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  • ZOT Offer From A Private Lender

    09/16/2014 6:34:03 PM PDT · 802 of 802
    NicknamedBob to null and void; ColdOne

    She has much to live for. That’s always good medicine.

  • Tony Stewart case will be sent to grand jury to determine possible charges

    09/16/2014 6:34:00 PM PDT · 114 of 114
    nomodem to cport
  • My lovely wife is having surgery tomorrow morning.

    09/16/2014 6:34:00 PM PDT · 1 of 1
    O My Jesus, Saint Veronica served You on the way to Calvary by wiping Your beloved face with a towel on which Your sacred image then appeared. She protected this treasure, and whenever people touched it, they were miraculously healed. I ask her to pray for the growth of my ability to see Your sacred image in others, to recognize their hurts, to stop and join them on their difficult journeys, and to feel the same compassion for them as she did for You. Show me how to wipe their faces, serve their needs, and heal their wounds, reminding me that as I do this for them, I also do this for You. Saint Veronica, pray for us. Amen.
  • Russian Orthodox Church Cancels Lutheran Dialogue Over Gay Rights

    09/16/2014 6:33:51 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    cloudmountain to circlecity
    The list does not exist - anywhere. Why? Because the 30,000 number is total bull..

    The CATHOLIC CHURCH says 30,000 Protestant denominations; the Protestants say 40,000. But, why believe Google? CHECK OUT THEIR NUMBERS by the Protestants.
    They differentiate THEMSELVES by a variety of names. THEY chose their names and consider themselves DIFFERENT denominations. They don't even just call themselves Lutherans or Calvinists; they use all kinds of other names for themselves.

    Since THEY chose those different names, I ASSUME they did so because they BELIEVED in different doctrine, that is, different enough to separate themselves from other Protestant denominations. I wonder why you don't believe the Protestant view of THEMSELVES.
    To me, it doesn't matter as they are ALL Christians. The numbers and variety of Protestant denominations show me how VERY much missionary work was done by those intrepid ministers. Well, I've heard from FReepers that Mormons aren't really Christians since they believe that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers. I asked a Mormon relative who converted (from Episcopalian to Mormonism to Catholicism) about that. He agreed with what the FReepers said about Mormonism.

    The Catholic Church has variations too but I didn't think that you would be interested in them.

    I didn't include any Orthodoxy because some people think they are Catholics and others say they are Protestant. But, you can look them up if you want. This site puts them as Protestants. Doesn't matter, I suppose.

    Excuse some of the numbering errors. My eyes were starting to cross.

    Only our good Lord can keep track of all this!


    Protestantism - 800 million
    Estimates of the total number of Protestants are very uncertain, partly because of the difficulty in determining which denominations should be placed in the category. It seems however clear that Protestantism is the second largest major group of Christians after Catholicism by number of followers. Often that number is put at 800 million. Some sources, which put the number at 800 million, include also Anglicanism (see below) within Protestantism. However, Protestant denominations in the world differ vastly to slightly theologically and do not form a single communion.


    Historical Protestantism - 330 million
    Baptist churches - 100 million
    1. Southern Baptist Convention - 15.7 million
    2. National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. - 8.5 million
    3. National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. - 3.1 million
    4. Nigerian Baptist Convention - 2.5 million
    5. Progressive National Baptist Convention - 2.5 million
    6. Baptist General Convention of Texas - 2.3 million
    7. Baptist Union of Uganda - 1.5 million
    8. American Baptist Churches USA - 1.4 million
    9. Brazilian Baptist Convention - 1.3 million
    10. Baptist Bible Fellowship International - 1.2 million


    11. Baptist Community of the Congo River - 1 million
    12. National Primitive Baptist Convention of the U.S.A. - 1 million
    13. National Missionary Baptist Convention of America - 1 million
    14. Myanmar Baptist Convention - 0.9 million
    15. Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches - 0.8 million
    16. Korea Baptist Convention - 0.8 million
    17. Baptist Convention of Kenya - 0.8 million
    18. Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India - 0.6 million
    19. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - 0.5 million
    20. Nagaland Baptist Church Council - 0.5 million


