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Al Gore's Media Lovefest ( Belies grades of D's and C-minus )
Real Clear Politics ^ | May 26, 2006 | Dan Gainor & Amy Menefee

Posted on 05/26/2006 7:39:42 PM PDT by george76

John Lennon once wrote that "All you need is love." If that's the case, former presidential candidate Al Gore is a happy man.

He is in the middle of a media lovefest celebrating his work, his career - even his efforts as actor, author, dancer and comedian.

The former vice president has both a movie and a book about global warming debuting under the title "An Inconvenient Truth." He has gone from media darling to "the summer's most unlikely movie star," as NBC's Katie Couric called him in a May 24 interview.

Gore, who Couric also called "funny, vulnerable, disarming, self effacing," isn't just a movie star, he's a media star. He has appeared or been mentioned on 23 news and news-related shows in just the last month ...

Some Inconvenient Truths

Gore is an ironic pitchman for science accuracy. Though he got an undergraduate degree in government and dropped out of two graduate programs (in law and divinity), Gore has become a "teacher" on the subject of climate change.

The Washington Post reported in a March 19, 2000, article titled "Gore's Grades Belie Image of Studiousness" that Gore earned a D and a C-plus in "natural sciences" at Harvard.

That didn't stop Gore from complaining about respected scientists during his "Today" appearance.

"There's really not a debate. The debate is over. The scientific community has reached as strong a consensus as you will ever find in science.

There are a few oil companies and coal companies that spend millions of dollars a year to put these pseudo-scientists out there pretending there is a debate," complained Gore.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Boiling point
For your liberal friend.

21 posted on 05/26/2006 9:15:48 PM PDT by george76 (Ward Churchill : Fake Indian, Fake Scholarship, and Fake Art)
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To: Lancey Howard

22 posted on 05/26/2006 9:16:53 PM PDT by george76 (Ward Churchill : Fake Indian, Fake Scholarship, and Fake Art)
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To: sine_nomine

Armand was the original money launderer for the Communist Party in the USA. He was Al's godparent.

23 posted on 05/26/2006 9:29:48 PM PDT by cibco (
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To: cibco

Not enough people know that.

I can't get over how we had a president, co-president, and VP who were all in the pocket of our enemy.

24 posted on 05/26/2006 9:46:30 PM PDT by sine_nomine (No more RINO presidents. We need another Reagan.)
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To: woodb01

And it's not only in this country; that maniac Galloway made his treasonous comments about Tony Blair in a GQ interview, you'd think "Sir, are you stark raving MAD"? would be an appropriate reply, but no...only crickets chirping...The disease spreads!

25 posted on 05/26/2006 9:49:37 PM PDT by Frank_2001
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To: sine_nomine
That's why we have to be ever vigilant. The bastards never give up!
26 posted on 05/26/2006 9:52:50 PM PDT by cibco (
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To: monkapotamus
Having flunked out of Vandy D-school, Gork didn't wait around to flunk out of Vandy Law.

He resigned from V.L. the week before finals.

Side note: some large fraction (70%?) of the D-school students in 1968 lived in one of the dorms in Kissam Quad. We freshmen inhabited the other 5 (it was only a 'quad' because it was rectangular in shape; there were and still are 6 buildings in it).

Even when, in later years, involuntarily associating with sundry Marxists, I have never to this day met a group of 'graduate' students, exactly none of whom could follow a simple syllogism. 'Socrates is a man. All men are mortal. What can you conclude from these premises?' In some huge majority of cases, having asked this Q, you'd get a blank look from the DeeBees back then.

Yet Gork managed to flunk out of this 'graduate' school. Hmmmm. I guess we must postulate that there actually IS no upper limit to incompetence.

27 posted on 05/26/2006 10:43:08 PM PDT by SAJ (b)
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To: Boiling point
Ask the person when and under what circumstances Gork left Vandy Law. Easily looked up, matter of record.
28 posted on 05/26/2006 10:45:43 PM PDT by SAJ (b)
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To: george76
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"I thought Divinity School was about making candy."
29 posted on 05/26/2006 10:57:40 PM PDT by Old Seadog (Inside every old person is a young person saying "WTF happened?".)
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Thank you.

30 posted on 05/27/2006 12:08:01 AM PDT by monkapotamus
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To: monkapotamus
It would be interesting & very dangerous to see him face off Hugo Chavez.

