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Vindicating the Serbian People: An 'Aerial' Counter-Attack Posted on 11/12/2004
Paratrooper501, who was one of the original KDOM Racak observers was here. Wish he'd stuck around longer – I had so many questions

Work of the Hague tribunal in Racak case criticized Posted on 01/19/2004
Where Dr. Ranta says the OSCE Observers had collective amnesia: "...Even at that time I expressed that the OSCE observers had forgotten all the steps one usually expects by way of protection of the scene.."

Finnish investigator (of "Racak Massacre") Helena Ranta to testify at Milosevic trial Posted on 11/26/2002
C'est finis

Progress in Kosovo 'Slow-Going,' Security Council Told Posted on 11/08/2002
We all work together to pull together the evidence. Wonders posts her timeline.
Inquest is dazzling! Don't miss a single one of his posts!

Armed KLA Prevent Reconstruction of Racak Event Posted on 03/13/2002
Things that make ya go hmmm. Great stuff from Wraith.

The Forgotten Background of the Serb/Albanian Conflict Posted on 10/18/2000
Excellent thread with lively debate! Tony makes his debut

"I Felt that Something Was Wrong" (German Newspaper Confirms Racak Incident was a Hoax) Posted on 04/05/2000 16:31:51 PDT
Stella was here!

Non-FR Racak links:

Independent forensic autopsies in an armed conflict:  investigation of the victims from Racak, Kosovo
Abstract of the Finnish forensic team's report

Finnish ballistic anaylyses
"On the basis of ballistic analyses, the victims were shot at a range of less than 30 metres from the trench and then dumped in it."

Complete Analysis of the Incident at Racak on Jan. 15, 1999
Chris Soda's pro-Serb version

Naval War College Balkans Chronology
The Navy's version
(and the Navy is always right!)

Two pro-Nato Dutch articles with some amazing quotes by Dr. Ranta (Where's Dr. Henry Lee when you need him?)

Yugoslav Government War Crimes in Racak Human
Rights Watch version

Ian Robert Hendrie's ICTY testimony on Racak
A Brit detective/OSCE Observer takes the witness stand at the Roo Court

Kosovo: Obscure Areas of a Massacre: The images filmed during the attack on the village of Racak contradict the Albanians' and the
OSCE's version
Le Figaro version

Were the Racak Dead Really Coldly Massacred?
Le Monde version

Nine Questions Concerning the Racak Dead
Libération version

Hrvatska Croatia Krajina RSK (with Sahovnica on top!)

Tudjman's Orders to Expel the Croatian Serbs Found?
Posted on 10/18/2004
A deal is a deal

Sarinic of course

Mysteries at The Hague Posted on 08/25/2004
Canadian filmmaker's footage of Knin after Oluja disappears and reappears (and wonders gets her dander up)

Croatian atrocities being forgotten: Cdn. officers Posted on 07/21/2003
Wow, Col. Andy is a Maj. Gen. now! He deserves it, too, God Bless him!

Serbs "disadvantaged" in Croatian war crime trial Posted on 03/01/2004
"The OSCE findings show that 83 percent of all Serbs put on trial for war crimes were found guilty, compared to just 18 percent of Croats."

Ex-rebel Croatian Serb leader convicted at Hague Posted on 01/28/2004
Babic the Perennial Weasel

Back from the Grave: Familiar stories in Croatia Posted on 02/07/2003
2002 Census analysed and other fun things – seriously, it is a rollicking thread!
Kosta50 scores at 22. Branicap delivers a knockout punch at 35 and Supercooldude bites the dust. Gael shines as cheering squad.

Croatian skier under fire over 'Nazi' remarks Posted on 01/17/2003
Gee, it musta been that war movie I watched.

In 1992 DFA describes Croatian mass murder of Serbs in Vukovar Posted on 12/23/2002
A peek inside that dark shroud of mystery

New study questions values taught in Croatia?s textbooks Posted on 12/20/2002
U is for…

Milosevic trial identifies secret witness Posted on 12/07/2002
Pop goes the weasel

Croatian Serb refugee accused of committing war crimes Posted on 10/20/2002
Trop sets the record straight. (And he's still Trop!)

Croatia seeks constitutional court ruling on ex-army chief indictment Posted on 10/12/2002
Bobetko. Lots of great posts. Kosta50 shines. Wonders gets a little too passionate (blush). Wonders hints about Ceku without naming him, but no one picks up that ball.

