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1948 U.N. Resolution defines Genocide...

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Biographer Of Ted Kennedy--> He Loved Chappaquiddick Jokes

Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago

CBO: Our "Stimulus" Jobs Estimates Are Useless (Flawed Math, But Nothing Warm-Fuzzy About It.)


Congressman Gets An Earful From Protesters At Tennessee Town Hall (Video)

Cutting Defense While ACORN is Getting Billions ?!?!?

Doctors Are Opting Out of Medicare

England MP Lord Ahmed Threatens UK Democracy With 10,000 Terrorists

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Obamacare, and Death Panels

FCC's 'Diversity Czar' Proves Obama Gov't Has Declared War on America

Fireworks at Congressional Oversight Panel as It Hints at Bank Nationalization

Forced Vaccinations, quarantine camps, MA Senate reportedly passes "Pandemic Response Bill 2028"

Free Conservative American Wordpress Theme

Glenn Beck on Obama's Private Army- 8-27-09.. All I Can Say Is WOW.

Handgun Permit Carry in Reciprocal States- Better Safe Than Sorry

Harry Reid Supporters Egg Tea Party Express Buses in Route

Heidi Klum

Hillary Clinton Breaks Into Laughter Discussing Pirate Terror Hijacking Attack (Video)

IDF Official YouTube Site

Internet Anonymity (Technical info)

John's List of Liberal Code Phrases

Liberal at Huffpo thinks Mary Jo Kopechne didn't mind dying for Ted

Man Arrested for Eric Cantor Death Threat

Mena, Arkansas - is this why the Bushes and Clintons protect each other? (L.D. Brown book)

Messiah mystery follows death of mystical rabbi

NC Tax Day Tea Party

Neil Cavuto Clobbers Sponsor of Radical Pay-Limit Bill

Obama Running Low On Cabinet Hopefuls Who Actually Pay Taxes

Obama Spokesman Mocks Ally Who Supported US Anti-Missile Policy

Obama Turns 9/11 Observance Over to al Qaeda Sympathizer

Obamacare And The Death Of Detroit, The First U.S. City To Face Extinction

Obama’s New FCC “Diversity” Chief Believes Government Should Control All Media

Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?" (video)

Peter Schiff - Alex Jones Radio (Explains how it happened)

Peter Schiff on (Best detailed argument I've seen yet)

President Obama To Water Down 'Buy American' Plan After EU Trade War Threat

Ron Paul's plan to fend off pirates

Roy Masters issues final warning to America, Tues/Wed 14-15 Apr 2009)

Secessionist movement under way in Texas

Senators introduce bill to federalize cybersecurity

Talk Shoe

Tea Party Attendance

The Dual Cititzen POTUS Disqualification Issue Stands Alone (Donofrio on Obama's dual citizen birth)

The Obama media smear machine

The OBAMA Song!!!

The Trouble With Textbooks

Turkish Newsman Mocks Obama in Blackface

UN: Hamas raided warehouse in Gaza, seized blankets, food

Vanity: What has happened to Hotmail?

Video: Student Who Tangled With Barney Frank Talks To Greta

Video: Study Says Bush Saved 1,000,000 Lives

Video: White House Says Obama "Unaware" Of Tea Parties

Watch Barack Obama vs. The Law Here! (video)

Wikileaks releases 6,780 congressional reports

Will the White House and Treasury Let the Big Banks Repay TARP Money?

WS-NC Tea Party

“Cam Sham”: Obama’s Photo Op with Cheering, Camera Wielding Troops 100% Staged