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Wanted: New Conservative Fighters ^ | Deptember 15, 2018 | Sheriff David Clarke (Ret)

Posted on 12/15/2018 6:29:02 AM PST by Kaslin

Let me be blunt. It’s obvious to me that the political right needs a fighting force—an organized ground level force built for the political conflicts of the 21st century. Politics has become a contact sport. This force must be unlike many GOP political figures who want to avoid contact and seem obsessed with being admired by the left and the editorial boards of the New York Times and CNN, rather than pushing back against the people seeking to destroy them. Who was it that said, you can’t fix stupid?

The left aided by the liberal media has declared war on conservatives. They have declared war on cops, the Constitution, the rule of law, due process, religion, and free speech. To counter this, we need political street fighters, brawlers to help President Trump push back against the swamp, the deep state, never-Trumpers on the right, and the Washington establishment. Currently, Trump has to rely on a group of your grandfather’s Republicans who mistakenly believe that you can compromise with the left or that you can win at political warfare from inside the safe space of a think tank, a TV studio, or from a DC cocktail party.

Traditional GOP politicians and elites do not realize that going forward into the 2020 elections the tactics they are currently using that had previously worked to win elections have become obsolete and ineffective at countering the guerrilla-type warfare tactics of the Democrat Party and the American left.

Somebody needs to tell these Republican intellectual elites that the other side is shooting at us figuratively and literally as in the case of Congressman Steve Scalise. In this new age of political warfare, they have allowed the left to dictate the rules of engagement. In turn, the left has turned politics into the art of lying. They control the language that can be used and thus control the narrative. Anyone who thinks the left will play fair or use traditional methods to win debates or elections is dangerously naïve. These political ambushes are the metaphorical equivalent of a roadside IED. Often you won’t know the left’s blast is coming until it’s too late in the election cycle when their eleventh-hour surprise smears or outright lies appear. Recall when former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes for ten years. After the election when Reid was confronted about the outright lie he smugly responded, “It worked didn’t it?”

Everyone should be awake to the predictable left. Their opposition research digs deep into a GOP candidates’ past, finding some innocuous clumsy statement, photo or connection even if it was decades ago and smears them with it as if it happened yesterday. They recently did it to Cindy Hyde-Smith in her U.S. Senate race as the Democrats engaged in their insidious game of identity politics.

Who is behind this? A few culprits are Media Matters, American Bridge, CREW and Shareblue. These are subversive leftist groups running a well-funded and organized Trump resistance movement. They are purveyors of misinformation and propaganda. They have made it clear that elections no longer matter unless they win. When they lose, they demand recounts, claim voter suppression and suspicious uncounted ballots will magically appear. Media Matters operative David Brock said in a confidential memo that, “We will fight every day. We’re going to resist the normalization of Donald Trump. We’re going to contest every effort.” In a training manual, Shareblue proclaimed that Trump allies would be forced to step down or change course due to news pushed by Shareblue. They organize boycotts and threaten corporations into not doing business with conservative groups. They conduct training courses on how to write letters and flood newspaper publishers to stop counterview op-eds from being published in liberal publications. They attack conservatives on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and flood their administrators with complaints to get them shut down or suspended.

These are the leftist bullies that can at a moment's notice summon a mob of people to show up and raise hell. They were behind the smearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They were the ones who were pounding on the doors of the U.S. Supreme Court trying to storm the gates. They engage in political violence, throw out false allegations of sexual assault or harassment, and race baiting along with other types of physical threats, physical violence, and property damage. They are undoubtedly behind the assaults against Republican elected officials and White House staff in public places like restaurants or at their homes.

These leftist groups are a formidable foe that the conservative side currently has no response. We need infrastructure, and we need to mobilize it quickly. I want to be clear. I do not advocate for violence, but I do advocate for more effective counter-tactics than the weak-kneed ones currently deployed.

This new conservative fighter has to rid themselves of their self-righteousness about the kind of tactics they will have to use to take on the left’s machine. For instance, taking the high road is an ineffective tactic against this foe as merely is expressing outrage. Proving that we are better than they are is useless. Besides, I already know I am better and don’t have to prove that to anybody. This new political fighter has to be able to fight through whatever the left throws at them and not flinch, apologize, grovel or abandon a conservative or GOP candidate after an opposition research sneak attack. Think Trump supporter. They have to snicker at being called racist, homophobe, misogynist, lslamaphobe, and fight on. In other words, when the left metaphorically throws rocks, the new conservative fighter has to be willing to pick up those rocks and throw them back. If you need an example just watch how President Trump fearlessly takes on the left.

Many on the conservative side do not have the stomach for this. My response is then get used to losing elections. Get used to gun confiscation. Get used to government control over every aspect of your life. Get ready for totalitarian fascism. You can stop it. If you dare to change tactics and move to the front.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: activists; conservative
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To: PeterPrinciple
The major definition of conservatism IS respect for law, life and people.

