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Q Anon: 6/29/18 FRiendly FReeper Collaboration to understand Q drops ^ | 6/29/2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 06/29/2018 10:40:30 PM PDT by ransomnote

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

"Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?"

The following video (13 min.) is by far the most popular FReeper recommended source of information for those new to Q Anon.
Q - The Plan To Save The World

The following is an excellent overview written by sundance at Conservative Tree House.
Imagine You are Not a Politician, Yet You are Running For The Presidency…

The following video (4 min.) provides a very quick overview.
Who is Q - video available on Youtube

FReeper reviewers have given the following PDF a thumbs-up.
The Book of Q (PDF)

Finding and Understanding Q Drops

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting on a few different verified websites. Sometimes the Q drop websites come under cyberattack or stop updating. This week, I've been using the following link:

Q drops sometime use unfamiliar acronyms, references, names and locations of significance. Swordmaker maintains a list of these terms to help FReepers understand Q drop text. The master list, called the LexiQon, is stored on Swordmaker's profile page, and he posts the latest updates within the threads. It's really great to have a convenient place to find definitions and explanations of terms used in the drops. Click on the silver 'Q' below to view Swordmaker's LexiQon of Q drop terms.

QProofs provide evidence that Q Anon is a legitimate source of information, has access to President Trump, and is serving President Trump's agenda:

To find Q Anon threads on Free Republic, search for key word "Qanon" using the search window in the top right corner of the forum.

Finding Q discussions and analyses on the web

I will be compiling the recommendations FReepers have sent me regarding good sources of reliable Q information on the web. Here's a few links to get started.

Praying Medic a good source for concise video reviews of Q drops:

Praying Medic has two videos for beginners. I haven't watched them yet, so if you do, please FReepmail me to share any insights you have:
Q For Beginners Part 1 - Who is Q? (5 min.)
Q For Beginners Part 2 - How to Find Q posts (10 min.)

Praying Medic also has a Twitter account:

Dustin Nemos is a long-time favorite of mine. He covers other content (e.g., bitcoin) so I recommend you check the titles for topics of interest. He usually includes a few overview statements on the thumbnail to his videos to give you an idea of the Q content being covered. I really appreciate the links he posts beneath his videos. His content is very good, so Youtube banned him for three months. However, he's returned to youtube and you can find his channel, Nemos V, here:

The following is Nemos' video for those new to the effort to awaken the public to the truth and stop the Deep State from destroying our country. He zips through a wealth of visual content (39 min) - the viewer can pause the video to inspect links, articles and photos as needed. I haven't watched it yet so if you do, please FReepmail me to share any insights you have
Unhinged 2.0 - The Untold Story - Trump's Storm and the Great Awakening

ImperatorRex on Twitter has a solid fan base - he's so good he keeps being suspended. Hopefully, he's still posting here:

Some of the history behind The Swamp

Here's the U.S. 2015 Armed Forces video of President Reagan's stirring message about why We Must Fight

If you haven't seen it yet, here's President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as his comments about the press:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

Resources for the way forward

Need a meme to help red-pill your friends and neighbors? Little Jeremiah has posted a thread and continues to invite us to post memes we find in one conveneient FR thread. Here's the link:

For those who want a little uplifting video which outlines the big picture that we are now striving for, here's a video from 2016 in which candidate Donald Trump outlines what he wants for Americans and America and his promises if elected:
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

If you'd like to communicate your support for President Trump's efforts to "red-pill" Americans, you may want to use the following link to send the president an email. Here's the link:
Email support for President Trump

Don't like what's going on in Congress right now? Call them right now and tell them (name, phone number and phone numbers of committees to which they belong):

This thread post is under revision (updated information). Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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Have you read the most recent edition of$~~~THE ORACLE~~~$

Hostage has a thread in the forum right now featuring the latest version of the CEO resignations document: CEO resignations

1 posted on 06/29/2018 10:40:30 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

Our prior Q Anon thread is here:

2 posted on 06/29/2018 10:41:25 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: ransomnote

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 3831d8 No.1940496 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:10:15 (EST)

Only the beginning.
Power to the people.📁



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 3831d8 No.1940595 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:17:39 (EST)

Anonymous ID: e466e6 No.1940568 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:15:28 (EST)
THis hearing is incredibly painful to sit thru and extremely frustrating. Nothing about this hearing will change the minds of those still asleep. When will something be revealed to wake up more sleepers?
Focus on House floor vote (now).



