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Who Says Obama Will Obey the Supreme Court?
Capitalism Magazine ^ | 4-14-12 | Michael J Hurd

Posted on 04/16/2012 4:24:44 AM PDT by RWB Patriot

President Obama is reportedly shifting millions of dollars to the IRS to begin enforcement of ObamaCare.

This raises the obvious question: What if the Supreme Court strikes down ObamaCare, with a decision expected no later than early June?

Anyone who witnessed the passage of this legislation, as well as Obama’s term in office to date, should realize that question is irrelevant.

Obama and House Speaker (at the time) Nancy Pelosi vowed to “deem” the bill passed if they couldn’t muster up enough votes in Congress, as they ultimately did.

Obama ran on a platform of “transforming” America, and he meant it. Even he knows a government cannot shape a society into exactly what he wants the people to be. But he sure can use the force of government to try.

And this is precisely what he intends to do.

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TOPICS: Government; Health/Medicine
KEYWORDS: dictatorship; healthcare; obamacare
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To: Lockbox

Hunting deer in the woods and hunting humans in battle is vastly different.

Deer hunters will be vastly under-equipped against a battle-hardened military.

It’s a nice mental exercise, but the chances of all this happening are nill to zilch.

Obumbles can hire all the IRS agents he wants, but if the SCOTUS says it is unconstitutional, Obumbles can issue every damn exec order he wants and it will mean squat.

You think that the 26 states plus Virginia will allow the implementation of orders that have been declared unconstitutional? The AG’s of those states and Cucinneli, who is a vicious pitbull of a constitutional defender will just throw it out.

Even the democrats in the judiciary won’t stand for that type of arrogance.

21 posted on 04/16/2012 5:37:58 AM PDT by OpusatFR
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To: Sirius Lee

So Romney is a socialist and Obama is a Communist totalitarian who is willing to kill millions, turn the military against its own people, and declare martial law to keep himself in power for perpetuity? If Fabian thinking is what much of Europe and Canada have done, it is a far cry from what communist china has done to its citizens. I wouldn’t want either outcome but prefer Romney over Obama.

My secret dream is that the libertarian party will draft Sarah Palin as their nominee at their convention next month. She’s not a perfect fit for their views, but they have some commonalities. And the move would be an incredible disruption to 2 party politics which is what the libertarians want the most. Can you imagine the 3 way presidential debates?

22 posted on 04/16/2012 5:47:05 AM PDT by mongrel
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To: Truth29

“I think it is now an open question if the military would fire on the US citizenry. Give Obama a little more time, a second term for instance, and the military will shoot US citizens who fight Obama. The Regime will make it look pretty, label it fighting domestic terrorism, etc., but it will happen.”Perhaps, the U.S. Military is pathological when it comes to obeying orders issued by it’s superior officers. However, this is not the same military as the Vietnam era military. It is much more conservative and much more educated. Obama and his goons know this and consider it problamatic as to whether or not this military will support him. That’s why he made his poorly reported and vetted “we can no longer rely on our military” speech. He tipped his hand in that speech when he stated that “we need a civilian service that’s just as powerful”. I’m paraphrasing from memory but you get the idea. So, when we see that he’s going to hire 15,000 IRS agents, who by the way, are considered armed law enforcement officers same as the FBI or our hard partying Secret Service, LOL, we know where the source of his enforcement force will come from. These will be “his” guys and gals, loyal to him personally. Stay tuned....

23 posted on 04/16/2012 5:51:20 AM PDT by snoringbear (Government is the Pimp,)
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To: mongrel
Can you imagine the 3 way presidential debates?

It would provide great entertainment, but guarantee Obama's re-election. Not worth it, IMHO.

24 posted on 04/16/2012 5:58:49 AM PDT by Pearls Before Swine
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To: OpusatFR
you do realize.....

you do realize that 50-60% of our troops will say " screw this, I didn't sign up for this"! .... And like me , will join the Constitutionalists.

25 posted on 04/16/2012 6:04:35 AM PDT by DCBryan1 (Tagline removed at the request of someone who doesn't "get" Monty Python or Shakespeare.)
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To: RWB Patriot
Who Says Obama Will Obey the Supreme Court?

