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Posted on 03/08/2005 5:50:13 PM PST by Quix

I Am The Change

Susan Cummings

I AM the Change.

I AM the Opposition.

I AM the Answer.

I AM the Change, and it comes forth from My Plan for you. I told you that I was coming forth and shaking all things. Everything is going to change, including you. Nothing is going to be left that is not affected by My dealings and administration of this change.

Everything will be removed from it’s place. Nothing will stay in it’s foundation or base, as all things are under My scrutiny and My hand. Every work will be made manifest, and seen for that which it was laid and for it’s fruit. For I AM bringing into the Light of My Truth everything that is made or wrought that it might clearly be seen, and dealt with. Nothing will remain that is not submitted to Me, given over to Me, or birthed forth from Me, in My House or amongst My People.

There will be no more mixture, or compromise amongst those who name My Name. For all that is Mine will be Mine, and not be allowed to reflect anything but Me. I AM the Reflection and Glory of My People. I will be seen as the Lord of My House.

I AM the Opposition that will accomplish this. I will oppose all that resist Me, those who refuse Me, and those that reject My Truth. For My Word will be the Standard amongst My Own again. There will be nothing that is lifted up again, except My Glory over them.

Whatever is not given to Me will bring opposition to those who refuse Me. For that which is kept will be the idolatrous thing that defiles and destroys. I will have nothing between Me and My People. That which comes between Me and them, is an idol and will be torn down. No more will I allow hidden things to be buried anymore.

I have repeatedly told you that what you do not deal with, let go of, or repent of and allow to be changed, will over take you, consume you and destroy you in the end. The old strongholds must be dealt with and destroyed to walk in freedom and to enter in to what I AM now doing. Do not fear this time, but see what I AM doing, and yield to it.

I AM confronting all things, exposing all things, and breaking forth in every place. Everything will be disclosed and all men will be brought to a decision. This is the Hour of decision and of opportunity, and then action.

I AM the answer. There is nothing that can be seen that I AM not seen in, or through. There is nothing that is made that is not made by My Hand, nor thought of that did not originate from Me. For I AM the Source of all Truth and Wisdom. I created all things, and will finish it all, as My Purposes continue to unfold.

Man and the devil has for too long undermined My Truth, for their selfish gain and greed, and have counterfeited My Creation, and Glory, and have tried to make it their own, but nothing escapes Me.

I use all things for My Purposes, and even their dead works will bring Me Glory in the days to come. For there is no life apart from Me. Though they will attempt to make life come forth from the defiled thing, it will be known that I alone am God.

I have told you that I am bringing change. That is so. The old is passing away. Even the created heavens will change. For I AM working a work in the earth and in the heavens that men will not believe, but for the elect’s sake, I will be seen, and it will all be disclosed, and I am now bringing it forth. What was veiled will now be revealed.

I have told you that I AM the Opposition, and that is also so. Everything that comes, does so through My Hand and permission, and by My Knowledge. So it shall be, and it will be a strong force against all who resist Me, but it will also propel those who embrace Me. For to one, I will crush under My Weight of Glory that passes by, and to the other, I will lift up and carry them upon My Glory.

My Presence will be the answer to both. It is their decision and choices that make their course for them to follow. One to destruction, one to slaughter, one to famine, one to the sword, another to Life.

I AM the Answer.

All things are held by My Word, and will be judged by it.

For it has already begun, but will break forth in a greater way now, as the destroyer is moving and passing through the earth. I have warned and called but most did not truly believe I would really allow it, or think the warning was meant for them. Most do not look at their own lives and check their selves, but only judge others.

But every heart will yield it’s fruit.

For the Change, gives place to the Opposition, which brings forth the Answer.

Death or Life.

-Susan Cummings


6:26 pm

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This rings true, to me.
1 posted on 03/08/2005 5:50:20 PM PST by Quix
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To: Quix
Hmmmm. Not sure why the links didn't post as links.


2 posted on 03/08/2005 6:01:08 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix
There are more than a few people out there who also know these things to be true, and have been trying to tell others. Even in the church, these people are treated as if nothing is happening. They're avoided....called "prophets of doom". But to them, it's an urgent matter and is coming quickly. is an urgent matter, and it IS coming quickly.
3 posted on 03/08/2005 6:02:29 PM PST by hiredhand (Pudge the Indestructible Kitty lives at
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To: hiredhand

Praise God for your sensitivity to His watchmen.

4 posted on 03/08/2005 6:05:37 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: hiredhand

Via the same sister:

Explosive Change

Tonight, the Lord began to speak to me in my dreams. I began to have a series of dreams and within them, He showed me two scenes. In each scene, there was a scenario, a choice, and an explosion. By the time the second explosion came, I was jerked awake, as I realized that I wasn’t just dreaming, but the Lord was speaking.

I then heard the Lord loudly speak these words:

Explosive Change

There will now be instant, irreversible, absolute change

Even good intentions must give way to Me

No more standing in self made plans

All things will now fall away as I pass over the lands

All human reasoning’s

All self motivated plans

All need oriented solutions

All flesh inspired visions

All will now bow to Me

For I AM now passing over thee

What will you give unto Me?

What offering will I see laid before Me?

What treasures have you laid up for Me?

All will come under My scrutiny

All that remains will be what is Holy unto Me

For the cries upon the earth now so great

I have come down among men to see all that awaits

As the Earth now shakes under My Weight


The days of men are marked and set

And My Word has birthed and now begets

From the Beginning I AM have created

My Living Force issuing forth as I stated

Laying out the expanse of Time

Building a home for this creation of Mine

Walking amongst men down through the Ages

Laying down My Life for the fallen races

Preparing the way for My Explosive Changes

Balancing the scales and paying each man his due wages

For the weight of sin will no longer have dominion over men

Who have cried out to Me from their chains and dens

And who wholly embraced My Fiery Judgments in their flesh

Now will see My Grace as I lift up, and break forth

The rest will see what their works are worth

As this new hour has fully birthed

And I inhabit the realm of Time

To bring fully forth the devils demise

All has been spoken

All will be finished

The Righteous will stand

The wicked will perish

As the final seals are opened

And the waiting seven thunders now explode

All will release the final hidden decrees

Culminating the Beginning upon the lands and the seas

Every eye will see

And every man will choose and bend their knees

As the Truth unfolds and I AM now seen

For even Time gives way to Eternity

What will you do as I explode on the scene?

