USCG SimTech
Since Dec 29, 1999

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USCG Active Duty Aug 2 1971 - Oct 1 1991 (ETCS, E-8)
Contractor to the Coast Guard Oct 1 1991 to present. USCG Academy.

Maintain and operates the Coast Guards only full mission, six bridge visual and radar simulators to develop team missions for every Cadet and every prospective CO, XO and OPS (of WHECs and WMECs) for the entire Coast Guard. Also visiting ships crews training, event re-creation for the lawyers, R&D projects, etc.

The simulators convert one soul's book knowledge into a hands on, team based skillset. Rules of the Road, Navigation Standards, VHF-FM use, 21MC in-ship use, standard commands, visual and/or radar and/or electronics navigation, bridge team tradition and speak all taught, refreshed, enforced.

Electronics is my hobby and these active duty Coasties pay me well to do my hobby. But teaching ship driving is fun too. The best part is it's all in service to my God and the people of my country.