Since Oct 17, 1998

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I love politics, therefore I freep. Free Republic offers a place to relax and enjoy good conversation and keep up with the news. A psychological test once told me that I have a Snoopy personality. I think that means that I'm a dreamer who loves people. I especially love our service people who sacrifice to protect our freedom. May God bless each one of them. I have lived in nine states and this one is the best. Here I will stay.

I love to read and hike. They are sort of polar opposites. Maybe I need them both to keep me balanced. Jesus Christ is Lord of my life and the Holy Spirit is my guide. I collect angels (not intentional). They just kept multiplying) and crosses (intentional).

In my lifetime I have been a wife and mother, in public relations/promotion, a secretary, a billing clerk, a waitress, in sales, and Pastor. I returned to college at age 52 and earned a B.A. in Sociology/Religion, and earned my M.Div. at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond. I am currently (2015) serving my 11th pastorate after 23 years, even though I am officially retired.

below is my alter-ego, Katy Ulen. Katy is a re-enactor at early frontier events.

Gif gift from Wolfie

Margaret C. Daugherty Martin:1934-2006 - Marine, and my spiritual Sister. Rest in peace dear Maggie.

create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks.

Yes, I really have visited all those states, plus three Canadian provinces.

Haven't looked at my profile for ages. I see that a lot of my gifs have vanished, and also the pictures. I am sad about that as they all had some special meaning. But I have forgotten how to use the codes in order to add more pictures.