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 3831d8 No.1940684 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:22:02 (EST)

Why are they trying to ‘normalize’ this?📁
What is coming?
Do they really believe this will EVER be swallowed?
Will the progressive LEFT defend and support these actions once those guilty are brought to LIGHT?
These people are SICK!
They do NOT love this country.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 3831d8 No.1940746 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:24:37 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 1aeb38 No.1940664 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:20:57 (EST)
>Focus on House floor vote (now).

House passes measure demanding DOJ documents
In a 226-183 vote, lawmakers approved the messaging measure, which calls on the DOJ to turn over all of the documents House Republicans have requested related to the FBI's handling of investigations during the 2016 presidential election.

The party-line vote, with one Republican voting present, puts the entire conference on the record in the escalating feud between the DOJ and House Republicans, who have been fighting for months for access to a trove of highly-sensitive documents.
Who brought the bill to the floor?
Read between the lines.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 3831d8 No.1940910 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:33:42 (EST)

We remember you, Mr. VIP!📁
Where did the Storm derive from?
Some things leave lasting impressions.
Listen carefully.📁
When did POTUS make the statement?
When did we arrive to start the awakening?
You have more than you know.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 3831d8 No.1941208 📁
Jun 28 2018 11:52:13 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 

Are you ready?



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: aaf6b0 No.1942596 📁
Jun 28 2018 13:25:13 (EST)

Trying to ‘normalize’.📁
Who just joined the Board of Netflix?
Who pushed?
What is coming?



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: aaf6b0 No.1942657 📁
Jun 28 2018 13:28:04 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 7f61a8 No.1942629 📁
Jun 28 2018 13:26:44 (EST)
Sick people Q I wish I could get these bastards with you. Go get em!
We are!



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 99e3dc No.1945344 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:29:20 (EST)📁



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 99e3dc No.1945571 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:42:44 (EST)

Anonymous ID: d18c6b No.1945408 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:33:05 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 4.32.42 PM.png

Server or JA = truth exposed (SR).
D’s are in crisis mode.
AWAN is bigger than you can imagine.
Putin / U1 will come out post summit (they will try to apply artificial MSM heat to cancel).
These people are corrupt beyond belief.
America for sale.
Sold out.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 99e3dc No.1945747 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:51:18 (EST)

Anonymous ID: d18c6b No.1945594 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:43:48 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 4.42.59 PM.png

FXXking hell…
Low IQ Maxine should be blamed!
They know exactly what they are doing.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 99e3dc No.1945864 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:57:51 (EST)

Anonymous ID: c426e4 No.1945685 📁
Jun 28 2018 16:47:51 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 

JA in the news a lot lately (out of nowhere).
Crisis mode.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946203 📁
Jun 28 2018 17:19:24 (EST)

Law enforcement should interview the therapists.
Each shooter has one coincidentally.
Relocation within 30 days of each shooting?
New name?
FBI doesn’t know this?
Spooks are hard to find?
Dream to reality.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946309 📁
Jun 28 2018 17:23:24 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946203 📁
Jun 28 2018 17:19:24 (EST)
Law enforcement should interview the therapists.
Each shooter has one coincidentally.
Relocation within 30 days of each shooting?
New name?
FBI doesn’t know this?
Spooks are hard to find?
Dream to reality.
 🇹   ⬇ 

Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations?
Openly giving interviews or in background shots?
Symbolism will be their downfall.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c545bc No.1946524 📁
Jun 28 2018 17:32:20 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 0491f6 No.1946381 📁
Jun 28 2018 17:25:27 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 

 🇹   ⬇ 




Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: cdb588 No.1948303 📁
Jun 28 2018 19:04:44 (EST)

Most all powerful organizations have sinister components.
With power comes corruption.
Like alphabet agencies, not all are bad apples.
Should the bad spoil the bunch?



