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  • Vicente Fox slams 'imperialistic gringo' Trump's debate performance

    09/27/2016 12:39:49 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 71 replies
    The Hill ^ | Sweptember 27, 2016 | Rebecca Savransky
    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump's performance in the first presidential debate and warned that the GOP nominee's behavior should alarm world leaders. "We think he’s a danger. He’s a threat to the world," Fox, who watched the debate on Mexican television, told The Washington Post. "When he speaks about geo-economic situation and the geo-political situation and terrorism, he’s absolutely ignorant, and he’s only provoking us democratic leaders from around the world to reject everything he’s proposing. He is an imperialistic gringo." In contrast, Fox said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looked "very presidential." "My impression...

    09/27/2016 10:23:42 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 45 replies
    Dilbert ^ | 09/27/2016 | Scott Adams
    I Score the First Debate Posted September 27th, 2016 @ 8:27am Trump and Clinton debated each other for the first time last night. Here’s how I score the night. Clinton won on points. She had more command of the details and the cleaner answers. Trump did a lot of interrupting and he was defensive. If this were a college debate competition, Clinton would be declared the winner. I call that victory on the 2D chess board. But voters don’t care about facts and debating style. They care about how they feel. So let’s talk about that. For starters, Trump and...
  • Media won’t tell you this but Trump is at or near the MOE for nine states lost by Romney

    09/27/2016 9:13:09 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 24 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 9/27/16 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    By now, except in the Hillary Clinton propaganda mills, it is pretty well established that Donald Trump is going to get at least 20% of the Black vote while Clinton can’t break 75% with African Americans. This is a full 15 points below the bare minimum she needs to have a chance to win in November. Nevertheless, the crafty Goebbelsesque media presents this and other “horse races” within this election as one requiring Trump to get 51% or be defeated. This same twisting of the truth would produce a headline saying, “Trump down in 8 of 9 important states,” which...
  • An Open Letter to Donald Trump: How You Could Have Crushed Clinton with One Sentence

    09/27/2016 8:33:13 AM PDT · by 60Gunner · 52 replies
    The BB-like brain in my paint can-like head | 9/27/2016 | 60Gunner
    Dear Mr. Trump: I would wager that you are not one who suffers lengthy preambles gladly, so I will get straight to the point: You could have crushed Hillary's "tax returns" ambush with one sentence. Here it is: "The Middle East is in chaos, our allies are endangered, our enemies are emboldened, our reputation among our international neighbors is sullied, and our nation's citizens are robbed of work and imperiled on their own soil by immigrant criminals and islamic terrorists thanks to the foreign policies that YOU executed during your tenure as Secretary of State in the first four years...
  • Newt Gingrich: 'Enormous, historic victory' for Donald Trump (video)

    09/27/2016 5:36:35 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 47 replies
    Video Link
  • Shattuck: True blue-collar billionaire Donald Trump shows Hillary Clinton is out of touch

    09/27/2016 5:41:19 AM PDT · by calvincaspian · 18 replies
    The Boston Herald ^ | 09-27-16 | Tom Shattuck
    Donald Trump made it very clear last night that he is disgusted with Washington. Unluckily for Hillary Clinton, she is the standard-bearer for the Washington establishment and he didn’t let her forget it. He spoke to the plight of the middle class and hammered big, clumsy government and tax increases as the cause.
  • Kaine previews debate: You can run, but you can't hide, Donald!

    09/26/2016 2:10:35 PM PDT · by kevcol · 60 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | September 26, 2016 | T. Becket Adams
    "The thing about 90 minutes is, boy, you can't hide. Now Donald Trump likes to say, you know, 'I'm going to build this wall, but then I'm not taking any questions on it.' Well, okay, you got 90 minutes, and there's just the moderator and the two of you on stage. You can run, but you can't hide. . . The Virginia senator is scheduled to debate Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, next week. "Today starts the closing stretch of the campaign with the debate tonight," Kaine said Monday. "You know, I'm real interested in this debate. I'm...
  • Democrat hits new low; demands GOP double amputee war hero opponent “stand behind your own ads.”

