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Q Anon: 08/01/19 Trust Trumpís Plan ~ Vol.166, Q Day 643 ^ | 08/01/19 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 08/01/2019 10:14:16 AM PDT by ransomnote

Q is the result of the sacrifices and commitment of countless patriots to win back our captured country from the Deep State and achieve the transformation President Trump promised in this campaign video. President Trump has said the awakening of the public is key to this transformation.

Q describes this awakening as follows:

"The Great Awakening ('Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.

"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.

You are not alone and you are not in the minority.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.

WWG1WGA!!!" ~ Q (#3038)

We discuss Q drop content on our threads to learn the truth about the capture of our country, after a lifetime of reading, watching and listening to lies and distortions used to control us and tame the American spirit. The truth shall set us free.

For summaries of Q drops (i.e., posts) discussed on our threads, I invite you to read the latest editions of The Oracle, which include helpful links and quotes to explain Q drop content.

Q drops can be found here in their original format.

Links to our Q threads, and Q drops posted on our threads, are listed in this table.

The video, Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration, is just one of many excellent responses to the all-important question, "Whom does Q serve?" Another excellent source for identifying Q's involvement with President Trump is found at the website titled

Q Boot Camp is a quick, condensed way to learn the background and basics about the Q movement.

Q has reminded us repeatedly that together, we are strong. As the false "narrative" is destroyed and the divisive machinery put in place by the Deep State fails, the fact that patriotism has no skin color or political party is exposed for all to see.

In the battle between Good and Evil, we can't afford to let false divisions separate us any longer. The changes heading our way and the information revealed will, at times, be very difficult to face, but we will face it together. We, and our country, will be forever made stronger for having reclaimed the truth and freedom of thought.

Where We Go 1, We Go All

Note: Links in the post above are included in a resource table linked in Post #1 below, along with many additional excellent links to the best Q analysts and informations sources we've identified.

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: 8chanzotted; brexit; haha8chan; itstwuitstwu; kag; lackofinsideinfo; maga; moonies; q; qanon; trump; wishfulthinking
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To: Bob Ireland; All

Yeah, what is going on with that?


1,721 posted on 08/06/2019 9:54:38 AM PDT by Conservative Gato (Now there are 4 kind of lies... Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and the Media)
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To: Bob Ireland
Didn't 45 show us what would happen to ?

Future proves past?

I will stay on this thread.

Is new thread a possibility with everyone forewarned about linking to ...?

1,722 posted on 08/06/2019 9:58:24 AM PDT by Cats Pajamas (Freedom or Liberty? Which would you choose?)
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To: bagster

Smart move, Strother.

1,723 posted on 08/06/2019 9:58:25 AM PDT by Cletus.D.Yokel (PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS!!!!!)
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To: Conservative Gato
***what is going on with that?***

Mod: Temporarily locked so everyone knows to quit posting 8 Chan links/IP’s. Will unlock soon.

1,724 posted on 08/06/2019 9:59:38 AM PDT by Bob Ireland (The Democrat Party is a Criminal Enterprise)
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To: Cats Pajamas
***Is new thread a possibility with everyone forewarned about linking to ...?***

Mod says the thread will be unlocked when there is compliance with the rule... I suppose that is also up to ransomnote, which is why I pinged... :)

1,725 posted on 08/06/2019 10:03:54 AM PDT by Bob Ireland (The Democrat Party is a Criminal Enterprise)
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To: Bob Ireland
Mod: Temporarily locked so everyone knows to quit posting 8 Chan links/IP’s. Will unlock soon.

Thanks for the update. I just don't understand why such animosity towards 8ch. Yes, the enemedia and deep state culture has demonized it but they do that for a reason. It is to create that animosity towards things they don't like in order to try to bury it or the truth.

It's so sad how our side falls for these things often. I'm just glad we overcame the anti-Trump narrative they pushed here and still got Donald Trump elected as President.


