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Romney Receives Standing Ovation for Straight Talk at NAACP Convention ^ | July 11, 2012 | Katie Pavlich

Posted on 07/11/2012 2:02:47 PM PDT by Kaslin

GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney just wrapped up his speech to the NAACP convention in Houston, focusing mostly on the economy and education reform. Right out of the gate, Romney received laughs from the crowd after cracking a joke about President Obama.

“I appreciate the chance to speak first – even before Vice President Biden gets his turn tomorrow. I just hope the Obama campaign won’t think you’re playing favorites."

Romney framed his speech in general economic terms and tailored parts of it specifically to the African-American community. He focused on the family and defended traditional marriage, which received applause. President Obama supports same-sex marriage.

“If equal opportunity in America were an accomplished fact, black families could send their sons and daughters to public schools that truly offer the hope of a better life. Instead, for generations, the African-American community has been waiting and waiting for that promise to be kept. Today, black children are 17 percent of students nationwide – but they are 42 percent of the students in our worst-performing schools. Our society sends them into mediocre schools and expects them to perform with excellence, and that is not fair. Frederick Douglass observed that, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Yet, instead of preparing these children for life, too many schools set them up for failure. Everyone in this room knows that we owe them better than that.

“I’m hopeful that together we can set a new direction in federal policy, starting where many of our problems do – with the family. A study from the Brookings Institution has shown that for those who graduate from high school, get a full-time job, and wait until 21 before they marry and then have their first child, the probability of being poor is two percent. And if those factors are absent, the probability of being poor is 76 percent.

"Here at the NAACP, you understand the deep and lasting difference the family makes. Your former executive director, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, had it exactly right. The family, he said, “remains the bulwark and the mainstay of the black community. That great truth must not be overlooked.”

"Any policy that lifts up and honors the family is going to be good for the country, and that must be our goal. As President, I will promote strong families – and I will defend traditional marriage."

"As you may have heard from my opponent, I am also a believer in the free-enterprise system. I believe it can bring change where so many well-meaning government programs have failed. I’ve never heard anyone look around an impoverished neighborhood and say, “You know, there’s too much free enterprise around here. Too many shops, too many jobs, too many people putting money in the bank.”

What you hear, of course, is how do we bring in jobs? How do we make good, honest employers want to move in and stay? And with the shape this economy is in, we’re asking that more than ever.

Free enterprise is still the greatest force for upward mobility, economic security, and the expansion of the middle class. We have seen in recent years what it’s like to have less free enterprise. As President, I will show the good things that can happen when we have more – more business activity, more jobs, more opportunity, more paychecks, more savings accounts.

Romney also addressed the importance of being at the NAACP convention, despite 95 percent of blacks voting for Obama in 2008.

“With 90 percent of African-Americans voting for Democrats, some of you may wonder why a Republican would bother to campaign in the African American community, and to address the NAACP. Of course, one reason is that I hope to represent all Americans, of every race, creed or sexual orientation, from the poorest to the richest and everyone in between.

But there is another reason: I believe that if you understood who I truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what I believe is in the real, enduring best interest of African American families, you would vote for me for president. I want you to know that if I did not believe that my policies and my leadership would help families of color -- and families of any color -- more than the policies and leadership of President Obama, I would not be running for president,” Romney said. “I am running for president because I know that my policies and vision will help hundreds of millions of middle class Americans of all races, will lift people from poverty, and will help prevent people from becoming poor. My campaign is about helping the people who need help. The course the President has set has not done that – and will not do that. My course will.”

Romney also offered the audience new information he hasn’t publicly touted, his father George Romney, was a strong supporter of the Civil Rights movement.

Yet always, in both parties, there have been men and women of integrity, decency, and humility who called injustice by its name. For every one of us a particular person comes to mind, someone who set a standard of conduct and made us better by their example. For me, that man is my father, George Romney.

It wasn’t just that my Dad helped write the civil rights provision for the Michigan Constitution, though he did. It wasn’t just that he helped create Michigan’s first civil rights commission, or that as governor he marched for civil rights in Detroit – though he did those things, too.