    09/26/2016 9:13:54 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 3 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 9/26/16 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    Randy Perkins is a typical Democrat. He will say anything, insult anyone and mock anyone, even a double amputee war hero if he thinks it will get him elected. Brian Mast is his Republican opponent in the race to fill the 18th CD seat in Florida being vacated by another Democrat who is running for higher office. Like all Democrats in politics, Perkins doesn’t do patriotism well. Reverence for America and the heroes that keep our nation safe is just not in their DNA. Perkins’ insult and lower than low remark came during a candidate’s debate that the Democrat apparently...
  • Is Hillary Clinton Losing the 2016 Election?

    09/25/2016 12:21:05 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 35 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 25, 2016 | Ben Vos
    The anxiety is palatable. The question will not be made audible, but it remains: is she losing this election? Is it really slipping away? To put it in the words of Hillary Clinton: "Why am I not winning by 50 points?" 1. Epistemological poisoning. The depth of public outrage has been the consistent misunderstanding of all pundits trying to explain the current election. Why is the public so mad? Why do people seem to love Trump so much? Those charged with telling us the truth – journalists, the federal government, politicians, academia, Hollywood, and the Church – do not. The...
  • The Mark of Soros: Charlotte, North Carolina

    09/25/2016 10:27:11 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 6 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 25, 2016 | Clarice Feldman
    Tomorrow night we’ll see the much-awaited matchup one-on-one “debate” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Her staff is working with the debate commission to erase height and stamina advantages of her opponent. They asked that the debate be by seated opponents which was refused as was their effort to allow her to stand on a hidden stool. Her podium will be lowered though so when the camera sweeps from candidate to candidate viewers might not notice he is considerably taller than she. Outside of the debate hall in Charlotte, North Carolina, another drama is taking place. Apparently "Black Lives Matters"...
  • Looking at the polls: What we can draw from where Trump is positioned?

    09/25/2016 9:06:14 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 16 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 9/25/16 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    New Quinnipiac polls offer encouraging data for Donald Trump and a sagging future for Hillary Clinton. The Q-poll shows Clinton leading in Colorado 44/42, and in Virginia 45/39. It shows Trump leading 47/40 in Georgia and 44/37 in Iowa. In Colorado, where Obama won by 5 points in 2012, Clinton’s 8 point lead on August 17 has dissipated to 2 points which is within the 3.9% MOE. Moreover, Colorado is 87% White which is just at the beginning of certain trouble for Clinton since she is polling so poorly with Whites that Reuters has ALREADY all but called Vermont for...
  • For All the Undecideds out there

    09/25/2016 6:11:41 AM PDT · by Jerrybob · 12 replies
    self | 9/25/16 | Self
    How debate SHOULD go! Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says, “The media is really tearing you apart for that scandal.” Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?” Trump: “No, the other one.” Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?” Trump: “No, the other one.” Hillary: “How I withheld 17,500 emails, 81 of which were considered “CLASSIFIED” when written, after I was told to turn all emails over to the FBI.” Trump: “No, the other one.” Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?” Trump: “No, the other one.” Hillary: “When I told FBI...
  • Trump an 'embarrassment' Springsteen tells Norway

    09/24/2016 9:33:12 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 68 replies ^ | 24 Sep 2016 09:41 GMT+02:00 | AFP
    Rock legend Bruce Springsteen has described Donald Trump as an embarrassment to the United States, saying the Republican presidential candidate is a demagogue with simple solutions. Springsteen, who has dramatized the plight of working-class Americans in his music, said he understands how Trump could seem “compelling” to people who are economically insecure. “The absurdity is beyond cartoon-like. But he's gotten close enough (to the White House) so it can make you nervous,” he told Skavlan, a talk show in Norway and Sweden, during an interview released Friday. […] “We have certain problems in the United States — tremendous inequality of...
  • Hillary Surrogates Already Assigning Blame For Her Poor Numbers As Race Tightens

    09/24/2016 7:25:28 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 76 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 | Aleister
    The Washington Examiner reports: Clinton and surrogates growing frustrated with tightening race Clinton’s campaign has outspent GOP nominee Donald Trump on nearly every front, including placing more than $20 million on ads in Pennsylvania. The Republican candidate has spent only a fraction of that amount on advertising in the Keystone State. Though the Democratic nominee is ahead of Trump by a wide margin in Pennsylvania, she leads nationally by only two points, according to a RealClearPolitics polling average. Clinton’s supporters have blamed her poor showing in the polls on everything from third-party candidates to the supposed ignorance of the American...
  • How Trump Wins the Debates - (Hillary's optics problem

