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  • 10 Vintage Gun Ads that would be Banned in 2017

    08/14/2017 8:23:16 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 48 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 8/14/2017 | E Nestor
    Gun ads have changed with the times. Political correctness is certainly not the name of the game in these classic pieces of gun marketing. It was just plain old fashion advertising back in the day. Hammer the hammer? Lawyers wouldn’t come within a football field of this one. Of course, hammering on a vintage revolver probably is a bad idea anyway…Oh no, that guy is teaching his son how to hunt, you say? Where are their iphones, video games and couch? Well, buddy, this is how a father is supposed to raise his son to be a man, not a...
  • Brits vs. Guns

    08/10/2017 10:03:26 AM PDT · by Mafe · 5 replies
    National Rifle Association ^ | July 25, 2017 | Charles C.W. Cooke
    Will a society that has long turned its back on armed self-defense ever be able to find its way back? For a while after Sept. 11, 2001, a hideous question would flit uninvited across the back of my mind. “If they can do that,” I would wonder, “what can’t they do?” If I allowed it to, another inquiry would swiftly join the first: “If the Twin Towers were rendered as easy a target as they were, then what institution can truly be deemed to be safe?” Or, put another way: If they could hit that, what couldn’t they hit? America,...
  • Another of those gun confiscations which we’re told never happens

    08/06/2017 8:43:49 AM PDT · by rktman · 18 replies ^ | 8/5/2017 | Jazz Shaw
    When elected officials, at both the federal and state levels, propose new gun control laws we are given the same speech every time. Stop crying wolf. It’s not as if armed officers are about to go door to door confiscating everyone’s guns. Well… don’t. Yet another story has emerged from New York State detailing the travails of a citizen who had his firearms taken away by armed officers with a warrant. The NRA-ILA brings us the tale of Don Hall, a 70 year old Vietnam veteran who received an unpleasant visit from Sheriff’s deputies at his Talberg, N.Y. home. They...
  • Here's what people turned in at N.J.'s biggest ever gun buyback(some pics)

    08/03/2017 8:47:30 AM PDT · by rktman · 60 replies ^ | 8/3.2017 | S.P. Sullivan
    There were nearly 5,000 weapons stacked high on rows of tables and jutting out of barrels inside the Newark Police Communication Center, where state and federal authorities announced the results of New Jersey’s largest gun buyback in state history. The amnesty program held at churches in Newark, Trenton and Camden allowed residents to carry in firearms no-questions-asked. Here’s what they brought. “Assault weapons” is a loaded term, but authorities say the buybacks brought in 129 semi-automatic and automatic weapons, some of which were illegal in New Jersey. “Many of those weapons are designed to pierce body armor, and getting just...
  • Surgeon general nominee, asked about gun violence, treads carefully

    08/03/2017 8:21:05 AM PDT · by rktman · 15 replies ^ | 8/1/2017 | Andrew Joseph
    At a hearing Tuesday for five of President Trump’s nominees at the Department of Health and Human Services, a long contentious issue briefly flared: the public health threat posed by gun violence. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) asked Dr. Jerome Adams, Trump’s nominee for surgeon general, what the surgeon general can do to stem gun violence. It was a notable moment because Dr. Vivek Murthy, the former surgeon general, saw his confirmation delayed for a year because of his support for gun-control laws. In response, Adams, the Indiana health commissioner, sought to separate gun violence from guns themselves. “Guns and gun...
  • Police: Armed Citizen Takes Down Alleged Attacker at Kroger

    08/01/2017 9:27:48 AM PDT · by rktman · 26 replies ^ | 7/31/2017 | AWR Hawkins
    Sheriff’s deputies in Shelby County, Tennessee, say an armed citizen at Kroger shot and critically wounded a suspect who allegedly attacked using a metal bar and a pair of pliers. The incident occurred around 11 pm Saturday night. According to News Channel 3, the armed citizen was sitting in his car at the Kroger gas pump when the unidentified 32-year-old suspect charged him. The armed citizen “shot the [suspect] in the face and abdomen.” The suspect was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
  • Gun Glut: It's a buyer's market right now.

