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(Kevin DuJan, 2012 Official Election Results Watch Thread
HillBuzz ^ | November 6, 2012 | Kevin DuJan

Posted on 11/06/2012 4:55:55 PM PST by COUNTrecount

What: This is the official 2012 Election Results Watch Thread

When: 4pm CST – midnight (or longer) on Election Day 11/6/2012

Format: This is a live transcript for history of the Election Results as they were reporting on MSNBC on Election Night

Recap Show: Please tune into the HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Show at 1030pm CST for a live radio recap of the day’s events CLICK HERE to listen.


Below you will find my live coverage of election night, as the results start coming in. I’ve been up since 9am covering everything MSNBC did today. You can find the first part of the coverage HERE.

400pm CST — MSNBC is reporting that Barack Obama is spending time with Reggie Love right now at the East Bank Club, “playing basketball”. I swear that’s not a joke. They’re really talking about him and Reggie spending time together on Election Night as a tradition. Isn’t that something you have with your wife (or boyfriend)…an intimate tradition like this? WEIRD. You’d almost think Obama was gay or something (wink).

Chris Matthews’ Hardball is starting soon. Everything before this was just the warmup. I have been waiting for four years to see Matthews meltdown when Obama loses.

Okay, so Chris Matthews is on there and he has that Chuck Todd with him (the one who looks like he’s been eating Spaghetti-Os out of can without a spoon and got sauce all over this mouth). There’s another guy wearing purple (who for once is not Prince). They’re talking about turnout, and Chris says that “Democrats always win ground game!”…which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This is something you hear every 4 years, but Mitt Romney has been planing run for President for 8 years. Do you really believe he didn’t think “Oh, I should get a ground game because the Democrats always have a good ground game”. The whole point in running Romney is that he is a master organizer, so this is just stupid.

While the three hens are bickering on the tee-vee, I want to update you on how awful it’s been to watch MSNBC all day. That Martin Bashir show that was on from 3-4pm CST was the worst and most hateful hour of tee-vee I have ever seen. It was like a scene from 1984, where the Ministry of Truth railed against Emmanuel Goldberg for an hour…but it was Martin Bashir saying how evil Mitt Romney is. Not a word about why people should vote for Obama…just that Romney is evil and racist and cruel and crooked and hateful and whatever you fear most. It was CRAZY.

Throughout the day, Democrats have kept pushing that:

5. Barack Obama has already won so they should just call the election now. The only people who are voting against him are racist and everyone loves him, so this election was a waste of time because Romney is evil and a racist.

4. When Obama loses Ohio it is because of voter fraud…and then they spend 20 minutes talking about how Republicans are stealing votes and suppressing turnout to steal the election. Because they are evil!!!!

3. Paul Ryan was a bigger disaster of a VP pick than Sarah Palin and everyone hates him and no one thinks he is hot and he has a big nose and is a poopy-head.

2. Republicans never never win an election again because of black people and Hispanics who have taken over the country and control everything now, so white people have to suck it.

1. Nate Silver is a prophet and if you do not agree with his projection that Obama has a 90% chance to win then you are a witch who must be burned!

It’s the dumbest stuff I have ever heard, but I can see why the members of the Ministry of Truth believe all this. They have worshipped Obama for four years now. They don’t believe the Tea Party was real. They really think the only people who don’t like Obama are in the klan. The only way Obama loses is, thus, through voter fraud…which they are priming the pump to accuse everyone of.

Chris Matthews is going on right now — at 413pm CST — saying that his brain can’t see any way for Romney to win.

They are saying that the reason Romney was campaigning in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania was because Ohio hates Romney because he is rich and they don’t want to vote for their boss! And so they say that Romney then started grasping at straws because people hated him everywhere he went.

All of this is nuts, folks. It is pure propaganda and the opposite of reality. Now Robert Gibbs is on and says “Romney would have won if he had picked Chris Christie as his VP”. Gibbs is bragging that he got to meet Bruce Springstein and got his autograph and a hug the other day. Chris Matthews gets SO JEALOUS hearing that.


Earlier in the day Rush Limbaugh read one of my essays on Obama planning his Concession Speech for McCormick Place instead of the giant staging area of Grant Park. Rush found it interesting — as do I — that Obama decided against having a giant rally in Grant Park like he did in 2008. Why hold the election night event in the fortress-like convention center that’s cut off from the city by a giant highway and is MUCH harder for people to get to than Grant Park? Makes no sense…unless Obama knew they would not be celebrating and would instead be giving a Concession Speech to a small crowd.


