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Barack Obama: Born in Hawaii
Hawai'i Free Press ^ | 11-06-08 | Andrew Walden

Posted on 03/17/2009 11:50:28 AM PDT by AndrewWalden

A fairly impressive internet industry has sprung up claiming that Obama was born in either Kenya or Indonesia. This is nonsense which distracts from the broadly unexplored story of Obama’s upbringing. This kind of nonsense has emerged because the McCain campaign chose not to raise the many questions about Barack Obama’s numerous hard-left alliances. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Extended News; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Hawaii
KEYWORDS: birdcageliner; birthcertificate; certifigate; colb; eligibility; hawaii; ile; illegalalien; obama; obamafamily; potus; thekenyan; thrkenyan; usurper
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To: AndrewWalden

If that is your concern, why the heckk did you post an old, already posted article authored by your good self about the birth cert issue? Why not put your scholarly journalistic skills in motion writing an article about the issues you deem more important?


361 posted on 03/17/2009 6:59:35 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Asato Ma Sad Gama Tamasi Ma Jyotir Gama)
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To: AndrewWalden; sometime lurker; browardchad; Bubba Ho-Tep; freedomwarrior998; Diverdogz; ...

Some questions.
Where are all the non-existent friends, friendly eye-witnesses and documentation within Hawaii. There is no one that attests to his birth except for the Kenyan Granny.

Think about it...........

No prenatal care Doctors or Nurses for the young Stanley mom?
No ambulance driver or hospital admitting officer?
No OB/GYN delivery room doctor or nurse?
No hospital room mate for the typical 4-7 day stay ?
No Pediatric well-care doctor or nurses for well baby care?
No classmate from U. of Hawai, or a single friend of Senior or Stanley?
No landlord or neighbor to the Obamas?
No landlord or neighbor to the Dunhams?
No friends of the grandparents?
No coworker or client from Grandma’s bank?
No coworker from Grandpa’s furniture store?
No preschool or Kindergarten records in Hawaii?
No clergyman, babysitter, store clerk?

Since the boy - Barry Boy allegedly attended Kindergarten at Noelani elementary School in Hawaii, how did he get admitted without admission papers? Why is there no account or proof of vaccination and registration papers to get him into public school? The Dept. of Education in Hawaii state they have no record of him in attendance at the school, yet he appears in a class photograph. Apparently, the bank employees (BOH) first discovered Madelyn Dunham had a grandson when he was shipped over to attend the Punohou school at age 10!

Why doesn’t anyone remember him from Columbia University?
Where are the friends, room mates, suite mates, club associations, sport’s pals, GIRL friends, and teachers that associated with him from the 3 Universities he attended?

Where are all the needy people that he helped in his community organizing? Who has said, “Barack helped me get a free apartment, or rent subsidies, or bigger welfare check, or drug re-hab, or more food-stamps, or got the roof fixed and the RATS exterminated?”

Why was Grandma Toots kept under house arrest and unavailable from the dozens of reporters begging for an interview ? According to her brother, Charles (from Chicago, who flew out to visit her) , she celebrated her birthday the month prior to the election with a glass of wine and a cigarette! Then she coincidentaly, at the most unopportune time, up & dies........dead women tell no tales.

The known pieces of the puzzle simply don’t fit the presented storyline, at all. I suspect, that any pieces that don’t fit the contrived story are long discarded, destroyed or conveniently dead.

And more conveniently, after they die, their name or property is used to fill in the holes of the cock ‘n bull story:

Madelyn Dunham
Landlord in Indonesia
Lefforge residence in Hawai
Delivery room doctor (twin story)

Who’s next?

362 posted on 03/17/2009 7:00:27 PM PDT by Gemsbok (If wishes were horses, than beggars would ride)
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That’s what I’ve read in several places as well - Kapiolani had an outpatient clinic but not a place for births at that time. Any more info is welcome of course.

363 posted on 03/17/2009 7:02:03 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Asato Ma Sad Gama Tamasi Ma Jyotir Gama)
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To: justiceseeker93

Please, get real...So if the hospital, say, contacted the WH and asked for their approval before release of a short and simple statement indicating that their records show O was born there (if indeed he was) and going no further than that, why would anyone object and why wouldn't the hospital do that?

This is something I know a bit about - hospitals take this very seriously. No hospital would risk the penalties on this, and they wouldn't ask someone "can we release your information?" They would need 0bama to initiate it.

There has been lots of discussion of these issues among hospital organizations, and the consensus is HIPAA standards are no different for celebrities and public figures than for other patients. I don't know if the justice department would prosecute, but I suspect they would just to enforce the standards that you can't release ANY medical information without express written permission.