    08/01/2017 9:19:57 AM PDT · by rktman · 39 replies
    On this day last year, I was on my Facebook timeline touting a new de-contented Colt entry-level AR carbine with an MSRP in the low $700 range. Today, CDNN is selling brand new Colt LE6920's, pretty much the benchmark AR-pattern carbine, for $799.99 and throwing in a 30-round Pmag and some other stuff to sweeten the deal. Walther is offering hundred dollar rebates on the PPQ and HK is throwing in bundles of magazines with new pistol purchases, meaning that in real terms you're getting a Walther or Heckler & Koch for the price of a base model G-lock. Smith...
  • The next tactic in the war against guns

    07/31/2017 9:42:53 AM PDT · by rktman · 88 replies ^ | 7/28/2017 | Lee Williams
    The Center for American Progress has just released a report about gun theft, which is already serving as a tailor-made tool for those who want to extinguish your Second Amendment rights. If you’re unfamiliar with the Center for American Progress, its first president and CEO was John Podesta, who served at President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, and later chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The group’s report: Stolen Guns in America: A State-by-State Analysis, describes gun theft in the United States as “staggering,” and it holds gun owners responsible for the thefts, rather than the criminals themselves.
  • Group needing concealed carry most defies stereotype

    07/30/2017 8:47:31 AM PDT · by rktman · 7 replies ^ | 7/29/2017 | Greg Corombos
    A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit shot down the efforts by officials in the nation’s capital to severely restrict concealed carry permits earlier this week, and the nation’s leading researcher on guns says many more people are applying for concealed-carry permits. And the crime rate among those exercising that right is virtually non-existent. In response to losing a series of court cases in its ongoing effort to restrict gun ownership in Washington, the city council instituted the “good excuse” rule, by which residents had to give an acceptable reason for why they wanted...
  • Australian woman shot by police: This is how U.S. gun control stacks up to the rest of the world

    07/20/2017 10:36:56 AM PDT · by rktman · 57 replies ^ | 7/20/2017 | John Donohue
    An Australian woman living in Minnesota has prompted outrage in her home country, which has among the strictest gun-control laws in the world. As The Associated Press reports, Damond's relatives and friends are demanding answers about her death at the hands of Minneapolis police last weekend. The debate over Damond's death has also shone a light on the way the United States regulates access to guns compared to the rest of the world. Below, Stanford University Law professor John Donohue delves into some of those differences and examines their effectiveness.
  • Gun News: Will Wray Support Common-Sense Gun Control?(FBI nominee)

    07/16/2017 8:18:56 AM PDT · by rktman · 33 replies ^ | 7/14/2017 | John Haughey
    Would he support ‘common sense’ gun control? Wray won’t say Testifying July 12 before the Senate Judiciary Committee, President Donald Trump’s FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray said he wouldn’t rule out supporting a universal background check bill, non-committedly saying he’s “review it and make an assessment based on the circumstances.” Wray, during a full day of confirmation hearing testimony, was questioned by Connecticut’s Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a longtime gun control supporter, about his views on firearms laws. “Would you support common sense measures to stop gun violence?” Blumenthal asked, implying that he has a clue what “common sense” means, especially...
  • WATCH: Colion Noir’s EPIC Response to Black Lives Matters

    07/14/2017 9:02:13 AM PDT · by rktman · 2 replies ^ | 7/14/2017 | Beth Baumann
    Ever since Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, “The Violence of Lies,” came to light, gun control advocates on the left have used one major talking point: that the NRA is made up of white conservatives want to oppress black Americans. The left was so upset with Loesch’s condemning of violence that Black Lives Matters created an ad refuting the NRA. In the ad, BLM calls for black people to stand up and “fight this violence with a raised clenched fist of black resistance.” NRATV’s Colion Noir explains the hypocrisy behind the Black Lives Matters organization getting upset over Loesch’s ad:
  • Oregon Cracks Down on Gun Rights in the Name of Suicide Prevention

    07/13/2017 4:20:31 PM PDT · by rktman · 35 replies ^ | 7/7/2017 | Christian Britschgi
    The Oregon legislature just passed a gun control measure that substantially weakens constitutional rights. Senate Bill 719 will allow a family member or a police officer to obtain a civil court order immediately stripping someone of the right to possess a firearm for up to a year, if a judge finds the person presents a danger to himself or others. The subject of the order has no right to contest it before it is issued. He can pursue an appeals process afterward, which is a bit like having the right to a jury trial after you've already been sent to...
  • Stanford Professor: ‘Right to Carry’ for Law-Abiding Citizens Increases Violent Crime