    21. Baptist Convention in Tanzania - 0.5 million
    22. Orissa Evangelical Baptist Crusade - 0.5 million
    23. Baptist General Association of Virginia - 0.5 million
    24. National Baptist Convention (Brazil) - 0.4 million
    25. Church of Christ in Congo–Baptist Community of Congo - 0.4 million
    26. Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches - 0.3
    27. American Baptist Association - 0.3 million
    28. Union of Baptist Churches in Rwanda - 0.3 million
    29. Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda - 0.3 million
    30. Garo Baptist Convention - 0.2 million


    31. Baptist Community of Western Congo - 0.2 million
    33. Baptist Missionary Association of America - 0.2 million
    34. Conservative Baptist Association of America - 0.2 million
    35. National Association of Free Will Baptists - 0.2 million
    36. Canadian Baptist Ministries - 0.2 million
    37. National Baptist Convention of Mexico - 0.2 million
    38. Manipur Baptist Convention - 0.2 million
    39. Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars - 0.2 million
    40. Baptist Community in Central Africa - 0.2 million
    41. Baptist Convention of Malawi - 0.2 million

    Lutheranism - 85 million
    42. Evangelical Church in Germany - 24.5 million
    43. Church of Sweden - 6.5 million
    44. Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus - 6.4 million
    45. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania - 5.8 million
    46. United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India - 4.5 million
    47. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - 4.5 million
    48. Church of Denmark - 4.4 million
    49. Batak Christian Protestant Church - 4.2 million
    50. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland - 4.1 million


    51. Church of Norway - 3.8 million
    52. Malagasy Lutheran Church - 3.0 million
    53. Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod - 2.2 million
    54. The Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria - 2.2 million
    55. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea - 0.9 million
    56. Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil - 0.7 million
    57. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia - 0.7 million
    58. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa - 0.6 million
    59. Christian Protestant Church in Indonesia - 0.6 million
    60. Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia - 0.4 million


    61. Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - 0.4 million
    62. Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia - 0.4 million
    63. The Indonesia. n Protestant Church - 0.4 million
    64. The Protestant Christian Church - 0.4 million
    65. Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Austria - 0.3 million
    66. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon - 0.2 million
    67. Church of Iceland - 0.2 million
    68. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil - 0.2 million
    69. Simalungun Protestant Christian Church - 0.2 million
    70. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe - 0.2 million


    71. Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia - 0.2 million
    72. Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary - 0.2 million
    73. Protestant Church of Augsburg Confession of Alsace and Lorraine - 0.2 million
    74. The Lutheran Council of Great Britain - 0.2 million
    75. Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church - 0.2 million
    76. Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ - 0.2 million
    77. North American Lutheran Church - 0.2 million Methodism - 80 million[30]
    78. United Methodist Church - 12 million[31]
    79. African Methodist Episcopal Church - 2.5 million
    80. Methodist Church Nigeria - 2 million


    81. Church of the Nazarene - 2 million
    82. Methodist Church of Southern Africa - 1.7 million
    83. Korean Methodist Church - 1.5 million
    84. African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church - 1.5 million
    85. The Salvation Army - 1.4 million
    86. United Methodist Church of Ivory Coast - 1 million
    87. Free Methodist Church - 0.9 million
    88. Christian Methodist Episcopal Church - 0.9 million
    89. Methodist Church Ghana - 0.8 million
    90. Methodist Church in India - 0.6 million


    91. Methodist Church in Kenya - 0.5 million
    92. Wesleyan Church - 0.4 million
    93. Evangelical Free Church of America - 0.4 million
    94. Methodist Church of Great Britain - 0.3 million[47]
    95. Methodist Church in Brazil - 0.2 million

    Reformed churches - 80 million
    Presbyterianism - 50 million
    Presbyterian Church of East Africa - 4.0 million
    Presbyterian Church of Nigeria - 3.8 million
    Presbyterian Church of Africa - 3.4 million
    100. Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDong) - 3.0 million
    The Presbyterian Church of Korea (TongHap) - 2.9 million
    United Church of Canada - 2.8 million
    Church of Christ in Congo–Presbyterian Community of Congo - 2.5 million

    Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - 1.8 million
    Presbyterian Church of Cameroon - 1.8 million
    Presbyterian Church of India - 1.3 million
    Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian - 1.3 million
    Church of Scotland - 1.1 million
    Presbyterian Church of Brazil - 1.0 million

