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Nice: Democrats Defend Bain in New Romney Ad ^ | May 21, 2012 | Guy Benson

Posted on 05/21/2012 3:06:14 PM PDT by Kaslin

Let's face it: This spot became 100 percent inevitable the moment Cory Booker opened his mouth on Meet the Press, but its still nice to see the alacrity and skill with which Team Romney executed.  Behold, the official 'Democrats dissent from Obama's stupid anti-Bain demagoguery' campaign ad:

Big Bain Backfire

David Axelrod has slapped back at Booker, who hastily cut a hostage video-style (partial) retraction of his MTP remarks, but the damage has been done.  Every time The One comes after Romney on Bain, Republicans can cite three significant Obama supporters who have explicitly condemned his line of attack.  Bain itself has entered the fray, as well, pointing out that their track record is very strong indeed:

Bain shoots back: "During Bain Capital’s ownership, revenues grew in 80 percent of the more than 350 companies in which we have invested.”

So they're batting .800, in baseball parlance.  Can't have that now, can we?  And in case you were wondering, yes, the Romney campaign is also fundraising off of this kerfuffle.

UPDATE - ABC News says the Obama camp is in "full damage control mode" over its Bain attacks:

The Obama campaign is in full damage-control mode one day after Newark Mayor Cory Booker publicly derided Democrats’ assault on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital. Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod today publicly rebuked Booker, a popular and high-profile surrogate for the campaign, saying he was “just wrong.”

If I were a dishonest liberal, I might loudly ask if a white man calling a black official "just wrong" is some sort of "racist dogwhistle."

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To: 1010RD
I was the first to point out Bobo was going to lose this election last September; that he wasn't going to win, that he was unreelectable, that he had no path to victory; and thusly I was also the first to point out early in the primary cycle that conservatives need to extract guarantees from Mittens now. Pro-life, pro-family, pro-American, pro-overhauling the bloated government, and pro-flat tax.
41 posted on 05/21/2012 7:24:30 PM PDT by StAnDeliver (=)
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To: Gabrial

>>I am in ABO mode

I’m in American mode, and beeing CEO/Bishop of the Mormon Mafia has never been a qualification for Securing the Inalienable rights of the Governed.

You don’t cure the clap by going to a different prostitute with the crabs.

42 posted on 05/21/2012 7:33:05 PM PDT by OldEarlGray
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To: StAnDeliver
“I might even vote for myself.”
You won't be the only Freeper doing that...

Have fun jaggin off to yourselves....

People like you are becoming exactly the same as DUmpsters to me - your obtuse nature and narrow focus are quite frankly dangerous... to the future of my family and the nation.

Ban away - there's no way I'm donating to a site where the founding member comes out and lambastes someone who is clearly night and day different then the problem we are facing - you might as well make this a pay only site so you guys can vote yourselves into the most conservative ever job.. I bet it dissolves in a year...

I know for sure I'm ballz to bone conservative and you guys make me foookin sick. go choke on your self righteous B.S.

If we get another Obama - I hope you end up on welfare you hair brained cods.... I was for NEWT - now I'm for CHANGE - THEN I'M FOR SCOTT WALKER!!!! my last post I guess.... zot....

43 posted on 05/21/2012 7:37:05 PM PDT by acw011 (Great Goooogly Mooogly!)
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To: magellan

“Obama’s election was an aberration. His defeat will be a return to normalcy. Although Obama is even worse than Carter, Romney is no Reagan. There will be no landslide, but I expect a solid win, similar to Bush 2004.”

I’ve just been so disgusted the past few years I’m afraid to get optimistic; by every indication Obama should be campaigning to hold onto Illinois (or even have stepped aside to give ANYONE else a shot). You’re right, it was an aberration; I hope the American voters never trust their media overlords so blindly again.

44 posted on 05/21/2012 8:19:52 PM PDT by kearnyirish2
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To: Fred Hayek
Corey Booker is not really black, according to his mayoral predecessor and convicted felon Sharpe James.

Oh, okay, I get it -- Sharpe James is authentically black, whereas Corey Booker is just an Oreonic "tan man" with no "roots in the com-MUNE-a-tee", by which we mean a file number and forwarding addresses in several cell blocks in State.

But I wonder, if a felony record is a credential in the authentic "com-MUNE-a-tee", then what do they consider a Ph.D. degree?

Bodies under the house? A meth lab in the basement?

45 posted on 05/21/2012 8:27:22 PM PDT by lentulusgracchus
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To: bfree

The Romney campaign has already shown themselves to be far more nimble and aggressive than McCain 2008 ever was.