More than these public acts, it was the kind of man he was, and the way he dealt with every person, black or white. He was a man of the fairest instincts, and a man of faith who knew that every person was a child of God.

Romney’s speech made it clear he wasn't at the NAACP convention to pander or preach at the audience. He simply presented a slew of facts and straight talk. Some topics he touched on, like repealing ObamaCare, received boos, but overall Romney received applause throughout his speech and it was reported by NBC that many in the audience gave Romney standing applause at the end of his remarks. It was clear he had a positive impact although the media will choose to focus only on the opposition to his remarks.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cleaver said Romney should not have criticized President Obama in front of a black audience but dispproved of audience booing.

You can watch the entire speech here.

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To: CaptainKrunch

Not really - I live in lower Westchester and it is very common in the uber rich areas that they intentionally jack the property taxes way high to give to the public schools to create almost private school like qualities so they can write it off on the taxes and keep others out.

Its not race or class warfare - but the truth. Where I live - you have disasters like mt vernon, new rochelle, yonkers, peekskill, and then you have schools like scarsdale, pelham and bronxville two minutes away and its a drastic difference.

21 posted on 07/11/2012 2:36:26 PM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: Kaslin

As expected the MSM plays up the negative.

AP Headline at my Yahoo email page:

“Romney says he ‘expected’ NAACP boos”

Excerpt of article at Yahoo email page:

“Mitt Romney says he wasn’t surprised by the negative response to his speech Wednesday before the NAACP convention in Texas. “I think we expected that,” the Republican nominee tells Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto in an interview to air Wednesday night. Romney was booed by NAACP audience several times, including when he repeated his pledge [...]”

22 posted on 07/11/2012 2:43:24 PM PDT by rockinqsranch (Dems, Libs, Socialists, call 'em what you will, they ALL have fairies livin' in their trees.)
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To: isthisnickcool

I thought Romney was excellent and his stock went up in my book too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he helped himself with blacks more than we might know. His tone was just about perfect for that audience.

23 posted on 07/11/2012 2:44:07 PM PDT by Yardstick
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To: CaptainKrunch

Hardly pandering.

Romney spoke clearly and intelligently and got a heck of a lot more positive applause for charter schools and defense of marriage than the much hyped and ballyhooed ‘Boo!’s over his desire to repeal ObamaCare.

Romney showed far more class, moxie and integrity than Biden had earlier. Which was entirely pandering and sometimes tacky and racist.

24 posted on 07/11/2012 2:47:26 PM PDT by Jack Deth (Knight Errant and Resident FReeper Kitty Poem /Haiku Guy)
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To: Yardstick

There is nothing at all Mittens can do to ever sway the ABRs at this point.

25 posted on 07/11/2012 2:47:48 PM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: isthisnickcool
At the end of the day the president is the president of everyone. Obama or whatever that fakes real name is does not care about that. The only thing I can see that he cares about is destroying this country. At least Romney is not out to trash America.

...And that's the whole point! We all know Romney is a rino, but in the face of Obama's absolute anti-American, anti-capitalist referendum Romney can, at the very least, stop Obama's destruction.

In fact, it would not surprise me if Romney did lean a little more RIGHT as POTUS.

26 posted on 07/11/2012 2:48:50 PM PDT by sirchtruth (Freedom is not free.)
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To: Jack Deth

Compare Romney today to how Obama talks to blacks -

27 posted on 07/11/2012 2:52:42 PM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: Jack Deth
I heard snippets from this speech on Rush today and I was impressed by the fact that he did NOT pander to these people. I believe the speech he gave to them today could have been given to any audience, no matter their color. He didn't change his voice inflection, ala Hillary and BO. He spoke to them in the same tone of voice and the same manner and subject matter as he speaks to anyone else. In other words, he didn't act like he needed to "dumb it down" for this audience. He treated them like adults, some booed at the Obamacare stuff; but, I'm pretty sure that those are the people who still think Obamacare means they get healthcare for free.

