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Ultimate Nutball David Hasselhoff Video Ping List ping!

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Salacious Ping List ping!

Native Houstonian, petroleum land analyst for a large oil and gas E&P company by day, Xena lookalike by night . . . and a diehard conservative.

I have many skills . . . I cross-stitch, play PC games, read (mostly Brit lit and history, and government), needlepoint, basket-weave (first-ever basket in progress), and bead.

2001 was my first season to work at the Texas Renaissance Festival: Xen Shadowhawk, warrior of the She-Wolves, overly fond of strong drink and men in uniform, clad in leather and something that looked like brass and armed with quarterstaff and Frisbee of Death to fight for justice.

For the 2002 season, I presented the irascible Tatharalla Maquissar Lindariel, elven high marshal to Queen Sylwen Lassethule Vanatari, leader of the Anareldar. Those who are permitted may call her Ralla.

In 2005, I reprised my 2003 role of proud Indian - I mean, a noble Native American - who pulled duty as the native guide for the Spanish Conquistadors. My Indian name, in case you're curious, is Dances on Tables.

2006 saw the debut of Margarita Maria Conchita Alonza Bonita Esperanza, Infanta de Aragon (¡olé!). She's the sister of Felipe the Handsome, and quite the party girl - she's all about style and Spanish sex appeal. According to those in the know, Margarita is THE role for me. (I think they might be right.)

2007: who was Margarita again? This season, I was overwhelmingly lucky to be playing Juana la Loca, mad queen of Spain (the sister-in-law of last season's character Margarita). Even though it took me a few weekends to discover Juana's inner nuttiness, it was my favorite season EVER.

2008: New season, new costume, new court, new faire husband! Screw 2007. This was clearly my best season yet. My Spaniards all ruled, and I will fight to keep us together for 2009 and beyond.

I see you! No sneaking up on me.

Being insane is no reason for not looking marvelous. Which Juana does.

Man oh MAN, does Juana ever have the crazy eyes.

What could I do? The Conquistadors made me a lovely pine-needle salad, and the photographer was standing right there.

Margarita is a pretty, pretty princess. And she knows it.

Margarita and her sister-in-law, Juana la Loca.


Margarita is less than pleased at the fight master's choice of two-handed swords.

Mary MacPuttPutt, Margarita's mortal enemy, screams in fear at her impending doom! (Which unfortunately never happens, but it was a good fight.)

Victory is mine! And this morion is making my head sweat.

Frenchmen tell the best dirty jokes.

A warm Indian is a happy Indian.

Cortez might beg, but I will allow no other women.

Apparently, you are NOT permitted to call her Ralla.

Xen strikes a pose.