-Susan Cummings


5:05 am


-This word began to be written down at 5:05 am and ended at 5:50 am

- Double 5’s= Double Grace for those who seek the Father’s Face

There were 2 scenes

There were 2 choices

There were 2 explosions

When I was finished writing this last thought, my daughter’s buzzer sounded its morning alarm.

It’s wake up time… more ways than one.

For all men, there are choices, only two.


5 posted on 03/08/2005 6:11:17 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: hiredhand

Also from Susan:

11-27-04 -Prophetic Experience/Vision

Earthquake Vision:

Just after midnight, I had a very profound and unsettling experience. I will attempt to write it out so that everyone can clearly understand it.

I am lying in bed, and am dreaming. The power of God begins to hit me very strongly and the lightning begins to crack through me. I am jerking strongly and my husband attempts to sleep through this….sorry honey……smile….. this was a very strong and real experience, and I was crying out in the experience, my husband said I moaned through it….. there is truly great changes coming to us.

There was so much happening at once in the experience, but I will break it down into each thing, so that each will be clear, but not all occurred separately, but most was all at one time or so close together that it was hard to tell what occurred first or next.

I enter the vision:

I am standing and underneath my feet, the ground below, begins to sink. It is a sudden violent sinking feeling, like the bottom of the earth is falling or caving in. Everything under your feet sinks while a bright light suddenly flashes all around and a “click” sound in the spirit. This “click” is a dull click sound like a light switch was turned on, and it signaled something, while the flash occurred and exploded in a great light all around us.

Then, this great roar began to slowly grow and increase as the falling ground gave way to a shaking from up and down, to side to side, at the same time. It seemed like the earth is coming apart. The earth violently quakes and breaks up all around. The side to side motion, the up and down, and now forwards and backwards motion.

The land breaks open as it is sinking underneath and quaking in all directions. The middle of the USA breaks open, and splits down the middle, as I stand there, the land masses move. I understand in the vision, that I am not harmed as I watch this, and God’s people will not be harmed either, but multitudes will perish in this sudden, great, explosive quake.

There was no warning. Just the sinking ground, the light, the “click”, and the then explosion into a huge quake. The USA is split apart, and the dividing and the exposing the heartland of the land, the heart of America. The land masses and the topography are altered. There is a great silence afterwards. All is quiet.

I did not know where I was standing in the middle of the US, as this experience happened, nor was I told when it would occur, only that it would, and that the heart was being torn open and exposed, and divided.

There was about a 45 minute time period in this experience.

Some scriptures I looked up afterwards were:

Proverbs 1 + 2
Isaiah 1+ 2
Isaiah 24
Jeremiah 4:22-26
Daniel 12


This experience is in no way declaring a definite, irreversible event, or releasing it as such, as the Lord has only told me to share it as it occurred and as He showed me. We all need to seek the Lord for our part in this, and for His Wisdom and Will for the days ahead.

I pray that we can avoid this great loss of life and catastrophic event, but I also pray to embrace His Will, and for His Purposes to be established in the earth. May all men seek Him, and draw near while our time of grace is given to us.

-Susan Cummings
12:45 am

6 posted on 03/08/2005 6:15:34 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix; All

Many prophetic sources have predicted such in the midswes--evidently along the New Madrid fault.

God seems to have even allowed the enemy's sources to put out this prediction as well via various New Age sources.

But, given that some of the prophetic sources I most respect have had similar visions and dreams . . . and that it rings true enough in my spirit, I expect this to some degree or another to happen in the next 1-25 years--and probably sooner than later.

7 posted on 03/08/2005 6:19:16 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix


The Tents of Meeting

I am standing beside the Lord. We are standing before a very dark area that is vast and very still. We are both standing in the darkness also, but it is brighter where I am standing, as the Lord illuminates the area around us. The Lord is looking out towards the darkened lands and I can feel the stirring of His heart within Him.

As I am looking at the Lord, a very gentle breeze begins to blow around us. It begins to swirl around us and then spread further out from us in a very definite pattern. It then begins to spread out to the dark lands before us that spread out as far as you can see. The wind is refreshing and yet, it is very alive. It begins to stir within me as it passes out from us. My heart begins to beat with a longing within me. I sense a great desire for the lands to come to the Lord.

As I turn to look at the lands, I notice that the winds have spread out and have begun to stir and blow up the land with a greater intensity. It is still dark, but I am able to know what they are doing, by God’s wisdom within me. I feel such a surge beginning to stir within me as I stand there. I look over at the Lord, and He is smiling. His eyes are lit up with a wonderful light, and a fierce longing in them. I am stirred in my heart even more. I look back with a greater anticipation.

As I am looking at the darkness that lies before us, I feel a great surge and it seems to come from the very bowels of the Lord. I also feel a very great turmoil rising up within me as I don’t know what this turmoil is that is flowing out. Then, a very great fire comes out of the Lords mouth, as a huge fireball, and it shoots forth with a ferocity that causes me to fall on my face in terror.

The Lord reaches down to me and takes my shoulder. He stands me up beside Him. I am standing right next to His side and He again releases a very great fireball out of His mouth towards the darkened lands. This time, His closeness has become a haven for me, and I am now strengthened and I am not afraid. Rather, I am feeling that tremendous surge as before. It seems as if it is pouring out of me as well.

I look out to where the fireballs have gone. The land is still dark, but there are fires that have lit up across the land, like little bonfires, here and there. As far as I can see, there are little fires burning strongly, lighting up the area around them. I am so thrilled to see these fires, and I feel such a joy to see them burning. I also can sense the Lord’s heart has expanded somehow, also at this sight. He has such a love for these fires that have begun to burn.

The Lord then speaks to me, as he stretches out his hand to show me the panorama of fires that lies before us. “ What you see before you daughter, is the Fire of My Presence that know dwells in the midst of My People.” As He said this, I looked and the whole area came into a closer view before us. I could see that the bonfires were really little tents that were pitched all over in the lands before us. They were burning with fires and flames were seen over the little tents.

“The tents that you see before you are My Tent of Meeting being raised up all over the earth. For I have chosen to place My Name in them. These tents will become My Holy Habitation in the earth. For I have come down to dwell with those who have kept themselves pure and who have set themselves apart unto Me. My Pillar of Fire will be within the tents and will be within them, as they come to meet with Me.

I will no longer commune with unclean hearts and unclean hands that reach out to me. I am coming to those who have crucified their flesh and have allowed me to circumcise their hearts, and who have nothing left to offer me except themselves. I have become their portion. They have laid their lives down and have overcome the evil one. Now I Am come, to dwell among them. I will be their God, and they will be their portion.

