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Q Anon: (3/16/18) Continued from Tuesday's thread. FRiendly Freeper Collaboration ^ | 3/16/2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 03/16/2018 7:38:19 PM PDT by ransomnote

This is a shout out to all the Anons who have worked so hard for months on the Q boards to bake Q's drops for us. THANQ, Anons!.

The Q team doesn't like it when they receive praise, but hey, they don't have time to read websites (FR) and besides, they can't stop me!

THANQ, Q!!!!
It just needed to be said.

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

This thread is a continuation of the prior Q Anon thread located here:

I plan to post one thread at a time and ping new drops posted to it. The current schedule is to post new threads Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When I post each (new) thread, the prior thread is retired and all new posts occur on the newest thread.

If you are new to Q Anon, the three links below provide overviews to help answer the questions, "Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?".

Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]>
Note: The above thread has been locked for disruptive comments, but post #1 includes a strong, concise Who/What/Where overview.

Q Anon: A Freeper's post re the "new Parallel Construct that Trump has created"

First post to “Q” ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

You can locate Q Anon threads by searching the key words "Q Anon" or "Qanon" using the search window in the upper right of the Free Republic's forum page. The active Q Anon thread will be shown at the top (newest) of the search results.

I stored links to many prior Q Anon threads in my profile page located here:

President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as comments about the press, is located at the following link.

A helpful FReeper passed along the following link. It’s to a group that goes live on Youtube when Q drops are released. I’ll put the link to their general Youtube “channel” here. When new Q drops are released, they start a new live stream video which remains active as long as they have new insights or information or guests to share information. You can look for any live stream videos in progress or recordings of their prior videos at the link.

The following link displays President Trump's tweets and Q Anon drops in one table in chronological order:

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting at the following links. The different websites hosting Q drops don't function the same for everyone. I hope you will find a site that works for you:

Q drops (i.e., posts) often use acronyms. A few FReepers have begun to organize acronym into helpful reference materials. Here is Swordmaker's list of acronyms for your reference:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

For those who would like to find out what people on Twitter are Tweeting about Q Anon
Click to read what Tweeters are saying about Q Anon

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To: SkyPilot

That’s Stan McChrystal with Obama, not Flynn. Just sayin’.

761 posted on 03/17/2018 5:15:52 PM PDT by TADSLOS (Alex Jones isn’t quite the wing nut now, all things considered.)
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To: SkyPilot
Going on full offense now?

Nice analysis, Sky. I think TRUMP ADMIN v2 is in reference to Flynn. In the context, it seems clear to me.

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

I read this as Q saying that Flynn will be cleared and MAY get a second shot at the Trump Admin. (version 2).


Note the question mark. Sounds like a Q guess or proposition.

762 posted on 03/17/2018 5:18:46 PM PDT by bagster (Even bad men love their mamas.)
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To: reed13k

Makes sense to me.

763 posted on 03/17/2018 5:21:09 PM PDT by SaraJohnson ( Whites must sue for racism. It's pay day.)
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To: Townsperson1

You’re new as of today- welcome to FR.

764 posted on 03/17/2018 5:21:18 PM PDT by Faith65 (Isaiah 40:31)
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To: SkyPilot

Behind the Enemy Lines (as the FB”I” seduces a “judge”
to take out an ELECTED PRESIDENT)

“Rudy is on the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court]!”
Page excitedly texted Strzok on July 25, 2016.
“Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.”

“I did,” Strzok responded.
“I need to get together with him.”

“[He] said he’d gotten on a month or two ago at
a graduation party we were both at.”

Contreras was appointed to the top surveillance court
on May 19, 2016, federal records show.

The pair even schemed about how to set up a cocktail
or dinner party just so Contreras, Strzok, and Page
could speak without arousing suspicion that they were colluding. Strzok expressed concern that a one-on-one
meeting between the two men might require Contreras’
recusal from matters in which Strzok was involved.

“[REDACTED] suggested a social setting with others would
probably be better than a one on one meeting,” Strzok
told Page. “I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to invite
you to that cocktail party.”

“Have to come up with some other work people cover
for action,” Strzok added.

Quaerie: Were children taken to the “judge”, too?
or just honeypot assets?

765 posted on 03/17/2018 5:21:46 PM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: reformedliberal

There are many bad groups and individuals who are helping the ruination of our country and others. But IMHO they aren’t all huge players. Many will become weakened or destroyed as a consequence of whatever else happens. I just don’t see the bad guys in the Catholic Church, headed by the nasty Frencis, as being such huge players that they are a real concern at this point. Ymmv.

Just an example - there are Catholic and other religious groups (somehow related to denominations anyway) that take in huge US gov $ to “take care of” refugees. Very bad. But without the gov $ they won’t be able to do that and AFAIK a lot of that money has already been stopped.

766 posted on 03/17/2018 5:21:48 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Half the truth is often a great lie. B. Franklin)
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To: Diogenesis
I love those cards.

767 posted on 03/17/2018 5:22:52 PM PDT by SkyPilot ("I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6)
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To: txhurl
You know he’s a FReeper, yes?

Who? Bannon?

768 posted on 03/17/2018 5:24:30 PM PDT by SkyPilot ("I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6)
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To: SkyPilot

"You want me to what to the judge for that FISA warrant?"

