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Wanted: New Conservative Fighters ^ | Deptember 15, 2018 | Sheriff David Clarke (Ret)

Posted on 12/15/2018 6:29:02 AM PST by Kaslin

Let me be blunt. It’s obvious to me that the political right needs a fighting force—an organized ground level force built for the political conflicts of the 21st century. Politics has become a contact sport. This force must be unlike many GOP political figures who want to avoid contact and seem obsessed with being admired by the left and the editorial boards of the New York Times and CNN, rather than pushing back against the people seeking to destroy them. Who was it that said, you can’t fix stupid?

The left aided by the liberal media has declared war on conservatives. They have declared war on cops, the Constitution, the rule of law, due process, religion, and free speech. To counter this, we need political street fighters, brawlers to help President Trump push back against the swamp, the deep state, never-Trumpers on the right, and the Washington establishment. Currently, Trump has to rely on a group of your grandfather’s Republicans who mistakenly believe that you can compromise with the left or that you can win at political warfare from inside the safe space of a think tank, a TV studio, or from a DC cocktail party.

Traditional GOP politicians and elites do not realize that going forward into the 2020 elections the tactics they are currently using that had previously worked to win elections have become obsolete and ineffective at countering the guerrilla-type warfare tactics of the Democrat Party and the American left.

Somebody needs to tell these Republican intellectual elites that the other side is shooting at us figuratively and literally as in the case of Congressman Steve Scalise. In this new age of political warfare, they have allowed the left to dictate the rules of engagement. In turn, the left has turned politics into the art of lying. They control the language that can be used and thus control the narrative. Anyone who thinks the left will play fair or use traditional methods to win debates or elections is dangerously naïve. These political ambushes are the metaphorical equivalent of a roadside IED. Often you won’t know the left’s blast is coming until it’s too late in the election cycle when their eleventh-hour surprise smears or outright lies appear. Recall when former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years. After the election when Reid was confronted about the outright lie he smugly responded, “It worked didn’t it?”

Everyone should be awake to the predictable left. Their opposition research digs deep into a GOP candidates’ past, finding some innocuous clumsy statement, photo or connection even if it was decades ago and smears them with it as if it happened yesterday. They recently did it to Cindy Hyde-Smith in her U.S. Senate race as the Democrats engaged in their insidious game of identity politics.

Who is behind this? A few culprits are Media Matters, American Bridge, CREW and Shareblue. These are subversive leftist groups running a well-funded and organized Trump resistance movement. They are purveyors of misinformation and propaganda. They have made it clear that elections no longer matter unless they win. When they lose, they demand recounts, claim voter suppression and suspicious uncounted ballots will magically appear. Media Matters operative David Brock said in a confidential memo that, “We will fight every day. We’re going to resist the normalization of Donald Trump. We’re going to contest every effort.” In a training manual, Shareblue proclaimed that Trump allies would be forced to step down or change course due to news pushed by Shareblue. They organize boycotts and threaten corporations into not doing business with conservative groups. They conduct training courses on how to write letters and flood newspaper publishers to stop counterview op-eds from being published in liberal publications. They attack conservatives on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and flood their administrators with complaints to get them shut down or suspended.

These are the leftist bullies that can at a moment's notice summon a mob of people to show up and raise hell. They were behind the smearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They were the ones who were pounding on the doors of the U.S. Supreme Court trying to storm the gates. They engage in political violence, throw out false allegations of sexual assault or harassment, and race baiting along with other types of physical threats, physical violence, and property damage. They are undoubtedly behind the assaults against Republican elected officials and White House staff in public places like restaurants or at their homes.

These leftist groups are a formidable foe that the conservative side currently has no response. We need infrastructure, and we need to mobilize it quickly. I want to be clear. I do not advocate for violence, but I do advocate for more effective counter-tactics than the weak-kneed ones currently deployed.

This new conservative fighter has to rid themselves of their self-righteousness about the kind of tactics they will have to use to take on the left’s machine. For instance, taking the high road is an ineffective tactic against this foe as merely is expressing outrage. Proving that we are better than they are is useless. Besides, I already know I am better and don’t have to prove that to anybody. This new political fighter has to be able to fight through whatever the left throws at them and not flinch, apologize, grovel or abandon a conservative or GOP candidate after an opposition research sneak attack. Think Trump supporter. They have to snicker at being called racist, homophobe, misogynist, lslamaphobe, and fight on. In other words, when the left metaphorically throws rocks, the new conservative fighter has to be willing to pick up those rocks and throw them back. If you need an example just watch how President Trump fearlessly takes on the left.