The rest will remain outside of My Tents, and will not have My Light of My Presence to guide them in the darkness, nor will they know Me. For all who have heeded My Call and My Voice, have now entered into My tents. The nations that see My Tents across the lands will fear and tremble at My rising. For I Am have returned unto My House, and I will be seen among them once again.

The surge that you felt was the release that has begun. I have shown you the release, and you also will release more fire, as I direct you to. For I am igniting My House in this hour. I am coming as a burning lamp and igniting everything in it. All that remains after I ignite it will be mine.

What you see that lies before you is what is to come. It is now the time of release. You will release My Fire upon My People and they will become the burning habitation of My Father. I have many assigned for this task, and they are all poised and ready to run with the Fire of My Holiness, just as you have begun to run. Do not fear, but press forward, and as you hear My Voice, I will release My Fire.

My Tent of Meeting has begun, across the lands. I will have a Holy Habitation! I will have a Holy Bride!

I Am coming to inhabit the waste places and make them into My Vineyard.

Look before you, and see the harvest. It lies before you, and it will be reaped!

Go forth now, for My Holy Fire has begun, and it will not stop till I have fully burned My entire House, and I have burned in it’s midst with My Glory! For I Am the Light of the World, and nothing will put My Fire out, for I have returned to My House!”

The Lord then left me standing before the vast darkened lands………………..

-Susan Cummings
10:15 am

8 posted on 03/08/2005 6:25:49 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix


The Tents of Meeting-II

I am standing beside the Lord again, and we are standing facing the darkened land before us. I can see the tents spread out across the land and they are still burning with the fire of the Lord within them and upon them. They seem like dancing torches in the wind that blows gently across the land.

I sense the Lord watching me as I look out at the scene before us. I turn and look at the Lord and he raises his eyebrow at me as if to question me. I quickly search my heart to see if I have assumed anything or mistaken anything, and he reaches out to touch my hand. He says, “Do not fear, I am only seeing if you see what I see.”

I then look at him, and I then look at the land before us. I try to see, but am unable to see what he might be trying to show me. I am saddened at this, as I so much want to feel what he feels and to see what he sees. He sees my pain, and he takes my hand in his, and says to me, “You cannot see this, as it has been hidden until now. But now I am showing it to the babes and to the pure in heart. It is time for My Bride to come forth.”

As he spoke, I began to feel a breaking within me, and I felt as if I were being poured out down through my feet and emptied into the ground. I had nothing in me left that had any life of it’s own. I was gone. I now was empty and I felt lost. The Lord then reached out and took my other hand in his, and held them both. He looked at me, and said to me, “You cannot give, what you do not have.” I then felt a tremendous rush of a thick fiery love pour right up out of the ground and into my being. It was such a passionate and fiery love, that I felt like I would burst if I did not have someone to share it with.

He then looked at me, and said to me, “Now you feel what I feel. Most people reject My Love, and you feel what I feel when it is not received or embraced. I have given My Word to My People to teach them of My Ways, and to learn of Me, yet, they choose to go their own way, and to reject Me. They cannot walk in true love until they have been emptied of themselves, and have experienced Me joining with them. My Bride knows this, and she is preparing herself for Me. She knows that I Am coming for her. She is stripping herself of everything that would cause her to not know Me or to be transformed by My Love. Then, I will come for her.”

As he was speaking to me, I felt alive, and vibrant, and full of Love. I could feel myself flying in the heavenlies, and yet, still was in his arms. It was so liberating and yet so fulfilling to be complete. I had not known what completeness was, and now I know what the bride will feel when the Lover of her soul comes to claim her for Himself!

Then the Lord shook me gently, and I looked at Him. He was smiling at my being caught up in His Love, yet, I knew there was more to what He wanted to tell me. I waited, and He nodded. He turned and looked out over the land again. I turned to follow His gaze. The tents were still burning, and they glimmered brightly in the darkness.

Then, the wind picked up, and the tents were blown upon more strongly. The fires burned all the more brightly, and were flaring up into greater flames. I became alarmed, as the flames began to rage as the winds increased. I could hear the sound of the flames crackle all across the land as they were whipped up and stirred in the stronger winds. It sounded like a forest fire, yet, there were no trees to be seen.

The Lord just smiled as He watched the activity in the tents and the fires increase. Soon, the flames were shooting and towering up higher and higher, whipped into a frenzy and roaring with a great ferocity. As they grew, their light increased, and it began to light up whole entire areas of the vast landscape. I could see patches of land here and there that were exposed by the now much larger fires. The land was barren and lifeless in the light of the tents’ fires.

I then noticed something unusual. The fires began to join together from the other tents. They began to grow so large, that they eventually merged upwards into a large pillar. The fires grew and grew taller and taller, and it looked like a fiery tornado that sat on top of all of the tents that were burning. Their fires had come together, and were now joined at the very top part.

The Lord began to smile very broadly at this time. I felt his desire began to burn even greater. I had never experienced the Lord’s great desire for His people like this before. It was a very hot fiery love and it was very focused and determined. It was solely given to His People. The people had His full attention and was His Possession. I could feel His Passion for them growing. It was so strong that I felt weak from it’s fierceness and it’s desire.

As I was experiencing this, the Lord moved closer to see the changing scene. I moved up closer to Him and watched as he began to point. He pointed to the flaming pillar of fire that was joined to all of the tents. As he pointed, I watch as the pillar began to grow taller and burn even brighter. It also began to take on different colors. It was changing, and forming at the same time.

The pillar began to turn into a shape of a woman. She had on a flaming dress of fire. She was attached to the tents of meeting that were burning in the land before us! She was the fire that burned within them, and that had now spread out from them! The Lord then said to me, “ You are seeing the bride rise up from within My House.”

“I have hidden her in My Chambers with Me until this hour. She has now begun to be purified in the fires of My Love and of My Truth. She will rise up from the place of Meeting with Me, and will be joined with Me, and will be Mine. I have joined in Covenant with My Own, and they have embraced Me in the fiery trials. Now they will know the Union with Me that they have desired. For I have come to awaken them.”

“It is time for Mine to awaken, and to walk with Me in the depths of that Union upon the earth. This is the hour that My Prophets have proclaimed would come, and that would occur before I come for her. I am fanning the flames within My People. They will either embrace the union with Me, and die to themselves, or they will reject Me.”