419pm CST — John Nichols from The Nation is claiming that Obama will win Ohio because “Romney is a liar!” and that people in Ohio hate him. I just can’t imagine Ohioans voting for Obama again. I’m from there…and was born and raised in Cleveland. Ohioans are just not Leftists. They don’t vote radicals into office. Back in 2008, they enjoyed being part of the hopeychange fad and they voted for Obama…but he only won by 4%. Since then, Ohioans voted out Democrats from the Governor’s Mansion, Secretary of State, and Attorney General positions. They replaced these people with Republicans. Why? Because Ohioans did not like what Democrats did from 2008-2010. Ohioans also voted against Obamacare and authorized a ballot initiative to exempt Ohio from the Obamacare mandate. What happened between 2010-2012 to make people in Ohio suddenly want to trust Democrats and vote for Obama again? That’s madness.

Ohio’s a state that elected George W. Bush twice recently…and it was actually hard for Ohioans to vote for a Texan, with the twang and all. It will be much easier for these people to vote for Romney because he talks like Ohioans and he seems like a nice man who knows what the heck he’s doing. There is just no logical reason to believe that suddenly Ohio is a Leftist state and that Ohioans want the Left to control the country. With the hopeychange fad gone, Ohioans will go to Romney. There just aren’t that many Leftists in Ohio to give the state to Obama again.

When MSNBC talks about Ohio, it’s like they are describing a BizarroWorld version of my home state that’s totally unrecognizable to me.’s reporting that Ohio voting is up in Republican counties like Geauga and down in Democrat counties like Athens. It’s up by HUGE numbers in the Republican counties, since all the people who sat home in 2008 have roared back…and Democrats are just not as enthused as they were doing “Hopeychange”.

For the Ministry of Truth to be right about Ohio, we’d need to believe that America really has been transformed into a Leftist majority nation that wants the government to intrude deeper into our lives. That would completely ignore not only the 2010 elections, but also the June recall effort of Scott Walker in Wisconsin (where Democrats and the unions were soundly defeated).

As a son of Cleveland, I just don’t believe Ohioans want socialism and think Obama should have a second term. Ohio took a chance on him…and he failed…and now they will fire him and hire Romney instead.

If Ohio really is a swing state and is not a new Leftist bastion like Illinois or California or New York, then there’s just no way for Obama to win Ohio. It makes no sense when Romney’s winning big with Independents and Republican counties are outperforming Democrat ones in turnout.


430pm CST — they are talking about Dixville Notch now, the little place that votes at midnight.

Eugene Robinson is on and they are going on about race and things again. I am so tired of hearing this garbage.

Then something interesting happened: they started talking about how President Romney would be in office, and they were saying “Oh, he won’t be that much different than Obama because Congress never wants to get anything done and he won’t have more success than Obama”.

It felt like they were starting to enter into ACCEPTANCE a little bit in the stages of grief. They were trying to rationalize that “this election doesn’t really matter because Romney will just be the same”. It was strange. This happened from like 430-446 in that segment.

First time I heard them do this all day.

440pm CST — Chris Matthews now talks about “voting irregularities!”. He’s showing a voting machine in Pennsylvania on YouTube that shows a machine changing a vote to Romney when she tries voting for Obama. This is the big conspiracy on the left today….and on Facebook the lefties I watch are saying that Tagg Romney is doing this. Like he is behind the building with a remote control changing the results.

Reince Preibus the RNC Chair says that he expects the election to be called for Mitt Romney at 1030pm. I’ve noticed something today: all the Democrats who come on look like death and the Republicans look calm and confident. Everyone is trying to earn their pay by saying what they need to say, but when Ed Rendell was talking earlier about Pennsylvania he looked FREAKED OUT. Rendell was the longtime Governor of Pennsylvania and I think was Attorney General or Philly Mayor before that. He’s a big friend of Hillary Clinton’s. Normally, he is full of buster like a thunderstorm…but he was sedate and looked small today. Maybe he is just getting older or is sick…and he looks like he may have lost weight. But he just didn’t chew up the scenery like normal.

Are you noticing anything like this?


For those keeping track, where are the times the polls close (in order):

Georgia = 6pm CST

Indiana = 6pm CST

Kentucky = 6pm CST

South Carolina = 6pm CST

Vermont = 6pm CST

Virginia = 6pm CST


North Carolina = 630pm CST

Ohio = 630pm CST

West Virginia = 630pm CST


NOTE: I think we will know who won at this point!