    110. Presbyterian Church in Sudan - 1.0 million
    Presbyterian Church in Cameroon - 0.7 million[64]
    Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongBoSu II.) - 0.7 million
    Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongChunTong) - 0.6 million
    Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana - 0.6 million
    United Church of Christ in the Philippines - 0.5 million
    Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa - 0.5 million
    Presbyterian Church in America - 0.4 million
    Presbyterian Church of Pakistan - 0.4 million
    Korean Presbyterian Church - 0.4 million

    120. Presbyterian Church in Korea (Koshin) - 0.4 million
    Presbyterian Church in Ireland - 0.3 million
    Uniting Church in Australia - 0.3 million
    Presbyterian Church in Rwanda - 0.3 million
    Presbyterian Church in Taiwan - 0.3 million
    Continental Reformed churches - 30 million
    Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar - 3.5 million
    Protestant Church in Indonesia - 3.1 million
    United Church of Zambia - 3.0 million
    Protestant Church in the Netherlands - 2.5 million

    130. Evangelical Church of Cameroon - 2.5 million
    Swiss Reformed Church - 2.4 million
    Protestant Evangelical Church in Timor - 2.0 million
    Dutch Reformed Church - 1.1 million
    Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa - 0.7 million
    United Church in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands - 0.6 million
    Protestant Church in Western Indonesia - 0.6 million[84]
    Evangelical Christian Church in Tanah Papua - 0.6 million
    Protestant Church in the Moluccas - 0.6 million
    Reformed Church in Hungary - 0.6 million

    140. Reformed Church in Romania - 0.6 million
    Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa - 0.5 million
    Toraja Church - 0.4 million
    Reformed Church of France - 0.4 million
    Lesotho Evangelical Church - 0.3 million
    Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera - 0.3 million
    Evangelical Reformed Church in Angola - 0.3 million
    Christian Church of Sumba - 0.3 million
    Karo Batak Protestant Church - 0.3 million
    Reformed Church in America - 0.3 million

    150. Christian Reformed Church in North America - 0.3 million
    Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria - 0.3 million
    Reformed Church in Zambia - 0.3 million
    Kalimantan Evangelical Church - 0.2 million
    Javanese Christian Churches - 0.2 million
    Indonesia Christian Church - 0.2 million
    Church of Christ in the Sudan Among the Tiv - 0.2 million
    Church of Lippe - 0.2 million
    Evangelical Church of Congo - 0.2 million
    Evangelical Church of Gabon - 0.2 million

    160. Christian Evangelical Church of Sangihe Talaud - 0.2 million
    Central Sulawesi Christian Church - 0.2 million
    Evangelical Reformed Church in Bavaria and Northwestern Germany - 0.2 million

    Congregationalism - 5 million 163. United Church of Christ - 1.2 million[111]
    Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola - 0.9 million
    United Congregational Church of Southern Africa - 0.5 million
    Anabaptism and Schwarzenau Brethren - 3.5 million
    Schwarzenau Brethren/German Baptist groups - 1.5 million
    Mennonites - 1.7 million
    Amish - 0.25 million

    170. Hutterites - 0.05 million
    Hussites - 1 million
    Moravians - 0.825 million
    Czechoslovak Hussite Church - 0.14 million
    Unity of the Brethren - 0.035 million
    Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) - 0.4 million
    Modern Protestantism - 464 million

    Pentecostalism - 279 million
    Assemblies of God - 65 million
    Fangcheng Fellowship - 12 million

    180. International Circle of Faith - 11 million
    China Gospel Fellowship - 10 million
    Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) - 9 million
    International Church of the Foursquare Gospel - 8 million
    Church of God in Christ - 6.5 million
    Apostolic Church - 6 million
    Jesus the Lord Church - 6 million

    International Pentecostal Holiness Church - 4 million
    United Pentecostal Church International - 4 million
    The Pentecostal Mission - 2.5 million
    190. Christian Congregation of Brazil - 2.5 million

    True Jesus Church - 2.5 million
    Church of Pentecost - 2.1 million
    Universal Church of the Kingdom of God - 2 million
    Pentecostal Assemblies of the World - 1.5 million
    Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa - 1.2 million
    Church of God of Prophecy - 1.5 million
    Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda - 1 million
    God is Love Pentecostal Church - 0.8 million

