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"Abortion is Vital to the Solution" -- A 'Key Point' from Kissinger's NSSM-200

"Russian Expert Warns Of Biological Terror Attacks On West!"

"The Speech" - General George S. Patton, Jr. (WARNING: Profanity!!)

20/20 to do Story on "Home Grown Terrorists" Tonight (volcanic BARF alert!)

A Nuclear Knife Aimed at America’s Heart

Abortion clinics report receiving 110 envelopes with white powder inside

Abortion clinics report receiving 110 envelopes with white powder inside

Abortion Is Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth

Abortion rights a United Nations problem

ALAS, BABYLON, Post your "post-attack" conditions of YOUR CITY here. Thread 01

ALL: CBS' '60 Minutes' Promotes Anti-Catholic Bigotry [Press Release]

America Is Falling Into An Illuminati Trap{a bank Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi, lawyer Vernon Jordan

Andrew Sullivan: America at War

Anthrax Letter Writer Profile

Anthrax Threats Mass Mailed to Abortion Clinics

Ashcroft Seeking to Free F.B.I. to Spy on Groups

Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Breaking:...NBC Just Reproted

Bush: fear of bin Laden nukes

Can Someone Help Me With HTML Picture Post?

CIA Officials Reveal What Went Wrong – Clinton to Blame

CIA Reportedly Warned FBI About One Suspect (6 Stories of Prior Knowledge By FBI & Government)

CNN: Clinton & Reno's FBI warned 6 Years Ago of Plans To HIT Pentagon With Airplane!

Dad rules toddler: Says son not worth working long hours

Early Outspoken Opponents of Abortion - all women

Earth First! says they will OVERTHROW the U.S.!

Emergency Preparedness (year's supply of food, 72 hour kit)

F.D.N.Y. -- Funeral Schedule (10/20--11/11)

Father Pavone Asked to Leave Priests for Life

FBI FOREKNOWLEDGE: Laden Suspect (Moussauoi) in OKC Bombings and WTC Attacks Identified &Jailed

FReeper Million Santa March saves the day for Kensington Town, Montgomery County, Maryland!

Freeper Research on Anthrax Perps - Updated 9/17/01

Freeper Research on Anthrax Profile 11/30/01

Ground Zero: A Journal

Help please with Conservative or Founding Father quotes

Hijacked pilots may have been murdered before crashes

Hillary was SUPERB!!"

Hillary: Bill Was Better Than Bush

Incompetence and Callous Disregard (Media turns blind eye to Abortionist Crimes)

Incredible, new slide show of 9/11 attacks

International Reaction to Terrorism (list of countries and their position)

Kids say and draw the darndest things to the troops

Look Who's Waving the Flag Now

Massive Free Republic Changes

Media fifth columnists, New York terrorism and Israel

New York Writer is Shocked by High School Teaching and Culture

Orthodox AIDS magazine says NO heterosexual aids

Photo: Andy Card tells President Bush about the tragedy

Planned Parenthood Plans Parenthood For Your Children

President Bush's Favorite Recipes

Q ERTY 4: hillary's typo

Quinns Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew

Radical Animal Rights Groups Step Up Protests

Radical Islam or Communist Direct Action

Re-enlistment information for " Prior Service "

RESPECT LIFE MONTH: Help save pre-born babies.

Scores of abortion clinics and advocacy groups receive anthrax threats

September 29

Shippers: Government Prior Knowledge - Pending Attack

The Day of Terror: Campus Reactiuons

The Greatest Destroyer of Peace today is abortion

The Green Taliban Of America


The US vs. James Kopp:A Conclusion in Search of its Evidence

VERY IMPORTANT STUDY - Sexual Transmission During the Incubation Period of Primary HIV Infection

Vladimir Putin: Spy turned politician

What the Media is Churning Out is Trash (Great Article)

Who was Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood? Your kids might want to know

Why Can't the Name of Jesus Be Mentioned in the White House this Christmas?

Why Johnny Can't Think: The Politics of Bad Schooling

World Trade Center attack: first-ever first "vertical implosion" halfway up?