Since Jan 9, 2008

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. I'm in the north east of Florida and it’s still the old south thankfully. Met some great folks off here and good to know that there are people who do care about this great country.

I'm a vet , sniper,anti tank missile operator, gunner done boxing since a kid and boxed in the military now I coach boxing especially for my sons.
Married with a great wife but she watches too much HGTV and gets far too many ideas for the house. Have 3 kids, Hate arrogant up their own ass people who are brave or insult over the internet/in a car but would never do it face to face and those who think they know everything. Love history with a passion especially the war for southern independence. Wish history was taught more in schools and think that if it was we would not have idiots shouting racist over a battle flag. Strong believer and wish that vets from both sides of the war back then should be remembered and not ignored. To all our own vets and those helping us from around the world, take care and thank you. Take care, and good luck fighting the good fight.