    09/24/2016 9:47:07 AM PDT · by onyx · 87 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | September 24, 2016 | Bruce Walker
    ~snips~ Americans will be watching the presidential debates closely – not for policies or ideas, but for images and demeanor. This creates a clear opening for Donald Trump. Hillary has hidden behind flacks and party hacks and pandering and controlled media. Trump has behaved exactly the opposite way, speaking for himself, attacking party machines, and acting often unscripted. If Hillary was elected, she would be the fattest president since William Howard Taft, the shortest president since James Madison, and the second oldest president in American history. These very visible factors will quietly blend into the evaluation voters will make of...
  • Are we as a FreeRepublic group going to submit questions to the Presdiential debate?

    09/23/2016 9:59:29 PM PDT · by Robert357 · 61 replies
    CNN ^ | CNN
    OK CNN is collecting questions for the Presidential debate. Are we as a group going to Freep this? I say Yes!
  • Just saw an ad for Hillary on TV here in Illinois.

    09/23/2016 6:21:09 PM PDT · by eekitsagreek · 37 replies
    OK. Watching the Big Bang Theory on TBS and just saw an ad for Hillary during the commercials.
  • Grassley: Rush to Confirm New Citizens Before Election Puts National Security at Risk

    09/23/2016 1:23:21 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | September 23, 2016 | Katie Pavlich
    Yesterday news broke Department of Homeland Security officials are encouraging employees to work expensive overtime hours to push through as many U.S. citizenship applications as possible before the November election. An internal Obama administration email shows immigration officials may be literally working overtime to swear in as many new “citizen voters” as possible before the Nov. 8 presidential election, a powerful lawmaker charged Thursday. The email, from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office chief and part of a chain of correspondence within the agency, urges the unnamed recipient to swear in as many citizens as possible “due to the...
  • Bono: Trump ‘hijacked’ the Republican Party, could ‘destroy’ America

    09/23/2016 11:10:58 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 95 replies
    Washington Times ^ | Wednesday, September 21, 2016 | Jessica Chasmar
    U2 singer Bono warned Tuesday that America is more than a country, it’s an idea, and a Donald Trump presidency could destroy that idea. In an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Bono, whose real name is Paul David Hewson, argued that the Republican presidential nominee has already “hijacked” the GOP. “I think he’s hijacked the party, and I think he’s trying to hijack the idea of America,” Bono said. “And I think it’s bigger than all of us. I think it’s — this is really dangerous.” …
  • Glenn Beck: Cruz backing Trump 'profoundly sad' (LOL!)

    09/23/2016 3:39:41 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 128 replies
    The Hill ^ | September 23, 2016 | Mark Hensch
    Glenn Beck on Friday voiced sorrow over Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) endorsing Donald Trump for the presidency. “[This is] a profoundly sad day for me,” he wrote on Facebook. "Disappointment does not begin to describe. “Maybe it is time to go to the mountains for a while,” the conservative commentator added. "Again, disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings.” Beck, who supported Cruz over Trump in the GOP’s presidential primary, added he feared for the nation’s future. “America is an idea, not a country,” he said. "When we discuss the destruction of our country, that is vastly different...
  • Sen. Sessions on Cruz endorsement, immigration gaffes

    09/23/2016 4:27:35 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 8 replies
    Video Link
  • CBS4 Investigation Finds Dead Voters Casting Ballots In Colorado

    09/23/2016 3:06:13 PM PDT · by PROCON · 71 replies ^ | Sep. 22, 2016 | Brian Maass and Mark Ackerman
    DENVER (CBS4) – A CBS4 investigation has found multiple cases of dead men and women voting in Colorado months and in some cases years after their deaths, a revelation that calls into question safeguards designed to prevent such occurrences. “We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred,” said Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams after reviewing the CBS4 findings. “It shows there is the potential for fraud.”~SNIP~One of the most glaring cases was that of Sara Sosa in Colorado Springs. She died on Oct. 14, 2009. However, CBS4 uncovered voting records that showed ballots cast...
  • Trump accepts Cruz endorsement after saying he wouldn't

