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Climategate: White House Involvement in Scandal Will Make It Harder for MSM to Ignore
NewsBusters ^ | November 26, 2009 | P.J. Gladnick

Posted on 11/26/2009 5:28:16 AM PST by PJ-Comix

Yesterday Brian Williams delivered an NBC Nightly News report about President Obama attending the Copenhagen global warming summit. Guess what hot topic was left untouched? If you had guessed Climategate you would have been correct. Not only Williams but also the other TV networks, with the exception of FOX News, have completely ignored what is considered to be the biggest scientific scandal in history. However, new Climategate revelations made by the Canada Free Press about a White House connection to the scandal will soon make it much more difficult (and ridiculous) for the networks to ignore.

Canada Free Press editor Judi McLeod and Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball reveal the involvement of White House Science Czar John Holdren (photo) in the Climategate Scandal. The picture presented of Holdren is not a pretty one:

Lift up a rock and another snake comes slithering out from the ongoing University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU) scandal, now riding as “Climategate”.

Obama Science Czar John Holdren is directly involved in CRU’s unfolding Climategate scandal. In fact, according to files released by a CEU hacker or whistleblower, Holdren is involved in what Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball terms “a truculent and nasty manner that provides a brief demonstration of his lack of understanding, commitment on faith and willingness to ridicule and bully people”.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: PJ-Comix

“Is it hot in here?” bump.

41 posted on 11/26/2009 6:15:40 AM PST by COUNTrecount (Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither)
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To: Brett66
NZ related link....

New Zealand climate agency accused of data manipulation

42 posted on 11/26/2009 6:17:16 AM PST by mewzilla (Voter fraud is treason.)
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To: mewzilla

Thanks, that is much easier to comprehend.

43 posted on 11/26/2009 6:18:41 AM PST by fatrat (extremely extreme right-wing radicalized veteran)
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To: Joe 6-pack

Indeed he didn’t, but as I sit here this morning...someone else did in a funny little book that talked of State Science Institutes

44 posted on 11/26/2009 6:19:44 AM PST by EBH (it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government)
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To: fatrat

You’re welcome :)

45 posted on 11/26/2009 6:20:07 AM PST by mewzilla (Voter fraud is treason.)
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To: PJ-Comix
There will be an emergency in Copenhagen and Obama will sign our sovereignty away...
46 posted on 11/26/2009 6:22:12 AM PST by surfer
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To: hennie pennie

Yes. Ehrlich was a founder of the ZPG movement, and made an infamous bet with Julian Simon on the scarcity of resources. Simon won the bet.

According to this article, Holdren helped Ehrlich with data with which to support his bet. Holdren evidently was associated with the Club of Rome, another of the Mathusian groups that promote scary scenarios in the name of science.

47 posted on 11/26/2009 6:22:51 AM PST by norge (The amiable dunce is back, wearing a skirt and high heels.)
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To: Brett66

what where when why whatever it never happened in the eyes of the corrupt

48 posted on 11/26/2009 6:23:52 AM PST by truthbetold11 (truthbetold11)
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To: PJ-Comix

Ok, I was listening to Dr. Ball being interviewed by of all people, Alex Jones about this scandal. I remember Ball talking about Baliunas being persecuted in a nasty way for being a woman and a red head, by John Holdren and his bunch.

Warning this is an Alex Jones video Link, but he has good info on this subject. at 7:00 mark

49 posted on 11/26/2009 6:24:17 AM PST by RatsDawg (At least we don't have to worry about riding in Ted Kennedy's car anymore...)
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To: fatrat

You are right on target. A scandal will go unreported if someone cannot synthesize it down to he/she did this (obviously bad thing).

He has got to show how the White House science czar discredited the sound science of credible scientists. He has got to keep it simple.

He should establish the credibility of the scientists in one sentence. Then show how their data was altered, distorted, ridiculed or removed in one or two sentences. Then he has got to show how bogus data was substituted to further the political agenda of planet warming apologists.

This should all be stated in the first paragraph. Then if time and need requires go into all the intricate details of how this was accomplished. But again be straight forward and clear.

This author flew all over the map to make his case and confused everyone. He wound up making people wonder if anything wrong really occurred. JMHO.

50 posted on 11/26/2009 6:24:29 AM PST by daviscupper (.)
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To: PJ-Comix


51 posted on 11/26/2009 6:25:40 AM PST by BunnySlippers (I LOVE BULL MARKETS . . .)
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To: RatsDawg

actually the whole video is good.

52 posted on 11/26/2009 6:26:33 AM PST by RatsDawg (At least we don't have to worry about riding in Ted Kennedy's car anymore...)
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To: PJ-Comix

“Within one month of taking office President Obama secured $80 billion for renewable energy and green infrastructure and then just

two weeks ago the House of Representatives passed the Waxman-Markey Bill also known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act which for all of its flaws does put a price on carbon and is very much a step in the right direction.”

53 posted on 11/26/2009 6:29:42 AM PST by Son House (The penalty for Conservatism will be high.)
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To: mewzilla
With mention of the NZ scandal...

Climategate: the scandal spreads, the plot thickens, the shame deepens…

54 posted on 11/26/2009 6:30:12 AM PST by mewzilla (Voter fraud is treason.)
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To: PJ-Comix

I just went and did a google news search for climategate.

Only overseas media and the only thing the American MSM are reporting is praise to their great Obama for going to copehopenhagen.

I just want to know how in the hell can Obama control so much media with such an explosive story?

