Since Jul 27, 2002

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I hve been a FReeper since the krinton era. As a lurker, well before that. Since Trump’s election, not so much. You see, I was a never Trumper. In the end, I did vote for him as I always vote for the rightward-most candidate. Over that last few weeks, I have also come to appreciate him. However . . . I have a lot of reservations. Not just about the DON, but also about the nature of FreeRepublic. Of course, I was banned from posting because of my stance. OK, I thought, this is a narrow-minded leadership that cannot tolerate dissent and I get that. However, it is the changing nature of FReepers that is getting to me. Back in the day (when the net was new), FR was a haven. A literal haven for conservative thought. It burst at the seams with witty, humorous people who loved the country and actually had brains. Today, not so much. Every day I read threads loaded with racist crap (Amish this and Amish that) and anti-homosexual language that would make Heinrich Himmler blush. OK, so gays are screwed up. I get that. But it is no reason to persecute people or spill your hatred onto public pages. Even so, the crap continues and the fund raising continues. Jim, if you really want support, return to your roots. Kick the haters off the site and allow free thinkers to speak their minds - freely. If not, I need not post. I will continue to lurk (as I did at the beginning) but I have no desire to communicate with lockstep drones. FR just ain’t what it used to be.