    Nondenominational evangelicalism - 80 million

    Calvary Chapel - 25 million
    200. Born Again Movement - 20 million
    Association of Vineyard Churches - 15 million
    Christian and Missionary Alliance - 4 million
    Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) - 1.2 million
    African initiated Protestant churches - 60 million
    Zion Christian Church - 15 million
    Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim - 10 million
    Kimbanguist Church - 5.5 million
    Church of the Lord (Aladura) - 3.6 million[121]
    Council of African Instituted Churches - 3 million[122]

    210. Church of Christ Light of the Holy Spirit - 1.4 million

    African Church of the Holy Spirit - 0.7 million
    African Israel Church Nineveh - 0.5 million
    Seventh-day Adventist Church - 17 million
    New Apostolic Church - 10 million
    Chinese-originated and Chinese Independent Churches – 10 million

    Groups listed have origins in the Lord's Recovery movement associated with Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

    216. The Shouters are an offshoot of the Local Churches considered a dangerous sect by the Chinese government; due to the extremely decentralized nature of both groups, there is controversy over which house churches should be actually considered part of each.
    The Shouters – unknown, probably less than 1 million

    217. Eastern Lightning, which is in turn an offshoot of The Shouters, is very hierarchical (in contrast to its predecessors) and teaches that Christ has already returned as a woman named Lightning Deng.
    Eastern Lightning – 1 million
    Local Churches – between 1 and 10 million

    Restoration Movement - 7 million
    Churches of Christ - 5 million
    220. Christian churches and churches of Christ - 1.1 million
    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - 0.7 million
    Community of Disciples of Christ in Congo - 0.7 million
    Plymouth Brethren - 1 million[129]


    Anglicanism - 85 million
    Anglican Communion - 80 million
    Church of England - 25.0 million
    Church of Nigeria - 18.0 million
    Church of Uganda - 8.1 million
    Anglican Church of Kenya - 5.0 million
    Episcopal Church of Sudan - 4.5 million
    230. Anglican Church of Australia - 3.9 million
    Church of South India - 3.8 million
    Anglican Church of Southern Africa - 2.3 million

    Episcopal Church in the United States- 2.1 million
    Anglican Church of Tanzania - 2.0 million
    Anglican Church of Canada - 2.0 million
    Church of North India - 1.5 million
    Anglican Church of Rwanda - 1.0 million
    Church of the Province of Central Africa - 0.9 million
    Anglican Church of Burundi - 0.8 million
    240. Church in the Province of the West Indies - 0.8 million
    Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean - 0.5 million
    Church of Christ in Congo–Anglican Community of Congo - 0.5 million

    Church of Pakistan - 0.5 million
    Church of Ireland - 0.4 million
    Church of the Province of West Africa - 0.3 million
    Church of the Province of Melanesia - 0.2 million
    Continuing Anglican movement and independent Anglican churches - 1.5 million
    Traditional Anglican Communion - 0.4 million
    Church of England in South Africa - 0.1 million
    250. Restorationism and Non-Trinitarianism - 41 million
    Latter Day Saint movement - 15.2 million

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) - 15 million
    Community of Christ - 0.2 million
    Iglesia ni Cristo - 10 million
    Jehovah's Witnesses - 7.65 million
    Oneness Pentecostalism - 6 million
    United Pentecostal Church International - 4 million
    Pentecostal Assemblies of the World - 1.5 million
    La Luz del Mundo - between 1 and 7 million
    260. Unitarian Universalism - 0.6 million

    Unitarian Universalism developed out of Christian traditions but no longer identifies as a Christian denomination.

    Unitarian Universalist Association - 0.2 million
    Church of Christ, Scientist - 0.4 million
    Friends of Man - 0.07 million
    Christadelphians - 0.06 million
    Church of the East - 0.6 million
    Assyrian Church of the East - 0.5 million
    Ancient Church of the East - 0.1 million

  • Police chief: Legalize marijuana, use tax revenue to fund drug treatment [Madison WI]

    09/16/2014 6:33:48 PM PDT · 48 of 48
    publius911 to Ken H
    Police chief: Legalize marijuana, use tax revenue to fund drug treatment [Madison WI]

    This chief is not only an arrogant classic bureaucrat, but pathetically ignorant, too.

    If the tobacco debacle is a true template, expect the cost of the goodies to increase 1000%, and little or none of the increased taxes going to actually dealing with the original problem, in the frenzy of spending on everything but...