One hospital fired several people and disciplined several more just for looking at a celebrity's record, not even revealing the information. In hospitals nowadays you look only at medical records of those you need to for medical reasons, and there's a trail to enforce it; the system is set up to record who looks at what. The result is that if you're smart, you don't even look at records you don't need to.

364 posted on 03/17/2009 7:02:17 PM PDT by sometime lurker
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To: Non-Sequitur

You being paid, troll girl?

365 posted on 03/17/2009 7:09:55 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: little jeremiah
Within a few days of his purported birthdate - I am sure that in other countries such as Canada and Kenya phone calls and Western Union could reach the US.

I'm sure they could. But why would the Hawaii government be announcing it?

366 posted on 03/17/2009 7:14:48 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: Chief Engineer; mojitojoe

Chief, and MJJ:

Of all the theories, I think yours are the closest to the truth(see MJJ’s post at # 150).

Kenyan birth doesn’t ring true to me, but Ann being in Washington State, and possibly having little Barry in Canada could be plausible.

Grandma Toot could have had a contact in the Hawaii State gov’t that put the info on the birth list given to the papers as a favor. It was bad enough that her daughter was married to a black man in 1961, a foreigner as well, but maybe having the kid born in a foreign country was too much for Toot to bear, because of other complications she may have foreseen.

I also believe there is something on that birth certificate about his real father. It is hard for me to understand how Barry could write a book about a man he did not know and title it “Dreams of My Father”. If his father was Frank Marshall Davis, that would explain why Grandpa had Barry spend his teenage years with Davis. The “dreams” could be of his real father, Davis, who Barry admits was his mentor.

Further, there are nude pictures of Ann Dunham that have been unearthed and believed to have been taken by Frank Marshall Davis, who was well known to Ann as Davis was a friend of Toot and Toot’s husband, Ann’s father. Davis even wrote a sexually charged book under a non de plume which included his bedding a 13 year old white girl (Hmmmmmmmmmmm—who could THAT be?).

Chief, there was talk a few months ago about an immigration paper that might exist in Bellingham, Washington that might identify Ann Durham crossing into the US, possibly with a newborn.

Did anything ever come of that?

367 posted on 03/17/2009 7:16:01 PM PDT by exit82 (The Obama Cabinet: There was more brainpower on Gilligan's Island.)
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To: ckilmer
Here in plain English is the Kenyan Ambassador saying that Obama is born in Kenya.

But he doesn't say Obama was born in Kenya. And he has gone on record as denying that he even implied it.

368 posted on 03/17/2009 7:16:13 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: justiceseeker93
I'll make one correction: His paternal grandmother said so. Other than that I stand by what I said in # 223. In fact, I heard an audiotape of the paternal grandmother translated into English. And I heard the Kenyan Ambassador speaking in English on a Detroit FM radio station, interviewed the day after the election. You can find the piece by IsraPundit and the Berg papers on the 'Net.

Except that neither the grandmother or the ambassador ever said "Obama was born in Kenya." Both have denied even implying that he was born in Kenya.

The computer-generated COLB has been proven to be a fraud by FReeper Polarik and others. Polarik, a PhD professional in computer science, did a lengthy paper analyzing the COLB which was posted on the 'Net. In fact, one of Obama's supporters admitted that he perpetrated that very fraud.

And others have looked at it and pronounced it genuine. One thing that both sides have in common is that neither has ever seen an actual copy of the document, only electronic copies. And it's pretty near impossible to say for certain that something is a fraud unless you actually have a chance to see it for real. Same for pronouncing it genuine.

Assuming (arguendo) that the birth announcements in the Hawaiian papers are real, they do not state the place of birth.

In all the announcements they state address. Place of birth is a given.

As we have gone over many times here, it was possible, under the applicable HI statutes at the time, to register a foreign birth with the HI Health Dept., from which the birth announcement was supposedly derived.

What has been noted many times is that the legislation which allowed the registration of foreign birth wasn't passed until 1982, 22 years after Obama's birth.

The statements from Hawaii officials that the birth certificate exists do not specify the place of birth. As already indicated, it was possible to register a foreign birth with the HI Health Dept. in 1961, which could have generated that Hawaii birth certificate.

They state they have the original copy on file. And registering foreign births wasn't legal until 1982.

Total lack of evidence he was born in Kenya? There's way more substantial evidence suggesting he was born in Kenya than evidence demonstrating he was born in Hawaii.

Complete nonsense.

369 posted on 03/17/2009 7:23:17 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: pissant
You being paid, troll girl

Nah, I just enjoy poking holes in your tinfoil beanie theories. I'm in it for the fun.

370 posted on 03/17/2009 7:26:27 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: Non-Sequitur

You haven’t even scratched the paint, toots.

371 posted on 03/17/2009 7:27:33 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: pissant
You haven’t even scratched the paint, toots.

