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Since Nov 9, 2000

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Truth vs Falsehood. Things which are universally true need no defense, there is no argument, there is power in truth. It will set you free. God is truth. The teachings of Jesus are truth. Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad all spoke truth. Conservative, Constitutional principles are truth. Love is truth. Pro life is truth. Life is joyful and holy. The preservation of our Planet is essential to life, this is an undeniable truth. Truth is obvious and undeniable.It is empowering and creates energy. Politicians who speak truth are revered and loved by their constituents. Truth places others needs above your own.

Liberal principals are false. You must lie and decieve to force an agenda on the populace. Lying, cheating, stealing, corruption, deception are known by the perpetrator to be false. The knowingness that these acts are wrong is knowing the truth. To forge ahead and force an agenda involving lying, cheating, etc. is to deny truth, to deny God. The force of falsehood sets up rivalry, a competition where there is a winner and a loser. Us vs them. Falsehood must be constantly defended. Falsehood is Godless. Killing in the name of God is false. Abortion is false, it creates shame and guilt, destroys life, denies God. The decision to abort a human life must be defended. The preservation of our planet is not a reason to tax us, or to put falsehood in charge of our planet. Falsehood is repulsive, requires force to implement, creates enemies, and requires lots of energy to defend. Politicians who speak falsehoods demonize the truth and want you to live in fear and ignorance so they can control you. Falsehood places your needs above all others.

Can you tell the difference between truth and falsehood?