Obama will not OPENLY defy the Supreme Court order, because that would be political suicide a few months before the election, considering 60%+ of voters want Obamacare struck down. What I would expect him to do is what he has done when he didn't get his way on other parts of his agenda like "Cap and Trade" and "Card Check" is quietly "back door" as much of it as he can through a combination of executive orders and agency rule-making. That is what he has done with "Cap and Trade", the EPA has issued a rule to regulate CO2 even though congress has refused to pass a law. Same deal with "Card Check", it died in congress but now Obama's NLRB is trying to claim they have the power to impose it without congressional consent, through agency rulemaking powers.

26 posted on 04/16/2012 6:05:12 AM PDT by apillar
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To: Pearls Before Swine

I don’t think it would guarantee Obama’s re-election. We have a perfect storm for a third party candidate this year. At least half of the Republican voters would go for Sarah if they thought she was a viable candidate.

The Reagan Democrats and libertarian leaning democrats would also join in supporting her. There are enough anti-establishment, anti-big government and anti-corruption people in both parties that I think she would win. Rural america could win if Obama and Romney split up the cities. Romney can have Utah and Nevada.

27 posted on 04/16/2012 6:06:59 AM PDT by mongrel
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To: RWB Patriot

The best indicator of the future is past history.....

Obama has ignored fed Judges orders on ObamaCare already, so why wouldnt he again..

He see’s himself as this era’s FDR-—add that to his anti USA side, and one can see he will take “action” against the SCOTUS....

I’d say the Secret Service agents home from Columbia should be assigned to the SCOTUS conservatives.

28 posted on 04/16/2012 6:10:10 AM PDT by sbark
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To: OpusatFR
Is this the same military that's doing such a bang up job in Afghanistan after 10 years............

1. You assume that the enough members of the US Military would follow illegal orders to attack their country.

2. You forget that a majority of deer hunters have military training and still believe in their oath to protect and defend the US from all enemies foreign and domestic.

3. I'll take a .308 over a .223 any day.

4. Let's use the Afghanistan kill rate of 30:1 which leaves 100,000 dead military out of 565,463 active duty US Army.

6. So one state and the US Army has lost 1/6th of it members, plus the loss of those not following illegal orders. So the question becomes what will the Army due in the other 49 states?

29 posted on 04/16/2012 6:27:31 AM PDT by Lockbox
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To: Eye of Unk
I would speculate just what or why he is in doing in South America, land of organized kidnapping.

He probably just wants to ensure he gets the same level of campaign funding from the drug cartels that so many of our Senators and Representatives depend on each election cycle.

30 posted on 04/16/2012 6:41:40 AM PDT by Mr. Jeeves (CTRL-GALT-DELETE)
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To: bgill

First I’ve heard of that. Heard about the millions of .40 cal hollow points (illegal under Geneva convention).

Got any links for these vehicles?

31 posted on 04/16/2012 6:45:00 AM PDT by vanilla swirl (searching for something meaningfull to say)
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To: Sirius Lee

It’s like having to choose between diabetes and terminal cancer.

32 posted on 04/16/2012 6:50:41 AM PDT by Verginius Rufus
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To: Lockbox

I agree. Our much vaunted military hasn’t won a war since WWII, and has been routed, humiliated and sent home from a string of little Third World hell-holes.

Add to that, that many of the few real warriors among the ranks either quit in disgust in recent years, or would disobey orders against citizens or join the patriots altogether.

Even the sobering Federal order for 450,000,000 hollow point .40s will likely not do it.

Masses of troops from foreign countries would be a better strategy for the O.

At any rate, we’ll be in the thick of it by year’s end.

33 posted on 04/16/2012 6:51:14 AM PDT by dagogo redux (A whiff of primitive spirits in the air, harbingers of an impending descent into the feral.)
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To: RWB Patriot

Actually, while the SCOTUS is indeed powerless to force the president to do something, in this case, they are not trying to force him to do anything, they are, and can, blocking both appropriations of money from congress and any and all legal enforcement powers based in Obamacare from the bureaucracy.