Ex-Bosnian officials arrested for terrorisim and espionage walk free Posted on 10/06/2002
Never mind the title, it's in this category because we mostly discuss Z-4.

War crimes trial resumes in Croatia Posted on 09/19/2002
Lora case

War criminal's presidential bid Posted on 09/08/2002
Fikret Abdic

Croatia probes death of ethnic Serb returnee Posted on 02/20/2002
Sad and senseless death in Benkovac

Just one of those things that ended in tragedy.

Uproar over Film "Storm over Krajina" Posted on 10/17/2001
Wonders goes gabby (blush).

NATO-Led Peacekeepers May Pass Through Yugoslavia Posted on 08/23/2001
This thread got ZaDommed.

Croat Witnesses Charge Tudjman Loyalist with War Crimes in Bosnia Posted on 11/03/2000
Ichabod Walrus does some 'splainin' (and does it well).
Vojvodina and wonders like the Feral Tribune.
Okay, maybe this one belongs under Balkans Potpouri

Kosovo and Macaroni

NATO peacekeepers shot at in Kosovo Posted on 07/10/2004
A lesson in buckshot

Danish civil servant appointed new UN envoy for Kosovo Posted on 06/16/2004
Enter Søren Jessen-Petersen of Denmark

Serbia seeks end to UN mission in Kosovo Posted on 06/13/2004
But in the end…

Kosovo: Norwegian envoy to head UN probe into March violence Posted on 06/12/2004
Are UN probes anything like alien probes?

We Bombed the Wrong Side in Kosovo Posted on 05/29/2004
Lots of discussion and an impressive shot of Bondsteel

Uncertain Future for the Serbian Refugees Posted on 04/08/2004
Somehow the refugees were forgotten and the thread devolved into Orthodox v Catholic
Not very Christian of us, eh?

Peacemaking Operation in Kosovo Failed — Russian Defense Minister Posted on 04/06/2004
Ivanov has his say

We bombed the wrong side? Posted on 04/06/2004
Maj-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie!

U.N. Seeks to Salvage Kosovo Peace After Violence Posted on 03/31/2004
Grossman sighting

A mob of hooligans threw grenades at my soldiers Posted on 03/30/2004

Albanians posed as Serbs [to kill UN cops] to stoke ethnic fires in Kosovo Posted on 03/27/2004
Who's who?

Prisoners of liberation Posted on 03/26/2004
UN bashing and Bondsteel was built for the ages

Russia Aids Kosovo Refugees, West Remains Out of Touch Posted on 03/25/2004
See MarMema's post #13 for where to send donations!

We Will Arrest Kosovo Ringleaders, Says Solana Posted on 03/24/2004
So where is Ceku really from anyway?

Czechs hold line in Kosovo Posted on 03/25/2004
Wait a minute – what percent Catholic?

Peacekeepers Collect Evidence in Kosovo Posted on 03/23/2004
But what will they do with it?

KFOR forbids use of church bells in Kosovo (because they irritate the muslims) Posted on 03/22/2004
Article from May2001. Wonders scolds Seselj for changing the title.

U.N. and Kosovo Policemen Killed in Patrol Attack Posted on 03/23/2004 4:42:01

UN accuses Kosovo violence instigators of 'crimes against humanity' Posted on 03/23/2004
Maybe this one belongs in the UN Bashing category?

Holbrooke Says Violence in Kosovo Was Inevitable Posted on 03/23/2004
Only Holbrooke could argue the KLA violence is a point in favour of giving them their own statelet. Makedonski gives a good summary. Getoffmylawn makes astute observations.

Kosovo in flames as Albanians renew war on Serbs Posted on 03/17/2004
History is disussed here, too. (Typical Balkans thread!)

UN staff evacuated (Kosovska Mitrovica) Posted on 03/18/2004
Sigh. Maybe this one should be under UN Bashing, too.

Albanians Turn on NATO 'Liberators,' as War Explodes in Kosovo Posted on 03/18/2004
Good article. GeronL writes his own dictionary.

Rush has finally focused on the Kosovo problem Posted on 02/17/2004
This thread was seriously RBJed. 500+ posts

Serbia Declares Kosovo Part of Republic Posted on 08/28/2003
Gold star posts by kosta50.

