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April 21, 2018
6:00 PM PDT

A Comprehensive LexiQon of Q Acronyms,
Cited Organizations, Persons, and Terminology

Compiled and edited by Swordmaker

ENTRIES LEADS IN RED are new or changed since last version posted as suggested by Freeper stylin19a, thanks for the idea.

Please Freepmail me me with any corrections, suggestions, questions, or noted errors, thanks.

Note, names are alphabetized as they appear in the Q drops, which is usually first name, last name, for ease of finding them in the list and to keep them together as much as possible with their initials when Q has mixed names with initials.

Time stamps on Q Drops are now correct for when Q posted them, and are no longer relative to the readers time zone.

5 Now includes Q Drop number of first citation use.

Q says spelling and sentence structure are deliberate. That means that almost all strange words in upper case may possibly be acronyms. For that reason it is likely "BOOM" without an exclamation point may be an acronym, not an explosion. "CLAS" is not a contraction of "classified" but also an acronym, etc. so I’m doing research on the most fitting acronyms. If you find a fitting apt acronym, let me know.