There was a very telling article in the New Yorker about Algore's intellectualism in the summer of 2000. He really tried to impress the reporter with how cutting edge his knowledge was of fractals and things like that. It was clear that he was faking.

31 posted on 05/27/2006 3:32:31 AM PDT by ClaireSolt (.)
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To: Boiling point
This should do it.

Poor, poor Al Gore.

The once and never-again political leader-turned-"scientist" has been on the business end of some stern debunkings (for example) since his cinematic sandwich board, An Inconvenient Truth, hit the silver screen.

The definitive debunking to date, both in content and credibility, I think comes to us from Joseph D’Aleo, a fellow of the American Meteorological Society and the first director of meteorology at the Weather Channel (read: can’t be accused of being a "big oil" shill.) D’Aleo is unimpressed with Al’s "truths" and offers the armchair climatologist a few inconvenient truths of his own. For example:

The former director of the American Association of State Climatologists indicated that 75 percent of the state climatologists believed other cyclical factors were more likely responsible for warming. An international survey found that fewer than one in 10 climate scientists believed that climate change is principally caused by human activity.

When confronted with contrary evidence, Gore and others refuse to rebut the evidence and instead attempt to paint those who disagree with them as either outside the scientific mainstream or bought-and-sold by energy companies. The film takes it one step further, suggesting that those who speak out on global warming are somehow being muzzled, their message blocked. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It appears that mainstream climatologists hold a view far closer to that of mainstream Americans and it is Al Gore and his gang of political phonies who are living on the extremes. And D’Aleo minces no words in calling the mad pseudo-scientists out:

"An Inconvenient Truth" is more political polemic than serious scientific study on the complex issue of global climatology, meant to spur public policies to reduce human impact on the environment. While the film will surely attract activists from both major political parties, the vast majority of Americans will be caught in the middle, left to wonder what the appropriate policies should be to address a problem that is being overstated for political gains.

And thus does Al Gore become to climatology what Dan Brown is to theology.

32 posted on 05/27/2006 4:40:21 AM PDT by Texas Jack
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To: Old Seadog

33 posted on 05/27/2006 7:01:56 AM PDT by george76 (Ward Churchill : Fake Indian, Fake Scholarship, and Fake Art)
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To: george76

You are just a vicious bunch of non-believers. Heck, big Al was our Vice-President for two terms. How could anyone rise to Vice-President and not have any talent or brains? Was America asleep? Guess so...... I really think the dumbocrats should run him again in 2008 as a test, to see if America is dumbed-down sufficiently to elect him and (God help us), put him in charge. Pleae say we could do worse! Somebody? Hello? Ozone Layer calling...........

34 posted on 05/27/2006 12:03:46 PM PDT by plainspeaker (If he is so smart, why can't he get a job?)
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To: george76

If today's media were around in the 1940's, Hitler would have been rejoiced as the second coming of Christ.

35 posted on 05/27/2006 5:22:41 PM PDT by Mad_Tom_Rackham (Memo to GOP: Don't ask me for any more money until you secure our Southern border.)
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To: george76

Clip from Review --the First Night: An Inconvenient Truth, New York

Al Gore's global warming film lacks a little electricity
By David Usborne

-- show time at the Sunshine Cinema for the opening night of Al Gore's call to arms for saving the planet from global warming, An Inconvenient Truth. Only the front row had seats and my neck soon ached, states Usborne, from tracing the trajectories of the former vice-president's graphs.

The aptly named Sunshine is in Manhattan's East Village

There is a large constituency in the US that will not consider seeing this film because they accept the usual clichés that global warming is a political ploy of the liberal left and has no real scientific foundation and that Gore, the wooden man, is incapable of passion.

If you are in the camp that accepts global warming is a problem, it is awkward to admit that Gore is tedious. Just why he manages to be such a snooze is hard exactly to explain. He jokes, his syntax is fine, he smiles, but his ultra-worthiness could smother a forest fire.

Maybe Guggenheim should take the blame for squandering the opportunity he had. Gore presents his case perfectly well but I left wondering why so much of the film was just a broadcast of his standard lecture.

I wanted a little tension and electricity and we might even have seen it if the alternative views on global warming had been explored and if we had seen the proponents of that view - whether oil men or Republicans - challenging Gore on screen.

36 posted on 05/28/2006 5:01:40 PM PDT by fight_truth_decay
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