Since Dec 19, 2003

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David Baron, whose commentary on Zechariah is highly recommended, gives two
reasons as to why this prophecy is so precious to Christians.

First—because of the clear and striking manner in which it testifies of our Lord Jesus.
Luther calls Zechariah “Ausbund der Propheten”—the quintessence of Old Testament
prophecy—and this is especially true in reference to Messianic prophecy. Indeed it seems
to be the special aim and mission of Zechariah to condense and concentrate in small
compass, and in his own peculiar terse style, almost all that has been revealed to the
“former prophets” about the person and mission of Messiah—about His Divine and yet
truly human character, and of His sufferings and of the glory that should follow. . . .

Secondly, on account of the light it throws on the events of the last times preceding the
great and terrible “Day of the Lord,” which is fast approaching.