    09/23/2016 2:25:22 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 68 replies
    The Hill ^ | September 23, 2016 | Ben Kamisar
    Donald Trump on Friday accepted Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) endorsement, despite promising in July not to. After Cruz was booed at the Republican National Convention for refusing to endorse Trump, the GOP presidential nominee tore into his formal rival. Trump predicted at the time that Cruz would eventually endorse, but said that “if he gives it, I will not accept it.” "He'll come and endorse in the next little while because he has no choice. … I don't want his endorsement. Ted, stay home, relax, enjoy yourself." But when Cruz’s endorsement came Friday in the form of a lengthy Facebook...
  • The Year of the Reticent Voter

    09/23/2016 5:10:19 AM PDT · by Dr. Sivana · 22 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 09/23/2016 | Peggy Noonan
    The signature sentence of this election begins with the words “In a country of 320 million . . .” I hear it everywhere. It ends with “how’d it come down to these two?” or “why’d we get them?” Another sentence is a now a common greeting among Republicans who haven’t seen each other in a while: “What are we gonna do?” The most arresting sentence of the week came from a sophisticated Manhattan man friendly with all sides. I asked if he knows what he’ll do in November. “I know exactly,” he said with some spirit. “I will be one...
  • Heidi Cruz Rejoins Goldman Sachs

    09/23/2016 11:01:15 AM PDT · by orchestra · 32 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 9/23/2016 | Tyler Durden
    While Goldman is best known for creating the revolving door, where it either soaks up SEC "regulators", spawns countless central bankers, Treasury Secretaries like Hank Paulson (whose departure from the firm allowed him a tax free cash out on his vested GS equity), NJ governors and client fund comminglers like Jon Corzine, a new function was revealed today: providing sabbaticals for the spouses of presidential candidates. Case in point: Heidi Cruz, who left Goldman Sachs last year to help her husband Ted Cruz in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, is returning to the bank in a newly created...
  • The Startup That Predicted Brexit Has Some Bad News for Hillary Clinton

    09/23/2016 8:46:21 AM PDT · by Big Otto · 28 replies ^ | 9/22/2016 | Alfred Miller
    The US presidential race appears to be neck and neck. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied at 39% among likely voters, while the latest WSJ/NBC News poll says it’s 43% to 37% in favor of Clinton and Nate Silver has Clinton’s probability of winning at 59%. But is it possible that these pollsters are wrong?
  • Chelsea Clinton Debuts ‘Make Herstory’ T-Shirt At Hillary Campaign Rally

    09/23/2016 9:48:30 AM PDT · by PROCON · 81 replies
    breitbart ^ | Sep. 23, 2016 | CHARLIE SPIERING
    Former (and possibly future) first daughter Chelsea Clinton is on the trail for her mother Hillary Clinton, and was sporting a new look during a rally for students at Michigan State University. Chelsea took the stage to the divisive “Fight Song” campaign anthem by Rachel Patten. She was wearing a “Make Herstory” black t-shirt, black pants, and black boots.~SNIP~“A Hillary Clinton presidency would mark an exciting and bold new chapter in America’s story—and in the story for women’s equality,” wrote the designers about their shirt. “Change doesn’t happen by keeping things the same. Real change comes from being brave,...
  • State Department has 2,800 emails Clinton never turned over

    09/23/2016 9:19:30 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 19 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | September 23, 2016 | Stephen Dinan
    The State Department said Friday it likely has more than 2,800 new emails former Secretary Hillary Clinton never turned over but that were recovered by the FBI, and will begin releasing then in batches beginning next month. But only a small percentage will be processed before the election, the department said in court, arguing its resources are stretched too thin to get them done. All told, the FBI turned over 15,171 emails it recovered that involved Mrs. Clinton, and of those about 60 percent have been deemed purely personal. That leaves some 5,600 that are work-related, but based on a...
  • Clinton's eyes — a window into her health issues

