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Ah yes to be 20 again


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Jr getting ready to qualify at TMS...my pic


My screen caps from Shifting Gears


Jr The Beginning of a career

Dale Jr: (after a slight pause and after rolling past several jet-powered track sweepers) “Man! I am flat bored out here. How long does it take them to sweep the track? It’s just gonna get dirty again.”

Dale Jr: “How many laps down are we?”
Tony Jr: “Nine.”
Dale Jr: “Nine? I thought I made up three laps? You said were 10 down a bit ago!”

Tony Jr: “I skipped one. But, you’re doing a great job.” Dale Jr: “Well, help me out here. I don’t wanna be sitting in this car doing calculus. I’m too busy to be doin’ math out here.

Dale Jr: “Guys, I’m pretty satisfied with how we ran today. (Half joking) My car’s pretty good if (Tony) Jr. wasn’t so lazy and gave me that bad set of tires…”
Tony Jr: “I think my stuff was pretty good all day, especially if my driver would quit whinin’ after 70 laps on a set of tires. If he woulda been able to run 80 laps, we’d be up front and I wouldn’t have had to change so many sets of tires…”

Dale Jr: "Somebody needs to break up this party goin' on here… (loudly) "NOBODY TOUCH THIS CAR!"… (pause) "For everyone listenin,' that last quote was from the great movie 'Stroker Ace…' (back in uh... 'character') "I said 'Nobody touch this car!"'"
Tony Eury Jr. (car chief) "We were wondering why it took two of those officials to keep an eye on you…"
Dale Jr: "Hey - they just want some 'cool points' to rub off onto 'em…"

Tony Eury Jr: "Where y'at?!?"
Dale Jr: "Who knows?! I broke at turn one so now I am at… (pause) who-knows-what-turn… (pause) I'm at 'www.who-the-he!!-knows.com…'"

‘Understatement Award’ after spinning on lap 178, but continuing without hitting anything: Dale Jr: “Uh… I guess you can only go so fast at this place…”

Dale Jr: “W@$$up, guys?! You guys have fun tonight, alright?… Whoa! Somebody just threw a beer bottle at the car…”
Ty Norris (team spotter): “Yeah, NASCAR is talking about it too.”
Dale Jr: “It musta been Sterling Marlin that threw it cuz it was a d@mn Coors Light…”

Dale Jr: “Don’t let ‘em throw the green flag again here, it’ll happen all over again. Let me explain it to ya: when it’s raining, the ground gets wet, OK?!

Jeff Clark (engine tuner for the Bud team, asking about the oil and water temperatures under the long caution period) “How do the gauges look?” Dale Jr: “Nice. They’re silver and they all have nice little red needles…”

Dale Jr. (complaining about the track crew using too much of the powdery oil-dry to clean up the accident) “Sandstorm! Turn Two! Sandstorm!” About another driver: “What the…!? I swear to God I wanna punch him out!”

Joey Meier: “OK Junior, you’re clear behind the 10 car…” Dale Jr. (who pulled out in front of the 10 instead, narrowly avoiding a collision): “WHOA! Clear my a$$!”

Dale Jr: "Hey -this water bottle is flying around in here. Can I just throw it out?"
Tony Eury Jr. (car chief): "Uhhhhh… well. Wait. Let's check with an official first. We don't want NASCAR penalizing us for throwing [litter] on the track…" Dale Jr.: "Let me know, 'cause it's just rolling all around."
Tony Jr.: "OK, they say you can throw it out at the end of the pit lane here when you come by next lap."
Ty Norris (spotter): (joking) "If we win this race, Action [Performance, which produces most NASCAR souvenir items] can produce a special die-cast with the flying water bottle accessory…"

Ty Norris (spotter, during a long yellow flag from lap 137 through 149) “I wonder how many people have turned over to football by now?”
Dale Jr.: “I’ll bet they all have turned over. These caution flags are endless. I’m bored out here.”
Danny Earnhardt (front tire carrier, making reference to Dale Jr’s love for the Washington Redskins) “Do you want to know the Redskins' score?” Dale Jr: “NO! I don’t want to hear any scores. I am in a great mood out here, and I don’t want anyone to ruin my good mood. Maybe I can use this time for something productive, like brushing up on my rapping skills or something…”

Dale Jr.: “Hey (car chief Tony Eury) Junior…what do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?” Tony Eury Jr.: (immediately) “A stick.”
Dale Jr. (laughing loudly) “Hah hah hah hah hah you must have met the same girl I did!”

Dale Jr. (during a yellow flag period early in the race): “I am watching the water temp(erature)… It’s about 220 degrees (Farenheit)… I was worried because I remember back in the days when 210 was all ya wanted to see…”

Jeff Clark (team engine specialist): “Hey man, Wilson says it’s OK…” Dale Jr: “There ain’t no Wilson here…” Tony Eury Sr. (crew chief): “Yeah, he’s there, but I’ll bet he’s all swollen up from the heat inside that car…He’s never seen heat like this.”
Dale Jr.: “Seriously? I don’t see him…”
Tony Eury Jr. (car chief): “Yeah, he’s right there – behind your water bottle…” (dramatic pause)
Dale Jr.: “Hey! There he is! (calling out like Tom Hanks’ character in the movie) WILSONNNNNNNNNN! He’s in here man! I got a buddy…”

Dale Jr.: (referring to his Budweiser sponsorship versus Rusty’s brand-x sponsorship): “Yeah! My beer is better than your beer! Rusty and I always race the he!! outta each other…”

Dale Jr: “C’mon Tony Jr! Speak up! It sounds like you’re using some sorta megaphone! I just can’t hear it over this screaming engine. Or is it that your voice is just not masculine enough?! (laughter erupts among the crew.)