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 1df4ec No.1949464 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:07:14 (EST)

Anonymous ID: ca18ea No.1949195 📁
Jun 28 2018 19:49:02 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 

Therapist confirmed
Everything stated has meaning.
Find paper articles re: Freemasons.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 1df4ec No.1949784 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:25:44 (EST)📁
Bottom graphic.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 309a1c No.1949848 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:30:58 (EST)




Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 309a1c No.1950090 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:45:55 (EST)

Anonymous ID: a67b67 No.1949870 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:32:20 (EST)
Were the shooters all branded with this mark?
The key = therapist.
Weak minds.
Use of symbolism to push strength and belonging to something powerful.
Find the link (common denominator).
Error made.
Name can be found due to filing.
Other patients?
Relocation imminent?
Conspiracy risk.
End (for now).
Haspel must find & term clas program.
She knows.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 309a1c No.1950233 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:53:45 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 7b5a78 No.1950123 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:47:24 (EST)

Q any comment on NK facilities and General Kelly? Thanks!
NK = FAKE NEWS [UK orig].
NK already began denuclearization process under guidance from US.
Why are people always being moved around?
Think strategy.
The Plan.
Military OP.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 309a1c No.1950407 📁
Jun 28 2018 21:03:37 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 1a94c7 No.1950237 📁
Jun 28 2018 20:53:56 (EST)
SO is Q telling us Haspel knows of the program, but doesn't know where it is located at? She needs to locate it and terminate it? Time to dig for Ramos' therapist
 🇹   ⬇ 

Think Bourne.
Covert OPs classified.
Career installed.
Think Cell.
Past drops go missing.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: fee7bf No.1950581 📁
Jun 28 2018 21:14:18 (EST)




Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: fee7bf No.1950715 📁
Jun 28 2018 21:20:38 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 98f40c No.1950617 📁
Jun 28 2018 21:16:05 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 

>>1949745 lb
pic of last bread
also error 502 host error
Site under attack.
Info shared highly sensitive.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: f240d5 No.1952168 📁
Jun 28 2018 22:54:56 (EST)

Coordinated effort to ramp pro violent attacks (4ch 8ch /pol/) (threads).
Mods controlled (4ch).
Staged to frame pro POTUS supporters.
Push violence (trap).
Coordinated RL attacks (link).
Cause & Effect.
MSM outcry to force action.
It’s already begun (small > large).📁
Ready David?



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: f240d5 No.1952499 📁
Jun 28 2018 23:14:07 (EST)
 🇹   ⬇ 

What vote occurred today?
Full weight of the House.
Why is this relevant?
Provides supportable grounds for?



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: f240d5 No.1952583 📁
Jun 28 2018 23:18:21 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 00a106 No.1952489 📁
Jun 28 2018 23:13:12 (EST)
with a mention of
Bullshit meter off the charts with this one
We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question.
What are they waiting for?
They can end this at any time simply by asking POTUS, right?
We may have to ‘force’ this one.



Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 03ac69 No.1953310 📁
Jun 28 2018 23:59:18 (EST)

It must happen.
Conspiracy no more.
Think of every post made.
It would force us to prove everything stated to avoid looking crazy, correct?
What do they fear the most?
Public awakening.
If they ask.
They self destruct.
They know this is real.
See attacks.
The build is near complete.
Growing exponentially.
You are the frame.
You are the support.
People will be lost.
People will be terrified.
People will reject.
People will need to be guided.
Do not be afraid.
We will succeed.
Timing is everything.
Think Huber.
Think DOJ/FBI reorg.
Think sex/child arrests / news.
Think resignations (loss of control).
How do you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?
It must be compelling to avoid a divide (political attack/optics).
We are the majority (growing).
Sheep no more.


3 posted on 06/29/2018 10:41:47 PM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: ransomnote; 1_Rain_Drop; 103198; 31R1O; 4Liberty; Hemingway's Ghost; acrolect; Aevery_Freeman; ...
Q Ping - New Thread

Welcome to Friday's new Q Anon thread. We needed another thread because the other one was overflowing with so much WINNING!!!

4 posted on 06/29/2018 10:45:38 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: NorthstarMom; NotQuiteCricket; Noumenon; numberonepal; OKSooner; Ol' Sox; OLDCU; oldngray; ...
Q Ping - New Thread

Welcome to Friday's new Q Anon thread. We needed another thread because the other one was overflowing with so much WINNING!!!

5 posted on 06/29/2018 10:46:08 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: No_Doll_i

Post on Great Awakening by SerialBrain2.

So you want to know what really happened with the JetBlue plane at JFK? I will tell you. Buckle up.

Long read. Maybe wrong, but... I donno. Scary as heck if even partially correct.