Many on the conservative side do not have the stomach for this. My response is then get used to losing elections. Get used to gun confiscation. Get used to government control over every aspect of your life. Get ready for totalitarian fascism. You can stop it. If you dare to change tactics and move to the front.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: activists; conservative
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To: glenduh

Of course I’ll do what needs to be done, and I’m a Vet, so I’ve done more than most. ;)

It’s just INFURIATING that our Elected Officials on the ‘R’ side are such a bunch of...FILL IN THE BLANK...!

They need to go.

81 posted on 12/15/2018 2:44:04 PM PST by Diana in Wisconsin ( "Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?")
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To: Kaslin

Please Unretire.

82 posted on 12/15/2018 3:07:15 PM PST by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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To: PeterPrinciple

Not if you - metaphorically - bring a knife to a knife fight, a gun to a gun fight.

It is about what is appropriate and effective - like Bruce Lee using real moves instead of sterile kata.

83 posted on 12/15/2018 3:12:56 PM PST by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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To: Kaslin

Though he is no conservative, the author, Stephen R. Donaldson penned an excellent expression of this: The Oath of Peace.

In essence, it states that one is justified in using whatever level of force is necessary to cope with evil, as evil escalates in potency and violence.

84 posted on 12/15/2018 3:16:00 PM PST by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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To: central_va

Thinking skills and reading skills are surely lacking here at free republic but the drive by posting is as strong as ever.

I merely brought attention to the dangers of using the opponents tactics. As I have stated, a gun is dangerous too, that mean be aware in its danger and how you use it.

85 posted on 12/15/2018 3:54:48 PM PST by PeterPrinciple (Thinking Caps are no longer being issued but there must be a warehouse full of them somewhere.)
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To: conservatism_IS_compassion

You are 100% correct. I don’t understand how a person can lose their rights to not be libeled just because they pay a fee and file for office. I would think it would also be an equal justice under the law issue as well. There again, it would take a huge amount of resources to push this forward.

Unfortunately, I think this political dichotomy is also affected by the intrinsic values and motivations of the different political persuasions. Socialists by their nature want to be in a crowd working toward a common goal. If a socialist leader asks their followers to call legislators or boycott a business, the group-think kicks in and they ALL want to do it -— high numbers will get involved to make things happen. Their activism flows organically from their politics.

Capitalists, on the other hand, tend to work independently and with a profit motive. We are more philanthropic than activist. If you want to do politics, they are glad to help you out for a price. You need folks to make calls to legislators, they will be glad to tell you how to set up and work a phone bank, and then send you to the person who will help you hire the people you need. Our activism costs us, more often than not.

86 posted on 12/15/2018 4:33:29 PM PST by LTC.Ret
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To: Pride in the USA

Thanks for the ping!

87 posted on 12/15/2018 5:25:51 PM PST by lonevoice (diagonally parked in a parallel universe)
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To: Basket_of_Deplorables

same question

88 posted on 12/15/2018 5:33:58 PM PST by Smellin Salt
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To: conservatism_IS_compassion

Sue the Media,,,
Nailing jello
to a fence post.

But thanks,you got a point.

Fact is the “brainwashed”
Like the Mud they wallow in.

“Idiocracy” is our direction and
Judgement is our Fate.

89 posted on 12/15/2018 7:02:31 PM PST by Big Red Badger (Despised by the Despicable!)
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To: LTC.Ret
You are 100% correct. I don’t understand how a person can lose their rights to not be libeled just because they pay a fee and file for office
If you read the New York Times Co v. Sullivan case, you will get the picture. It makes good First Amendment sense provided that the big media outlets are divided ideologically in roughly the same way that the voting public is. And nothing in the Sullivan case suggested anything else; the question simply was not considered. It was not in the nature of the case to bring anything of the sort up. At all.

It is therefore necessary to bring to SCOTUS a case which points out that a rule which makes it equally difficult for Democrats and Republicans to sue for libel is balanced between Democrats and Republicans in exactly the same sense that a law against sleeping under bridges applies to rich and poor alike. Republicans get libeled as a matter of course - and Democrats don’t get libeled. At all.

it would take a huge amount of resources to push this forward.
If every Republican agreed with the strategy, and backed it with a little dough (and had the hope of participating in any settlement obtained), you would think that the money could be raised. But I guess I’m not a particularly persuasive writer . . .

