Since Jul 19, 1998

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Part-time ex-Engineer living up here in the mountains of NorCal (Northern California), originally from Silicon Valley. Came up here to visit a friend and just fell in love with the area, now I can not imagine living anywhere else. More Libertarian/Anarchist/Constitutionalist than Conservative, and I do hold many Conservative values, but not a Liberal by any stretch of the imagination, lol. Love this country, although some parts of its government need tweaking, and spent almost ten years in the military doing My small part in what I felt was My duty to give something so that we all could enjoy its prosperity.


For those of you who plan to come to the USA, learn this now. In the USA, live its people. All colours, all types of ancestry, and all types of mixes thereby. If you want to live here among us, you are welcome so long as you arrive legally and learn some basic things, no matter what you may have thought wherever you came from.

Learn to speak American first, and learn to respect our laws. If you come here and want to live by sharia law, you had better turn around now and go somewhere else where that is the accepted law. You are not welcome here, and since that kind of law is not what makes this country great, do not come here and try to make it like back home. If that is what you want, to be just like back home, then do not make the mistake of coming here. You are not welcome or wanted. That is why there are third-world hellholes; because they have laws that have made them that way.

For those of you already here or those of you planning on coming here to yell discrimination and get special priveleges, you had better think again. USA has great heart, and that is why Americans try so hard to help all peoples when great hardships happen. Whether it be earthquake, famine, hurricane, or tsunami, Americans of USA are always willing to help. Some have taken advantage of others to claim special rights, and result is more people wanting to come here and take advantage. Generous heart not the same as foolish one, and for those of us who have been this way the destruction of homes and jobs has been result. This can not and will not be allowed to continue, as sooner or later a fool and his money runs out of money. Thus, no more fool, or the person who lives off of fool.

England is dissolving as Londonistan proves and the carefree killing of random soldiers and rapes of english girls shows. France allows rioting of "immigrants" and mobs destroying cars and other property and politely looks the other way because of special status of sharia law. Holland and Switzerland are quite permissive as well, but their people are beginning to understand but are still very permissive. If they continue to act this way you can move there, and soon those countries too will dissolve and leave you in the same state of existence you were trying to move away from. Americans will not allow that to happen here since most of us have generations of history of fighting for freedom from oppression.

The quiet pride and strength of the American people has been proven time and time again, and the USA has become the great nation that everyone else wishes to come to because of that. The customs and traditions of the people of the USA are not to be trifled with, nor are they compatible with the centuries-outdated and uncultured primitive ways of minorities and barbaric criminals and their countries.

Wish to become an American, and we will welcome you, but we will not allow you to change us into that which you come from.