6 posted on 06/29/2018 10:47:41 PM PDT by Grimmy (equivocation is but the first step along the road to capitulation)
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To: ransomnote; No_Doll_i; bagster

Thanks for the new thread and the drops and the Oracle. Impressive dedication and your work is deeply appreciated.

7 posted on 06/29/2018 10:53:39 PM PDT by mairdie
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To: ransomnote

Thank you for all you do, Ransomnote!

8 posted on 06/29/2018 10:56:55 PM PDT by EasySt (Truth will Prevail)
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To: Grimmy

Thank Q Grimmy!

That is indeed pretty wild, I don’t know that it is true but I believe it could be.

How much do you know about SerialBrain?

9 posted on 06/29/2018 11:03:36 PM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: No_Doll_i

I know next to nothing except that I occasionally find comments of his to articles on Great Awakening. And when I do read those, he tends to be quite insightful and “big picture” oriented.

10 posted on 06/29/2018 11:07:49 PM PDT by Grimmy (equivocation is but the first step along the road to capitulation)
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To: Grimmy


11 posted on 06/29/2018 11:12:45 PM PDT by MomwithHope
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To: ransomnote

Here is the Google Docs link to the 35,000 indictment breakdowns...

For those who dont know about this list, Q said Track the resignations...
Somebody did that and keeps it updated here:

12 posted on 06/29/2018 11:16:58 PM PDT by AzNASCARfan
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To: ransomnote; Cats Pajamas; greeneyes; bagster; generally; Wneighbor; defconw; mairdie; Swordmaker; ..

Hi Baggie! I saw your “hint,” so happily slid right on down into that bunny hole you pointed to.

I found some things, but I’m not sure I found everything you are hoping for. So I will gladly share what I did find.

I started with the Skipper, Christopher Sheldon, about whom is quite a lot known.

Christopher Sheldon
C.B. Sheldon, 76, Skipper in a Noted Sinking
“…Christopher Barrows Sheldon was born in Manhattan on Oct. 12, 1926. He attended private schools and graduated from the University of San Marcos in Lima, Peru. He earned a bachelor of divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary but was never ordained. He next earned a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Madrid.
He sailed from the age of 15 and was taken on by Irving Johnson, the explorer and captain of the vessel Yankee, as a crew member on around-the-world voyage from 1956 to 1958. After the first mate fell ill, Mr. Sheldon got the job.
Mr. Sheldon took pictures on the trip for National Geographic magazine.
In May 1959, he married Alice N. Strahan, a doctor who had served as medical officer on the Yankee….”


“…The screenplay was based on a 1963 book about the incident, ''The Last Voyage of the Albatross,'' written by Chuck Gieg, one of the students. Other survivors included William P. Bunting, son of Mary I. Bunting, the president of Radcliffe College.

After the accident, Mrs. Bunting told Sargent Shriver, the first director of the Peace Corps, about Mr. Sheldon, and he offered him a job. He became director of operations for the Peace Corps in Colombia, a distraction he welcomed.
In addition to Ms. Ramsey, he is survived by a brother, John, of South Bristol, Me….”

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Retired Teacher Recalls Real-life 'White Squall'
Names & faces
February 7, 1996|By Harry Wessel of The Sentinel Staff
“…Richard Langford of DeLand, a survivor of the May 1961 disaster that White Squall is based on, doesn't plan to see the movie.

''I lost a lot of good friends on that trip. I don't need any reminders,'' said Langford, 70, a retired Stetson University English professor. ''I had a number of dreams about it after it happened, and I don't want to instigate that again. It was a traumatic experience for a number of people.’'

Two of the five adults on board, as well as four of the 15 students, died. The dead included Alice Sheldon, a physician, biology teacher and wife of the captain, Christopher Sheldon; and the ship's cook, George ''Spook'' Ptacnik, a particularly close friend of Langford’s.

Langford wrote a book-length manuscript on the voyage in 1961 as well as a first-person account of the disaster that appeared in Reader's Digest in October 1961. The manuscript was published in serial form 25 years later in the DeLand Sun News….”

[For those who might wish to obtain his version of the story, here is a link to Amazon for the Oct 1961 Readers Digest:

Here is a link to the news article: ]


“…. He had been reading in bed when the squall hit and was trapped below deck by rushing water.

''Later, some of us estimated that I had been carried down over 40 feet inside the doomed ship before I got out of her,'' he wrote.