    09/23/2016 9:04:40 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 10 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 9/23/16 | John Coppedge
    In 2014 Conan O'Brien did a spoof of Hillary Clinton's interview with Diane Sawyer about her lack of lingering health issues following her 2012 concussion. In an obviously photoshopped version, Clinton's eyes are made to oscillate crazily. It was a very funny piece. Now, it may not seem so funny. Hillary Clinton exhibited abnormal eye movements during her recent speech in Philadelphia and they were not photo-shopped. Her eyes did not always move in the same direction at the same time. It appears that she has a problem with her left sixth cranial nerve. That nerve serves only one function...
  • Zach Galifianakis Interviews Hillary Clinton: "I Really Regret Doing This" (I LOL'd @ Video)

    09/22/2016 10:42:08 PM PDT · by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget · 69 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | September 22, 2016 | Tim Hains
    You have to see this. Makes her look like a crazy old bat. (She is) Why would she have done this?
  • Climate Alarmist Professors: Vote Hillary or the Planet Will Fry!

    09/22/2016 3:57:28 PM PDT · by PROCON · 16 replies
    breitbart ^ | Sep. 22, 2016 | JAMES DELINGPOLE
    Hundreds of members of the US National Academy of Scientists have signed an open letter in support of Hillary because global warming. Calling themselves Responsible Scientists, they warn: Human-caused climate change is not a belief, a hoax, or a conspiracy. It is a physical reality. Fossil fuels powered the Industrial Revolution. But the burning of oil, coal, and gas also caused most of the historical increase in atmospheric levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. This increase in greenhouse gases is changing Earth’s climate.
  • Trump says he will replace 'failed and corrupt establishment'

    09/21/2016 12:35:17 PM PDT · by Innovative · 13 replies
    Toledo Blade ^ | Sept.21, 2016 | Blade Staff
    Subtitle: He promises tax reductions, child care, repeal of Affordable Care Act Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, during his stump speech today at the Stranahan Theater in South Toledo, boasted he would replace the "failed and corrupt establishment" of the nation and that he would terminate all "job-killing" orders from the Obama Administration.
  • Poll: Nearly 70% Concerned About Trump's Comments

    09/21/2016 1:18:22 PM PDT · by Innovative · 72 replies
    MSN News ^ | Sept. 21, 2016 | Mark Murray
    A combined 69 percent of American voters say they have concerns about Donald Trump's comments and language on women, immigrants and Muslims, including more than half who have "major" concerns, according to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. That's compared with a combined 64 percent of voters who say they have concerns about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.
  • Journalism Is Dead: Part 4,295

    09/22/2016 5:54:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | September 22, 2016 | Derek Hunter
    If you wrote the story of this election as fiction two years ago, your publisher would demand it be called a farce. If you had a vision of this election 20 years ago and told anyone about it, you would be institutionalized to this day. Even now, in the midst of it all, much of the 2016 presidential election reads as parody. And the media coverage is the tip of that absurdist spear aiming for the heart of reality. The media loves nothing like it loves itself. With the possible exception of Hollywood, no industry awards itself more for doing...
  • The GOP’s Jewish Donors Are Abandoning Trump

    09/21/2016 10:12:35 PM PDT · by Timpanagos1 · 94 replies
    FiveThirtyEight ^ | 9/21/16 | Titan Hersh Brian Schaffner
    In recent years, Republicans have made inroads into the overwhelmingly Democratic constituency of American Jews. But this year, Republican Jews — or Jewish donors to the Republican party, at least — are abandoning their party’s nominee at a stunningly high rate. In 2012, 71 percent of the $160 million that Jewish donors gave to the two major-party nominees went to President Obama’s re-election campaign; 29 percent went to Mitt Romney’s campaign, according to our analysis of campaign contributors, which used a predictive model to estimate which donors are Jewish based on their names and other characteristics. This ratio of support...
  • Soros-Linked ‘October Surprise That Will End Trump’: The Campaign To Register 8 Million

    09/21/2016 12:37:20 PM PDT · by detective · 93 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 21 Sep 2016 | Liam Deacon
    Shortened title. Full title: Soros-Linked ‘October Surprise That Will End Trump’: The Campaign To Register 8 Million ‘Global Citizens’ To Vote A new campaign, touted as the “October surprise that will end Trump”, is seeking to mobilise a “secret swing state” of more than 8 million mostly unregistered “global citizens” and “progressive” Americans living abroad to vote in the U.S. election. The initiative was launched in London in the United Kingdom on Wednesday by ‘Avaaz’, a registered U.S. charity and one the world’s largest and most powerful activist groups linked to globalist billionaire George Soros. Campaigners toured from the University...
  • On a street in Ohio, defiant Democrats flock to Trump