“The emptying of yourself that you felt is the dying that will be required to be filled with My Love. For My Love cannot be known apart from death. I am awakening My People to not only know Me, and to know My heart, but to also walk in MY Love and to become My Love to the lost and hurting around them.”

“It is at the point of that death, that My Love enters. That is why it left you and entered the same way. Through suffering and denial will come MY Passion. Then it will become apart of you and you will then know what I know, and see what I see, and feel what I feel, because you will have wholly given yourself unto Me.”

“You are seeing the awakening of My Corporate Bride to My Love and the rising up of her position in My House. She will finally be the True Bride who shines with My Glory. She will reach out to the nations as a witness of My Love. For it is My Love that came to the earth to redeem it from it's sin, and it is My Love that will come again, as a witness, before I return.”

I stood looking at the fiery woman who flamed above the tents.

She turned and pointed at me.

Then it was gone, and the little tents were burning brightly all across the land as before……………..

-Susan Cummings
10:15 pm

9 posted on 03/08/2005 6:27:52 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix

I Have Put My Scroll Within You

I have put My Scroll within you. You have been given your portion of My Word to speak forth. When I placed it there, I told you that you would go and speak forth My Word and see what I would do. That time has come. It is time to prepare to move, and to go, and to do My Will.

Much has been given to you, and much has been placed within you for the days ahead. You haven’t always understood the call, but you remained trusting Me anyways. That is why I can use you. You have not denied My Name. So many quit, after they don’t get what they want out of the deal, and when it doesn’t please them. But you remained faithful, even when it cost you greatly. I see your pain. I know your struggles. I hear your cries. I birthed every one of them.

The burden of My Word is growing within you. The cry will get so great within you, that you will trumpet forth the Word, and sound the alarm, and strike the earth with My Rod. Yet, you fear to trust that what you have within is you enough. I AM the Living Word, child. It is Me that is within you. I AM enough. What I have placed within you, is Myself. I am coming out now.

I AM the Word upon the Scroll that is now being unrolled. I AM revealing Myself to men upon the earth. I AM the Living God, whom they have rejected. I will be seen by men, and they will mourn for their beloved, whom they have turned from, but I will not receive them, as they did not love Me, nor would they turn to My Ways.

MY Word is their judge. My Truth has always been the Righteous Standard, and it still is. It is raised up for all men to see, and those who are Mine, stand under My Banner. I have given time, and more time, but still men go their ways, and now they will see and eat of that tree.

Never think that you are without excuse. For even My Word judges you. But you asked Me for Grace, and I extended My Hand to you. My Blood covers you, because you received My Grace to embrace it. Remain close by My side, and obedient to My Voice. Those who are Mine, and who now walk away from Me, to go after their own ways, will be forever separated from Me, from now on. For the Hour of Grace has lifted. Now is the Hour of Travail. For the birthing has begun.

Multitudes are in the Valley of Decision.

The cries of travail have begun.

Multitudes cry out for My Justice from beneath My Throne.

Multitudes cry out from the dust of the earth, as their shed blood reaches Me to it’s fullest.

The cup is full.

The Righteous cry out for souls. The Incense rises before My Throne, and stirs My Heart.

The cries of warning have also gone out to the ends of the earth.

The cries of the Trumpets now sound forth.

You also must cry out. For you have been given My Word. It has become a part of you, and cannot be separated from your path anymore. Each step you take, will release another portion, and each day you obey, will reach another soul for My Kingdom. Delay no more.

Trust the Word written within you. I will do what I have given to you to bring forth, for it is Me, that will be seen and heard. I AM being seen in My People once again. Do not doubt or fear, but move forth, and it is My Voice behind you that you will hear. I have given you your portion, and your field to reap.

Step through the door.

-Susan Cummings
12:02 am

10 posted on 03/08/2005 6:34:58 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix

Walking Amongst The Tents Of Israel

A Current ongoing vision I have been getting lately this week.....

I saw myself walking through a camp of tents, like the tents of the 12 tribes of Israel. They were all pitched around the Tent of Meeting. I was walking through the encampment and was watching all the various tents, the many different families, all the activities, etc....

As I was walking, a sudden huge roar sounded and in the midst of where the Tent of Meeting stood, the ground suddenly and violently broke forth, and out of the ground came this huge fiery pillar of Light and Fire that shot forth out of the midst of the Earth. It was so big that it overshadowed the whole encampment.

I did not see the Tent of Meeting anymore, as the Fiery Pillar of Light now filled the whole area.

This Pillar burst forth, and rose up high into the sky, I could not see the top, if there even was one. It was so huge and very powerful and roared with the power of the Presence of the Lord. You could hardly think, as the roar of the energy coming from the Pillar was deafening.

Then the vision ended.

I keep getting flashes of it this week, over and over.

The Lord is about to break forth into our midst, in a very powerful way.


I sent this vision to the group, and the Lord has been speaking more to me regarding His Purpose for the vision, and to give me further understanding as to why He showed it to me.

This is what he spoke to me:

I have brought you to My House, to see My People. They are camped around My Tent, and have built their lives around Me. All of their lives work and activities revolve around their relationship with Me. Or so it seems. I want you to see what I am bringing forth.

My people will now know who I Am, as I am breaking forth into their lives in a very profound way. I have revealed myself to them in layers and in Truths, and in portions. For most have not purified themselves enough to draw close to Me, and out of My Mercy, I have limited their understanding of me, so that I could preserve them and bring them further into maturity.

The time has come for My People to come into full maturity.

The time has come for true holiness to now be seen amongst them and within them.

I will no longer hold My People at arms length, to wait for them to choose to be Holy, but now I require it for it is a great hour of trial that now is being unrolled upon the earth. My People will not stand unless they are fully in My Presence and hidden IN ME.

So, I am breaking forth, and violently shaking all things concerning them, and will expose everything, so that they can come to the Truth, and embrace it. If they embrace it, I can embrace them fully, and bring them fully into My arms. If they choose not to embrace the Truth, then they will be consumed by My Fire and perish. For the enemy will devour them and bring them to perdition. There is no middle ground anymore. There is no more time to play.

As I bring exposure, it will be as a roaring in the earth. My Voice will be so loud that they will have to stop their ears to deny Me. There will be no excuse. I will roar over My People. I will roar over the nations. The sound of My Voice will be heard as it covers the earth, and then the darkest night will fully fall.

There will be no more games played. My People’s lives will be ordered around their relationship with Me, or it will be devoured by the enemy. My Camp will be full of Light, My Light, and no more mixture will be in it. Everything will be submitted to Me, and shown for what it truly is.