Langford had nothing to do with the movie. Although some of the characters' names in the movie stayed the same, Langford's did not. Actor John Savage plays an English teacher named McRae…”
~ ~. ~ ~ 


Terror at Sea

DAN JEWEL February 19, 1996 12:00 PM

“…For a brief period after their rescue, the survivors were celebrities. They were met by reporters upon their arrival in Tampa, and their adventure was featured in LIFE magazine. A year later, crew member Chuck Gieg, then 18, wrote a book about the experience, The Last Voyage of the Albatross. By that time the survivors had gone their separate ways. For the most part, they didn’t speak to each other for 35 years—until Disney turned the incident into a movie. White Squall, starring Jeff Bridges, Scott Wolf and Balthazar Getty, opened Feb. 2, and though it takes liberties with their story, it has forced several of the survivors to re-examine the events of that day and their impact….”

“…. The boys were ready pupils. “It was every fantasy I could think of,” says Gieg, who is played in the movie by Wolf. “Like jumping into a pirate movie.” Tod Johnstone, who, like Gieg, lived in Connecticut, and is portrayed by Getty, says that he was having family trouble and thought “this would give me a feeling of self-worth.…”

“…. the disaster continued to haunt them all. “I was really angry at my friends who died and left me,” says Gieg. “So I shut down. My family was supportive, but I wasn’t letting people in.” 

He spent years moving around the country until, “to shake myself up,” he enlisted as a Marine and worked as a combat correspondent in Vietnam. Doing his best to escape too, Sheldon soon signed on for four years as the first director of the Peace Corps in Colombia. “I wanted to get [the sinking] out of my mind,” he says. “But it stays with you.”

Seeing the film made after all these years has helped the survivors, they say. Oddly, what has been especially helpful, says Gieg—who, along with Sheldon, served as a consultant on the film—is its highly fictionalized final scene, in which Bridges, as the skipper, is accused of negligence at a Coast Guard tribunal until his students rally around him. In reality, says Gieg, the hearing was strictly routine….”

“…. Today, Gieg, who has never married, has learned to be content with his solitary life as a business consultant on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket. Living near the sea, he says, “I love waking up in the morning. I can’t wait to get up and get started.” Sheldon, too, has found some peace. Being involved with White Squall, he says, “has been therapeutic. It gets me out and talking about it.”

To Johnstone, however, now an artist in Stonington, Conn., the skipper’s immediate desire to put the episode behind him left him wounded. “The real tragedy,” he says, “is that none of us have talked to each other since ’61. Skipper was like my surrogate father. I felt hurt for years that he never followed up to find out where we were.”

But even that resentment is fading. Nine years ago, Johnstone took his wife on a cruise that crossed the site of the squall. As the cruise ship passed over the approximate spot where his crew-mates had died, Johnstone tossed a wreath off the deck…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
For those who might be interested in a fairly technical  discussion of the causes of the loss of the Albatross, this might be interesting:

July/August 2013 Issue 211: White squall
Jun 20, 2013

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Obit for Christopher Sheldon
Age: 76
 Summary: captain of the sailing ship Albatross who took 15 students, 2 teachers, a cook and his wife on a field trip in 1961 when the ship was hit by a freak storm and sank with Sheldon, 11 students and the teachers surviving and inspiring the movie White Squall with Jeff Bridges portraying Sheldon.
 Cause of Death: Pancreatic cancer
 Born: October 12, 1926
 Died: October 5, 2002
 Location: Stamford, Connecticut

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Work is being done on the Reddit Q boards also:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
More on artist Johnstone’s story

“…. The truth is that a 17-year-old Stonington youth named Tod Johnstone was at the helm when the violent storm, called a ``white squall,'' hit that day.

The truth is that Johnstone has had to live the past 34 years with the nagging question of responsibility.
The movie ``White Squall,'' which opens today, is not always faithful to the truth, but there is enough truth in it to have helped Johnstone come to terms with his demons.
Johnstone, 52, an artist who runs the Anguilla Gallery in Stonington, worked as a technical adviser on the film and had a bit part playing his own father. Last week, he saw the movie for the first time.
``I know I was not 100 percent responsible for what happened,'' he said. ``But I have felt guilty because I was the one steering the boat. It's like if you are driving a car and you get into an accident and people are killed.
``A lot of time has been spent analyzing what happened that day, and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it,'' he said. ``The only thing that could have prevented it was being 2 or 3 miles away.''
The brigantine Albatross set sail from Mystic in June 1960 with a crew of five adults and 13 teenagers. The youths were mostly troubled or misdirected, and the ship was intended to be a floating tough-love classroom….”