Dale Jr: “The car is pretty good, but I have a bad vibration. I need to get that tire offa here. I feel like I’m pretty decent otherwise. (He then starts speaking in an exaggerated, trembling voice, as if he were standing on a paint shaker.) eeeeeeevvvvvveeeeeeennnnnunnnnnderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr theeee yellllllllllllllowwwwwwwwww flaggggg: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbbraaaaaaaaaaaaaationnnnnnnn…”

Hmiel: “The left front’s not turnin.’ Let’s get those fire extinguishers…. (to Junior) Do you have brakes? Put that fire out first. Put out the fire… you alright in there June?”
Dale Jr: “’Bout as good as I could be, I guess….”
Hmiel: “Just makin’ sure you’re still breathin’ alright in there.”
Dale Jr.: “What’s cutting the left fronts down?”
Hmiel: “We don’t know. We aren’t crazy on air pressures or camber. It’s the fourth one so far today.”
Dale Jr.: “I’ll ride it to the third flat tire, but then you can get somebody else to get in here for the fourth…”

After several minutes of silence:
Pete Rondeau (crew chief): “You sleeping in there?”
Dale Jr.: “No, I’m flipping everybody off.”

Following a brief radio chat with Darrell Waltrip for Fox’s live telecast of the event:
Dale Jr.: “That was a cool piece of commentary. Maybe I’ve got a future.”
Hmiel: “Yeah, like you need it.”
Rondeau: “They’re getting restless out there (in the grandstands). They’re doing the wave.”
Dale Jr.: “Yeah, you should seem ‘em all down here. Crazy stuff going on.”

Dale Jr.: “Alright, uhhhhh, that was not such a good stop. But still, when you’re (crappy), you’re still better than most. Haha. Gotta feel good about that, huh?

Dale Jr.: “We need some padding in this seat. Shocks are rough. It’s kicking my @$$… Y’all gotta fix this seat. d@mn, my a$$ hurts.”

After watching a big crash in front of him on lap 379:
Dale Jr.: “Second verse, same as the first.”

Dale Jr.: “I know you probably don’t give a (crap), but that was pretty fun. Heh heh!”

Dale Jr. had a bird’s-eye view of a hard crash between two lapped cars on lap 242…
Dale Jr: “Ahahahahahahahah! That was trip! Gollllllllllllleeeeeee! I could see that comin’ from way back.”
Steve Hmiel: “Good job. We were lucky to miss that one.”
Dale Jr.: “Yeeeeeeeeoooooooooowwww! I hope nobody’s hurt. They hit hard there. CRASH! BAM!”

Dale Jr.: (Joking about his issues) “What else can I complain about today?”

Dale Jr.: “Next year, they ought to consider giving the ‘lucky dog’ award to whoever drives up through there the best… like I did.”
Hmiel: “Yeah, they ought to have a ‘Whatever’ Award.”
Dale Jr.: “Yeah? he!!, that was a lotta work!”

Dale Jr.: “Hey, much better! All I was saying is I like the way the car drives. The radios need to be better. And I drive a half-second faster when I’m pissed off. So get me angry.”

Steve Hmiel (crew chief): “Yeah, I think you’re gonna set the record for lucky dogs.”
Dale Jr.: “Hey, they made the d@mn rule!”

Dale Jr: (joking, most likely) “Good. I’m glad they did because I was thinkin’ about wreckin’ him. (chuckling)”
Jimmy Kitchens (spotter): (nervously, and perhaps directing his comments to any officials who may have been listening) “You mean you were only thinking that….” Dale Jr: “Hah! Yeah, I was just daydreaming. Just jokin. It’s crazy out here. That 4 car (M. Wallace) was racing somebody hard and he just came down and wrecked us.”
Tony Jr; (referring to Dale Jr’s hand gesture following the incident): “It’s amazing how far your arm can come up out of that window when you’re mad, isn’t it?!
Dale Jr: “Hah hah hahahha Yeah! Hah hah!”

Dale Jr: “What’s for lunch?”
Bud crew member: “Manwiches!”
Dale Jr.: “Ah. Excellent. That’s a bonus.”

Dale Jr.: “(Tony) Junior, your radio is the worst radio. Do you ever want to get a new radio? I complain about it 38 weeks a year, but you keep bringing it back. I don’t know what it is with Junior’s radio. I can hear pit guys fine, I can hear the spotter fine, but I can never hear Junior. I don’t know what it is. Can somebody help him out? It’s like he’s got a piece of metal in his head.”

Dale Jr.: “he!! yeah he’s a big SOB. I still ain’t real sure how he gets in a car when it’s on all fours.”