PA: Armed Woman Stops Crime Spree

    01/17/2015 8:21:56 AM PST · by rktman · 13 replies ^ | 1/17/2015 | Dean Weingarten
    In Lancaster County, PA, an alert and armed woman stopped a crime spree. One of the things that destroys the sense of security in a neighborhood is the proliferation of burglaries and thefts of personal property from vehicles. That is what the pair of suspects were involved in when an alert woman stopped Robert LaFleur from breaking into her car at 2:30 am and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. It seems unlikely that LaFleur would have obeyed the woman's commands if she had not been armed. The police report that he resisted arrest when they arrived, and...
  • Politico Magazine: Idea of ‘Defensive Gun Ownership’ a ‘Tragic Myth’

    01/17/2015 7:04:58 AM PST · by rktman · 47 replies ^ | 1/16/2015 | AWR Hawkins
    On January 14, Politico Magazine (PM) ran a story suggesting the claim that guns are used for defense purposes more often than ill-intent is wrong, and the whole idea behind “defensive gun ownership” is a “tragic myth.” PM defined the “tragic myth” as the belief “that millions of gun owners successfully use their firearms to defend themselves and their families from criminals.” They pointed to the dearth of academic support for defensive gun uses (DGUs) in “public health literature” and listed three instances in which a homeowner fired a gun in what they thought was a self-defense situation, but which...
  • Nevada Everytown group recruits casino mogul for background check push

    01/16/2015 6:44:43 PM PST · by rktman · 10 replies ^ | 1/16/2015 | Jared Morgan
    A Nevada group backed by Everytown for Gun Safety announced Friday that it has added several key players – including billionaire casino mogul Elaine Wynn – to help pass a gun control initiative in the state. Wynn, co-founder of Wynn Reports, will chair the Nevadans for Background Checks advisory board to help pass an expanded background check initiative that qualified for the 2016 ballot last month, the group said.
  • Obama Moves to Advance U.N. Gun Ban Treaty

    01/15/2015 8:32:43 AM PST · by rktman · 55 replies ^ | 1/14/2015 | Dan Weber
    Obama and his anti-gun European allies vowed to ensure every nation’s “entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty.” And that’s not all. In a meeting of non-governmental organizations and U.N. officials, Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State declared that the White House is “already implementing the treaty” without Senate ratification!
  • MDC Hosting Basic Handgun Shooting Classes for Women

    01/14/2015 5:56:04 PM PST · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 1/12/2015 | unknown
    HARTSBURG, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) invites women to get a hands-on outdoor-skills lesson in basic handgun shooting at one of two upcoming free classes being held at Ammo Alley on the following dates: Jan. 27, 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. with registration required by Jan. 23 Feb. 24, 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. with registration required by Feb. 21
  • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Demand Gun Registration

    01/14/2015 4:42:56 PM PST · by rktman · 41 replies ^ | 1/13/2015 | Robert Farago
    This won’t come as much of a surprise to TTAG’s regular readers: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe wants all guns to be registered with the government. “‘We have invested a lot of money in car safety… Every fatality on our nation’s roadways has been documented by the government,’ the founder, Shannon Watts, told VICE News.
  • Winning the Universal Background Check War

    01/12/2015 9:42:03 AM PST · by rktman · 4 replies ^ | 1/11/2015 | Bob Owens
    Gun control advocates are using the ballot initiative process to take away your rights. Federal preemption is the only way to stop them.'s Bob Owens reports for the January issue of Townhall Magazine. Democracy is dangerous. Democracy is mob rule. Democracy is the serially uninformed and easily led being suckered into voting against their own best interests by deep-pocketed grifters who are looking out only for themselves.
  • Nevadans Fights Back Against Democrat Attack On Gun Rights

    01/11/2015 8:57:40 AM PST · by rktman · 18 replies ^ | 1/10/2015 | RRangel
    At Gun Rights Examiner, a Nevada state gun rights group is asking gun owners to set the record straight, by contacting media outlets that are using Bloomberg complicit gun control talking points. Using skewed data, and emotional arguments, to push a “universal background check” initiative in Nevada.
  • Undo Damage of I-594 Rally – Protect Our Gun Rights

