Since Aug 16, 2012

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Back in July 2015 I had a life changing event. Two coworkers had a strong impact on me. They never approached me directly but I guess just being around them at work helped nudge me in the right direction, them along with a few other things.
After spending a week very unsettled, wondering about the world, our country and the way I have lived my life, and my wife wondering what in the heck was going on with me, I then one day after work just sitting on the couch all alone made my decision.
You see, in July I gave my heart to Jesus. I spoke the words aloud, asked forgiveness for my sins and prayed for God to change my life. I've always believed in God and Ive always believed in Jesus, but as a Pastor friend of my mom and dads told me recently, it was obvious to him I now believe with my heart. Almost immediately un-Godly things I had been doing, thinking and the way I had been behaving for a very long time just left me like dead leaves falling from a tree. I know that sounds a little dramatic but its the only way I can explain it.
That afternoon when my wife got home from work and while still sitting on the couch, I had a big smile on my face, and after the previous week of being very distant and quiet she was wondering if I was cracking up or what. She said "are you ok?" And I said "I am now". I explained everything and told her I felt compelled to be in a sanctuary somewhere (at that point I didn’t care where). We began to attend church soon after that and after a few more Sunday services I told my wife I wanted us both to spend the rest of our days worshipping God and living an active Christian life as was intended. She agreed and we have been attending what is now our home church ever since.
Not too long after we began to attend, our church announced there would be a beach Baptism. (we live in Fla.) I told my wife I wanted and needed to be Baptized, something that had eluded me (or I eluded it) even as a kid when I was attending church semi regularly. Prior to the Baptism date Cindy told me she wanted to be baptized too so we went together. Thats a day I surely will never forget. The peace I now have in my life and in my heart is unbelievable. I come to work with a smile and people wonder whats going on with me and thats not the old me. Lol. Anyway, at work when people say in passing hows it going? My answer now is always Im doing great. It does take some that have known me for a long time a little by surprise, but if they ask why I’m in such a good mood I get to tell them. After all, that is what Christians are supposed to be doing. You know the story, I once was blind.
Didn’t mean to lay my whole testimony on those of you who have read this far but it just kinda poured out. If you dont know Jesus, I was once where you are and I would strongly suggest you consider making a decision of your own. Its the best one I have ever made in my life.