And while Obama can indeed divert money to Obamacare for a little bit, that is it. The money dries up at that point. If the IRS hires people to enforce Obamacare, once the diversion of money ends, they are fired, because there is no more money to pay them.

More importantly, if a bureaucrats then says that “Because of Obamacare, you have to buy this!”, you can tell him to peddle his papers, and there is nothing he can do to make you. The law becomes unenforceable.

34 posted on 04/16/2012 6:54:23 AM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy ("It is already like a government job," he said, "but with goats." -- Iranian goat smuggler)
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To: vanilla swirl

In addition to that, I’d be interested in the link about the .40 cal hollows.

I know DHS ordered 450 million rounds of ammo. Was this the ammo they ordered?



35 posted on 04/16/2012 7:19:09 AM PDT by Chances Are (Seems I've found that silly grin again....)
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To: RWB Patriot

A few questions and comments.

If the USSC rules against the Muslim in chief (as they should), and given the messiah’s tendency to ignore the Constitution and Congress, just who the hell will stop him, arrest him, put him in handcuff where he belongs? Remember, many of the scum in congress during the Clinton era are still in office and were included in those 500+ FBI files and those certainly silenced many Dem & GOP voices.

If the USSC judges are so wonderful and smart, (they are not), as we have been told by our politicians, why do they need months to verify if the Constitution allows this crap sandwich which nobody in congress fully read?

After years of communist indoctrination at our law schools and years of sitting on various judicial benches and being touted by various presidents as so brilliant why do we still have an almost endless string of 5-4 decisions?

There are only a few possible answers to the question above.
1) These are just political hacks willing to ignore our rather simple and short founding documents and the owner’s manual known as the Federalist Papers for nothing more than political ideology.

2) They are not Supreme Court Judge material and are ignorant of our country’s founding and the reasons behind our Constitution.

3) They are even more ignorant than suggested in choice #2 and really believe that our founding document can be changed by case law (Odumbo and gang believe this) and are never challenged with the question: “Hey douche bags in black robes, if the Founders intended the Constitution to be altered simply by case law, why the hell did they create the slow, deliberate Amendment process? There is not a single piece of lawyer scum in this country which can answer this question without lying.

36 posted on 04/16/2012 7:28:46 AM PDT by Wurlitzer (Welcome to the new USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika))
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To: Lockbox

Lets not go there. Every individual I know in the military takes their Oath to the Constitution very seriously. Obama knows that as well.

37 posted on 04/16/2012 7:48:02 AM PDT by Hoosier-Daddy ( "It does no good to be a super power if you have to worry what the neighbors think." BuffaloJack)
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To: Chances Are

” Was this the ammo they ordered?”

Yep, been discussed here. 450 millionrounds of HOLLOW POINT.
You don’t use that for training or target practice.

38 posted on 04/16/2012 7:52:45 AM PDT by vanilla swirl (searching for something meaningfull to say)
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To: vanilla swirl

Link for the DHS vehicles:

39 posted on 04/16/2012 7:54:44 AM PDT by bgill
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To: RWB Patriot
You know, coming on to FR threads anymore is simply demoralizing. The Dems have already beaten us in our spirits. I'm convinced that even if the Supreme Court rules the entirety of ObamaCare unconstitutional, folks here will find some negative angle.

I truly believe that we on the right have greatly aided the Leftists in the destruction of our country. I couldn't believe how many FReepers joined the Lefts chorus in trashing our candidates (e.g. Bachmann, Cain, Perry). Some of these same people are now bitching that we're left with Romney as our presumed candidate. Sorry, hold some responsibility in this!

We conservatives need to take a good look at ourselves. We hold at least a portion of responsibility for where we're at today. We've made the job of the Leftists that much easier. The negativity and doom and gloom that permeates these threads is the Lefts dream come true. We're dooming ourselves. Self-fullfilling prophesy is a bitch.

40 posted on 04/16/2012 8:08:12 AM PDT by Artcore
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