All in all, I liked it. But, I agree with other posters, these people will never vote for a Republican. They would vote for a white Democrat over a black conservative Republican. That is just how it is.

28 posted on 07/11/2012 2:53:20 PM PDT by LibertarianLiz
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Comment #29 Removed by Moderator

To: LibertarianLiz

Check out this clip of Obama

Imagine if Romney tried this?

30 posted on 07/11/2012 3:00:52 PM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: LibertarianLiz
I think people are misunderestimating the negative impact of Obie's gay marriage stand. While the black community will not shift voting tendencies much, they may very well stay home, which will destroy the Dems down ticket.
31 posted on 07/11/2012 3:01:33 PM PDT by gov_bean_ counter ( A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over...)
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To: Wally_Kalbacken
I disagree. 99% will vote for Obama,as well as a majority of Hispanic voters, Jewish voters & women too.
32 posted on 07/11/2012 3:04:32 PM PDT by patriciamary (9)
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To: CaptainKrunch

Has nothing to do with black or white, middle class whites get the same disasterous schools as blacks.

The places in scarsdale, pelham,. bronxvill, jack the property taxes so high and create essentially private schools out of the public system and then write off the property taxes as opposed to paying for private schooling.

anyone who knows about westchester knows what I am talking about.

33 posted on 07/11/2012 3:05:26 PM PDT by GlockThe Vote (The Obama Adminstration: 2nd wave of attacks on America after 9/11)
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To: CaptainKrunch

Who’s at fault? Teachers unions who perpetuate the status quo. It was a very good and very subtle dig, and attempt to put a wedge between the NAACP crowd and the union crowd.

34 posted on 07/11/2012 3:08:51 PM PDT by bigdaddy45
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To: CaptainKrunch

I wouldn’t really call it pandering. he went up a little in my estimation, still not happy about voting for him but I’ll do it to get rid of the communist we currently have

35 posted on 07/11/2012 3:10:31 PM PDT by Jeff Vader
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Comment #36 Removed by Moderator

Comment #37 Removed by Moderator

To: CaptainKrunch; GlockThe Vote; Kaslin; Alamo-Girl; grey_whiskers
Not to mention, this is all assuming that all human being on earth are of equal intelligence. I think everyone should recognize that as a politically correct assumption and not of the truth.

Forgive me for being obtuse, but: Are you saying that American Blacks generally suffer from a more or less permanent (i.e., genetic) intelligence deficit?

If so, then how do you explain such splendid American thinkers as Frederick Douglas; George Washington Carver; the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr,; Associate Justice Clarence Thomas; Thomas Sowell; Walter Williams; Herman Cain; Congressman Allen West; the list goes ON....

I REFUSE the be a "racist," in acknowledging the amazing and irreplaceable achievements of men of this intellectual caliber, and their invaluable contributions to the American self-understanding.

To me, they are all "indispensable public men." I give thanks to God that they exist, or existed.

38 posted on 07/11/2012 3:25:19 PM PDT by betty boop (We are led to believe a lie when we see with, and not through the eye. — William Blake)
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To: NFHale
"Because they vote."

Last time they voted their race. Perhaps this time a decent percentage will vote their pocket books and brains.

39 posted on 07/11/2012 3:27:43 PM PDT by Average Al (Forbidden fruit leads to many jams.)
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To: Kaslin
I believe (pray and hope) the words he spoke will resonate through the community.

Because I believe he has Obamanation on his heels, now more than ever is time for Mitts to make several stops into the inner city. Even if at the end of the day, 96 percent vote Obama, it will have a lasting effect, specially if Mitts were to win the Presidency.

Leaders lead, visionaries go where others run from. I believe the black community, as all humans do, desire something better and opportunity and a belief system that their really is hope.

Without question, now is the time to reach out to the churche leaders. They are open to Mitts message. It is not a waste of time nor resources.

40 posted on 07/11/2012 3:28:45 PM PDT by saywhatagain
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