Since Jul 14, 2003

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When we were young soldiers, we took the things we saw seriously.

When we came home, after witnessing the insanity of war, we were met by a stony silence that condemned us to believe that this war was different from other wars. Our ignorance of history led us to believe that we were unique and fallen warriors. Documented cases, such as My Lai, served to solidify this ignorance. We were caught in a trap. Silence and abuse. Shame.

My days are much shorter now.

I don't care anymore.

I am fully convinced that we did our very best.

Those who are serving our country in the current war on terror, will not suffer the same fate of the 2+ million veterans of Vietnam.

We will make sure of it.

Semper Fi from a doggie who hated the Vietnam War, but could not imagine life without it.