    01/08/2015 9:22:56 AM PST · by rktman ^ | 1/7/2015 | 30calgal
    On January 15, 2015 starting at 9 a.m. a coalition of local and national gun rights groups will host the first 2015 Legislative Rally against I-594 on the front steps at the Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia. The grassroots event will include hundreds of supporters of the Second Amendment rights with speakers Adina Hicks (Executive Director, Protect Our Gun Rights), Rick Halle (National Coordinator, Gun Rights Coalition), Paige Biron (President, Pink Pistols of Seattle), Alan Gottlieb (Founder, Second Amendment Foundation), Joe Huffman (Boomershoot), Bill Burris (WAC Board member, WSLEFIA Spokesperson), Rep. Brian Blake, and others that will kick off...
  • Oh, by the way, the Paris attack also highlights the futility of gun control.

    01/08/2015 7:34:45 AM PST · by rktman · 15 replies ^ | 1/7/2015 | Robert Laurie
    If liberals had their way, the glorious European utopia would be the model upon which all of human society would built. Whether you’re discussing taxes, healthcare, jobs, or welfare, Europe is the gold left-wing gold standard. Nowhere, however, is their unbridled euro-fetish more glaringly obvious than in the gun control debate. America could be a crime-free wonderland if, they say, the brutish slobs who populate the United States would simply embrace the hardcore anti-gun paranoia present in places like France.
  • FBI: December Gun Sales Skyrocket, 2.3 Million Background Checks Conducted

    01/08/2015 7:06:31 AM PST · by rktman · 14 replies ^ | 1/7/2015 | AWR Hawkins
    The FBI’s December figures show 2.3 million background checks for gun purchasers were conducted in one month alone. That is an increase of nearly 300,000 from the number of background checks conducted in December 2013. Breitbart News previously reported that on Black Friday alone there were nearly three background checks conducted every second. A strong December was expected.
  • he VA Sees Guns as a Health Care Issue, and Here’s What VA Officials are Doing About It

    01/08/2015 6:32:21 AM PST · by rktman · 38 replies ^ | 1/8/2014 | Pete Kasperowicz
    According to a letter received by a veteran that was obtained by TheBlaze, the VA sees the use of gun locks as a health care issue, and wants veterans to use them if they own a gun. “As your partner in health care, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe,” the letter said. “Gun locks have been shown to greatly reduce death and injury caused by firearms in the home. We are therefore offering you the opportunity to obtain up to four free gun locks.”
  • Christie Administration Proposes More Gun Control For New Jersey

    01/07/2015 1:09:47 PM PST · by TangoLimaSierra · 41 replies ^ | 1/7/2015 | AWR Hawkins
    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s (R) administration is proposing more gun control in the form of “security requirements” for firearm retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers–and employees of the same–in the state. The proposals originated with the State Police and are the result of “several thefts and lapses in oversight…that led to at least one death” during the past 10 years.
  • MAILBAG: Gun control laws will never work

    01/07/2015 9:41:04 AM PST · by rktman · 9 replies ^ | 1/6/2015 | Theodore S. Hegley
    Our elected representatives are confused about crime and gun control, plain and simple. There will never, ever be an anti-gun control law which will have any effect on criminals and the insane. Criminals and the insane will never be controlled by any new anti-gun laws. A sure sign of insanity is when individuals, like our nation's lawmakers, continue to pass the same failed anti-gun laws over and over, expecting things to change, when they never do and never will. Remember that anti-gun laws only impact the law-abiding, and never affect criminals. Remember that it isn't the law-abiding 80 million gun...
  • Announcing: Firearms Classifieds and Firearms Business Directory