US fabricated evidence in Yugoslavia, says former official Posted on 05/27/2003
Getoffmylawn gets the gold star. (And kosta50 contributes some keen nuggets.)

How the battle lies were drawn Posted on 06/14/2003
They shouldn't have named that poor snake after her.
The python is nicer and much better looking, too.

Wolfowitz in Skopje – What Next for Macedonia? Posted on 05/20/2003
Trop reincarnates once again and wonders is so unfair to him, mistaking him for supercooldude reincarnated (blush).

Serb alert for Kosovo border troops 02/12/2003
I miss branicap! God Bless you wherever you are!
I also miss vooch, Voronin, BlackJade, robbinsj, randalcousins Vojvodina and many more

The Kosovo conundrum: By its own performance definitions, the U.N. effort has been a failure Posted on 12/21/2002
Wascally Wabbits!

UN Police station attacked in Kosovo with anti-tank missile 01/22/2003
Educational (Betcha won't read it now!)

US initiative for Kosovo independence Posted on 01/13/2003
Wonders gets clued in. (KMRIA)

Prominent Scholar Says Independent Kosovo Would be Failed State Posted on 01/09/2003
Fusion makes an appearance. Wraith is most informative. Gael is wicked funny.
And there's a dirty shirt in there somewhere.

Haselock: We did not mean to stigmatize the reputation of the KLA Posted on 02/11/2002
Great blonde jokes from Gael at #132

THE BALKANS: KLA commander arrested for anti-Serb War crimes Posted on 12/01/2002
So where's Ymeri now?

War crimes investigations facing difficulties with witnesses in Kosovo Posted on 10/23/2002 Ceku and Glavas rear their ugly heads on this thread

Kosovo mayor said killed in post-vote shooting Posted on 10/27/2002
Notice what they don't say?

The Cruelest Cleansings Posted on 10/09/2002 The Krasniqi brothers

Kosovo Albanian attitudes change Posted on 09/29/2002
Where have all the flowers gone?

Jacky Rowland (BBC) reported no ethnic cleansing in May 1999 Posted on 08/20/2002
Blast from the past

Montana Minister visits Kosovo says Media (and Clinton)lie - Interview from 1998 Posted on 03/30/2002
Vooch keeps digging into the past and hits paydirt

Yugoslavia Transfers 145 Prisoners "7 Albanians declined transfer, say they prefer Serbian prisons" Posted on 03/26/2002
Your prison or mine?

TURKS OF KOSOVO: WHAT TO EXPECT?* (Yugoslavia/Serbs protected Turks, Albanians and NATO Don't) Posted on 03/11/2002 9:59:49 PM EST
It's not easy being green

Forgotten KLA Massacres - Glodjane, Klecka, Orahovac, Izbica, Lipovica, Klina,...... Posted on 03/13/2002
There are massacres, and then there are Massacres

Kosovo - list of Civilians murdered presumably by KLA in 1998 Posted on 12/20/2001
Lively thread. Also some stuff on Croatia. Funny how some people used to get along.

NATO on Trial: Milosevic Skillfully Stage-Manages Trial to Put NATO on Stand Posted on 02/16/2002
Maybe this one belongs under Racak. Wraith's post worth a read!

Did Pravda write the title this way just to get it on FR?

Milosevic Master Spy Says No Expulsion from Kosovo (and he is the prosecution's witness!!) Posted on 07/26/2002 Wonders on her high horse again (gotta stop doing that!)

Milosevic Says FBI Paper Shows Al Qaeda in Kosovo Posted on 03/08/2002
Kate22 gets the gold star for her #26

U.S. Soldier Shoots Self In Kosovo Posted on 11/19/2000

Is Pravda true to its name?

NATO's number nonsense Posted on 08/30/2001
"since Macedonia is not yet "mature" enough to be in NATO, NATO will be in Macedonia"

Maps of Regional Troop Strengths, Troop Movements and Fighting Posted on 03/16/2001 09:34:26 PST
Maps and useful links – good reference thread!

Why are we in Ko$ovo? A mystery unveiled. Posted on 03/14/2001 06:16:17 PST
And up from the ground come a-bubblin' crude

GET ME OUTTA HERE! (eXile from Kosovo) Published: 26 October 2000 A
uthor is in the full flush (drunk?) of youth, foul-mouthed, and a possible culture vulture, but amusing and "there".