1,726 posted on 08/06/2019 10:19:31 AM PDT by Conservative Gato (Now there are 4 kind of lies... Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and the Media)
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To: Conservative Gato
***I'm just glad we overcame the anti-Trump narrative they pushed here and still got Donald Trump elected as President***

YES! :^)

1,727 posted on 08/06/2019 10:24:07 AM PDT by Bob Ireland (The Democrat Party is a Criminal Enterprise)
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To: Cletus.D.Yokel
Smart move, Strother.

Why, do you bite?

1,728 posted on 08/06/2019 11:34:58 AM PDT by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas".)
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Ephesians 5:4

1,729 posted on 08/06/2019 3:55:19 PM PDT by Lonely Bull ("When he is being rude or mean it drives people _away_ from his confession and _towards_ yours.")
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who or what is Q?

The top section of the table linked in Post #1 of our thread contains links to articles and short videos which answer this question well.

We understand that you may have other questions. Below, please find some of the replies (i.e., user posts and links) which we are in the process of collecting to answer visitors' questions.

2. Is the Q movement a cult?

“Q is not a religion or a cult, anymore than belief in free markets, the Constitution, liberty and American exceptionalism is cult-like. Belief that what someone is telling us is true, because we have researched and decided for ourselves, is not religious belief, it is a fact-based rationally derived opinion in the trustworthiness of a source of information.” ~Defiant

3. Why don't people following Q just answer my questions instead of pointing me to information?

We'd like to help, but the best way to find out what's really going on is to research it for yourself. There is so much disinformation about Q, you'll need to rely on your own research and judgement to be able see through the deception. We've added many research links to the table at the start of the thread that can point you to good online reviewers and resources.

4. Q seems to talk in riddles. Why doesn't Q use plain language?

"If Q is really an insider (as we believe), he/they CANNOT just spill what they know because much of it is classified, including all conversations with POTUS, Pompeo etc.

That's why the communications are in the form of questions, hints, ambiguities and "coincidences" that preclude the possibilities of random chance.

Of course millions of us find the pursuit of these leads entertaining as well, which helps to build the sense of community (((WWG1WGA))) that is definitely part of the plan." ~ Disestablishmentarian

5. What is the 'Socratic Method' and why does Q use it?

Click here to watch part of a video provided by Cletus.D.Yokel which describes the usefulness of the Socratic Method.

6. Why haven't we seen Hillary, Obama, Comey perp walked yet?

"If you have a dem judge trying a case against a derper like Hillary, it would not last long. It would follow the pattern established by a Carter appointed federal judge in Birmingham when former Alabama dem governor Don Siegleman was on trial for one of his many corrupt dealings.

When the jury was seated and jeopardy had attached, the judge decided to rule the prosecution’s evidence inadmissable. The U.S. Attorney had no choice but to dismiss the case, and they were barred by the Constitution from trying the case again. No testimony was taken and no evidence admitted, but Siegleman walked.

The same thing will happen if a dem appointed judge is presiding over a derp trial. As soon as the trial passes the point of no return, the judge will issue a ruling that guts the prosecution’s case. The dems and their media will then go all out claiming that it was a witch hunt using fake evidence, while the derps walk out like Bill Ayers, guilty as sin but free as a bird." ~ Yawningotter

7. Why do some Q drops include disinformation, when Q's purpose is to help us resesarch the truth about what's going on?

"As a general rule, the more someone goes around blabbing about how 'in the know' they are about classified matters/ operations, the less likely they have ever known anything worth talking about.

Winston Churchill said, "In war-time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Not all wars are fought in the open. Evil exists in this world and oft time it must be fought out of sight of the public to protect them.

It is always more important to protect the innocent than punish the wicked. That doesn't mean that the wicked go unpunished. It may mean that the punishment takes place out of the public's sight.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because you don't see things being done doesn't mean that things aren't being done. Yes, it can be frustrating." ~ LonePalm

8. What is behind the push to deceive the public (even some FReepers) into falsely believing, "It's no's never going to get any better!" or, "Even if President Trump exposes the crimes of the swamp, nothing will happen...."?

"Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet defector and KGB operative described the purpose of demoralization:

"A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he [receives] a kick in his fat-bottom.