“…. The sad irony is that none of the survivors talks to anyone,'' Johnstone said. ``In the movie, there is all this stuff about closeness and bonding. Yet, in reality, this group elected not to talk to each other. In 34 years, the crew had not said boo to each other.'' Sheldon said he hopes the movie will bring about a reunion of the entire surviving crew.
Both Sheldon and Johnstone said the movie has proved cathartic.
``I've always sort of held in talking about it,'' Sheldon said. ``You always wonder what you could have done to prevent it -- could you have prepared the ship differently? But I've come to learn that kind of thinking is rather useless. The movie now has me talking about what happened freely. It has become my personal psychoanalyst.''
``The story is now told; it's out there,'' Johnstone said. ``Psychologically, I've carried all this luggage for a long time, and that's not a good idea. Now I have the monkey off my back.’'

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Another link:

The Day the Albatross Went Down
~ ~ ~ ~ 
I did some searches for “Gil Martin” and came up with some possibles on Linked In, but had little data to work with to narrow it - plus I don’t do “Linked In”

Gil Martin
From Linked In:
Have no idea if any of these are the Gil Martins we are looking for.
There is a marriage counselor/reserve deputy/chaplain
Also Customer service, an engineer at Vanderweil Engineers, a CEO of Martin Home Furnishings, and EHS Manager at GOOGLE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA

Plus 178 more “Gil Martins”  listed:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I was not able to find anything on Frank Beaumont nor Dean Preston either.

Note: I used the <  pre > and off thing, which worked! However, I have no clue why the right margin went way east  to New York.

13 posted on 06/29/2018 11:22:33 PM PDT by TEXOKIE
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Oh boy.

14 posted on 06/29/2018 11:22:42 PM PDT by FreeperCell
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Interesting! Thank you for confirming the number of students aboard. I still find it strange that no complete list of students’ names seems to be available. I’ve searched too.

Great work on your part!

15 posted on 06/29/2018 11:52:05 PM PDT by Melian (Patriots fight!)
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To: ransomnote; oldngray; bagster; grey_whiskers; TEXOKIE; TXnMA; stylin19a; bitt; RoosterRedux; ...


Thursday , June 29, 2018
8:30 PM PDT

To explore the Qomplete up-to-date LexiQon, Qlick on the Q iQon above.

NOW Equivalent of 170 PAGES OF Q INFO: 35,333 WORDS!

Link to List of Notable Resignations Q Says We Should Watch

(IMPORTANT NOTICE— It turns out there is a very good reason why Q is always saying to re-read the “crumbs” or Drops! THEY’VE CHANGED! Future DOES affect the Past! Below are some of the changes I have observed in the Drops just through the letter A plus one thing I noticed that makes a big difference in the Loop definition.)

Swordmaker needs curator FreeQs to compare sections of the
LexiQon with the referenced Q drops in the Aggregator Site used to find
anything that may have been amended by Q since the Drop was first put up. If you can help,
Please Freepmail Swordmaker so a section of the LexiQon can
be assigned so no FreeQs are duplicating another’s efforts. Thanks! — Swordmaker

Today’s revisions and additions:

Revisions and Additions made In the Last LexiQon Update:

16 posted on 06/30/2018 12:10:19 AM PDT by Swordmaker (My pistol self-identifies as an iPad, so you must accept it in gun-free zones, you hoplaphobe bigot!)
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To: ransomnote


... and buckled up!

17 posted on 06/30/2018 12:34:41 AM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: Swordmaker a nod to our esteemed publisher of the Oracle,FreeQ bagster, he is slightly obese.)


Swordy, you're the best!


18 posted on 06/30/2018 1:23:12 AM PDT by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas.")
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Thank you for that dig, TEX.


19 posted on 06/30/2018 2:10:13 AM PDT by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas.")
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To: bagster

Off to Church to run a charity Car Wash & massive Yard Sale.

Have a great Q day, FReeQs!!

20 posted on 06/30/2018 2:14:20 AM PDT by LiveFreeOrDie2001 ( Thank GOD Hillary didn't get elected!)
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