Of course that’s saying pretty much nothing but still.

46 posted on 05/21/2012 8:44:25 PM PDT by rogue yam
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To: acw011

This isn’t the first time this site has gone barmy but it is by far the worst.

Something will give eventually.

This hate-driven, lie-filled, anti-Romney hysteria cannot withstand forever the steady advancement of reason and truth.

I’m sticking around with that expectation.

47 posted on 05/21/2012 9:00:47 PM PDT by rogue yam
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To: Kaslin


48 posted on 05/21/2012 11:22:04 PM PDT by tcrlaf (Election 2012: THE RAPTURE OF THE DEMOCRATS)
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To: SamAdams76

Excellent post.

49 posted on 05/21/2012 11:30:07 PM PDT by 1035rep
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To: unkus
You’re brave putting anything pro Romney on FR.

Not so much. Jim Robinson had a thread not long ago saying in effect Anybody But Obama, IIRC. Unless there's a Divine Intervention, we're stuck with Romney.

50 posted on 05/21/2012 11:44:55 PM PDT by neverdem (Xin loi minh oi)
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To: neverdem

Unless there’s a Divine Intervention, we’re stuck with Romney.

I can’t stand Romney and we can’t survive with 0bama.

We’ve never been in a predicament like this.

51 posted on 05/22/2012 12:03:05 AM PDT by unkus (Silence Is Consent)
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To: Kaslin

Say what you will about Romney, at least he will fight, unlike McCain, who did not.

52 posted on 05/22/2012 2:15:35 AM PDT by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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To: Kaslin

I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney for two reasons.

Get Obama out.

Justice Nominations.

Other than that....F* him.

53 posted on 05/22/2012 2:49:00 AM PDT by digital-olive
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To: kearnyirish2

Return to normalcy? Define normalcy please. There will be NO return to anything like what used to be, if we are to have a thriving nation again we must define a new normalcy.

54 posted on 05/22/2012 3:50:29 AM PDT by RipSawyer
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To: RipSawyer

I was responding to another poster who said it would be a return to normalcy; I don’t know what they envisioned that to be. I know our old “normalcy” is dead.

55 posted on 05/22/2012 3:53:29 AM PDT by kearnyirish2
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To: Williams
Romney is not the feeble wimp some thought

Anyone who thought that was an idiot. The man knows how to play hardball, and he's very skilled at knowing when to make the hits himself vs. letting surrogates do it for him.

I dislike and distrust him, but from an objective standpoint, he's a consummate politician. (Which is another reason to dislike and distrust him, actually.)

56 posted on 05/22/2012 4:27:21 AM PDT by kevkrom (Those in a rush to trample the Constitution seem to forget that it is the source of their authority.)
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To: KevinDavis

Hate to break THIS to you but. Those anti-socialists among us WONT be voting for/ supporting/or allowing romney a smooth ride.

Another thing I hate to break to you, IF the republican socialist actually wins the election (doubtful), You will be getting EXACTLY what you voted for. A socialist... You will also be getting Robomney care etched in F’ing stone.

SO... F you and all the other idiots who think voting for a socialist in the republican party is somehow better than fighting socialism.

We need to do WHATEVER it takes to get a brokered convention. Get a list of of the delegates and start convincing them to abstain from the first vote. We don’t need to get all of them, just enough to deny romney the required amount during the first vote.

57 posted on 05/22/2012 4:50:34 AM PDT by myself6
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To: rogue yam

The ONLY thing “Lie filled” about romney is romney himself.

You and others are RATIONALIZING your support for a socialist. Ill not do the same, and apparently neither will a significant percentage of the conservative population.

You like obama-care? heh... you get to keep it with either guy. Except it will be robomney care if YOUR socialist gets elected, and it will have the full support of the GOP at that point.

Stupid F’ers. I am still AMAZED that the gop and its useful idiots thought it would be a good idea to make enemies of its limited government conservative base.

There will be NO peace after this, and if you dont believe me that is proof you dont understand the depth of how WRONG you and the GOP are.

58 posted on 05/22/2012 5:00:37 AM PDT by myself6
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To: TonyInOhio

“Romney doesn’t need the Wright story; Obama’s disastrous term is more than enough fodder.”

True. But the question remains, will he pull a McCain?

59 posted on 05/22/2012 5:10:21 AM PDT by EQAndyBuzz (Would you rather eat dog food or cat food? Guess it's Romney 2012.)
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To: USARightSide

I feel the same way and I live in Texas. Which is absurd in my opinion when considering how many potential voters we have.

60 posted on 05/22/2012 6:12:39 AM PDT by 3rdcoastislander
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