    09/21/2016 7:57:09 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 26 replies
    CBS ^ | 21 Sep 2016 | JACQUELINE ALEMANY
    STRUTHERS, OHIO — On a recent Saturday, standing in her driveway, Halle Minchin Skook could not fathom why her neighbor was pissing on Youngstown’s Democratic tradition and voting for Donald Trump this election cycle. “He literally pees out his window,” Skook said, gesturing toward the house next door on Como Street, occupied by a Trump backer. The 26-year-old special education teacher at Struthers Middle School didn’t even want to mow the strip of grass between her home and that of her neighbor. “The stench of urine on the grass is awful,” her mother piped in. Standing in the driveway outside...
  • Changing who controls ICANN jeopardizes our presidential election

    09/20/2016 10:24:57 PM PDT · by bushwon · 40 replies
    The Hill ^ | 9/20/16 | Theresa Peyton
    Changing who controls the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) so close to our presidential election will jeopardize the results of how you vote on Nov. 8 unless Congress stops this changeover. When the calendar hits Sept. 30, a mere 6 weeks before our election, the United States cannot be assured that if any web site is hacked, the responsible party will be held accountable. We cannot be sure if a web site is a valid. We cannot be sure if one country is being favored over another. These are all the things ICANN is responsible for and...
  • With Trump Regaining NC Lead, Hillary Unexpectedly Postpones Local Fundraiser "Without Reason" <tr>

    09/20/2016 5:45:56 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 53 replies ^ | Tyler Durden
    If there was a time Hillary needed to make a public appearance in the key battleground state of North Carolina to drum up voter support, it was today, if for no other reason than a just released Elon University poll finding Trump now has a modest 44% advantage among likely voters in the Tar Heel State, with 43% going to Clinton. According to the poll, most voters felt Trump would be better for rich people, white people and men, while most believe Clinton would be better for poor people, women and minorities. “This election is so tight right now, that...
  • Iowa Absentee Ballot Requests (9/17/12 vs 9/20/16); Dems underperforming and GOP overperforming

    09/20/2016 5:49:48 PM PDT · by Ravi · 19 replies
    Iowa SOS ^ | 9/20/16 | me
    Slight background. Dems in IA always vote much higher absentee compared to GOP. This has gone on for several elections now. GOP always makes up for it on election day at least in 2004 not 2008/2012. Off topic but FL, for some reason, this pattern is reversed. So here on the first day of absentee ballot requests of 2016 compared to the first day of absentee ballot requests in 2012: 9/17/12: D-92,850; R-13,635; I-28,091 9/20/16: D-43,443; R-15,272; I-16,360
  • Kellyanne Conway CNN FULL Interview on Bush, Supporting Hillary Clinton (BRUTAL)

    09/20/2016 9:27:36 PM PDT · by GilGil · 81 replies
    CNN ^ | 8/20/2016 | Erin Burnett
    Full Title:Kellyanne Conway Erin Burnett CNN FULL Interview On George HW Bush Supporting Hillary Clinton Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump‘s campaign manager, reacted tonight to the news of George H.W. Bush apparently saying in private he will vote for Hillary Clinton as diplomatically as possible. She told CNN’s Erin Burnett that she respects his decision but notices the irony of voting for “the wife of the man who knocked him out of the race” in 1992. "Jeb Bush really failed…there are a lot of hurt feelings" And Conway also observed, “This was a bruising primary, and Jeb Bush really failed all...
  • 7 reasons Hillary vs. Trump is not a fair fight (and down goes da Beast)

    09/21/2016 4:17:56 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 52 replies
    WND ^ | Kent G. Bailey
    Let me offer a few paleopsychological observations at this juncture: First, it is a medical and scientific fact that stress is powerfully correlated with the causes of a wide range of physical and psychological pathologies, and it can also aggravate just about any pre-existing condition. Moreover, chronic and prolonged stress of the kind plaguing Hillary is especially problematic, and it is reaching a fever pitch as her polls sink and the debates are days away. I am amazed that she has not completely fallen apart already. Second, traumatic and unexpected events contribute to stress, and Hillary never expected to meet...
  • Durbin: Knife and Bomb Attacks 'Sad Reminders' of Need for Gun-Control Bills