90 posted on 12/15/2018 7:25:25 PM PST by conservatism_IS_compassion
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To: conservatism_IS_compassion

Good post. I couldn’t agree more. But, do you think such a case would survive summary judgment and thus be allowed to go to trial?

I think it “could” in a Texas Court with the right judge.

91 posted on 12/15/2018 7:31:23 PM PST by Cen-Tejas
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To: Kaslin



92 posted on 12/15/2018 7:32:28 PM PST by M Kehoe (DRAIN THE SWAMP!)
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To: reformedliberal
Your husband was shrewd in asking to take the dispute outside. Even being of the same age and slight build, I might have grabbed the donk SOB by the shirt and popped him -- the result of binge-watching Ray Donovan.
93 posted on 12/15/2018 7:43:47 PM PST by Rockingham
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To: jjotto

Yup. It is as if you are seen as the out of town gunslinger whom they hope will clean up the joint by taking on the local nogoodniks who run things.

94 posted on 12/15/2018 7:50:31 PM PST by Rockingham
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To: Rockingham

I am the world’s most non-confrontative person. So glad I wasn’t there.

I know he would have made sure the guy threw the first punch before he decked him. He’s 5’11, 180 and in the sort of shape you get from walking a lot and splitting wood, but he has some vulnerabilities, so he intended to put the guy down fast in self-defense.

Yeah, he’s clever like that.

95 posted on 12/15/2018 7:55:10 PM PST by reformedliberal
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To: ExTexasRedhead; PeterPrinciple; Howie66; ZULU; sheik yerbouty; bitt; Jane Long; vette6387

“...How do you think we won WWI and WWII? ...”

We killed the people who were trying to kill us.

Guys like my old man and his brothers and cousins left their homes, went to basic training, and went overseas and said “the road home goes through Berlin (twice) and Tokyo...”

And they meant it.

So they did it.

And one of those enemies refused to surrender, we nuked two of their cities and burned the other cities to the ground with General Curtiss LeMay’s “Special Airborne Cocktails”.

And the war ended. We won. Nothing less is acceptable.

96 posted on 12/15/2018 8:44:08 PM PST by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: conservatism_IS_compassion
The courts are simply not equipped or inclined to handle such a controversy. And while Sullivan has its defects, it is more or less settled law because the alternative is to make politics into a species of defamation law. We are better off if we focus on winning elections and then running the country successfully.
97 posted on 12/15/2018 8:44:27 PM PST by Rockingham
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To: Redleg Duke
There is a FUNDAMENTAL difference between Conservatives and Progressive Liberals in this matter;

Liberals - the unemployed will rise up and do all kinds of damage for their beliefs. They will conduct MOB violence, against cars, store fronts, and innocent people. Especially when they are financed, and supported by lawyers who will defend them.

Conservatives. - We won't go beating up defenseless cars, and loot storefronts. We won't block highways and yell and scream. We won't go after people wearing pink hats. No. Will target key people. We will shoot them dead. Lynch them from the trees in secret and then hide. The Progressives and their media lackeys have no friggin' idea what kind of sh*t-storm they will get if they take down Donald Trump. They haven't a clue.

Right now, Conservatives are hoping...praying... wishing... that it doesn't come to that. We have families, loved ones, and a life that we don't throw away.

We well know that the time is rapidly approaching where we can't take this nonsense any longer. One person will snap. Then another. And then another.

We are praying that it won't happen.
98 posted on 12/15/2018 8:47:05 PM PST by vannrox (The Preamble to the Bill of Rights - without it, our Bill of Rights is meaningless!)
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To: central_va

Look at the Tucker Carleson home riot incident,have they arrested anyone yet?

Not sure about the arrests...however....almost like they got to him, or something.

He’s been different, and slamming POTUS, ever since.

99 posted on 12/15/2018 9:00:57 PM PST by Jane Long (Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow.)
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To: Jane Long

Someone needs to do something about this ‘POLITICAL PERSECUTION’ of our President by the DOJ, federal prosecutors, Demorats, and all the others ‘investigating ‘everything personal in his and his families life.. they’re also going after everyone associated in any way from business to friendships, pundits, and even his late fathers affairs....

100 posted on 12/15/2018 9:04:08 PM PST by caww
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