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Cause and Effect: Americans Who Voted for Obama Now Seeing Weekly Job Hours Slashed Below 30...
International Business Times ^ | December 12, 2012

Posted on 12/13/2012 2:51:29 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet

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To: DCBryan1

Yikes! Hope you’ve got your ducks in a row! Been there and done that.

41 posted on 12/13/2012 3:48:51 PM PST by MWestMom ("And those that cried appease, appease were hung by those they tried to please" - Horace Mann)
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To: Typical_Whitey
I suggest that those who get the axe should march on D.C. and protest the government intrusion that cost them their jobs.

As much as it pains me to say this, people aren't smart to realize that one simple truth, that the government cost them their jobs. AND THEY WON'T! It won't be until (and possibly not even then) the masses wake up and realize that the Obama they voted for doesn't care about them. He only wants to be king and will destroy anyone and everyone to achieve his goal.

Remember this exchange from Men In Black, the first movie?

James: Why not tell people, people are smart.

Agent K: A person is smart, people are dumb panicky animals and you know it!

Seems almost a bit prophetic, don't ya think?

42 posted on 12/13/2012 3:53:26 PM PST by ducttape45
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To: annieokie

May be justified, you will probably win, doesn’t mean a lawsuit won’t be filed.

43 posted on 12/13/2012 3:55:09 PM PST by dsrtsage (One half of all people have below average IQ. In the US the number is 54%)
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To: sport
I could not care less about kwanzaa. At the present time I do not know anything about it and am not interested in learning.

I think Kwanzaa is a hoot - a stupid made up holiday that should be mocked at every opportunity.

The story about how it has one extra 'a' is funny as heck.

44 posted on 12/13/2012 3:57:04 PM PST by libertarian27 (Check my profile page for the FReeper Online Cookbook 2011)
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To: Luircin; Ancesthntr

“...So what do you propose that I do now?...”

Whatever you can to survive until (if) things better.

Not being a wiseass - I’ve BEEN there. Hell. I dug graves and cut grass in a cemetery back in the day just to make a living and pay my bills.

You take the BEST job you can get - and you get it by going door to door at EVERY business in your area, and you KEEP doing it every day until you get something.

“...I’m part of that group at 26 years old...”

No, you’re NOT part of “that” group; Read the title.

You’re part of the group that got affected by what the assholes and idiots of THAT group voted for, and I do feel sorry for you. And I worked with others just like you. Kids with degrees, right out of college, and in debt, who just found themselves unemployed. Nobody’s safe and secure right now.

Do whatever you can - pump gas, change tires, work the cashier counter at MacDonald’s or Burger King, take whatever position you can get for now, and work the hell out of it to make ends meet.

Cut back on things you don’t absolutely need.

Parents still around? Move back with them if they’ll let you and start socking cash away, whatever little bit you can.

That’s how you survive tough times, kid. You get tougher, and you use whatever skillsets and talents God gave you and those you made for yourself.

I wish you well, and you have prayers from many, many people out here.

45 posted on 12/13/2012 4:00:12 PM PST by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: annieokie
Some of those small businesses should get creative.

Of course, they'll be branded as being "greedy" and "selfish" if they do that. Notwithstanding the fact that the proper purpose of a business is to make money for the stakeholders, and that's as it should be. Businesses which make money will have more money to invest, and thus be able to better able to serve their employees and customers. Taking away a business' ability to make money will leave it less able to serve employees and customers.

46 posted on 12/13/2012 4:09:18 PM PST by supercat (Renounce Covetousness.)
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To: dsrtsage
That line stopped an angry Tenant once. She didn't like it either, but had no comeback for that one and she knew I was right.

Also told her that half my tenants were black, was none of her business, but just an added jab by

47 posted on 12/13/2012 4:13:14 PM PST by annieokie
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I have empathy for all conservatives that voted for “love of country” and now suffer because of Obama and his democrats.

All others can eat worms.

-Support your country, hire a conservative.

-Do something for mankind, fire a lib today.

-Look for the union label, then buy something else.

48 posted on 12/13/2012 4:15:44 PM PST by Gator113 (**WHO in the hell gave the damn order to NOT rescue our men in Benghazi?**)
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To: NFHale; Ancesthntr

Sorry about the overly-emotional response. Just that it’s been rough lately—economics plus liver problems—and it’s easy to take things the wrong way in this state of mind.

It’s embarrassing, but my mother and step-father have let me move back in with them. I hate it, but it’s the best of my limited options. I’ve gone to seminary in order to keep my student loans from coming due, and it lets me earn the occasional few hundred dollars from doing pulpit supply too.

