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Get this out of the way first. Just a thought flashing by tonight 2/5/10. It's a tagline I won't use as I like the one I've had for seemingly ever, but anyway here 'tis, and you can have it if you want it: "Perpetual Anger, Perpetual Anxiety, Perpetual Grief...Been there, done that...Jimmy Carter was President."

Riverside, California Conservatives. Rockin’ QS Ranch consists of two individuals happily married since April 30, 1978, with like minds on all Political matters. The posts we present are often by either one or the other, Mr. RQSR, or Mrs. RQSR, and most often the results of arm waving despair at our Government from both of us.

We have God. We have our Guns, and we have each other.

God Bless America, and let’s all work together to save the Constitution under assault from within, and without that made her what she is. Read it at:, and know that which is the Supreme Law of this land.

We are at war with the combined determinations of Islamic, and Socialist Globalization. Those are a combination of evil, and absurdity that will only be eliminated as a threat once we understand the confusion we realize is at the hands of those in support of that combination of evil intent.

For Leftists, Socialists, Greens, Democrats, ALL Leftists it's self oriented politics all day, everyday, all the time, 24/7 IMO. They live and breath self oriented political lives. I believe that's why every time one turns around in a politically sensitive situation there is a damned Leftist in the way of getting anything done, getting it done right, and getting it done in a timely manner.

The Leftists usually won't listen to reason, only bull ahead without fully plotting a course, or attempting to know the obstacles, or the pitfalls, etc. of the direction they are headed whether by act of choice, or following some mystical destiny.

Invariably the Leftist leads the charge into oblivion. The land of unintended consequences, because of lack of forethought. This is where the oft used term of insanity comes into play with these sorts as they repeatedly make the same mistake, and repeatedly cost humanity dearly.

BUT then IMO there are those that use the Leftist affliction, and tie-in with the Leftist naivity, and the Leftist simplicity to agitate for their own personal well being, or that of an association. This is where the oft used term of evil comes into play that is associated with these Leftist sorts.

I believe the evil described in the latter above is where the focus should be as that is what is behind the current lot in the seats of power in America today. The Leftists have been, always will be in the way. It's those that use them that are the true enemy within me thinks.

Someone at FRee Republic recently asked if Rockin' QS Ranch was really a ranch. I see in reviewing our profile page that I neglected to mention that Rockin' QS Ranch is in fact a small Horse and Donkey ranch out in the sticks in Western Riverside County.

Lessee, wondering what else I should add to the profile. NRA members for more than twenty years if anybody wants to know. We aren't members of AARP, and never have been, and never will be I'm certain. We contribute quarterly to both the Reagan Ranch and to the Reagan Library, and at least once each year travel there to pay our respects, and see what's new. If something else important, or seemingly important pops to mind, I'll post that later. Latest update January 18, 2010.

The Rockin' QS Ranch is a family chuckle actually. It became the Rockin' QS in 1995 when we acquired our fourth horse.

We had originally two Burros (Donkeys), and then the female (Jenny) gave birth in 1992 to little "Clinton", a Jackass between the election, and the Inauguration of his namesake Jackass. The ranch was called "El Ranchito Burrito" at the time.

We acquired two horses shortly thereafter, and thought about changing the name of the ranch, but didn't quite get around to it for awhile.

We then acquired another horse. There's just the two of us. Myself and my wife. We now had three Donkeys, and three horses.

Long story short I had problems with my horse, and a neighbor suggested I get a more manageable horse so we could all ride together in peace, but I insisted on riding the unmanageable until I ended up quite broken up. A year later I decided to try it again, and found another horse I could manage.

We brought the new horse, the fourth horse home in September of 1995. We got her introduced to everybody, and secure in her new environment. We were walking down the hill to the house from the corrals, and turned around to look back up the hill. There were seven heads looking at us as though we were abandoning them, never to return. We laughed at those faces looking after us, and both myself and my wife looked at each other, hugged and exclaimed simultaneously as we shook our heads "Questionable Sanity". What in the "H" do two people need three Donkeys, and four horses for!?

The ranch's new name became "Rockin' Questionable Sanity Ranch", The Rockin' QS Ranch, or the RQSR.