Unless Rahm has a direct fax machine to them all to order what they can and cannot print, it leaves one other conclusion...

The media are guilty of this themselves. They have promoted this for so long they are in a huge spider web.How many have made monetary gain on the side or outright so this is their stock market of money. So they will remain silent. But woe to them, it won’t go away. America is wide awake.

55 posted on 11/26/2009 6:32:18 AM PST by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid!
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To: samtheman

Which in turn will develop more conspiracy theories about what ‘they’ are ‘really’ up to.

56 posted on 11/26/2009 6:32:59 AM PST by Jabba the Nutt (Are they insane, stupid or just evil?)
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To: PJ-Comix; All
Why You Should Be Hot and Bothered About 'Climate-gate' ^ | November 24, 2009 | John Lott

Computer hackers have obtained 160 megabytes of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England. These e-mails, which have now been confirmed as real, involved many researchers across the globe with ideologically similar advocates around the world. They were brazenly discussing the destruction and hiding of data that did not support global warming claims. The academics here also worked closely with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Professor Phil Jones, the head of the Climate Research Unit, and Professor Michael Mann at Pennsylvania State University, who has been an important scientist in the climate debate, have come under particular scrutiny.

Among his e-mails, Professor Jones talks to Professor Mann about the "trick of adding in the real temps to each hide the decline [in temperature]."..."

Another professor at the Climate Research Unit, Tim Osborn, discusses in e-mails how truncating a data series can hide a cooling trend that would otherwise be seen in the results. Professor Mann sent Professor Osborn an e-mail saying that the results he is sending shouldn't be shown to others because the results support critics of global warming. Time after time the discussions refer to hiding or destroying data. ..."

Lots more at link...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

57 posted on 11/26/2009 6:33:28 AM PST by ETL (ALL (most?) of the Obama-commie connections at my FR Home page:
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To: PJ-Comix; All
Obama makes U.N. debut on global warming
September 22, 2009

From the transcript (final paragraph):

President Obama: "But the journey is long and the journey is hard. And we don't have much time left to make that journey. It's a journey that will require each of us to persevere through setbacks, and fight for every inch of progress, even when it comes in fits and starts. So let us begin. For if we are flexible and pragmatic, if we can resolve to work tirelessly in common effort, then we will achieve our common purpose: a world that is safer, cleaner, and healthier than the one we found; and a future that is worthy of our children."

Obama makes U.N. debut on global warming (text, video here):


VENEZUELA: Chavez calls for global offensive for socialism
August 31, 2005


"The environment is suffering damage that could be irreversible — global warming, the greenhouse effect, the melting of the polar ice caps, the rising sea level, hurricanes — with terrible social occurrences that will shake life on this planet."

"I believe this idea has a strong connection with reality. I don't think we have much time. Fidel Castro said in one of his speeches I read not so long ago, 'tomorrow could be too late, let's do now what we need to do'."

"I believe it is time that we take up with courage and clarity a political, social, collective and ideological offensive across the world — a real offensive that permits us to move progressively, over the next years, the next decades, leaving behind the perverse, destructive, destroyer, capitalist model and go forward in constructing the socialist model to avoid barbarism and beyond that the annihilation of life on this planet."

--Hugo Chavez, at the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, held in Caracas on August 8-15, 2005

Obama's "Climate Czar" is on the same page with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro...

From The Washington Times, January 12, 2009

Obama climate czar has socialist ties
Group sees 'global governance' as solution

by Stephen Dinan

Until last week, Carol M. Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's pick as global warming czar, was listed as one of 14 leaders of a socialist group's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for "global governance" and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change.

By Thursday, Mrs. Browner's name and biography had been removed from Socialist International's Web page, though a photo of her speaking June 30 to the group's congress in Greece was still available.

lots more...

Here's a link to an image of a Google cache of the Socialist International's webpage that originally included Obama's "Climate Czar" Carol Browner. It was found by FReeper, Publius6961:

58 posted on 11/26/2009 6:35:00 AM PST by ETL (ALL (most?) of the Obama-commie connections at my FR Home page:
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To: Our man in washington
“Just looking at the evidence, I don’t see how Holdren is implicated.”

Well, he was arguing in favor Michael Mann's conclusions that were reached by hiding the Medieval Warm Period with a deliberately bad trick using Principal Components Analysis and he was doing so AFTER Mann had been exposed for it by statitsticians and had been publically admonished for the deception by official statistical bodies.

Holdren knew about Mann's fraud (he could not not have known) yet continued to assert the position). The guys Holdren were deriding (Soon et al) were the ones using actual data whose careers were damaged by the coordianted attack by the global warming bad guys. Holdren was a major part of that attack.

59 posted on 11/26/2009 6:38:19 AM PST by ModelBreaker
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To: mewzilla; PJ-Comix; Brett66; SunkenCiv; jwalsh07; 1010RD; albie; All

I believe this Climate-gate email fraud information will - finally - open the eyes and minds of several I know who are CERTAIN Global Warming is the gospel truth and we must do whatever these “scientists” like Algore say (vomit) to stop the warming and save the Polar bears and the world......

But I need something like a bulleted list of what has now been revealed in climategate plus links to sources.

Realize the story is still developing, new revelations coming in.

But if anyone has a link to such a concise, point by point summary of Climate-gate, please post here or Freepmail me.

Thanks in advance - and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

60 posted on 11/26/2009 6:42:10 AM PST by Freedom'sWorthIt (Obama's Deathcare ---- many will suffer and/or die unnecessarily.)
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