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Q Anon: (3/16/18) Continued from Tuesday's thread. FRiendly Freeper Collaboration ^ | 3/16/2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 03/16/2018 7:38:19 PM PDT by ransomnote

This is a shout out to all the Anons who have worked so hard for months on the Q boards to bake Q's drops for us. THANQ, Anons!.

The Q team doesn't like it when they receive praise, but hey, they don't have time to read websites (FR) and besides, they can't stop me!

THANQ, Q!!!!
It just needed to be said.

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

This thread is a continuation of the prior Q Anon thread located here:

I plan to post one thread at a time and ping new drops posted to it. The current schedule is to post new threads Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When I post each (new) thread, the prior thread is retired and all new posts occur on the newest thread.

If you are new to Q Anon, the three links below provide overviews to help answer the questions, "Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?".

Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]>
Note: The above thread has been locked for disruptive comments, but post #1 includes a strong, concise Who/What/Where overview.

Q Anon: A Freeper's post re the "new Parallel Construct that Trump has created"

First post to “Q” ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

You can locate Q Anon threads by searching the key words "Q Anon" or "Qanon" using the search window in the upper right of the Free Republic's forum page. The active Q Anon thread will be shown at the top (newest) of the search results.

I stored links to many prior Q Anon threads in my profile page located here:

President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as comments about the press, is located at the following link.

A helpful FReeper passed along the following link. It’s to a group that goes live on Youtube when Q drops are released. I’ll put the link to their general Youtube “channel” here. When new Q drops are released, they start a new live stream video which remains active as long as they have new insights or information or guests to share information. You can look for any live stream videos in progress or recordings of their prior videos at the link.

The following link displays President Trump's tweets and Q Anon drops in one table in chronological order:

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting at the following links. The different websites hosting Q drops don't function the same for everyone. I hope you will find a site that works for you:

Q drops (i.e., posts) often use acronyms. A few FReepers have begun to organize acronym into helpful reference materials. Here is Swordmaker's list of acronyms for your reference:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

For those who would like to find out what people on Twitter are Tweeting about Q Anon
Click to read what Tweeters are saying about Q Anon

TOPICS: Miscellaneous
KEYWORDS: 19; barsoomian; billgates; conspiracytrash; corning; endgame; frootloops; gates; haarp; hepburn; hollywood; mccabe; q; qanon; qistroll; qmastertroll; rain
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To: Cboldt
Then we need to deliver a strike package right to their underground bunker. We go, you go too. Scorched earth policy! No one will survive. Hey, but look at the bright side, Nature will thrive 😁
541 posted on 03/17/2018 12:53:12 PM PDT by Keyhopper (Indians had bad immigration laws)
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To: bagster
Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political

This is interesting ... according to some critics, "Q" is AI - but it's always clearly NOT been AI. However ... a bot army does have proper + astute use of AI - the other direction i.e. "responding" to posts on Twitter. Google could easily propagate such thing(s) and use to promote their own content, etc.. That could be an SEO++ strategy but if it's used for narrative agenda then it's political and under different auspices. Google has never been one to follow their own published public corp. rules & regs but it would be interesting to see what their formal stated policies are in these regards.
542 posted on 03/17/2018 12:54:54 PM PDT by Steven W.
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To: No_Doll_i

Roger that!

543 posted on 03/17/2018 12:55:16 PM PDT by defconw (Because Americans are dreamers, too!)
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To: victim soul; All
It is unbelievable how many replies @real Donald Trump are ugly and profane.

Such hatred comes from satan.

Pray for Justice. Pray for our President!

Amen! With the last report, and that was awhile ago, there were something like 22 million following Q's messages and by now it has to be much more.

It just goes to show how social medias are gaming the system to bring the negative comments to the forefront while shadow banning or outright banning the positive comments from being seen. They are desperate to re-establish their corrupt narrative so we can't fall for their deceptions.

If any of them responsible for this are reading here I hope they understand this is very anti-American what they are attempting. I also hope they come to realize justice will come for them. Patriotic Americans WILL demand it!


544 posted on 03/17/2018 12:55:29 PM PDT by Conservative Gato (There are NOW 4 kind of LIES; Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and the Media.)
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To: defconw
I really think the more brains and eyes the better.

