victim soul
Since Feb 12, 2000

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I am a Roman Catholic wife and mother of four sons, one of whom served in Persian Gulf as an Airman First Class working on F-4s in the Air Force in Persian Gulf. Interests are God, Family, and country.

I worry about Judicial Tyranny as I witnessed a Catholic priest sentenced to federal prison for blocking a door in prayer to an abortion clinic.100,000 Americans have gone to jail to save the two victims of abortion -- the mother and her child.

I can't tolerate seeing our military abused as I was a candy striper in Boston trying to cheer up and support returning seriously wounded Vietnam soldiers. I can't stand to not be told the truth by our media. I can't stand silent watching the debasement of American values and standards that brave men and women died to keep.

I want to leave this country strong and decent for my grandchildren -- I don't have any yet but can hardly wait!! I was a lurker for a long time because I was just beginning to use a computer. Free lance writer for a start up Pro-Life Catholic volunteer newspaper. Have been an activist and advocate my life.

Thank God for this website that links me to undistorted information and the no longer silent majority!! Favorite Saint: Thomas More. Hobby: Avid reader