The religious models that have been erected and built by men, will be burnt up as I rise up. There will be no more manmade tents, edifices, altars, or monuments. For all that is not built by My Hand will not stand, but will fall under My scrutiny. What is not judged by Me and purified, will devour it’s maker. For all that is not birthed by My Spirit is idolatry and pride.

My People think they know Me. They think they walk with Me, yet, they do not come to Me, nor seek Me. They do not pay the price to sit at My Feet and to spend time with Me. If they did, they would fear Me more than men, or their opinions. They would not be in bondage to their lifestyles.

That day has come and is now being thrown into My Fire. I will be everything to you, or nothing to you.
Either you come to Me everyday and in humility seeking My Ways, or you will go your own way to destruction. It will be seen if I walk with you or not. Either I dwell in you or I don’t.

Either My Word is true or it is not.

-Susan Cummings
7:42 pm

11 posted on 03/08/2005 6:38:19 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix

I Am Coming To Those Who Are Looking For Me

I Am coming to those who are looking for Me. For I am drawn by their desire to know Me and to be like Me. Love cries out to Love, for it’s fulfillment. The Spirit and the Bride are crying out, Come! My Heart is being revealed to My Ones who labor over Me, to be like Me.

I Am coming to reveal Myself to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. My children sit at My Table and are fed by My hand, and they do not lack nor strain to be fed, but they wait at My Feet, and rest until I bring them their portion. Each of My Children has their portion.

I Am coming to those who weep and sigh over the sin in My House, and who have not given their birthright to another. They have guarded the precious and have esteemed it better than the worldly offering. Such are My Faithful Ones, in whom it is written of in My Book.

I Am coming to those who have clean hands and a pure heart, and who have not given their heart to another. They only have eyes for Me, and will not be given over to the destroyer that is now loosed among men. My Covenant Seal is upon them, and they are Mine.

I Am coming to show forth My Glory in the vessels of honor that I have made, for just such a purpose. These Torch bearers will burn with My Glory as a witness, and as a Light to those in the darkness, and many will come to Me through their testimony. For I always have a remnant in the earth. Even in this last hour, will I reap a Harvest.

I Am coming as it is written in My Word. It will be as I have stated, but not as men would choose to see. For much is still rejected in My Word, and much is taken out for men’s purposes, and much is mistakenly seen and understood, for I have hidden it from the wise, and now, I am showing the babes.

I Am coming to the rejected, the despised, the lost, the abused, the wounded, the outcasts, and the sheep that have been cast out, and I am gathering them into My Barns where they will now be fed, for the time of culmination has come, and My House will be full. Not one of Mine will be missed, as I have gathered them all from their places of hidden ness , and am bringing them in. Each to their portion, but all into Me.

I Am coming to judge My House first, and then the world. For I must have a Holy Place to dwell in, and nothing will remain that is not Holy or Pure. I Am Holy and My People will be Holy. There will no longer be any defiled thing in My House, for all will be now removed outside the camp. There will be a distinction between the Holy and the Profane.

I Am coming to reap My Harvest. Man will not touch what is Mine, and will not harm My little ones, but I will bring them in, and they will know that I alone, am God. I Am the Lord of the Harvest. I have come to My Vineyard, and woe to those who have not been faithful to tend it properly. For everyone’s works will be clearly seen for what they truly were.

I Am coming as a Fire, as a Wind, and as the Rain. Each has already came on the earth, now it will come upon My Vessels, and then pour through them. My Fire will burn through My Vessels as they speak My Word. My Wind will blow upon My Vessels as I perform My Word in their midst. My Rain will cleanse My People, as they embrace My Word that is spoken.

Then, My Glory will come, and will fill My House, according to My Word.

-Susan Cummings
12:35 am

12 posted on 03/08/2005 6:39:36 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING IT'S POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix
There is going ot be a judgement of the nations. The United States will NOT escape it. The elect will find favor only because it pleases Adonai that we trust Him, and not the powers of this world. There's not much of a choice though, in my humble opinion! :-)

She's correct. I've stated it another way recently. There are only TWO things left to do on this planet. Trust Yeshua, The Lord Almighty, or DIE! Everybody makes a choice, either actively, or passively.

Notice the division between good and evil nowadays. People say it's only more visible because of the media's ability to track it, and report on it, and compile statistics. But I don't believe it. I believe as God's word says. It says that in the latter days, it will be as in the times of Noah. ...and lest we forget, those were a wicked and vile bunch of people around Noah!

I know why our great nation will be judged by God. There are three core reasons.

  1. The murder of the innocents (abortion)
  2. The abominable sin (homosexuality).
  3. The rejection of God as a nation.

The first is a sin of comission, as is the second. But the third is everything from apathy, to outright rebellion against God.

From a worldy perspective, there is an aspect to this coming hardship that's not emphasized enough in prophetic circles. This is that there will be a great harvest of the unbelievers during this judgement of the nations. They will see that we are blessed, and that our outlook is simply "different". They'll see that we're less (although NOT unaffected) by it. Today...right now....the difference isn't that noticeable. But in hard times, the contrast becomes much greater. The biggest growth periods of the church were during hard times! Our very nation was founded largely because of persecution of believers in England!

It's coming. The prophets of old were faithful in delivering God's message. Just because time has passed and "things aren't happening" fast enough to suit certain people, doesn't mean that God is sleeping, or that He's forgotten.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, "Also He has put eternity in their hearts,...". So all people KNOW that there is an eternity, and the unbelievers fear it....whether they'll admit it or not.

Yes. The Lord will have those who are His, and He will strip us of all that we put before him, and break everything that we think is more important than Him.
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To: Quix

Here are some statements by a woman named Vassula Ryden. She is an Orthodox and I believe her to be credible. Sorry that it's kind of long Quix.

Vassula on Prophecies

(After the Tsunami Disaster in SE Asia)

In this article I will be pointing out the prophecies given to us by God reminding us of His call of repentance and love, prophecies that spoke of the two towers in the USA, and now of the tsunami in Asia that took hundreds of thousands of lives away, most of them innocent children.

I am sure every one of you is in prayer for those that survived and that you have participated in the donations given through your churches. It is a terrible thing to see the pain and the suffering of people of different nationalities who lost their beloved ones, from one minute to the next, especially when it comes to children. Then we remain in awe before some miracles that happened, like the floating little mattress with the 20 day old baby, and the Swedish little boy who was found, and others.