That's no definition of conservatism that I've ever heard. And it's certainly not one I agree with. Conservatism is defined by Russell Kirk as the prioritization of liberty over equality. Personally, I consider its key component a respect for those traditions, values, and institutions that have withstood the test of time.

Resistance -- fighting back -- is a time-honored tradition. The values and institutions that have served humanity well for thousands of years are under assault by humanist elitists who think they can define a better world than God. This is no time for niceties, protocol, or reservations.

We "become them" only when our ENDS become theirs.

41 posted on 12/15/2018 8:08:27 AM PST by IronJack
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To: ExTexasRedhead

Violence MUST be met with force.

42 posted on 12/15/2018 8:08:45 AM PST by ZULU (Jeff Sessions should be tried for sedition.)
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To: Diana in Wisconsin; Baynative

You write... “Thank Goodness we have PDJT slowing our demise”

Did we elect PDJT to be sacrificed for a lost cause?

I’ll go with this part of Baynative’s Churchill quote...

“you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”

“Move to the front” as Sheriff Clarke writes? I’m in.

43 posted on 12/15/2018 8:10:41 AM PST by glenduh
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To: Arlis

History is full of groups or figures who lost because of their principled personal honor and integrity to play fair.

44 posted on 12/15/2018 8:13:53 AM PST by Openurmind
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To: PeterPrinciple

No of course not

Kumbaya is the problem

People like you will get us all killed

45 posted on 12/15/2018 8:20:28 AM PST by bert ( (KE. N.P. N.C. +12) Invade Honduras. Provide a military government)
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To: Rockingham

...except in private among those you trust...
If anyone knows who you trust, you better be sure they are also stealth.

Before the primaries, my husband stopped in to McDonald’s for the geezer coffee klatch. Someone asked him if he’d seen something (can’t recall what show) and he answered that he had been at a named person’s b-day party.

A stranger evidently knew that the named person was a Republican and proceeded to confront my husband, challenging him to a physical confrontation. (both men around 65+). My husband closed the distance, got in the guy’s face and told him they could take it outside right then and there. The donk then ran away.

All because he admitted to a social engagement at a Republican’s.

46 posted on 12/15/2018 8:25:01 AM PST by reformedliberal
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To: Kaslin

Watch out for Judas..I hear he’s a RINO.

47 posted on 12/15/2018 8:26:10 AM PST by Leep (we need a Trump like leader for President 2024!)
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To: Erik Latranyi

Don’t recruit online, especially from conservative sites.

There is constant posting on r/T_D about some app that tracks people (tech illiterate, here, so I don’t understand this) and will then find them on r/T_D or other conservative/pro-Trump sites. Evidently, just having posted on such sites and then confronting a prog or posting rebuttal elsewhere results in “You posted at (conservative site) and are therefore irrelevant.”

Don’t know if the app goes deep enough to doxx someone.

48 posted on 12/15/2018 8:31:11 AM PST by reformedliberal
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To: Rockingham

Yep. I’ve had the same experience in courthouses in Iowa and Minnesota.

49 posted on 12/15/2018 8:35:06 AM PST by jjotto (Next week, BOOM!, for sure!)
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To: Kaslin

Where do I sign up?

50 posted on 12/15/2018 9:05:33 AM PST by Basket_of_Deplorables (Democrats: Party over Country.)
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To: Kaslin

Good one by Sheriff Clarke....Agree completely with his premises. Too many of us are too old to run for office or have much influence in the right places, but I think our minds are right.

51 posted on 12/15/2018 9:20:58 AM PST by oldtech
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To: Kaslin

Excellent column.

52 posted on 12/15/2018 9:21:43 AM PST by Redleg Duke (Disarming Liberals...Real Common Sense Gun Control!)
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To: momincombatboots

I have been saying for over thirty years that this country was in a civil war, but the bullets had not been fired. Now, they have been fired.

53 posted on 12/15/2018 9:34:53 AM PST by rcofdayton
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To: Kaslin; All

The High Schools are where we should be going to get fighters....we are finding out that we have conservative kids chomping at the bit, but no teacher will “adise” them, because of fear. So, we the conservative GOP party in our county are starting to help them...and they want to become involved....and THIS is IN western OREGON!!!