    09/20/2016 5:42:16 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 54 replies
    PJ Media ^ | September 20, 2016 | Bridget Johnson
    WASHINGTON -- The Senate minority whip told reporters on Capitol Hill today that the Minnesota mall stabbings and the New York/New Jersey bombings were "sad reminders that this Congress has done nothing -- nothing to prevent dangerous people from acquiring guns and explosives to carry out future attacks on Americans." Outside of a closed policy luncheon, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Republicans "have seen multiple opportunities come and go to bring forward and pass bipartisan legislation to prevent terrorists from buying firearms and explosives, closing the so-called terror gap loophole." "All of which have been defeated by the Republican majority....
  • "Deplorables Unite" - (Do you hear the people sing) Trump Anthem Video

    09/20/2016 10:34:24 AM PDT · by Rennes Templar · 65 replies
    YouTube ^ | Sept. 19, 2016
  • Democrat fake Catholics have finally pushed the Catholic Church too far and will feel the blow back

    09/20/2016 9:27:17 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 18 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 9/20/16 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    For years genuine Catholics have been forced to watch helplessly as Democrat, fake Catholics have trashed Catholic doctrine for political gain with little more than a peep from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. We have been forced to shy away from discussions about the feckless response our Church leaders have displayed in the face of Democrat fake Catholic demands. When the Bishops give an inch or appear to give an inch the fake Catholic Democrats demand a yard. This has embarrassed us to no end; but things might be changing. After years of remaining largely silent while Democrat fake...

    09/20/2016 5:31:50 AM PDT · by · 83 replies
    truth feed ^ | September 19, 201 | Amy Moreno 6 There’s no doubt about it…… Florida LOVES Donald Trump! …and Trump loves Florida – it's his second home. So, it was no surprise that within hours of announcing his Fort Myers event at the Germain Arena, tickets for the 8k venue were sold out in a flash. Scalpers were selling tickets to the event for $100-$400 dollars a pop!
  • Hillary Clinton Cringe-worthy moments (Video) (LANGUAGE ALERT)

    09/19/2016 11:27:31 AM PDT · by Angels27 · 7 replies
    You Tube ^ | 9-19-17 | You Tube
    Enjoy the Sick Ones most asinine moments....if you can sit though it all.
  • 'Aid and Comfort': Clinton Suggests Trump Committed Treason

    09/19/2016 2:20:07 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 42 replies
    PJ Media ^ | September 19, 2016 | Robert Spencer
    Jennifer Epstein, a reporter for Bloomberg and clearly the very model of a modern Leftist journalist, asked Hillary Clinton today: Are you concerned that this weekend’s attacks or potential incidents in the coming weeks might be an attempt by ISIS or ISIS sympathizers, or really any other group, maybe the Russians, to influence the presidential race in some way, and presumably try to drive votes to Donald Trump? In response, the former secretary of State for a president who has given billions to the Islamic Republic of Iran -- a country which ordered its people to chant “Death to America”...
  • Sowell: Our Political Predicament

    09/19/2016 11:58:48 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 55 replies
    Creators Syndicates ^ | September 20, 2016 | Thomas Sowell
    There is no point denying or sugar-coating the plain fact that the voters this election year face a choice between two of the worst candidates in living memory. A professor at Morgan State University summarized the situation by saying that the upcoming debates may enable voters to decide which is the "less insufferable" candidate to be President of the United States. My own take on this election is that the voter is in a situation much like that of an American fighter pilot in World War II, whose plane has been hit by enemy fire out over the Pacific Ocean...
  • Obama: America afraid of powerful women

    09/19/2016 10:44:30 AM PDT · by PROCON · 79 replies ^ | Sep. 18, 2016 | PAUL BEDARD
    President Obama telling a Manhattan fundraiser that Hillary Rodham Clinton will "carry on" his initiatives, said America hasn't had a female president because the country is skittish about "powerful women." However, speaking to the liberal donors, he said he is confident that the country is ready to get over its hangup. "There's a reason why we haven't had a woman president," he said, according to a press poll report on the event. "We as a society still grapple with what it means to see powerful women.