  • Doctor’s Note Required to Use Chapstick in School, Yet Abortions Available to Minors

    09/16/2014 6:33:36 PM PDT · 22 of 22
    Albion Wilde to Albion Wilde

    It appears you think my post was aimed at you. It was not: it was aimed at the attitudes of the school officials described in the article.

  • Rihanna F-Bombs CBS for Yanking Her Song From Thursday Night Football Opener

    09/16/2014 6:33:35 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Octar to Dave346

    Every picture I have ever seen of Jay-Z has his mouth lolling open like a drooling moron.

  • Citing security threat, Obama expands U.S. role fighting Ebola

    09/16/2014 6:33:34 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    Delta Dawn to spokeshave
    with profound political and economic and security implications for all of us

    Ummmmmm...this is Africa he is talking about, right?
  • Romney will run, top Wall Street backer predicts: ‘I think he’s going to do it’ (If Jeb doesn't)

    09/16/2014 6:33:33 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Diogenesis to 2ndDivisionVet

    James Carville (DNC): "It's a feel-good story, this Romney thing.
    Romney is an ascendant guy

  • Welfare Sign-ups Beat Job Creation 2-to-1 in Illinois

    09/16/2014 6:33:33 PM PDT · 2 of 2
    RetiredTexasVet to Kaslin

    A lot of the potential job seekers are still in the process of “turning their lives around”, but hang in there Illinois .... they’ll be there shortly!

  • Democrats now have a 51 percent chance of holding the Senate

    09/16/2014 6:33:29 PM PDT · 96 of 96
    Din Maker to wjcsux

    I think it is very possible. The GOPe really screwed the pooch (and us) this primary season.

    Ya think?

  • Muslim Brotherhood cleric declares his support for the Islamic State

    09/16/2014 6:33:25 PM PDT · 2 of 2
    realcleanguy to Rusty0604

    Wait, Hillary and Obama love the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • ISIS supporters urged to attack Times Square with pipe bombs

    09/16/2014 6:33:13 PM PDT · 3 of 3
    FlingWingFlyer to markomalley

    “Diversity is our strength.” Anybody really believe that liberal horsesh*t?

  • THE FREEPER CANTEEN - The Roadside Cafe Oracle Quiz - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    09/16/2014 6:32:59 PM PDT · 38 of 38
    LUV W to SkyDancer

    Howdy, Dancer! (((hugs)))

    And now you’re totally not grounded! I guess you have to come back to the ground from the air sometimes, though. :)

  • Romney will run, top Wall Street backer predicts: ‘I think he’s going to do it’ (If Jeb doesn't)

    09/16/2014 6:32:57 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    Objective Scrutator to 2ndDivisionVet

    He had two things he had to do: say “I will do exactly the opposite of what Hussein Soetoro has done”, and relentlessly investigate voter fraud. Type down the first 5 names you think of, and they probably could have beaten Hussein Soetoro.

    Romney has essentially flunked kindergarten with his incompetence. This is why the liberal media wants him to be the candidate again.

  • Texas Refinery Is Saudi Foothold in U.S. Market

    09/16/2014 6:32:46 PM PDT · 23 of 23
    Cen-Tejas to thackney

    LOL, I think we’ve reached agreement!

  • Satanic Temple Distributes Coloring Activity Books In Florida Schools

    09/16/2014 6:32:44 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    null and void to markomalley
  • Mass Etiquette: 20 Things To Do And Not Do In Mass {Catholic Caucus}

    09/16/2014 6:32:41 PM PDT · 45 of 45
    SkyDancer to al_c

    A bit nervous. Okay, so what do I look for? I guess just do what everyone else does. Might be a bit behind.

  • Romney will run, top Wall Street backer predicts: ‘I think he’s going to do it’ (If Jeb doesn't)

    09/16/2014 6:32:39 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    COBOL2Java to 2ndDivisionVet
  • Contradicting Obama, Dempsey Calls for Iraq Ground Operation

    09/16/2014 6:32:29 PM PDT · 9 of 9
    sandboxshooter to Eleutheria5

    The boots hit the ground when a pilot gets shot down and falls into the hands of ISIS. Then, all bets BETTER be off.