That plus writing on commission has managed to keep my head above water so far. But it’s a very narrow thing, and getting narrower.

Thanks very much for the advice and the prayers.

49 posted on 12/13/2012 4:20:19 PM PST by Luircin
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To: PeteB570

I hope the boss (quietly) targeted obastard supporters...

50 posted on 12/13/2012 4:29:14 PM PST by piytar (The predator-class is furious that their prey are shooting back.)
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To: Luircin; NFHale
Luircin: Listen to this post by NFHALE.

We do care about those that are trying to do right and are getting the shaft now. I have 6 grandchildren that I CRY for their future, WE CARE.

NFHALE is giving you some very good advice, we have been there, my parents had it worse (depression, war, dust bowls). Talk about HARD TIMES.

Guess that's were we learned to conserve and do without things that were not important to life. Made us tough and with a CAN DO attitude. Never give up.

51 posted on 12/13/2012 4:30:26 PM PST by annieokie
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To: DCBryan1

fire the idiot and as for the made up holiday ten if she likes that then great but as soon as one states how it;s a mickey mouse holiday there are folks shouting racist.

Whats the betting she also celebrates Christmas

52 posted on 12/13/2012 4:35:48 PM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Obozo and his minions in the media will simply decry “greedy capitalists”. Simple. Lie.

53 posted on 12/13/2012 4:43:09 PM PST by TalBlack (Evil doesn't have a day job.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Multiple wammies coming....

* If they are over 26 or not students living w/ Mom and Dad, on their Health Care working this 28 hrs, they still have too...

* Buy Health Insurance.
* Or pay the Fine.
* Or do neither, get hurt, go to the Hospital and get the plan on the spot.
Oh yes, if they buy the plan it is with after tax dollars not before.

What a flippin mess...

54 posted on 12/13/2012 4:50:11 PM PST by taildragger (( Tighten the 5 point harness and brace for Impact Freepers, ya know it's coming..... ))
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To: Luircin
“So what do you propose that I do now? I want to be a maker and not a taker, but there’s nothing I can do! I can’t even serve in the armed forces because of my health problems.”

Keep trying. I know how hard it can be. Try to figure out your good points and what you might be good at or specialize in that would make an employee take notice. There are projects you can join on the Internet that you could help with. Sometimes donating free time will lead to a real job.

Good luck.

55 posted on 12/13/2012 4:54:13 PM PST by FR_addict
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To: Ouderkirk; All

this is similar to the problem with congress raising the minimum wage by fiat.

if a burger king requires 8 persons for the work load of a 8am-5pm shift & can only afford that many. then raising minimum wage forces management to fire enough employees or raise prices to maintain or cover labor costs. if prices are raised, the budget of the entire customer base is affected. either fewer workers to bear the same work load, or decrease in customers who can’t or won’t pay higher prices.

redistributing wealth results in higher worker stress, customer cost & reduced productivity & quality. these faults are inherent in socialized medicine / socialist government.

56 posted on 12/13/2012 4:54:56 PM PST by Psalm_2 (Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 NASB)
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To: DCBryan1

At my wife’s Company, which is in the f.arms-accessories business, all 10 employees (non-white—Mexicans mostly) in her group voted for Obama despite their being in a business that Obama/Dems would like to put out of business.

Dumber than rocks, but hey! Who needs a job when one gets an Obama goody bag when unemployed, etc.?

57 posted on 12/13/2012 4:58:18 PM PST by OldArmy52 (The question is not whether Obama ever lies, but whether he ever tells the truth.)
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To: DCBryan1

20 years back I was a Supervisor to a major airline. The only way to get rid of someone was to tracking their attendance.

Productivity and attendance goes hand in hand. They were always getting “injured” or sick in conjunction with days off. I would track all this and document, coach and counsel as was required. These people usually are too stupid to realize they were digging their own grave. When I eventually fired them they had no recourse.

It was their personal record and my documentation, coaching & counseling with their union steward present that they were let go and it stuck.

58 posted on 12/13/2012 5:00:14 PM PST by 23 Everest (When seconds count. The police are just 23 minutes away. 831 Bonnie)
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To: Psalm_2

I like how you all have such great points.

Unfortunately America has become an idiocrcy. Teh movie should be moved to the non-fiction section now.

59 posted on 12/13/2012 5:00:43 PM PST by bicyclerepair ( >-> Zombies eat brains. >-> 50% of FL is safe.)
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To: PeteB570
- just another 6 jobs gone

Actually these six - if they take all the goodies from Barak O'Clause might make more than they did working. And they get to sleep in.
60 posted on 12/13/2012 5:13:44 PM PST by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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