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Gun Rights & Politics

General Engineer. Retired 10 years ago after 30 years at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. At the time of my retirement, I was the Advanced Engineering Analysis group leader in Weapons Division. We analyzed complicated systems and structures using state-of-the-art hardware and software. See my Engineering Page.

A typical requests for analysis went something like this:
This design is cast in concrete and can't be changed, but there is a problem. We want you to fix it without changing anything.

Statement: Sometimes a very simple experiment can be worth reams of legal opinions.

Distortions amplified by 500X.

OBJECTIVE.... The objective of this study was to compare the FEA calculation results using the 3D model of the rifle to Test Data on an accurate benchrest rife.  The dynamic response calculations gives some insight and understanding on what a tuner does to the motions of the rifle barrel and how a muzzle tuner might affect the accuracy of a rifle and Point of Impact (POI). The calculation loads simulates the gas pressure traveling up a rifle barrel behind the bullet. The deformations in the rifle and barrel are calculated and then a 100 yard projection of the barrel's muzzle is displayed. The FEA results are then compared to test data for four different loads of N-133 powder and the resulting average muzzle velocities. Click here to see the page.


Before the election, I was working on my Varmint Al's Hunting Page and generally enjoying life, but now am fighting the good fight to preserve our Republic. With Bush as President, I am back to working on my web page and having a good time on the Internet.

Bartholomew is my Black Labrador Retriever and he has his own web page: .

Bart was at stud and we now have one of his puppies. Tide is his name and we are in the process of training him for a Junior Hunter Title. Here is a picture of Tide.

Little SusieQ is our new puppy from Bart and Sadie.
She is a darling and into everything. The Helders and their two young sons raised the puppies with a lot of human contact.
They turned out to be very well socialized and happy to be with people. SusieQ is going on our morning and evening 1.5 mile walks and can now keep up with Bart and Tide. She is already a part of the family and doing very well. She sure has the Labrador appetite and is always hungry. She is happy with a squeaky toy and brings them to me to play fetch. Fetch is built in with Labs and she is already a fetch dog.

Good Hunting... from Varmint Al