Of course not. Every time we poke your balloon in one area, wackiness oozes out in another. You all will never run out of crackpot explanations.

372 posted on 03/17/2009 7:30:12 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: pissant

And I hope that you never do run out of nutjob theories and nutty explanations. What would the rest of us do for entertainement if you did?

373 posted on 03/17/2009 7:31:20 PM PDT by Non-Sequitur
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To: AndrewWalden

This thread, and others like it, demonstrates a classic Internet pissing match, where the incurious and other conformist trolls who seek and rely on validation of all their views from the MSM or from others in the position of authority, come to throw at the majority of posters non-sequiturs and similar nonsense, with the aim not of proving a point of the topic at hand, but to show us their superiority and our idiocy, as if the lame points they bring up hadn’t already been considered by us and proven to be invalid, false, one way or another. No sale, trolls!

374 posted on 03/17/2009 7:36:52 PM PDT by Revolting cat! (Let us prey!)
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To: exit82

Number one with regard to Frank Marshall Davis, the incident he wrote about with the 13 year old girl named Anne was an incident which occurred with his FIRST wife. When I first read about the incident I began to search and it was with a great deal of difficulty that I finally found out that Frank Marshall Davis was married to one Thelma Boyd while he was living and working with her in Atlanta GA.(In the years 1931 to 1935) She was a woman of color as was the girl they seduced. The girl in question was from Jamaica and was living with her aunt in the Atlanta area.
Further, I myself travelled between B.C. and the U.S. in the 1960’s and it was unbelievable how simple it was back then as other Freepers have also mentioned. At that time if you were even stopped the border guards would ask to see the driver’s license of the person driving the vehicle but would pay absolutely NO attention to passengers. There would be no record of Ann travelling between B.C. and WA state if she were a passenger in a vehicle as security wasn’t like it is now. Her friends did say she was staying with a friend of her mother when she first arrived in WA state.
When Ann married Lolo and Lolo adopted Jr, she would have placed a notice in the papers as a way of informing Obama Sr of her intent. When there was no response from Sr she could have honestly appeared in court and stated she didn’t know where Sr was and the adoption could proceed. Remember Sr returned to Kenya in 1964. The original birth certificate would have been sealed and the only way to access it, even for Jr, would be to go to court. Now when Ann returned to HI in 1971 before Obama Sr arrived she could have done the same thing once again to reverse the adoption(Ann and Lolo never lived together again as husband and wife after that time period) and have Sr once again appear as the legal father of Jr, resulting in yet another birth certificate being sealed. Having two sealed birth certificates would really cause a problem for Jr while running for office(the dates wouldn’t tally with his “official story”), so it would be much easier to have one printed with what might have been information that appeared on the original instead of having to go to court and having all those records and documents unsealed. Of course it also helps when it gets out that he often loses papers as was mentioned in a story recently printed about his being in the White House now. This could provide cover for the often raised question about his mentioning his birth certificate in his book and its whereabouts now.

375 posted on 03/17/2009 7:37:58 PM PDT by Chief Engineer
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Comment #376 Removed by Moderator

To: AndrewWalden

Do you actually have anything important to say? Or did you just expect everyone to believe this artilce because YOU wrote it? LOL!!


377 posted on 03/17/2009 8:05:04 PM PDT by Islaminaction
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To: AndrewWalden

I am sure you ordering everyone to READ AND LEARN is going to get you a lot of followers. LOL!! You are not that smart are you?

378 posted on 03/17/2009 8:07:39 PM PDT by Islaminaction
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To: AndrewWalden; null and void; MHGinTN
By refusing media requests for a look at the actual paper birth certificate, Obama’s campaign gave sly backhanded assistance to the forgery hype. The internet release of the birth certificate via hyper-partisan website Daily Kos on June 12 before posting it on a campaign website was likely calculated to fuel the frenzy. This is Obama’s Gramscian strategy designed to redirect the opposition down a blind alley. It was so successful that Hawai`i government offices found themselves inundated with telephone calls from mainland voters in the days before the November 4 election.

The only thing posted on the Daily Kos and posted on Obama's website ON THE SAME DATE is a totally bogus, totally fabricated image of a totally nonexistent paper document.

It's been 10 months since the bogus COLB was posted, and in all that time, the only GRAND MASTER PLAN executed by this illegal Kenyan immigrant is to use whatever resources he has at his command to prevent everyone in America from ever seeing his real, vault birth certificate.

To believe anything differently is to be a brain-dead Obamanite -- an appelation you rightfully earned, Andrew, the last time you posted the same garbage.

379 posted on 03/17/2009 8:13:15 PM PDT by Polarik ("A forgery created to prove a claim repudiates that claim")
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Comment #380 Removed by Moderator

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