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Since Oct 11, 2013

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My Grandparents came from Mexico in the early 1900’s. They come to work on the railroads like so many from other nations came to work on. They never got any special treatment and had to assimilate just like so many other foreigners had to do back in the day.

They also left Mexico to escape the government tyranny going on there. The communist-types took over the government and eventually got the power to change their constitution. They took away some of the freedoms that was a threat to their government power. The church was a threat to the statist’s power so they took away many religious freedoms. Many people died trying to get back religious rights back to the people, including a war in the 1920’s, called the Cristeros War. “For Greater Glory” is a great movie that explains what was happening at the time.

My grandparents had left before the war broke out but my Grandmother explained of seeing dead people hanging from telephone poles, those who died while opposing the government, and other atrocities. There were stories of trains being stopped of those trying to flee the tyranny and people were taken out and shot. Fortunately, this did not happen to either set of grandparents as they made their journey here to work on the railroads.

I am so grateful to my grandparents for coming to a country that preserves our freedoms, guaranteed in our Constitution. The sad thing is I can see those freedoms eroding by the same sort of attitude that brought the statist-types or communist-types to power in Mexico as explained by my Grandmother back in the day. We have the same type of people trying to do the same thing here. Statism, whether it is communism, fascism, socialism, never works and history should tell us so but so many ignorant Americans arrogantly think this could never happen here but it has, and it is. The promise of a big-government utopia never materializes, unless you are the controlling elite, but for the rest it leads to misery, death, and tyranny just like what happened in Mexico, Russia, China, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, etc or any other country that has tried statism, only to fail the people’s God-given freedoms and liberties. Mexico hasn’t changed much in 100 years.

Americans should feel blessed for having such a great Constitution that is supposed to protect us from this big-government tyranny but is has been slowly eroded by those who deceive all in the name of more government power. I just hope and pray Americans wake up before we experience what my grandparents had to endure and like Reagan mentioned about telling our children and grandchildren what freedom was like.

Keep fighting the good fight, Constitutional Conservatives.