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Shredded chicken sandwiches!

If you like chicken and you like sandwiches then this one is worth trying. They are simple to make and taste great - a real cut above the store-bought chicken spreads and a whole lot cheaper. Note that this form of a chicken sandwich is generally available only in parts of Ohio. If you're in N/W Ohio, ask for Root's Shredded Chicken at the grocer's. Nuke and eat! Or, try this, it's not too bad a substitute.

Open 1# can of chunk chicken and drain all liquid into saucepan. Take ½ cup water and add ½ tablespoon of corn starch or flour. Mix with fork until lumps vanish. Add to liquid in saucepan and bring to simmer, stirring constantly! It will thicken slightly, like gravy. Add chicken and chop up with spatula while stirring, or use a potato masher! When good and hot, remove from heat, salt to taste and using slotted spoon or a fork, put meat on buns or, for less mess--hot dog buns! The leftover gravy, etc., can be used for chicken and rice/noodles or whatever.

The first section contains my alterations in the parodic vein.

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When you see it...

I'd like to know what V10 that coffee table's made from.

If you recognize this place [pic from 1973], it has hardly changed a lick to this day{!}

There's a good chance you may have met this guy, Charlie Tuna!

He used to make drinks like this on weekends, not quite as fancy, but with pickle, celery, cheese and whatever he had on hand,
for the princely sum of $3 each. They were strong, too, had 4 and had quite the buzz...

You might have said:

No, I was on foot that day, I lived a block from the bar!

I couldn't resist doing this one.
The original Dilbert strip is from 6.19.2003

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