Balkan Oddities

Techniques of a Coup d'Etat (Balkans) Posted on 07/08/2004
What's wrong with this picture?

French priest accused of stealing remains of Serbian saints Posted on 06/08/2004
Saint nabbing in Kosovo?

Solana hits back after stormy Kosovo trip Posted on 03/26/2004
Bizarre speech by Solana about organised spontaneity (oxymoron alert), but an exciting guest appearance by longjack and some good discussion!

Extortion in Kosovo: Silence but No REFUND! Posted on 01/08/2003

Will Balkan journalists suspected of encouraging war crimes escape prosecution? Posted on 09/27/2001
What an odd idea

Balkans Potpouri (This is Jeopardy!)

Disinformation: Operation Serbia Posted on 06/08/2005
Patriotism v Nationalism

The road to death at Srebrenica (massacre videoed) Posted on 06/03/2005
The Dutch, the Polish and the Croats are also discussed.

Serbia shocked by video showing Srebrenica shootings Posted on 06/02/2005
Dio gets it right. Some interesting posts.

(Serbian) President attacked in central Belgrade Posted on 12/01/2004
Kosta 50 debunks this one

Bosnian 'peacekeepers' flee with one million euro haul (Bet my left one it was French troops) Posted on 12/02/2004
Oops, there goes one!

Vindicating the Serbian People: An 'Aerial' Counter-Attack Posted on 11/12/2004

Balkan Islamist Circles Report Surge in Rumors of N-Strike at US Posted on 11/02/2004
Fusion remembered

SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC, ESQ. -- Legal Strategy From The Yugoslav Strongman Posted on 06/22/2004
Slobo and the Roos deserve each other

Bosnian Serbs ADMIT for First Time Security Forces Massacred THOUSANDS of Muslims During War Posted on 06/11/2004
The "Illyrians" again

Serbia to pay Milosevic, fellow suspects at Hague Posted on 03/30/2004
Yet another thread is RBJed

U.S. troops hand over terrorist suspect to Bosnian authorities Posted on 01/30/2003

Serbs burn parliament, seize police stations Posted on 10/06/2000
Hello Tony! A welcome new addition to the FR Balkans threads

Bosnian Serbs ADMIT for First Time Security Forces Massacred THOUSANDS of Muslims During War Posted on 06/11/2004
Duplicate thread, but RBJ missed this one, so I appreciate the dupe!

Bosnian Serbs Admit For The First Time Srebrenica Massacre Posted on 06/11/2004
This one was naturally RBJed.

Why aren't they asking the Balkans questions at the 9-11 hearings? Posted on 04/20/2004
Gen. MacKenzie! (Yes, I'm a fan of his.)

Serb priest regains consciousness after NATO raid in Bosnia
Posted on 04/09/2004 Prayers are answered

Priest and son in critical condition after NATO raid (Bosnia) Posted on 04/01/2004
Oh dear! So sad, so awful! But DTA makes a good ice cream truck joke.

On the Ruins of Yugoslavia/Dismantling of State by Germany Posted on 06/07/2004
Gold Star post at #13 by getoffmylawn!

THE BALKANS: Al Qaeda Looking for Blond Recruits Posted on 01/31/2004
My little spiel on Srebrenica and IFOR/SFOR at #163

Wesley Clark Admits Targeting Civilians In Yugoslavia Posted on 01/26/2004
Can Weasley weasel out of this one?

The lesson of Slobodan Milosevic's trial and tribulation Posted on 02/13/2003
When is a war criminal a war criminal?
Great posts by kosta50 plus excellent post on sanctions by Voronin at #59

U.S. troops hand over terrorist suspect to Bosnian authorities Posted on 01/30/2003
But we mostly discuss destruction of churches and mosques

Dec 12th Report from UN Tribunal - Milosevic vs. Humna Rights Watch Posted on 12/12/2002
Lots of great posts and info here!

A Rare Glimpse at the Reality of the Bosnian War Posted on 12/19/2002
Srebrenica discussed.

Bosnia Horror Like WW2, Albright Tells Hague Court Posted on 12/17/2002
Gold Star quote by mr.pink: "Very rarely does one encounter a woman who has such an air of imperial sadism about her."
Lots of interesting and insightful posts!