    01/07/2015 9:11:22 AM PST · by rktman · 1 replies ^ | 1/7/2015 | Vanessa Torres
    The founder of Arsenal Exchange has announced the launching of This website hosts classified ads related to arms and ammunition, guns and all other gun related services and news for absolute free. Also included is a section for firearms businesses and organization to create their own business directory listings which are also free of charge.
  • John Kerry Lied: National Gun Registration is Part of UN Arms Treaty

    01/07/2015 8:57:15 AM PST · by rktman · 37 replies ^ | 1/7/2015 | Tim Brown
    Several places in the treaty text, including Article 5, require all countries to “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.” Moreover, it declares, “Each State Party is encouraged to apply the provisions of this Treaty to the broadest range of conventional arms.” Article 5, Section 4 says each State Party “shall provide its national control list to the Secretariat, which shall make it available to other States Parties.” Which means our federal government will provide the guns and ammo registration list to the UN, which will provide it to Russia, China, Cuba — any and...
  • Illinois concealed carry fails to produce hoped for bloodshed and mayhem

    01/07/2015 8:39:37 AM PST · by rktman · 10 replies ^ | 1/7/2015 | Jazz Shaw
    One year ago, Illinois was forced by the courts to allow the issuance of concealed carry permits over the great objections of anti-gun rights groups. We were warned that there would be “blood in the streets” and carnage unbound. After twelve months of this horrid state of affairs, the police in the Land of Lincoln report that the event has turned out to be pretty much a big nothing-burger.
  • I-594 Struggles, No Structure To Enforce

    01/06/2015 9:45:39 AM PST · by rktman · 6 replies ^ | 1/6/2014 | Tim
    Initiative 594 has been in place since Dec. 4, but those who have to deal with the law requiring background checks for all firearm sales and transfers still aren’t sure what to do. No one is even certain who is enforcing the implementation of I-594, said TRAC General Manager Troy Woody, whose Pasco venue plays host to gun shows. “From what I read, there’s more confusion than answers,” he said. I-594, which passed statewide with 59 percent of the vote despite failing in Benton and Franklin counties, requires universal background checks, including on gun sales made online and at gun...
  • Montel Williams Attacks Womens’ Group Over Call To Protect Kids Against School Shooters

    01/05/2015 1:49:21 PM PST · by rktman · 23 replies ^ | 1/5/2015 | Bob Owens
    Television personality Montel Williams attacked a women’s gun rights group today on Twitter for an op-ed that calls on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to discuss methods for protecting children in schools against so-called “active shooter” scenarios. Williams’s attack apparently came without even him having read the op-ed he before commenting, and certainly not before he did any research on the matter. Heather Marchese of One Million Moms Against Gun Control posted the following comment on Twitter yesterday.
  • Firearms legislation review - A small price to pay to avert murder

    01/03/2015 8:37:02 AM PST · by rktman · 31 replies ^ | 1/2/2015 | unknown
    Every time someone runs amok in an American school or university campus, or even an idyllic Norwegian holiday island or a quiet Scottish border town, killing at random but for no obvious purpose, one simple truth is underlined: If the killer did not have access to high-calibre, semi-automatic weapons they might not have exacted such a bloody toll. Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and murdered 20 children just two years ago is just one of many, many examples of what can happen when unbalanced, out-of-control people step over the line between their simmering Rambo fantasies and...
  • Firearm owners to fight gun law changes

    01/03/2015 8:32:44 AM PST · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 1/2/2015 | Caroline O’Doherty
    Gun owners are preparing to fight proposed changes to the law despite Garda warnings of a mass shooting without tighter control on firearms. The 120,000-strong lobby have promised a “firestorm” of resistance to any clampdown and have accused Garda management of “vindictiveness” in trying to limit the number and types of guns in circulation. A review of firearms licensing is under way, with separate public consultations begun by the Department of Justice and the Oireachtas justice committee.
  • What Is It About ‘Progressives’ and Guns?