54 posted on 12/15/2018 9:51:55 AM PST by goodnesswins (White Privilege EQUALS Self Control & working 50-80 hrs/wk for 40 years!)
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To: Kaslin

I’m seeing a ‘new trend’ start lately with groups of conservatives getting together and thinking they are so indispensable to the world that they must form organizations like ‘fox nation’, and start charging people to watch their worthless opinions- the same kinds of opinions that are given for FREE all day long on fox- apparently these elitist republican opinion givers think that their opinion is so superior to everyone else’s opinions that they should charge - they apparently think their worthless opinions will ‘bring the change in politics where everyone else’s opinions have failed to do so’

They wont! people will simply pay the money to get their hourly junky fix, and then it’s right on to the next junky fix, then the next, then the next- all day long, every day- what was said a day before will be forgotten, and the new ‘outrage of the hour’ will be presented in the next few minutes- so stay tuned loyal fans!

This accomplishes nothing! Well, practically nothing- it MAY- just may, motivate a few people to get out and vote perhaps, but in the end it amounts to very little-

A far greater effort, if these elitists were serious about bringing about change, could be put into something like the tea party started,- and i don’t mean for organizing rallies to ‘protest such and such’ either- I’m talking about organizing boycotts that will have tangible far reaching effects like they used to- organizing fund raising rallies for conservative politicians, (which the tea party did to great effect), organizing defense funds for conservatives that are attacked by the despicable lying left- making the left pay every-time they try to railroad the right-

But i think the greatest effect would be through boycotts- The left are don it to the right all the time- but the right doesn’t fight back effectively enough any more- We now have the idiotic dual sex bathrooms now because the right allowed the left to win in their agenda by boycotting states that refused- The whimpy states folded up like wet noodles, and now perverts and criminals are allowed to shower with the opposite sex and there is nothing parents can say to prevent it now-

55 posted on 12/15/2018 9:53:24 AM PST by Bob434
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To: Leep

What else would he be?

56 posted on 12/15/2018 10:01:31 AM PST by Kaslin (That would)
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To: Kaslin

[[The left aided by the liberal media has declared war on conservatives. They have declared war on cops, the Constitution, the rule of law, due process, religion, and free speech.]]

Yup- and The only way to effectively fight back isn’t with opinion, but with the pocket book- hit them where it hurts- Boycotts-

[[To counter this, we need political street fighters, brawlers]]

Yes, we need political brawlers who will get laws enacted to stop the crap the left are doing, but then a democrat controlled presidency and congress will simply undo them, and we’re back to square one- What I think we need is both- laws AND boycotts- When the dems undo the laws again- bring out the boycotts- make it very expensive for democrats to thwart the will of the people! The moral majority have given up fighting- We are allowing the left to steamroll us- We fear their bad opinion of us more than we fear God- and society is taking a nosedive because of it-

Government doesn’t fear financial loss anymore- they now say ‘this is how it is and if you don’t go along, you will be pounded into submission- period’ They have forgotten that it is they who work for us- and we have forgotten that it is us who hold the purse strings

57 posted on 12/15/2018 10:02:59 AM PST by Bob434
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To: Kaslin
They have declared war on cops

Re: the FBI police etc. which side are the cops on? Look at the Tucker Carleson home riot incident,have they arrested anyone yet?

58 posted on 12/15/2018 10:03:19 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)
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To: Kaslin

I have looked at this from inside out, up and down, and I think the very first thing conservatives desperately need if we are ever going to have a hope of winning is a hoard of lawyers willing and able to pro bono fight for the cause of liberty and freedom -— OR, billionaires willing to shell out big bucks to win lawsuits in rapid fashion. Just look at what Judicial Watch has done all by their lonesome.

Flynn lost everything and was so pinched by his legal fees that he was pressured into pleading guilty for lying about something that was probably confidential at least. Do you think for one nanosecord that the election rigging vote liar Snipes in Florida worried at all about her legal fees that she knew she would never have to pay anyway???

I don’t condone lying, but I have had certain knowledge that someone without a need to know has asked about in friendly conversation and I have had to give a “I’m not sure what you’re talking about” reply regardless of their security clearance. Perhaps Flynn felt the same way in his relaxed and friendly conversation with the FBI agents???

Do you think the individual Tea Party groups had the money to hire the lawyers to defend themselves from the IRS with their taxpayer funded lawyers that could make sure the process was as costly as possible by refusing to produce and dragging things out for years? The Tea Party didn’t die, it just went underground because it couldn’t afford the legal fees any longer!!!

They win with their lies because their lawyers can support and defend their lies. These lawyers become judges that codify the lies into precedent. It is very hard to fight or flip precedent.

We are stuck as long as each individual and nonprofit has to support themselves in court while the opposition is paying essentially -0- for months, days, years to win.

59 posted on 12/15/2018 10:03:54 AM PST by LTC.Ret
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To: \/\/ayne
What if you have a job and a family to support? Are we supposed to charge ahead while they get us fired and then go work flipping burgers while fighting the left?

No, stand your ground and if threatened then use the force necessary to protect you and yours and let the consequences be damned.

60 posted on 12/15/2018 10:06:06 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn)
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