Bosnian Serbs walk out of parliament's inaugural session Posted on 12/04/2002
Something crawled out from under a rock

Dutch intelligence says al Qaeda network recruiting Bosnian Muslim veterans Posted on 12/09/2002
Still no blonde jokes? I was hoping!

Hague Tribunal Shows Desperation by Cutting Milosevic's Statements from Transcript Posted on 11/15/2002
An oily thread

Bosnian Islamist Foreign Minister resigns suddenly after 9-11 - Why ? Posted on 09/28/2002
Some intersting stats and stuff here.

Naser (Nasir) Oric - Srebrenica War Criminal - detailed list of his attacks on Christians Posted on 09/03/2002
Very interesting post by branicap!

Prominent Dutch minister says his government was responsible for Srebrenica genocide Posted on 03/30/2002
Our best Buddhist is reincarnated once again

5 Bosnians 4 of whom survived the Srebrenica massacre killed in traffic accident (Oh Really?) Posted on 03/27/2002
Sometimes an accident is just an accident, however tragic. Counting Lessons.

Milosevic Permitted to Ask Questions [ At UN tribunal ] Posted on 03/12/2002
Vooch makes some interesting points. How to keep up with our best Buddhist?

Raid on agency in Bosnia points to al-Qaeda link Posted on 02/22/2002
Deincarnation happens. And we all can't just get along, of course.

U.N. Halted Sex Trafficking Probe Posted on 12/27/2001

The Balkan Branches of the Terror Network "in search of blond Moslems" Posted on 10/14/2001
What, no blonde jokes?

US and Britain close embassies in Bosnia Posted on 10/17/2001
Who was that cleaning lady?

Ah, that Mr. Nice guy

Clinton-approved Iranian arms transfers help turn Bosnia into militant Islamic base Posted on 09/10/2004
The Iranian connection again

Al Qaeda Was Killing People for Three Years in Srebrenica Posted on 08/20/2004
Maybe this one belongs in Balkan Oddities?

Croatian man viciously attacks a Serb at a festival Posted on 07/26/2004
Ma bell has a sad story to tell. Joan makes a funny.
And someone still has a thing for men in tights.

Markovic says he was tortured to give false testimony at UN Tribunal Posted on 07/27/2002
Tempers run high. Trop bites the dust.

On the Ruins of Yugoslavia/Dismantling of State by Germany Posted on 06/07/2004
Gold star post by getoffmylawn at #13

Bosnia Raid Yields al-Qaida Donor List Posted on 02/19/2003
Branicap's #83 is priceless! I laugh myself silly every time I read it.

Bosnian Muslims Call for Holy War Posted on 10/15/2001
Our best Buddhist goes down in flames, but we know that like a phoenix…

Book Review: Inat, Tested Mettle and essential Balkan peacekeeping reading Posted on 04/27/2000
Must read!

"Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War" Documents Misguided Intervention In The Balkans Posted on 11/03/2000
Getoffmylawn's documentary! A must-keep thread!

Bob Dole and Yugoslavia; "Concurrent Resolution 150" and Other Puzzle Pieces Posted on 04/21/2000
Dole on the dole

Bosnian [Protege of Clinton's] Muslim Leader slams "lies" on Bin Laden links Posted on 10/12/2001
The Faith of "Daddy" and its legacy

DOUBLE STANDARD: Why Have We Supported and Encouraged Islamic Jihadist Terror Against Serbs? Posted on 09/14/2001
Arator dusts off his/her soapbox

UN Bashing (Fun with Tinfoil and Jackboots)

US withdraws UN measure on immunity for US soldiers Posted on 06/23/200
They want to remove our soldiers from UN command. Trouble is, there are none!

The United Nations Organization - Bruce Herschensohn Posted on 08/03/2004
No sex or videotape, but lies there are aplenty

U.N. Does It Again Posted on 03/24/2004
Pardon me, Mr. Laskin, but your ignorance is showing

Some Fascinating Facts about Iraq and the U.N. Posted on 02/15/2003
Putting it in perspective

Please, Please Help our Anti-UNICEF Halloween Freep Posted on 10/30/2001
Still shakin' my head

UN Flag FLYING in Gainesville, Florida Posted on 10/25/2001
Don't go here without a beer

AT WHAT PRICE? Posted on 10/16/2001
Enter the Twilight Zone

AMERICA-BASHING U.N. SHOULD GET LOST (Boy! Is She Mad) Posted on 09/21/2001
Put on your farm boots… lots of muck here

Buggin' out of Afghanistan. What can I say?

