Since Oct 18, 2000

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Joined FR in 1997 from my recollection, but my original profile disappeared in one of the outages and restorations. I see a LOT of Freepers who have the same Y2K datestamp (conspiracy?).


By grace, Born Again Christian - after graduating college as a state indoctrinated atheist from Michigan.

Moved to Texas in the early ‘80’s to work on pioneering a global distributed computing platform for a Fortune 100 high-tech corporation 1.

Invented highly complex, regulated, multitenant/SaaS financial systems that originate over $100 billion/year in loans.

BS in Computer Science, MBA with Highest Honors, and PMP (Project Management Professional - like a CPA for managing projects, portfolios, and programs).

1 Nerd speak: 24 x 7 x 365 global system of mainframes, mini’s, and desktops - networked by satellites, terrestrial, and LANs - with hypertext, distributed database transactions, LAN storage, and eMail - all before any company to my knowledge had anything close to a fully integrated global system to address every aspect of people, process, and technology.

Constitutional conservative

Our form of government, a Constitutional Republic, is only legitimate when administering very specific duties based on rights granted to each individual by God (Natural Rights).

This government’s authority is limited to a small, enumerated subset of Natural Rights, delegated by individuals in the proper manner to a government that is subordinated and accountable to citizens.

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Visited 43 states (86%), have flown over 2 million miles globally

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Don't know if I should publish this...I tried to downplay some answers:

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