    07/11/2017 6:30:35 AM PDT · by rktman · 27 replies ^ | 7/10/2017 | AWR Hawkins
    Stanford professor John Donahue and his researchers claim states with “right to carry” (RTC) laws for concealed carry permit issuance experience higher rates of violent crime. In other words, Donahue is saying that states which issue a permit when the concealed applicant has no criminal history are experiencing higher levels of violent crime. Newsweek reported, “[Donahue’s team] estimates that the adoption of RTC laws substantially elevates violent crime rates (excluding murder rates), but seems to have no impact on property crime.”
  • Rep. Thomas Massie: Make Concealed Carry Great Again

    07/11/2017 6:14:39 AM PDT · by rktman · 34 replies ^ | 7/10/2017 | AWR Hawkins
    Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is working to make concealed carry great again by pushing legislation that will force Washington bureaucrats to recognize a valid concealed carry permit from any state in the union. This would quickly fix a situation like the nation witnessed on June 14, 2017, when a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican lawmakers in Alexandria, Virginia. Some of those lawmakers possess a concealed carry permit but were not able to have their guns with them because of the fact that they have to go in and out of Washington on daily basis.
  • 2017 is second biggest year for gun sales ever, might top 2016

    07/07/2017 12:04:42 PM PDT · by rktman · 16 replies ^ | 7/6/2017 | Paul Bedard
    In a welcome surprise for the arms industry, 2017 is on a pace to easily be the second biggest for gun sales ever, and could beat last year's record. FBI revealed that 12,601,102 checks have already taken place this year. Background checks are seen as a good gauge of gun sales, though not all sales have to go through the system and some sales are rejected. In June, the FBI conducted 1,901,768. That is 229,717 less than in June of 2016. In May, there were more background checks conducted than in May 2016. Last year a record 27,538,673 checks were...
  • PEW Research: NRA Members Heavily Republican, Steeped in Gun Safety

    07/06/2017 7:45:01 AM PDT · by rktman · 8 replies ^ | 7/5/2017 | AWR Hawkins
    A PEW Research survey shows that NRA members are heavily Republican, steeped in gun safety, and nearly “unanimous” in the conviction that gun ownership is “essential” to freedom. Moreover, the survey found that gun owners who are NRA members are twice as likely to carry a handgun for self-defense throughout the day than gun owners who are not NRA members. According to PEW, 44 percent of gun owners who are NRA members said they were likely to carry a gun for self-defense whereas only 22 percent of gun owners who were not NRA members said the same. “NRA members are...
  • Gun amnesty turns up WWII resistance cache (Lots of PHOTOS)

    07/05/2017 8:15:51 PM PDT · by FreeInWV · 30 replies ^ | 07/05/17 | Chris Eger
    As part of a weapons amnesty in Denmark, police recovered a vintage stockpile of munitions including submachine guns and grenades. The South Jutland Police posted images to social media last week of some 25 weapons and 100 grenades turned in as part of a reprieve for those with illegal or unregistered arms, many of which may have a connection to Danish history. Occupied by Germany during World War II, Denmark was home to a well-organized network of underground resistance units, often equipped by the Allies through the OSS and SOE. Among the weapons brought down from attics and up from...
  • Thomas Jefferson's declaration to bear arms

    07/03/2017 5:58:02 AM PDT · by rktman · 8 replies ^ | 7/2/2017 | Chuck Norris
    Almost everyone knows Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. But did you know he also wrote a Declaration of Arms? A year prior to Congress’ adoption and ratification of the Declaration of Independence, the members were signing a declaration to pick up arms against the mother country. And Jefferson was again the primary author. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence when he was just 33 years old, the youngest member of Congress. He penned the Declaration of Arms when he was just 32 years old. Jefferson’s eloquence in written expression was apparent to John Adams, who later described him...
  • Farmer Stabbed by ‘Allahu Akhbar’ Jihadi Says Media Silence on Attack a ‘Double Punishment’

    07/02/2017 7:13:38 AM PDT · by Mr. Mojo · 9 replies
    Breitbart ^ | July 1, 2017 | Virginia Hale
    A French farmer who nearly died at the hands of a knife-wielding jihadist, who was supposed to be under house arrest, has slammed “double standards” from the media and criminal justice system concerning his case. The Lot-et-Garonne farmer, who was left in a serious condition after being stabbed several times on June 18, told Le Figaro he has his young assistant to thank for still being alive today. Laroque-Timbaut’s centre-right mayor Lionel Falcoz, said: “There are feelings of misunderstanding and anger among the victims’ relatives. Some feel that the response from criminal justice is not up to scratch, and people...