Alabama = 7pm CST

Connecticut = 7pm CST

Delaware = 7pm CST

Florida = 7pm CST

Illinois = 7pm CST

Maine = 7pm CST

Maryland = 7pm CST

Massachusetts = 7pm CST

Mississippi = 7pm CST

Missouri = 7pm CST

New Hampshire = 7pm CST

New Jersey = 7pm CST

Oklahoma = 7pm CST

Pennsylvania = 7pm CST (if Romney wins this, it’s all over for sure)

Rhode Island = 7pm CST

Tennessee = 7pm CST

Washington DC = 7pm CST (Gee, I wonder who will win this!)


Arkansas = 730pm CST (Justin’s home state!)


Arizona = 8pm CST

Colorado = 8pm CST

Kansas = 8pm CST

Louisiana = 8pm CST

Michigan = 8pm CST

Minnesota = 8pm CST

Nebraska = 8pm CST

New Mexico = 8pm CST

New York = 8pm CST

North Dakota = 8pm CST

South Dakota = 8pm CST

Texas = 8pm CST

Wisconsin = 8pm CST

Wyoming = 8pm CST


Iowa = 9pm CST

Montana = 9pm CST

Nevada = 9pm CST

Utah = 9pm CST


California = 10pm CST

Hawaii = 10pm CST

Idaho = 10pm CST

Oregon = 10pm CST

Washington = 10pm CST


Alaska = Midnight (another nail biter!)

They’ve got that Tamron Hall doing exit polling. As she’s talking Chris Matthews is saying that “it was a brilliant strategic move to make Hillary Clinton his running mate”…and he talked for a while, but then realized he meant to say Secretary of State. That happened at 603pm CST.

He then said that if Hillary was not SOS then Bill would not have campaigned for Obama. THIS IS SO STUPID. Bill had to help Obama or he’d be blamed for the loss. Blacks would have been furious. The Clintons do what they need to do to be able to have blacks in their corner for 2016.

Chris Matthews is a fool.

Rachel Maddow is hosting this thing and I never realized she look so much like Matthew Perry from Friends. I almost thought it was him.

WARNING!!! MSNBC is starting the exit polling freakout game. DO NOT BE FREAKED OUT.

They are playing games now to affect the votes out west.



Drudge Report is playing games with you right now. He is engaging in fear porn. Remember that Drudge wants to boost his web traffic today. He wants to make this the biggest day ever for Drudge. So he is going to tease and toy and freak you out. My advice? Don’t go on Drudge Report.

Breitbart is under control today with no fear porn. HotAir is actually under control too. Do not go on Drudge because he will just terrorize you emotionally tonight…because he can!

513pm CST — MSNBC is broadcasting from BizarroWorld. They said the biggest things in this race were:

* Romney said 47% and everyone hated him after that

* Romney lied in Ohio and Ohio hates him now…we’ve never had anything like this in history, he lied so much

* Romney also said let Detroit go bankrupt and he proved he is evil

– Do you see how this is BizarroWorld? none of these things were the important things of the campaigns –

* Romney left “Chris Christie” at the altar and would have won with him. Paul Ryan was a terrible VP pick, worse than Palin! (They are saying this right now, at 515pm CST).

* Romney has been in a dance of death since last week

* Paul Ryan was a zero as a running mate and is a poopy-head stupid face.

* Al Sharpton says that Romney is just weak and everyone hates him and he’s a racist too, and everyone hates racists

* Occupy Wall Street showed everyone that Romney is the personification of unfairness

* Romney said that Detroit should drop dead (Al Sharpton said this).

* Obama won relation when he brought Hillary in and they united the party (that never happened…and Hillary people from 2008 still hate Democrats for yanking the nomination from her…uh, that’s the story of my life!).

* Steve Schmidt (McCain campaign manager): Says that Romney was just a terrible candidate and was unprepared to run for president. He had the tax problem and it made Hispanics hate Romney. Romney will get only about 20 Hispanic people toll voting for him.

* Romney did lousy in the debates.

* Rachel Maddow: Paul Ryan lied at the convention speech and then they shrank him. They sent him to Alabama and South Carolina and they disappeared him because everyone hates him. They should have picked Chris Christie as VP.

* Steve Schmidt — who looks like a discarded Cabbage Patch Kid — says that they should have picked Rob Portman as a running mate.

* Some other fat person said that they should have sent Paul Ryan to Wisconsin and had him win his state.

* Al Sharpton says that black are angry and are going to vote more than ever for Obama because they see that Romney is evil!

GEESH…this is all so nuts.

It’s the opposite of reality.

Everyone on this stage is mentally illl.