Perhaps this phenomenon had made some people understand how, before God, we are nothing: that our lives depend on God and not on ourselves. We cannot do anything without God's help.

Unfortunately, when a disaster of this magnitude happens, taking away innocent lives, there will be some who will put the blame immediately on God rather than on sinful humanity. For many, it will also be the only time they will remember God, speaking of Him in anger, thus offending God even more. At the same time, pain and sorrow sometimes make people say things they do not mean. We should pray for these broken hearts that they may be consoled by our Lord.

When someone asked me once, why do good people and children have to suffer and even die? I asked our Lord. He responded, saying: "If you die, it is because of your apostasy", meaning that we draw these sufferings upon ourselves. From our own wickedness we are self-destructing, making even nature turn against us. Mother Teresa, when asked the same questions, responded by saying that the lives of good people and innocent children are taken because these were ready to enter into the Kingdom of God. In the Scriptures Christ explains it in (Lk 13, 1-5):

“It was just about this time that some people arrived and told Him (Jesus) about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with that of their sacrifices. At this He said to them, “Do you suppose these Galileans who suffered like that were greater sinners than any other Galilean? They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did. Or those eighteen on whom the tower at Siloam fell and killed them? Do you suppose that they were more guilty than all of the other people living in Jerusalem? They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did.”

When God speaks, like He does in the messages of True Life in God, it is to counsel His people and draw them near His Heart. When God speaks we have to listen and respect His sayings. When God speaks, He speaks to correct us and console us. He speaks, and we have to listen by bending our stiff necks, whether we like it or not. Pride is the root of the disbelief that refuses to listen. As a father, God who is our Father will reprimand us for our rebellion and our indifference towards Him, but will never neglect to encourage us, lift us and give us hope to enliven our faith. At the same time God comes to us out of His infinite mercy to warn us that unless we convert and live holy there will be trouble lying ahead of us. God does not like us to suffer and that is why, in His infinite mercy, He will take any means to come to us and warn us, because all the evil will be drawn by us alone, not Him.

"Every day of your life generation, My grace is being revealed and as I shine on the whole human race to bring it to make peace with Me and neighbor, so will they too shine amongst themselves if they only would listen to Me..." (6.1.03).

When I hear sometimes how people diminish God in His Justice, I feel like crying out: "heresy!" God is a God of Love, but also of Justice. In the Scriptures it is written that God's severity is as great as His mercy. When they say, "I do not believe that these inspirations come from God, because they are too apocalyptic", when God is warning us, revealing to us clearly what could happen if we do not shape up, to these I would ask: "Can you face the day of Judgment without fear?" What about Nineveh? Has God not given a warning through Jonah? God did not want to destroy a whole big town, but He sent His prophet to warn that town. And they listened and fasted. The town was not destroyed.

One of many examples in Scriptures of how God reacts in times of rebellion and apostasy is from Jeremiah 4: 23-28. Jeremiah says:

"I looked to the earth, to see a formless waste; to the heavens, and their light had gone. I looked to the mountains, to see them quaking. And all the heights astir. I looked, to see no man at all, the very birds of heaven had fled. I looked, to see the wooded country a wilderness, all its towns in ruins, at the presence of Yahweh, at the presence of His burning anger. Yes, thus speaks Yahweh, "the whole land shall be laid waste, I will make an end of it once for all; at which the earth will go into mourning, and the heavens above grow dark.."

God had been warning us unceasingly to return to Him and reconcile with Him and with one another. Christ has been pleading with His church to unite. He has been asking the shepherds now for 20 years to repent and reconcile, bringing forth unity by unifying the dates of Easter. The whole world is decaying in its evil and its apostasy, transgressing not only God's Law, but all that is Holy, unceasingly offending God. Why, then, is anyone surprised when the grace of the Holy Spirit increases in these times of darkness to help us? But Darkness is persecuting the Light once more. Obstacles, persecutions, accusations, mockery, slander, prohibitions and calumnies were pouring out from several people, all these years, as I was trying to testify and pass on to the world the Word of God, making this an extremely difficult mission. Many of these people thought they were doing a holy duty to God...

It is written in Scriptures that: "In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God." (Jn1:1) "The Word was the true Light that enlightens all men; and He was coming into the world. He was in the world that had its being through him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own domain and His own people did not accept Him." (Jn1:9-11).

Through all these years, Our Lord has tried to awaken a true understanding in all of us by repeatedly giving us reminders: recalling what was said in the past by the holy prophets and His own commandments. His calls, as well as our Blessed Mother's, were calls to repentance, peace, love, unity and a life of prayer. Our Lord came and still comes in this manner into the world to enlighten all those who have gone astray, but to this day very few recognized His graceful presence and fewer still accept His call. He did not neglect to come first to His own domain, among His own, but flesh in its hardness of heart and incredulity rejected Love once more. To this day, very few are those who accepted Him entirely in His call of mercy and repented, allowing Him to reign in their hearts.

The world today has an attitude, just like Pharaoh's, of rejecting, in their stubbornness and disbelief, all that is Holy. Of others, our Lord says their behavior is worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. All these years, Christ has been begging His Church for peace, reconciliation and unity among the shepherds; He has been speaking to them, to His own. Yet, to this day, unity is not being accepted. Instead, many of His shepherds are scorning His very words given in these inspirations, making fun of His intimate Love and treating the word "unity" as an enemy in their hardened hearts. These very ones are at the brink of destruction, and yet they go on their own way doing their own thing.

When the Word was made flesh, the world did not know Him. Even when He went to His own people, they did not accept Him... In our times He has made Himself accessible to every human being but many have ignored His ways and sayings. There is no difference between the way the world was then and the way it is today; rejection and disbelief is what they carry in their hearts. Our Lord asks His shepherds:

"I solemnly ask everyone: what have you done with Scriptures? Scriptures are a mirror that reflect Me; how is it, if you say you know the Scriptures, you do not recognize My speech? How is it you so easily contradict the truth? I tell you, of you do not recognize Me in My sayings now, it is simply that you do not know nor understand the Scriptures that are a key of the Holy Spirit. If some of you say: "we do not need this prophetic revelation, we are not obliged to listen to ti or read it because Scriptures are enough for us and we can learn all knowledge from them;" I ask you in your incredulity:

"Do you know why you do not believe and do you know why you are so indifferent and determined to close your heart? Do you know why you do not seek anything beyond it?" It is because you have not the Holy Spirit who could have risen you from darkness into His Light enlightening your soul to see the Son together with the Father manifesting Themselves to you; the Holy Spirit would have breathed in you a resurrection breath invigorating you, giving you life in Me.