    01/03/2015 5:35:42 AM PST · by rktman · 25 replies ^ | 1/3/2014 | Michael Walsh
    Besides sheer ignorance, that is. John Hinderaker at Power Line does a number on Adam Gopnik’s latest anti-gun musings in The New Yorker: No one expects sensible commentary on firearms from the New Yorker, but this gun control rant is worth noting because it is so typical of modern liberalism. Facts? Who needs facts? Bullying is all that the left aspires to.
  • Quote of the Day: The Mental Work Is Finished at the New Yorker(link at this site)

    01/02/2015 8:56:12 AM PST · by rktman · 20 replies ^ | 1/2/2015 | Dan Zimmerman
    “There are many issues—the overwhelming majority—on which we need an ongoing public ‘conversation.’ On a few, we don’t. Gun control stops gun violence. Gun possession does not deter crime; it merely makes it more lethal. Making these inarguable truths into necessary law takes the work of persuasion and legislation and litigation. The mental work finished, the moral work goes on, often in modest invisibility. Every day, something good happens at the state or community level that makes getting guns a little harder—and keeps families a little safer. That it might happen a little faster is a rational hope, and a...
  • Gun control groups scrounge for cash, ideas to fight GOP-controlled Congress

    01/02/2015 6:55:16 AM PST · by rktman · 21 replies ^ | 1/1/2015 | S.A. Miller
    Gun control groups are scrounging for money and ideas as they prepare for the Republican-controlled Congress, which they expect will continue to thwart stricter firearm laws and move to expand gun rights. Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, the group founded by gunshot victim and former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, sent an email to supporters soliciting cash and guidance on how to advance its cause in the wake of repeated legislative and election defeats.
  • STOP ‘American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention’, Before They Start

    01/01/2015 10:12:56 AM PST · by rktman · 14 replies ^ | 1/1/2015 | unknown
    American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention (ASLGVP) is a giant new gun control group looking to attack gun rights in our states. ASLGVP is made up of nearly 200 state legislators. Their founder, Brian Kavanagh (D-NY), said, “We’ve come together in recognition of the essential role state legislators must play, whether or not Congress chooses to act, in reducing gun violence.” They are telling us they do not need Congress to pass anti-gun laws. Congress could not fulfill their anti-gun agenda through so they are attacking our rights at the state level.
  • Don’t Like Guns? Then Regulate Them Like Cars!

    01/01/2015 8:46:36 AM PST · by rktman · 46 replies ^ | 12/31/2014 | Michael Walsh
    And those of us on the other side of the Second Amendment divide might just thank you for it. Eugene Volokh makes the case: A commenter on a recent thread asked — seemingly from a pro-gun-control perspective — “Why can’t guns be treated like cars, regulated and available, only to those who demonstrate competence and compliance with laws?” That is a perfect excuse for me to reprise my analysis of the guns-cars analogy. Cars are basically regulated as follows (I rely below on California law, but to my knowledge the rules are similar throughout the country):
  • Another Professor Demands Repeal Of Second Amendment

    01/01/2015 8:40:57 AM PST · by rktman · 54 replies ^ | 12/31/2014 | Eric Owens
    A professor of conflict resolution at Portland State University has written a blistering editorial calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. The professor is Tom H. Hastings. His op-ed was published last week in the Wisconsin Gazette, which describes itself as “progressive” and “alternative” (and available “in over 600 statewide locations!”). “It is long past time to repeal the stupid Second Amendment,” the taxpayer-funded professor argues, because the “pandemic of sick violence, punctuated by mass killings of children, has gone on far, far too long.”
  • Moms Demand Action Targets Alan Jackson, Jeff Foxworthy

    12/31/2014 8:26:50 AM PST · by rktman · 52 replies ^ | 12/31/2014 | AWR Hawkins
    Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is targeting country music star Alan Jackson and comedian Jeff Foxworthy for agreeing to appear at the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibitions, April 11 in Nashville.
  • Canada Rejects U.N. Arms Treaty