– THANKS SO MUCH to those who hit the tip jar. If you notice the site moving faster, we were able to bump up the capacities a few times so it’s moving much faster. Could not have afforded it without you, so THANK YOU. I think we’ll be moving smoothly. That rush of readers from Rush knocked us on the ground for a while…but it was a good thing –


The reason he screws with you on nights like tonight is because he can. Drudge is gay, and is a prankster. Think of him as a big brother who likes to hold you down and dangle a spider over your head to make you squeal. It’s fun for him. He’s a showman like PT Barnum. He knows Romney will win, but he’s teasing you and will build the excitement like a drama queen.

Don’t go on Drudge Report tonight. I will be looking at it all evening and I will tell you anything you need to know. But spare yourself Matt Drudge’s drama. He’s a nice guy and great at what he does, but man does he like to screw with people’s emotions.


I love that Romney campaign party is cash bar. I love that he’s not providing them with alcohol. I love that.

To have a sober president again will be amazing. And not just one who gave it up…but one who never even drank. I love that.

Life is so much better without booze, it really is.

Said the guy who is celebrating tonight with Vernors.


Do you know the movie Child’s Play? With the Chucky doll that came to life?

Steve Schmidt looks like a Cabbage Patch doll come to life. He really does.

And he talks like he’s got half a sandwich in his mouth.

I can’t stand John McCain and everyone from his campaign. The only good thing John McCain ever did in his life was to elevate Governor Palin to the national scene.


532pm CST — Polls close in my home state in an hour.

Half an hour until the polls close in Virginia.

Please consider saying a little prayer for our country right now. All we can do is pray that voters were smart enough to see that America would not exist as we know it if Obama had another four years.

I am visualizing every saint, angel, and soul I’v ever known swooping down from Heaven to make the numbers go up and up and up for a President Romney.

I picture all of our great presidents intervening with energy to direct the election to their chosen successor, Mitt Romney.

Please pray for our country in your own way too, if you are so inclined.


Again, do not trust Drudge. Drudge plays games. Do not go on Drudge.


Jon Nolte at has a results thread going. He’s a safe writer. He does not push fear porn that I know of. If you need to check results every few minutes, John Nolte is doing a good job without freaking anyone out.


544pm CST — I have a friend in McCormick Place right now. That’s where Obama is having his Concession Speech. It is nearly empty in there. People are on edge and “look like they are going to throw up”.

Not much going on there. No energy.


547pm CST — this is nonscientific, but every Democrat out there speaking tonight looks like they are going to throw up too. A lot of people are emailing in saying that Bill Richardson looks green. Now, he might have eaten too many curly fries at Arby’s on the way in, but I think he knows what’s up.

The tension is thick.


MSNBC is filling time until Virginia’s polls close. When Romney wins it, Maddow, and Matthews, and Alex Wagner and those people are going to FLIP OUT.

How many ways can I describe these people looking sick?

What are the symptoms of a heart attack in case I see them in Matthews and need to cal 9-1-1 in New York for him.

At the bottom of the screen, they have some results coming in.

Indiana = Romney, Kentucly = Romney, the vote totals are just 1% at 552pm CST.

Some obnoxious guy that looks like Tim Russert’s son Luke but it’s not is talking. He’s a snarky and obnoxious guy. The Left probably loves him.

He did a recap of how terrible and stupid Republicans are so that lefties can feel superior to all of us.


553pm CST — it’s a commercial break, so let’s check to see what the Left’s doing on Facebook.

HuffPo has called the election for Romney, and the Left is angry at HuffPo for writing that.

Tracy Baim, a gay activist who works for the Windy City Times, is saying that if Republicans win then this will happen to black people:

Here’s what the Left-Leaning Liberal Ladies are saying:

Click above to embiggen: they are asking each other what is the last nail in Romney’s coffin.

600pm CST — Virginia still too close to call

Romney wins INDIANA

Romney wins KENTUCKY

Obama wins VERMONT

Claiming it is too early to call Georgia (weird!)

South Carolina too early to call

Romney 19 EVs, Obama 3 EVs.


602pm CST — So far MSNBC is not freaking out.

Okay, Chris Matthews look like death right now. Earlier he opted not to guess who would win.

Rachel Maddow looks like she has no idea what’s even happening. Matthews is white and pale and sweating.

I know you are feeling tense right now.

Just breathe deep and trust in God and the good of the American people.


We are in this together.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Fail.


609pm CST — Maddow is saying that Virginia is becoming more diverse and that is bad for Republicans because Republicans are only the party of white people.

They are really pounding that home.

I know it might sound stupid, but I almost can’t believe it’s really election night. It has been a LONG FOUR YEARS of so much weirdness. I never thought we’d get here. We’ll finally know the future of our country tonight.

You know what’s weird? They are not using donkeys and elephants as symbols…they are using the “Eye of Obama” logo and Romney’s “R”.