  • Pope Francis, "If Mary is not your Mother, you are an orphan!"

    09/16/2014 6:32:24 PM PDT · 840 of 840
    metmom to JPX2011; She_is_my_ hero
    Although I'd be interested in hearing someone explain how YOPIOS and the fruits from that hasn't led to the destruction of our civilization.

    The USA.

    The Constitution.

    The Bill of Rights

    Show me the most highly Catholic countries in this world and I'll show you some of the most impoverished third world hell holes.

    Show me Protestantism in Northern Europe and GB and I'll show you the Empire that the sun never set on.

    I'll show you scientific advancement and the freest nations.

    I'll show you the nations which defeated the Nazi's.

  • Bobby Jindal says he'll decide on a presidential run after midterms

    09/16/2014 6:32:19 PM PDT · 27 of 27
    Conscience of a Conservative to patriot08

    If anything, he looks more like a Hindi than a Muslim (Of course, he’s neither).

  • Senator intends to end NFL's tax-exempt status due to Redskins name (Cantwell - WA - D)

    09/16/2014 6:32:13 PM PDT · 36 of 36
    ohioman to ken5050

    Why do you make this prediction? Do you hope they change the name?

  • Teacher group: Math is ‘the domain of old, white men’

    09/16/2014 6:32:05 PM PDT · 115 of 115
    GeronL to Altura Ct.

    2+2 will always equal four, no matter how much mental illness says otherwise

  • Duck Dynasty' Star Wows 'Dancing' Judges

    09/16/2014 6:31:52 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    Bullish to navysealdad

    Dancin’ with the stars has always seemed pretty gay to me.... Just sayin’.

  • Mass Etiquette: 20 Things To Do And Not Do In Mass {Catholic Caucus}

    09/16/2014 6:31:45 PM PDT · 44 of 45
    morphing libertarian to SkyDancer

    They’ll have a special program for the event. You can following the proceedings and the prayers.

    Don’t know if people still give confirmation gifts.


  • Brady Center To Sue Websites That Sold Ammo To Aurora Theater Shooter

    09/16/2014 6:31:37 PM PDT · 51 of 51
    <1/1,000,000th% to OldSmaj

    Works for me.

  • Dinesh D'Souza Is Planning His Prison Memoir

    09/16/2014 6:31:37 PM PDT · 1 of 1
    right-wing agnostic
    As I've stated before on this forum, I sincerely wish that Dinesh D’Souza is pardoned by the next Republican president. The principal reason the founding fathers ratified what became the First Amendment was to protect political speech. IMO, the biggest scandal that came out of Watergate was the campaign-finance regulations that became law as a result of that scandal. Americans should have almost unregulated political speech. Campaign-finance laws should be declared unconstitutional. I'm not for spitting hairs like Chief Justice Roberts did in his majority opinion in McCutchen v. FEC last term. (But we already knew Roberts was an America-hating leftist, didn't we?)/rwa
  • Romney will run, top Wall Street backer predicts: ‘I think he’s going to do it’ (If Jeb doesn't)

    09/16/2014 6:31:28 PM PDT · 5 of 8
    skeeter to 2ndDivisionVet
    That Hobsons choice is all the media will allow us.

    They nor the GOP will ever allow another Ronald Reagan.

  • Mass Etiquette: 20 Things To Do And Not Do In Mass {Catholic Caucus}

    09/16/2014 6:31:25 PM PDT · 43 of 45
    Slyfox to Salvation
    But the tabernacle is supposed to be in the center of the sanctuary.

    Yes, it is supposed to be in the center, however in some churches the tabernacle is in a room elsewhere.

  • ISIS supporters urged to attack Times Square with pipe bombs

    09/16/2014 6:31:24 PM PDT · 2 of 3
    SkyDancer to markomalley

    If it happens, the DOJ and 0bama will say it’s just a local thing, no terrorism. An individual gone off.

  • Middle School Bans Teen’s “Virginity Rocks” T-Shirt

    09/16/2014 6:31:19 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    massmike to wagglebee
    ...the shirt might lead to uncomfortable conversations about sex.

    THIS reasoning from the same people that read "Heather's Two Mommies" to kindergarten classes!