Can a soul who is dead understand Scriptures and put them into practice if his is not alive? If you would have understood the Scriptures that are as a mirror, reflecting My Image, you would not have said: "Scriptures are enough for me." No, My friend, Scriptures are not enough if you do not possess the Holy Spirit. It is through the Light of the Holy Spirit that Revelation can be understood and all that seemed then impenetrable mysteries in Scriptures, and sealed, would become knowable and clear because the key of knowledge would be given to you by the Spirit." (13.11.01)

Later on, in another call, Christ asks His shepherds: "When in your days I am speaking and the shepherds are not listening and do not believe I am intervening they are as Scriptures say: "our watchmen are blind, they notice nothing... they all go their own way, each after his own interest..."

Then there are those who would say to God's mouthpieces: "If you are sent by God and if those words you say come from God, prove your humility by hiding yourself and all those sayings; stop parading yourself and the sayings around the world;" (7.8.02) But our Lord says: "To these people answer the following: "I am not going to be like the wicked servant who hid his talent and then was condemned for having done nothing; on the contrary, I will multiply my talent and give glory to the One who entrusted it to me; I will pass on, not only to this generation this prodigious wonder, but the angels will carry the words of God and will continue spreading them like a rain of seeds thrown from above to all future generations to renew God's creation and embellish the Church; to sweeten the mouths of His children and open their mouths to praise Him; to open their eyes and enable them to examine their hearts;

I am sealed by our Lord's divine Name all over me and I do not fear. I am His Loud book declaring the same Truths our Lord has passed on to us; so, nothing is new, I have nothing new that is of my own, brothers, but all that is said to me comes from Divine Knowledge and from the Mouth of the Triune God;" this is what you are to tell them in My Name;" (7.8.02)

Despite these words, they would go on persecuting and prohibiting the Word of God from being made known to His creatures, the Word that can lead many nations to repentance, conversion and faith, making God relent, as He did over Nineveh. Here is another warning:

" (...) As for those who have not yet received My visitation, many torments await them, the Day of the Lord will come upon them too, and what a day that will be! I shall be swift to show My Mercy, provided you repent... I will show My Mercy and gather all of you from everywhere under heaven; but before that, I, the Author of this Love Hymn tell you, unless the world in its wickedness turns to Me, repenting, rendering love for evil, what can happen to you all will outline all historical records of purification! There is no fervent repentance, no real compunction... the nations are in uproar, and their achievements are the measure of their godlessness... all the earth will suffer unless I hear a true cry of repentance; ah, and those who stand up on platforms proclaiming peace and how, and in which way one has to establish peace among themselves, when these very ones are transgressing My commandments and are at war with Me, how do they expect in their right mind to bring peace? (30.9.02).

In the year 1991, 11 September, exactly 10 years before the great disaster of the two towers in the USA, our Lord, looking at the earth with displeasure, warned us in these words:

"And I, for My part, My Eyes look down at the world of today, searching nation after nation scanning soul after soul for some warmth, for some generosity and for some love but very few enjoy My favor. Very few bother to live a holy life and the days are fleeing and the hours are now counted before the great retribution (...) (Jesus suddenly changed tone and after waiting a few seconds, with a tone very grave that left me in awe said: "The earth will shiver and shake and every evil built into Towers (like the towers of Babel) will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! Above the heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock! The islands, the sea and the continents will be visited by Me unexpectedly with thunder and by flame. Listen to My last words of warning, listen now that there is still time. Read our Messages and stop being scornful or deaf when Heaven speaks (...) Soon, very soon now, the Heavens will open and I shall make you see the Judge."

On the 11th September 2001 the world was scarred with the fall of the two towers, taking away so many lives, among them many innocent people. Horrific apocalyptic scenes were shown to the world, and despite this horror that came upon us, instead of truly turning to God and repenting, the world became worse than before and was set for war. Instead of understanding that this happened because of our own faults, sins, guilt, apostasy and the world’s rejection of God, we continued to listen to Satan and go on his way rather than the way God was showing us.

On the 24th December 1991, on the eve of Christ's birth this message was given to us by Christ who was very offended:

"I come today and offer all mankind My Peace, but very few listen. Today I come with peace-terms and a message of Love, but the peace I am offering is blasphemed by the earth, and the Love I am giving them is mocked and jeered in this Eve of My Birth. Mankind is celebrating these days without My Holy Name. My Holy Name has been abolished and they take the day of My Birth as a great holiday of leisure, worshipping idols. Satan has entered into the hearts of My children, finding them weak and asleep. I have warned the world..."

Christ is showing us that He is offended when we celebrate Christmas by gathering our family without remembering the real cause; Christ's Birth.

At Christmas every Christian is asked to celebrate Christ's birth by rejoicing and going to Church and celebrating His Holy Name. Many, in their apostasy, celebrate and worship the Christmas tree instead, exchanging gifts, eating until sick, and amusing themselves to folly.

After that date there were several warnings. But the ones that I believe speak of the tsunami of the 26th December 2004 in Asia were the three that follow here below. The first one is as early as 1987, September 10th:

I wrote: “Suddenly Jesus reminded me of a dream I had lat night and had forgotten. It was the vision I saw lately, but it appeared worse in my dream”. The Lord then said:

“Listen, I have let you see the vision in your sleep, to make you feel it. No, there is no escape!”

I wrote: “I remember when I saw it coming like a giant wave. I tried to run and hide, knowing it’s impossible.” Then I asked our Lord: “But why do this, if you love us? Why?” He answered:

I am known as a God of Love, as well as a God of Justice.” I asked: “What can we do to stop this?” God answered: “tremendous amendments are required now from all of you. Uniting and being one. Loving one another, believing in My Heavenly Works, for I am among you always.”

The tsunami news shocked and dismayed all of us, but no one can say that God did not send us warnings. When warnings were sent by those He chose as mouthpieces, many were saying: “We have no need of these warnings; we have the consolation of the holy books of the Fathers and the Holy Bible in our possession. We never lack to offer sacrifices and prayers either, so what has Christ to tell us more than what He has given us?” And they shut their ears.