No donkeys and elephants anywhere.

Did you notice the conventions were like this too?

Does anyone know why they stopped using the party symbols?

Lookit those loons at “Being Liberal”:

They are saying that Romney’s Ohio votes should be taken away from him “for cheating”.

They are really working hard to spread that meme.


618pm CST — Chris Matthews just said that “if Mitt Romney wins it is only because of racism”. He then accused Romney of running an vile and racist campaign.

635pm CST — STILL TOO CLOS TO call in Ohio. Friends of mine on the ground in Cleveland say local news is reporting HIGH voting in the Cleveland suburbs and low turnout in Cleveland itself, which would be for Obama.

Only state Obama won so far is Vermont.

Romney just won South Carolina.

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1 posted on 11/06/2012 4:55:59 PM PST by COUNTrecount
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To: COUNTrecount

The repudiation of Obama’s and the MSM’s last 4 years.

2 posted on 11/06/2012 4:59:20 PM PST by American Constitutionalist
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To: COUNTrecount

NBC has 1% in for Ohio and Romney has 61%

I have no idea what that will mean

3 posted on 11/06/2012 4:59:33 PM PST by GeronL (
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To: COUNTrecount

“Everyone on this [MSNBC] stage is mentally ill.”

Never have more true words been typed.

4 posted on 11/06/2012 4:59:53 PM PST by Flightdeck (If you hear me yell "Eject, Eject, Eject!" the last two will be echos...)
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To: COUNTrecount

“Everyone on this [MSNBC] stage is mentally ill.”

Never haver more true words been typed.

5 posted on 11/06/2012 4:59:57 PM PST by Flightdeck (If you hear me yell "Eject, Eject, Eject!" the last two will be echos...)
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To: COUNTrecount
Obama's 2012 campaign doesn't even mention "hope" and "change", the very theme and justification of his 2008 candidacy and Presidency. This is evidence of a demagogue using "feel good" words that had no substance, upon the gullible to gain power in order to replace freedom with socialist tyranny.

America's constitutional republic has made it the land of the free and the home of the brave and the greatest county in the world. Obama's failed administration and socialist agenda is and has proven to be HOPELESS and America desperately needs a CHANGE.

6 posted on 11/06/2012 5:04:57 PM PST by PapaNew
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To: COUNTrecount

Paul Ryan was a zero as a running mate and is a poopy-head stupid face.

LOL great thread! Keep it updated!

7 posted on 11/06/2012 5:05:04 PM PST by freedomlover
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To: COUNTrecount; All

anyone know where the Billary is tonight?

8 posted on 11/06/2012 5:14:54 PM PST by machogirl (First they came for my tagline)
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To: COUNTrecount
2 minutes ago.

9 posted on 11/06/2012 5:18:08 PM PST by InterceptPoint
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To: COUNTrecount

Thanks for posting! I LOVE Kevin. (And Justin. And Carol Ann!) :)

10 posted on 11/06/2012 5:20:22 PM PST by TXBlair (I will not forget November 5, 2009. Support the 32 Still Standing Foundation.)
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To: COUNTrecount

A day or two ago David Axelrod crapped right in their mouths on “morning Joe” when he told them “Obama will win and you people will have nothing to talk about anymore” and they just sat their nodding their empty heads in agreement.

11 posted on 11/06/2012 5:30:00 PM PST by Berlin_Freeper (WINNING IS EVERYTHING!)
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To: InterceptPoint
12 posted on 11/06/2012 5:34:37 PM PST by Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America
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To: TXBlair

Thanks, people are freaking out here tonight, I wish that they would read HillBuzz and relax.

13 posted on 11/06/2012 5:43:18 PM PST by COUNTrecount (Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't fail.)
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To: COUNTrecount

I have been trying for hours to go to Hillbuzz and cannot get there.

14 posted on 11/06/2012 6:39:43 PM PST by tinamina
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To: tinamina

I just got in there. Keep trying.

15 posted on 11/06/2012 6:46:32 PM PST by midnightcat
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To: tinamina

I was on earlier, now, no.

16 posted on 11/06/2012 6:46:49 PM PST by COUNTrecount (Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't fail.)
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To: COUNTrecount

No kidding everyone is freaking out. The live thread is atrocious. Some FReepers need to go sit on ash heaps in sackcloth or whatever it is that depressed people do. I think their influence on my mood is worse than the reports coming off the t.v.! Oy.

17 posted on 11/06/2012 6:57:10 PM PST by TXBlair (I will not forget November 5, 2009. Support the 32 Still Standing Foundation.)
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