When a military boot crashes his balls then he will understand. But not before that. That's the [tragedy] of the situation of demoralization." ~ Oratam

9. Aren't you just waiting for Q or POTUS to save us instead of doing something to support Trump's plan yourselves?

Click here to read a few of the ways we're supporting POTUS by following Q.

10. Sometimes threads feature name calling, insults, etc. on both sides of the Q issue. Why the hostility?

"I’m pretty new here in that I just started following the “Q” thread in August while I was bored camping. I have been a FReeper since 1998, though I fade in and out of activity over the years. I, too, was taken by the hostility on the thread and quickness to “take up arms” although it is not uncommon on the rest of the board and on the net in general.

I’m going to put in my two cents though and blame it on the non-believers. They have a way of coming on here and insulting those who follow Q ... insulting their intelligence and belittling them, which seems to be borne of a desperate desire to be right. I understand now why freeq’s (i.e., Q supporters) are so quick to counter-attack, and it’s because they have been attacked from all quadrants... even being quarantined to one thread by the BO.

It doesn’t make sense for non-believers to be so zealous in their efforts to prove that Q is a lark ... after all if a bunch of strangers are deluded, it’s no skin off their back and the FReeqs still participate in elections, activism, etc. No, their zealousness can only be read as a FEAR of being proven wrong and being on the wrong side of history. For this reason I will always side with those who search out knowledge and dare to believe that someday justice could come to those who deserve it... Whether Q is a larp or the greatest milint op ever to light up the new frontiers of the Information Age." ~ Ez

11. What is taking so long!?

There are many excellent accounts describing why this battle to save humanity, which the enemy prepared for over many generations, has not been resolved during the first two years of Trump's presidency. Click here to read Paul Serran's response to this question.

12. Sundance (Conservative Treehouse) has written that Huber is not investigating and that we've been misled, based on his analysis of a recent article by Paul Sperry (RealClearInvestigations and The New York Post). Is it true tht Huber and others are not really investigating anything and that nothing is being done regarding FISA, Hillary etc.?

No, it is not true.

On Feb. 2, 2019, Acting Attorney General Mike Whitaker testified before Congress that Huber and others are part of ongoing investigations as we've previously been told.  Whitaker Confirms Horowitz/Huber Investigations.

Regarding the Conservative TreeHouse article, since Sundance rejects Q information and the concept of the deceptive Mockingbird Media, he sometimes collects and analyzes false or innacurate information. For more evidence of ongoing investigations, Click here for Part 1. and Click here for Part 2. of of Little Jeremiah's posts regarding ongoing investigations of Hillary Clinton and others.

13. Why Q didn’t know about the "sleeper" agent beforehand?

"After Reagan, we had Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Obama-Obama....just about the entire executive branch was compromised over a 28 year period. Early on, Clinton fired 93 DOJ lawyers. They remade the government in their image.

This is an attempt to take down the global cartel. Trump couldn't come in and fire everybody, so embedded agents (sleepers) sat, quietly doing their job, waiting until they were needed to throw a wrench in the works. A lot of them have been caught and neutralized, but there are legions of them. They don't hold up their hands and say, "I'm deep state." As they're discovered, they're cleansed. Sometimes, this puts plans back." ~ Richard Kimball 

1,730 posted on 08/07/2019 4:53:27 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: haffast

So how does Tom Riedel fit in?Thanks for your posts.Learning.

1,731 posted on 09/27/2019 9:48:21 AM PDT by fatima (Free Hugs Today :))
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To: fatima

So how does Tom Riedel fit in?Thanks for your posts.Learning.

N.T. Technologies, with its servers located in the USA and subject to US laws is one of several companies that Jim Watkins owns. NTT hosts the servers that TFC was on for free.

If Fred Brennan’s (nick=”HotWheels”) tweets are correct, Riedel is the “president” of NTT. It’s the first I’ve heard of that name and haven’t vetted the info.

1,732 posted on 09/27/2019 10:03:34 AM PDT by haffast (Double standards exist. Gender equality. Freedom of Speech. Patriots are dying. Anons know.)
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