  • New 'Novorossiya' General Korsun Vows to Install Harsh Soviet-like System

    09/16/2014 6:31:16 PM PDT · 14 of 14
    ncalburt to FredZarguna
    it nicely sums up the Putie groupies non stop drooling over this KGB thug .
  • Dallas Bar Bans NFL To Protest League’s Domestic Abuse Stance

    09/16/2014 6:31:14 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    LT Brass Bancroft to EveningStar

    So, he thinks domestic abuse is a good thing? Rice was punished.

  • Texas gun shop defends sign about beheading Obama family

    09/16/2014 6:31:12 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    353FMG to Iron Munro

    I have visited their shop a couple of times.

    Impressive selection of weapons, indoor shooting range, CHL classes, courteous and knowledgeable salesmen and for a fee you can fire a .50 cal machine gun.

    It is a place worth visiting.

  • Legalized Highway Robbery – How the Government can Seize the Property of Innocent Americans

    09/16/2014 6:31:06 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    ConservingFreedom to Wolfie
    It was fine when they were just doing it to the drug people.

    They were never just doing it to the drug people - that was a con to dupe the low-information voters (including some self-professed "conservatives".)

  • Beer sponsor Anheuser-Busch reproaches NFL over domestic abuse

    09/16/2014 6:31:02 PM PDT · 44 of 44
    GeronL to Red in Blue PA

    Then the corporations should pull their ads and sponsorships

  • Citing security threat, Obama expands U.S. role fighting Ebola

    09/16/2014 6:30:55 PM PDT · 12 of 13
    RetiredTexasVet to dynachrome

    Where the heck is the Surgeon General. He’s got such a neat uniform and must be at least a 4 star general equivalent. But how can he lead his troops if he is back in Washington in his safe and cushy office. I think he and all his subordinate Colonels, Majors, etc. in the Public Health Service should be on planes to Africa.

    Sure they will have to face the Ebola crisis first hand but that’s what they are paid the big bucks for and besides they can get merit badges for hand washing, safe sneezing, trench toileting, etc. to proudly wear on their uniforms.

    Let’s hear it America, “no more leading from behind” except by His Arrogance, of course.

  • Pope Francis, "If Mary is not your Mother, you are an orphan!"

    09/16/2014 6:30:48 PM PDT · 839 of 840
    Iscool to Redmen4ever
    Do you see the last three words of the verse you have been basing everything on? DOERS. Jesus himself says his mother and his brothers are those hear and DO the word of God.

    That has nothing to do with the conversation...

    As to the idea that he disowned his mother via this verse, it is preposterous.

    Are you hearing strange voices in your head??? You didn't hear (read) me saying anything like that...

    We also know that his brothers took some time to come around to accepting him as the Messiah, but they did, and they were crucified for the faith.

    You must have a different bible than the ones I have...That's not in any of my bibles...

    What good works have you performed relative to the martyrs, that you say they were rejected by Jesus as not being his spiritual brothers.

    I'm trying to show you the truth of the scriptures...I'm sure God appreciates that...

  • Satanic Temple Distributes Coloring Activity Books In Florida Schools

    09/16/2014 6:30:47 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    RoosterRedux to American in Israel

    Allah is Satan!

  • Dallas Bar Bans NFL To Protest League’s Domestic Abuse Stance

    09/16/2014 6:30:44 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    cripplecreek to EveningStar

    The great panty twistin contest continues.

  • Romney will run, top Wall Street backer predicts: ‘I think he’s going to do it’ (If Jeb doesn't)

    09/16/2014 6:30:38 PM PDT · 4 of 8
    Bubba_Leroy to 2ndDivisionVet

    I think Romney should run. In the Democrat primary.

  • Dallas Bar Bans NFL To Protest League’s Domestic Abuse Stance

    09/16/2014 6:30:37 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    Delta Dawn to Empireoftheatom48

    I’m not sure what the big deal is...I mean, Dallas has been NFL-free for several years now anyway...

  • The War on Poverty After 50 Years (has cost tax payers to date $22 Trillion)

    09/16/2014 6:30:31 PM PDT · 33 of 33
    American in Israel to Chgogal

    You want to win the war on poverty? Mandantory drug testing for welfare checks identical to the tests required to work.

    Within a year, the poverty rate will be cut by half, and most people currently on welfare will discover meaningful lives.