Fusion Jazz Fusion Jazz Fusion (No, don't ask why. It just amuses me.)

OMPF Shares Concerns of the Council of Family Associations Posted on 01/22/2004
More adventures of Mr. D

Russian secret service seizes copies book linking it to 1999 bombings Posted on 12/30/2003
A cheap suit and bad haircut

Are British Muslims Planning Surprise Terror Attack in the UK? Posted on 02/16/2003
Giap (again) and Coventry

Bleak terror warning for Londoners Posted on 12/18/2002
Fusion's into Tet. Wonders learns a thing or two from Wraith. MadIvan and Kate22 are here!

[Russian] Peacekeeper Found Dead in Kosovo "shot in the back and the back of the head" Posted on 10/25/2001
Gold star quote by Mojo: Code of Lek meets "Exotica".
Slavic terrorism satire

Chechen rebel president names negotiator for talks with Russia (Putin:You have 3 days to surrender) Posted on 09/25/2001
Hey, what happened to the exploding toilet thread?

NATO ready to replace U.S. troops in Balkans Posted on 10/13/2001
We learn a nice little song from Fusion and Tony makes a welcome appearance.

Bosnia - base for terrorism Posted on 10/15/2001
The Hippo Bank and Allah's Suitcase: Dry is good and wind is better

THE BALKANS: Gangsters and Albanian Nationalism Posted on 08/21/2003
Pivo and the Tirana-Pristina axis

Other Stuff

Terrorists Still Have Children Hostages (100 Dead, 400 Wounded) Posted on 09/03/2004
Duke Nukem lives

Sudan rejects ultimatum from UN Posted on 07/31/2004
Yes, they are all Muslims

Clinton on German TV: "It was a mistake for us to attack Iraq" Posted on 07/12/2004
A certain ex-prez is no class act

"The last of the cold warriors" Posted on 06/05/2004
Der Spiegel's ugly spiel on Reagan. Do we need a new word "agit-obit"?

Let Jennings, ABC Hear from You on Blasphemous 'Jesus and Paul' Special Posted on 04/06/2004
Gnosticism discussed. Kosta50 clears up the mystery of the Bogomils!

Moscow Patriarchate calls Mel Gibson's movie useful remedy Posted on 03/25/2004
Russian bashing

U.S. helped Qatar link Russians to killing [of terrorist] Posted on 03/24/2004
Horse trading

Germany provided chemical, biological warfare mobile labs to Iraq in the late 80's Posted on 02/17/2003
Curioser and curioser

Toasts and Hopes for a Better Day: Albright's Visit to North Korea Recalled [can we survive AP?] Posted on 01/12/2003

How Moscow courted terror Posted on 10/25/2002
Those Chechens are so romantic.

Ebola-type Virus Reported in Iran Posted on 10/18/2001
That's our wonders: soothing the hysterical wherever she finds them.
Maybe she could better spend her time!

Expert: Russia Knew in Advance, Encouraged Citizens to Cash Out Dollars Posted on 10/18/2001
Warning: do not enter without your tinfoil beanie!

Guide to the Perplexed on Afghanistan Posted on 10/16/2001
Great reference

Complete List of Terrorist and Insurgency Groups Worldwide Posted on 10/12/2001
But is it complete?

Taliban Atrocities mass killlings.......Confidential UN report details mass killings Posted on 10/12/2001 12:38:06 PM EDT
What did the UN know and when did they know it?

Getoffmylawn provides welcome comic relief at #20

Taliban retake district from Northern Alliance
Posted on 09/26/2001 1:53:10 PM EDT

Posted on 09/21/2001

British News Spills the Beans Posted on 09/23/2001 1:57:26 PM EDT
Loose lips sinking ships or planned release?

They can't see why they are hated Posted on 09/13/2001
Getoffmylawn asks us to think. Does anybody want to?
Lots of posts. Little thinking. Now we know people would rather post than think, but then I think we already knew that.

U.S. Consulate in Russia Threatened[RUSSIA LOWERS FLAGS AND GIVES BLOOD!] Posted on 09/13/2001
Oxi-nato was still around. I miss him, too! ts

Administration Considers Broader, More Powerful Options for Potential Retaliation Posted on 09/12/2001