769 posted on 03/17/2018 5:25:22 PM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: reformedliberal; txhurl; ransomnote; MNDude; SkyPilot; Steven W.; bagster; greeneyes; ...

Some here have been seeking to peer into the deep state’s end game. [I have been quite interested in reading that conversation.]

As many of you know, I have been puzzled why we are seeing straight reporting on matters regarding “UFO’s.” There are a host of issues which do not seem to be related, and yet are.

I have just heard a clip from an intel source, “Zach,” who has chosen to speak of his information/analysis on infowars. It seemed to pull answers to many of my questions together for me. It touches on Seth Rich, the Miramar/Space Force speech/ MS 13, globalist manipulation of Russia, and the END GAME of the globalists.

Even though info wars is not considered the highest source here at FR, nevertheless, this guy has been speaking for many months, and parallels the Q info. He has stated in the past that he is not on the Q team but knows who they are. He has stated he is in other operations and while not involved, supports what Q is doing.

Jones states that he is a known source, and has appeared on tv, - that we would probably know and recognize him, and that infowar sources in the intelligence community have certified his bonafides. Because of certain operations Zach is in right now, he is choosing not to release his full name publicly as he delivers his analyses. He is NOT releasing anything which would be a violation of secrecy laws.

The clip is 29 minutes long. The first 4 1/2 min is Jones updating on Seth Rich and the law suit against him and Col West and others by Georgetown U - using tax dollars to get them censored and shut down. So if you scroll to about 4.5, you will hear Zach come in shortly after that.


770 posted on 03/17/2018 5:25:32 PM PDT by TEXOKIE
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To: Townsperson1
If charges will be/were dropped, how likely would he be unaware? He might tell us, even.

Sure, that's why I bookmarked that. Flynn is a convicted felon. He plead guilty to a felony and is awaiting sentencing. However, there have been some rumors around he could be pardoned. If Flynn's charges are “cleared” then that would lend itself to some credibility. But a few other proclamations have been lost and/or forgotten in the shuffle.

771 posted on 03/17/2018 5:26:47 PM PDT by corlorde
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To: Diogenesis

He looks Russian.

772 posted on 03/17/2018 5:26:52 PM PDT by petitfour (APPEAL TO HEAVEN)
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To: ichabod1

Have you looked at her history? Read between the lines.

773 posted on 03/17/2018 5:28:32 PM PDT by gnarledmaw (Hive minded liberals worship leaders, sovereign conservatives elect servants.)
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To: little jeremiah
Yeah, am going to accept that for the moment. Present in a"general" sense including personnel within the agencies . . . #1 twice a reference to an individual who had led the agency.

#2 easy . . . RR State, McCabe FBI and over at Every single person at the State Department. Yes everyone including my buds who went to work at the State Department. Everyone! Corrupt in the head! I am still LMAO, about the North Korea announcement. It was successful because not one person from State Department was involved. We all see how corrupt FBI and DOJ is because of the tangible results we see in the news. State Department has always been the bottom of the swamp, worse than what we see and read about FBI and DOJ. Argh . . . I just told the waiter I need a pitcher of beer, not a bottle.

774 posted on 03/17/2018 5:29:04 PM PDT by saywhatagain
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To: little jeremiah
Al Smith dinner Hillary roasted by The Donald-Comedy gold.

Jeremiah, check out this vid of The Donald busting fatass's chops at the Al Smith CATHOLIC charity dinner where they raised 6 million dollars for charity. Lots of rich bigwigs in attendance, press leaders, and important mucketymucks.

My point in posting you this is, the Catholic church still has a lot of juice in the United States in politics and other places. Don't discount the Pope's power and influence.

My opinion. For what it's worth.

Also, that video is soooo hilarious. I just love watching The Donald's work. His gung fu is strong.

775 posted on 03/17/2018 5:29:55 PM PDT by bagster (Even bad men love their mamas.)
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To: ichabod1

Monsanto terminator genes

776 posted on 03/17/2018 5:30:31 PM PDT by gnarledmaw (Hive minded liberals worship leaders, sovereign conservatives elect servants.)
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To: corlorde

Flynn is a good man. He was threatened using
his son. He was framed.
Do you understand that?

777 posted on 03/17/2018 5:32:00 PM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: SkyPilot

Tony Shaffer

778 posted on 03/17/2018 5:33:18 PM PDT by txhurl (The Final Thunderdome: Two Americas enter, One America leaves)
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could mean Russia influenced the Dems & illary

779 posted on 03/17/2018 5:34:42 PM PDT by WildHighlander57 ((WildHighlander57, returning after lurking since 2000)
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To: Chuckster

Soap box - they’re censoring us on the most popular internet forums, and the media is owned by the DNC.

Ballot Box - voter fraud is real, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

Jury box - The leftist/activist judges are keeping things from trial. And, how many of the traitorous leftist leaders have even seen the inside of a courtroom in the last 40 years?

Cartridge box - they’re trying to remove this one every way that they can. But there’s plenty of us that are still willing to say “I’m your Huckleberry”

780 posted on 03/17/2018 5:34:43 PM PDT by meyer (The Constitution says what it says, and it doesn't say what it doesn't say.)
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