  • Citing security threat, Obama expands U.S. role fighting Ebola

    09/16/2014 6:30:26 PM PDT · 11 of 13
    CondorFlight to Jet Jaguar

    And the troops going over there are all inoculated against ebola, right?

    If not, are they going to be dressed in hazmat suits all the time?

    If not, how many of them will become infected through contact with patients, materials, etc.?

  • THE FREEPER CANTEEN - The Roadside Cafe Oracle Quiz - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    09/16/2014 6:30:26 PM PDT · 37 of 38
    LUV W to AZamericonnie

    Hey, Connie Lou! (((hugs))) ARE friendly!....and fun to be around!

    Thanks for your Troop Tribute tonight, too! :)

  • How to protect your family from home invasion

    09/16/2014 6:30:25 PM PDT · 103 of 103
    Thud to Q-ManRN

    The best way to repel a home invasion is to get a border collie. They’ll intercept the intruders, tie them up, call 9/11 and deal with the police. You can snooze through the whole thing.

  • Pope Francis, "If Mary is not your Mother, you are an orphan!"

    09/16/2014 6:30:25 PM PDT · 838 of 840
    Heart-Rest to editor-surveyor
    "God says plainly that he does not DWELL in temples made with hands. I believe him!"


    You are missing the true, full dimensional sense of these texts, which is referring to God's Special Presence (as opposed to the impossibility of God being "confined" by anything manmade).

    What you have to keep in mind as you study the scriptures, is that, in the Bible (Matthew 21:12-13), it also says,

    And Jesus entered the temple of God and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, "It is written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer'; but you make it a den of robbers'."
    The Temple was built by human hands, but it was God who made it "His House" -- can you see the subtle but real distinction, and the compatiblitiy of those seemingly (but not really) contradictory statements?

    We cannot "confine God" (just like our bodies as Temples of the Holy Spirit cannot confine the Holy Spirit), but God can and often does make use of things made by human hands and consecrated to God, just like He said. (That is obviously true, unless you think God lied in Exodus 25, or you think Jesus lied in Matthew 21.)

    Acts 7:28 and its reference to Isaiah is explained in more detail here in "Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary", as also shown below, and this may be more helpful to you when studing all theses texts in context.


    Acts 7:48 Commentary.

    But the most High dwelleth not in houses made by hands. God is every where, nor is his presence confined to the temple, which was already once destroyed; and what if it be destroyed again, as Christ foretold? God must still be adored, worshipped and served, as he was before the temple was first built, which was only by Solomon. (Witham) --- Dwelleth not in houses. That is, so as to stand in need of earthly dwellings, or to be contained or circumscribed by them. Though otherwise, by his immense divinity, he is in our houses, and every where else; and Christ in his humanity dwelt in houses: and is now on our altars. (Challoner) ---It is not so much for God, as for ourselves, that we build temples, and it is a pure effect of his goodness and mercy, that he permits us to build them to him. Places consecrated in a particular manner to his service, where he gives the most sensible marks of his presence, are of assistance to us, when we render our homage, address our vows, and offer our prayers to the Deity. St. Stephen's design in this part of his discourse, is to prove that the true religion may subsist without the temple; therefore, that he could not be guilty of blasphemy, supposing he had even used the words which the malice of the Jews put into his mouth, that Jesus of Nazareth would destroy this place. (Chap. vi. 14.)


    It is God who chooses to make a human being, or a place (like a mountain), or a manmade object (like a temple, or a chapel) a special place for humans to approach God in a special way. God is omnipresent, so He cannot be confined anywhere, but He can choose to make His Holy Presence more available and approachable for humans at a specific, particular, special location, wherever and whenever He wants to.

    (I have to leave this discussion now, but I urge you to contemplate those thoughts carefully.)

  • Mass Etiquette: 20 Things To Do And Not Do In Mass {Catholic Caucus}

    09/16/2014 6:30:19 PM PDT · 42 of 45
    al_c to SkyDancer
    I’m going to a friends son’s confirmation in a Catholic church. Any help? I’m Jewish.

    What do you need help with? Any specifics? If not, just enjoy the mass/confirmation ceremony ... it's beautiful.

  • Neil Tyson On The Politics Of Science Denial

    09/16/2014 6:30:18 PM PDT · 55 of 55
    JimSEA to BroJoeK

    My opinion matches yours. They have a right to their beliefs but not to their facts.