    12/30/2014 8:15:39 AM PST · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 12/28/2014 | Robert Farago
    Signing the Arms Trade Treaty would not improve upon how we assess exports of military items. Canada already has some of the strongest export controls in the world. The ATT actually brings countries up to our export control standards. It is important that such a treaty should not affect lawful and responsible firearms owners nor discourage the transfer of firearms for recreational uses such as sport shooting and hunting. We’ll make sure that any treaty we sign onto is good for Canada, and good for Canadians‎.
  • LA Times: American Gun Owners Are the Enemy Within

    12/30/2014 7:54:18 AM PST · by rktman · 57 replies ^ | 12/29/2014 | Robert Farago
    America needs to study the enemy within, the headline hovering above the LA Times op-ed advises. Which raises the simple question: who would that be? Although Pulitzer Prize-winning UCLA geography professor Jared Diamond’s article doesn’t come right out and say it, it’s you and me, baby. Diamond warms up with a cautionary tale of Chile’s disastrous de-evolution into a military dictatorship. And then draws the parallel with modern day America . . .
  • Newtown Suit Proceeds under False Pretences

    12/30/2014 6:48:55 AM PST · by rktman · 11 replies ^ | 12/29/2014 | Nicholas J. Johnson
    The complaint actually reads more like an attempt at healing than a serious legal claim. To that extent, I am sympathetic. But the strictly legal issues and theory of recovery to be gleaned from it deserve comment. This is in the class of claims that are barred by a 2005 law, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). Congress passed the PLCAA in response to several years’ worth of creative municipal lawsuits against the gun industry. Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell explained in a speech to the American Bar Association that the litigation was designed to avoid consolidation...
  • ‘Violent’ Armed Robbers Ignore Canada’s Gun Laws

    12/28/2014 7:37:54 AM PST · by rktman · 17 replies ^ | 12/27/2014 | AWR Hawkins
    According to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), “two men brandishing weapons entered the Hot Delivery Restaurant located at 3002 Cambie Street… around 7:30 pm.” Once inside, they “ordered everyone to the floor.” They then “ransacked” the business looking for items to steal, striking one male patron before fleeing to a getaway car waiting outside.
  • Stop blaming mental health for gun violence. The problem is guns

    12/27/2014 8:26:03 AM PST · by rktman · 136 replies ^ | 12/26/2014 | Kimberly Yonkers
    After the mass shooting at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Mel Robbins, writing for CNN, argued that blame lay not with the National Rifle Association, but with “the shooter and the mental health services he did or didn’t get.”
  • Unratified by the US, Controversial UN Arms Treaty Enters Into Force

    12/25/2014 6:52:00 AM PST · by rktman · 22 replies ^ | 12/23/2014 | Patrick Goodenough
    As United Nations officials welcome the Christmas Eve entry into force of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), its progress in the U.S. remains hampered by significant Senate opposition and funding prohibitions included in appropriations legislation. Most recently, the omnibus government funding bill passed by the Congress earlier this month contained new prohibitions on the administration using any funds to implement the conventional arms treaty. Under U.N. procedures the U.S. would be liable for 22 percent of the budget for the ATT secretariat, the body that will oversee its implementation.
  • When Moms Demand followers call them on a lie…

    12/24/2014 10:25:07 AM PST · by rktman · 2 replies ^ | 12/23/2014 | Miguel
    In a very well crafted post, Moms makes you believe that anybody in Georgia can go through a security checkpoint carrying a weapon. Unfortunately for Moms, the law in Georgia is not quite incendiary as they want to make-believe.
  • New Mexico Legislator Starting Early To Ban Private Gun Sales

    12/23/2014 8:26:09 AM PST · by rktman · 26 replies ^ | 12/22/2014 | RRangel
    House Bill 44 has been re-introduced by Miguel Garcia (D-Albuquerque) in the state legislature. No surprises here, as a certain political party has a penchant, for victim disarming gun control. Gun owners need to start early and get on the ball opposing it. HB 44 does away with private party sales at gun shows, and it’s really the start, of banning all private sales. What the gun prohibitionists love to call the “gun show loophole.”