Concur. And I've noticed a nice uptick in new posters. Q nation grows apace.


545 posted on 03/17/2018 12:56:25 PM PDT by bagster (Even bad men love their mamas.)
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To: Cboldt

>>IMO, Mueller indicting Comey (hahahahah) wouldn’t help elect pro-Trump actors into Congress. It would energize the DEMs.<<


This is exactly the type of good strategic thinking that I believe President Trump is engaged in. Offensive actions must be for the purpose of destroying the entire enemy organization, not just taking out an individual scumbag no matter how justly deserved.

We not want to win a battle; we wants to win the war.

546 posted on 03/17/2018 12:57:59 PM PDT by Disestablishmentarian
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To: bagster

Geez Hannity is REALLY taking it to Comey

547 posted on 03/17/2018 12:59:14 PM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: bagster

That was just off the top o’ me noggin’.

On St. Patty’s Day no less. Impressive.

548 posted on 03/17/2018 1:01:05 PM PDT by Kalam (<: The answer is 42 :>)
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To: Steven W.
I am not very techy. But when I used google stuff. (I quit using google). I would get add on for whatever I googled on Facebook and virtually any other site that has adds.

By way of example I was looking at nursing homes and I was just googling their locations. Suddenly I was inundated with adds about senior care. Hell I was looking for a job! So that could be bots, no? Because it did not figure out why I was looking at those sites.

549 posted on 03/17/2018 1:02:19 PM PDT by defconw (Because Americans are dreamers, too!)
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To: defconw


How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





550 posted on 03/17/2018 1:03:10 PM PDT by MNDude (RED CROSS RED RED. NK. Hussein. ASIA. Why was that STRINGER sent out? Decode. News unlocks message.)
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To: No_Doll_i

Yep, Sean’s been on Jim’s ass for about an hour now.

551 posted on 03/17/2018 1:03:22 PM PDT by txhurl (The Final Thunderdome: Two Americas enter, One America leaves)
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To: Disestablishmentarian

I concur. We can’t lock them all up, as much as we would like to. I think the idea is to neutralize and defang as many of the black hats and their minions as possible. JMHO

552 posted on 03/17/2018 1:05:00 PM PDT by defconw (Because Americans are dreamers, too!)
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To: MNDude

Well, everyone is a lot faster posting that I am. I thought I posted it first, LOL

553 posted on 03/17/2018 1:06:11 PM PDT by MNDude
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To: No_Doll_i
Geez Hannity is REALLY taking it to Comey

Haha. He sure is.

Sean Hannity Retweeted James Comey

Mr Comey, I know you are scheduled to be on GMA with Clinton BFF @GStephanopoulos. I know you are scheduled to be on @colbertlateshow and also be on @TheView I would like to invite you on Hannity on FNC for a full hour, and The Sean Hannity Show for 3 full hours. Will you accept?

I get the feeling that's gonna' be a hard no.

554 posted on 03/17/2018 1:06:14 PM PDT by bagster (Even bad men love their mamas.)
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To: MNDude

Flynn has had his charges cleared?


555 posted on 03/17/2018 1:06:26 PM PDT by corlorde
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To: FlossieBuzz

I suspect the gates had no idea that the drugs were diluted. That they were victimized too

556 posted on 03/17/2018 1:06:39 PM PDT by hoosiermama (When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.DJT)
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To: Kalam


557 posted on 03/17/2018 1:07:30 PM PDT by bagster (Even bad men love their mamas.)
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To: MNDude
You got molasses in your pants.


558 posted on 03/17/2018 1:08:24 PM PDT by bagster (Even bad men love their mamas.)
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To: defconw

If they broke the law, lock them up. I for one am tired of playing politics especially if what they did comes anywhere close to treason.

I don’t think the public gives a tinkers damn about Comey and everyone knows he lied and protected Hillary.

just my 2 cents

559 posted on 03/17/2018 1:08:51 PM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: jjotto

Didn’t I read somewhere about McCabe’s net worth being $11M already?

560 posted on 03/17/2018 1:11:20 PM PDT by 9YearLurker
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