Another warning was given to us on the 18th February 1993:

"See the days are coming when I am going to come by thunder and fire but I will find, to My distress, many of you unaware and in deep sleep! I am sending you creation, messenger after messenger to break through your deafness, but I am weary now of your resistance and your apathy. I am ever so weary of your coldness; I am weary of your arrogance and your inflexibility when it comes to assemble for unity - you filled and overflowed now the Cup of Stupor. Intoxicated by your own voice you have opposed My Voice but it shall not be forever - soon you shall fall for you have opposed My Voice by your voice, misleading nonsense; naturally My Church is in ruin because of your division (...) the earth will shake and like a shooting star will reel from its place, extirpating mountains and islands out of their places. Entire nations will be annihilated; the sky will disappear like a scroll rolling up as you saw it in your vision daughter. A great agony will befall on all the citizens, and woe to the unbeliever! Hear Me: and should men say to you today: "ah, but the Living One will have Mercy upon us, your prophecy is not from God but from your own spirit", tell them: although you are reputed to be alive, you are dead; your incredulity condemns you, because you refused to believe in My time of Mercy and prohibited My Voice to spread through My mouthpieces to warn and save My creatures...(18.2.93)

According to the scientists, when the earthquake happened under the sea, the whole earth shook, stopped for a split second and went out of its normal axis. The island of Sumatra and other islands too, moved several meters from their original place. One of them was thought to have disappeared altogether, but was then rediscovered in another place.

Then on the 7th February 2002 again a last warning came from God; here is an excerpt:

"My Imperial Reign is at your very doors, but are you ready to receive Me?

With largesse and with royal prodigality I laid out a banquet of spiritual food to revive your spirit; when I was there, waiting for you to feed you by My Own Hand to save you from death, you refused to come forward; considering therefore, your reluctance to a true metanoia, and how you have shown hostility instead towards My warnings, what former scenes of wailing took place (on the 11th September 2001) are nothing in comparison to the sorrowful mornings that lie ahead of you; sorrowful mornings that will be drawn by your own hand. Your nation governs in complete opposition to all My Law of Love which differs from your outlandish system of laws; laws that commit the most heinous crimes to the point of endangering not only the earth but the stability as well of the whole cosmos;" (...) I see from above how your designs will turn against yourselves; the world already is tasting the fruits of its own course, provoking to rebel with convulsions, drawing upon yourselves natural catastrophes choking itself with your own scheming. I had beckoned you for years now but very few took notice; this purification that is now like a scourge upon you, generation, will draw many towards Me and those who spurned My warnings will return to Me in their distress..."

As the prophecy explains, it happened in the early hours of the morning.

Our Lord is warning us that, because of our apostasy, we are endangering the cosmos - not only the earth, but the entire cosmos, provoking nature to rebel against us.

But this is not all, our Lord is warning us of a still worse event to come if we do not change our hearts and return to God. The Lord says;

"You see daughter, I will soon reveal My Justice too. My Plan has a determined time. My Merciful calls have also a determined time. Once this time is over, I will show everyone, good and evil that My severity is as great as My mercy, that My wrath is as powerful as My forgiveness. All things predicted by Me will pass swiftly now - nothing can be subtracted from them..." (19.2.93)

On the 18th February 1993, God is warning us saying:

"The sixth seal is about to be broken and you will all be plunged into darkness and there will be no illumination for the smoke poured up out of the Abyss will be like the smoke from a huge furnace so that the sun and the sky will be darkened by it; and out of My Cup of Justice I will make you resemble snakes; vipers. I will make you crawl on your belly and eat dust in these days of darkness; I will crush you to the ground to remind you that you are not better than vipers... you will suffocate and stifle in your sins; in My anger I will tread you down, trample you in My wrath! (...) When the hour of Darkness comes, I will show you your insides; I will turn your soul inside out and when you will see your soul as black as coal, not only will you experience a distress like never before, but you will beat your breast with agony that your own darkness is far worse than the darkness surrounding you. I will make human life scarcer than ever before; then when My wrath will be appeased, I will set My Throne in each one of you and together with one voice and one heart and one language you will praise Me, the Lamb."

We are given time, once again, to repent before this prophecy comes on us. Although God says, "nothing can be subtracted from them", we can still diminish the power of this scourge by prayer, repentance and change of life to live holy.

We are called to lead a True life in God. God can relent, just like He did with Nineveh.

The True Life in God inspirations are not prophecies of doom and gloom. God gives them to us in these times of mercy to shape us up; they are a call out of the sublime Love of God. God will not allow us forever to offend His Holy Name. This is the reason why He comes, in His mercy, to give us many warnings.

God bless you all,

In Christ,


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To: hiredhand; All

Very well said. Thanks.

Someone FREEPMAILED me--essentially asking how such a huge devastation in the Center of the nation--the Bible Belt--would leave believers unharmed. This is my reply:

My sense from Scripture and tons of such prophecies is along these lines . . .

That MOSTLY those genuinely devoted to God; walking closely with Him etc, will be hidden IN HIM; protected by Him, His Spirit; angelic forces etc.

SOME will be called to martyrdom; many--evidently most--not. All will be tested. All will be refined.

Those pseudo believers will be in some of the biggest trouble. Perhaps they will make Heaven realizing in their death throes their errors and surrendering more completely at last.

That's as well and as simply as I can summarize it.

Does that resonate with your spirit?

15 posted on 03/08/2005 6:55:17 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING ITS POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix

I'm reading a really interesting yet sobering book called "Sent to Earth. God and the Return of Ancient Disasters" by Michael H. Brown. He documents catastrophic events going back to old testament time. As I read it I find myself getting goosebumps because the book shows how when people start falling away from God, natural disasters/plaugues increase ten fold. He gets into Pompei, the Bubonic Plague, etc, its the stuff nightmares are made from.

He also has an interesting website called

16 posted on 03/08/2005 6:58:51 PM PST by diamond6 (Everyone who is for abortion has already been born. Ronald Reagan)
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To: diamond6

An impressive collection of exhortations and truth.


17 posted on 03/08/2005 7:00:32 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING ITS POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: diamond6


Perhaps you should pray about posting some new threads from his site.

Will try to check it out.

18 posted on 03/08/2005 7:01:49 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING ITS POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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To: Quix

Michael Brown is really into this sort of thing... and prophesy. He has so much stuff, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

You already read Vassula's statement... wow, you're a fast reader!!!

19 posted on 03/08/2005 7:03:33 PM PST by diamond6 (Everyone who is for abortion has already been born. Ronald Reagan)
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To: diamond6

Probably read 84-92% of all the words/phrases.

Mercifully, I can read some things quickly.

20 posted on 03/08/2005 7:09:49 PM PST by Quix (HAVING A FORM of GODLINESS but DENYING ITS POWER. 2 TIM 3:5)
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